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mixd wrestling leglock female domination fighting

Update: 20.03.2020

W-616 "Freestyle Championships"

Gallery size: 380 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 6 matches in one story, 380 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

They were finally here, the world free style wrestling championships. As my wife and I pulled into the parking lot we can see the giant sign outside the arena. 


Excitement flowed thru my entire body as we pulled up to the the wrestlers only parking area. Here I was back again to defend my world title. I am the only 3 time world champion now going for my fourth championship. Over the next four days I will wrestle at least 5 matches and if I make the finales as many as 7. I head to the rear of the arena were all the wrestlers dress and get ready to wrestle. 

I am not scheduled to wrestle till later tonight but I spend my time greeting old friends and opponents. At 7:15 we return to my dressing room to get ready for me first match. My wife takes a seat as she loves to watch me dress for my matches. She will stay in the dressing room while I wrestle. 

At 33 years old I am nearing the end of my career as a world class wrestler. I have already decided that this will be my last championship tournament. I plan to win the world title again for the fourth time then retire. Now I must dress for the match. I remove my street cloths and grab my gear. First a string jockstrap. I use a string one because it can’t be seen under my singlets. Then the part my wife likes the most, I wiggle into my shiny red spandex singlet. She loves to see me stretch and struggle to pull the tight spandex over my body and a specially over my large manhood. 

Out in the arena I head toward the mat. The announcer begins. “this is a first round elimination match. In the white corner with a record of 17 wins and 4 defeats, from Poland  Andrew Verski. And his opponent in the red corner with a record of 21 wins and no defeats, he comes from the USA Yancy Douglas.

With over two minutes left in the second period the Polish wrestler Andrew Verski lies underