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Mortal combat ballbusting mixed wrestling

Update: 06.04.2018

W-512 "Ann The Destroyer"

Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Ann the destroyer shows Barry that the female sex is stronger and smarter.

Beautiful and sexy Ann challenges Barry the brute to a demonstration fight between the sexes. Ann is a beautiful young lady who is fit and very educated in the skills of martial arts. Men are attracted to her by her supreme powers which override any man’s skills and strength. Barry the brute cannot help himself as her powers of attraction turn him on to accept the challenge to fight her in the ring. Barry wants to be the alpha male hero, so he can boast about the weakness of women. But times have changed as more and more women become empowered to skilfully fight males and he does not realize that his going to lose the fight and punish him in all sorts of ways.


Ann loves to show herself off in front of a mens audience as as she has a wonderful figure to tease that turns on the men. Before fighting she makes plenty of money from men who pay high prices to see Ann posing while trying on varies types of sexy sports clothes that she uses when she is fighting in the ring. Women are allowed in free to watch and they tease, and they laugh at the men who get turned on by her poses and acrobatic fighting skills which send men wild with desire in seeing a powerful woman. Ann loves to tease the men who watch while she changes her sports clothes over and over while choosing. Ann decides to ware a white see through coat that is open at the front and buttoned up near the bottom. Underneath she wears tight sexy leotards that are open at her chest and held together by netting. The top part of her leotards is coloured red and black and just cover her well endowered breasts from the side. Ann loves this outfit and often wares this type of clothing to entice the men. She leaves the room, waving to the men and women who have watched her dressing and posing. She now walks through the stadium and up to the ring where she poses more and struts around looking very sexy. She keeps calling out to the audience to see if there are any men who will challenge her to a no hold bard fight, but there is only women’s laughter returning. There are no takers as the men are quiet with some sitting down in their seats holding bulges in their groins while their wives and partners snigger and point fingers at their bulging groins. Finally, a man holds his hand up to acknowledge the female fighter request and his name was Barry. He is better known as Barry the brute. Barry swaggers up to the ring and climbs in to face Ann. Seeing there is no referee the fight starts immediately without any punches as they both try and push each other around the ring as men and women in the audience cheer. Finally, Barry pushes Ann down on to her back, but Ann was very quick as she lifted her foot and thumped into his gut. As he staggers forward with both his hands extended, she grabbed his hands and pulls tightly lifting him up and over her head to land heavily onto his stomach. She gets her chance now to really lay some strong punishment into him. As he gets up slowly trying to get his breath back, but she ensnares his body and throws him to the ground. She just keeps doing it, throwing him here there and everywhere. He is screaming to her that he wants to give up, but there is no let up from Ann as she keeps up the pressure. In one of the holds she lifts Barry by looping her arm through his crutch and pulls him up as he screamed in pain by having his balls squashed by her strong forearm. Barry now is in deep trouble as Ann ties his body up in knocks then lets him go to do it all over again. The women are just loving to see a man getting beaten up by a woman, while the men are rather subdued as they sit and watch with horror. Barry the brute is now quite frightened, and he continues to try and surrender to her, but she just keeps going on and on smashing him to pieces. To make it even worse for Barry, Ann holds him up from behind him and using her arm she reaches through his arm and grabs his ball sack through his pants. Squeezing and punching at his balls that send the women crazy as they see a man’s weakest point being attacked by a woman. Barry feels very weak and can hardly move except groan and gasp when she punches his balls repeatabley. Barry falls to the floor, while Ann drops beside him and throws her legs around his head and locks him tightly. Barry lets go of his painful balls and tries to unlock Ann’s legs from around his body but to no avail as Ann is now using her fist that is clenched tightly to hit hard once again in his aching balls.


With her legs still around his body, Ann grabs at his arms and twist them back over his head. As he cries for mercy he starts to become weaker so Ann changes position to use her boot to stomp hard into his swollen painful balls. Poor Barry can’t escape so for fun and amusement Ann turns Barry over, so he can support himself by his knees. While Barry is in this position she makes Barry lick her boots clean which is very amusing for the women audience watching. Ann and most women in the audience can see the bulging shape of Barry Ball sack hanging low and heavy inside the front of his pants. Ann pulls Barry to his feet and commences to throw him around the ring, she. He can’t stand so she lets Barry fall to the ground and sits on his back and twists his neck from side to side. There are roars of female laughter as she twists his neck and plays with his body as if putty. Finally, Barry passes out and Ann lets him go and stands up beside him. Ann looks so sexy and strong as she stands beside Barry and ridicules him sarcastically. There were hundreds of men watching that night becoming so aroused that they creamed themselves in their bulging pants in front of wife’s and partners who immediately teased and made fun of their weaknesses. Ann walked around the ring displaying her victory stance over the fallen male and eventually she came over and drove her boot down onto his head in a display of female power. Women were jumping, clapping and cheering Ann with great excitement. Poor Barry now laid spread eagle with his stomach on the floor, sporting a massive hard erection that pressed into the floor. Being a weak male, he could not control his quick arousal. As Ann stomped her boot into his back, Barry could not hold back, and he started to spasm his body with his hips. He ejaculated and continued to spurt for some time which leaked through the front of his pants. Most women could see Barry humping the floor with a growing sticky white mess flowing out from the sides of his pants. Once again there were more cheers for Ann who had showed her female strength in more ways than one over the belated male.

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