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Update: 11.08.2023        W-793 "Mat wrestling championship"

Mixed wrestling, 280 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

In his dressing room the world mat wrestling champion is getting ready. Matt Riddly has been the world title holder for just over 4 years. This will be his 23rd title defense of his title. He is an extremely well conditioned athlete and a highly skilled wrestler. 

In his dressing room Matt strips off his street cloths and reaches in his gear bag. First he pulls out a pair of black pantyhose. Gathering them up he puts his foot in and slowly pulls them up his calf. He then slips his other foot in them and works then up his legs, over his manhood and butt. He takes a few second to smooth them out. He then pulls on his white singlet wiggling it up his muscled body. It fits him like a second skin. He then laces up his shiny white boots and wraps the World Title Belt around his waist and buckles it tight. 

Across the hall Matt’s opponent is also getting ready. Olga Rostov is the European heavy weight champion. She is 4 inches taller that Matt. She is also stronger and faster. Olga also pulls on a pair of shiny black pantyhose. They add beauty to her very muscled legs. She then wiggles into an Orange singlet and laces up Orange boots, Both wrestlers are now ready. 

With both of them on the mat the match can begin. The bell sends both wrestlers at each other for this 8 minute round. Matt races toward his opponent, She however is faster than he is. He tries to lock up with her, but she grabs his arms first. She has her arms wrapped around his arms at his elbows.

Matt’s are trapped. She slowly squeezes his elbows closer and closer. Matt is trapped, he can’t pull his arms free. There is a look of great pain and fear on the Champions face. Olga begins to twist Matt’s arm left and right back and forth. In just a few seconds he begins to scream in pain. " My arms, you’re going to break my arms. Oh god you’re hurting me!!” 

To show that she is in complete control of her opponent, Olga twists Matt’s arm and takes him down to the mat. She shows her farther dominance of him as she kneels down placing her knee on his mid-section. Again, Matt screams in pain, "Got to get up, she’s going to pin me if I don’t, Oh god please let me up!!” 

Everyone in the arena knows Matt is in big trouble. He is fighting an opponent that is stronger than he is. She has total control of him. The ref signals that the first period is over. Olga releases Matt and he slowly gets to his feet. It clear that he is dazed and shaken. He seems to stumble back to his side of the mat and drops to the stool. 

All to soon the bell for the second period rings. Olga leaps to her feet. Where as Dan slowly stands and moves to the center of the mat. For this period the wrestlers will start from the referees position. Dan is down on his hands and knees. Olga has her arm under him and her head on his back. 

The bell for the second period sounds. Matt instantly tries to escape. However, Olga holds him tightly and prevents him from escaping. She now has her arms around his waist. She has complete control of him again. This time she begins to squeeze him tightly. 

Matt has never felt such pain in any match before this. Olga is Incredibly strong. Stronger than any other wrestler Matt has faced. Wile he was struggling to get free, Olga has lifted Matt to his feet. She continues to hold him in the BEAR HUG.

The Champions strength has slowly drained away. He no longer has the ability to fight her off. The pain and the lack of air have overcome him. Sadly he can take no more and he cries out his surrender. 

"Ref-ref, I’m done. I can’t take any more!!!! She win’s, she’s beaten me!!! I give up!!! I give up!!!! Please make her stop!! I submit!!!"

Olga releases the now former Champion. AS soon as Olga’s arm let go of Matt he drops to the mat at her feet. Suddenly Matt realizes that he has lost the match and is no longer the Champion. Oh god no, she’s beaten me I’ve lost the title!!! I’ve been defeated.” The ref comes and asks him if he can get to his feet. The now former Champion answer no he can’t and he needs help. 

The ring people come to were he is laying. They get the beaten former Champion to his feet and out of the ring. With one person on each side of him they carry him back to his dressing room. They place him on the table and leave the room. His skintight wrestling singlet easily reveals his rock hard DEFEAT BONER. 

Suddenly the new Champion comes threw the door. "Hay Matt, just stopped by to show you how great I look in the Championship title belt!! Doesn’t it look fantastic on me? 

She is suddenly surprised by how he looks in his singlet. "WOW, that thing is huge!!! Did I give that to you? Jeez, Matt You are really hung!! Shame it didn’t help you in the match. She leaves and Matt begins to strip off his singlet, He pulls it to his waist, then very carefully stretches it over his manhood. OUW it hurts!! I can’t get my singlet over my manhood!! Then down his legs and off. He unties his boots although it is very hard for him to bend over. With his gear off he heads to shower. 

The next match on the card is a rookie match It futures 18 yr old Philip Mac Donald. His opponent will be 18 yr old Sasha Johnson. Philip has a record of one victory and no loses. Sasha’s record is no defeats and no victory’s this is her very first match. The promoter is a huge fan of Philip as he believes that Philip has star power in him. He has been matched against Sasha because he thinks that it will an easy match for Philip. 

Philip slowly pulls on Shiny tan pantyhose. He then wiggles into his skin tight tan singlet and finally his tan boots. His singlet leaves nothing to the imagination. His rather large manhood is very clearly out lined by his singlet. 

Across the hall his opponent 18 yr old Sasha pulls on white pantyhose. She then wiggles into a very tight white leotard and finally laces up white boots. Her white leotard and pantyhose off set her milk chocolate skin. The beautiful young wrestler is ready to head to the ring. 

The two young wrestlers are on the mat just a few feet from each other. They shake hands and get ready to go. A whistle starts the match. Almost instantly Philip is in trouble. Sasha has gotten behind him and has his arms pulled tightly behind his back. 

Using his hands as handles she twists his arms. Slowly Philip sinks to his knees. Sasha then places her knee between his shoulder blades and pulls back. Philip screams in pain as his arms are pulled, My arms, my shoulders!!! You’re going to dislocate my shoulders!!! Oh dear god, it hurts!!!!” Philip has just made a classic mistake. By crying out he has let his opponent know that she is hurting him. 

Releasing his arms Sasha goes to work on his legs. Sasha folds one of Philip’s boots over the other. She again has him crying out in pain. "My legs, my legs!!! She’s going to shatter my knee caps. Oh god please let me go!!! My legs oh god, my legs!!” So far Sasha has managed to hurt both Philip’s shoulders and his legs. She has her male teenage opponent in big trouble. 

Looking to inflict more pain on her male opponent, Sasha pulls Philip off the mat and to his feet. Grabbing his arm she whips him into a corner. Philip slams into the turnbuckle very hard. He has to grab the top rope to stay on his feet. 

Sasha, follows Philip into the corner. She very quickly begins to pound on him. Her punches rain down on him with great speed. Her right fist slams into his cheek and jaw repeatedly. Philip screams in pain as her fist fits him over and over. "OOOOOOOUUU!! Oh oh oh!!! "he screams. 

Sasha then throws several punches that land very low on his tan singlet. After several low punches, Philip slowly experiences a slowly swelling manhood, in the form of a DEFEAT BONER. As her punches continue to slam into his manhood, Philip’s boner continues to grow bigger and harder. 

Finally Sasha pulls him out of the corner. Philip is just barely conscious. She jams her arm between his legs and hooks his head. She then lifts him off the mat and holds him waist high. Lifting him over her head she slams him down onto her outstretched thigh. 

As his back connects with his thigh, he screams "My back, my back!! She’s going to break my back!!!! STOP Sasha, please STOP!!!! It is very quickly to late to stop anything. Sasha places one hand on Philip’s tan pantyhose covered thighs. She then places her other hand on his chin. 

Using his chin and thigh, Sasha pushes down as hard as she can. In just seconds she has her male opponent screaming in pain. My back, she’s breaking my back!!! Oh my god Sasha please don’t cripple me!!! Stop please stop!!! 

Inside his singlet Philip’s manhood is growing and getting even harder. After only a minute or so Sasha has Philip screaming his surrender.


For the very first time in his career Philip Mac Donald has been forced to submit to his opponent. It is a terrible blow to his ego and his win-loss record. He is now 1 & 1 having tasted defeat. 

As for Sasha she is ecstatic. Being victorious in her very first match, she has a record of 1 & 0 The ring people help Philip to his feet and back to his dressing room. He now lies on the padded table. He tries to get his singlet off, "Oh god it hurts!! It hurts so bad!! I can’t get it past my manhood. I’m to hard, She did this to me!!! She gave me a rock hard DEFEAT BONER and now I can’t get it past my manhood”  

Suddenly his female opponent enters his dressing room. She walks over to him, Are you all right? I didn’t hurt you to badly did I?” At this point she notices that he only has his singlet half off. Do you need help getting your singlet off? He tells her that he can’t get it past his DEFEAT BONER. She then grabs it and pulls it out and down past his BONER!! She pulls it down to the top of his boots. She then unties his boots and pulls them off, she pulls his singlet the rest of the way down his legs and off. 

She then tells him, "I’m sure a hot shower will help you a lot. It will probably help shrink you DEFEAT BONER. I am so sorry Philip!! I did not mean to do that to you."

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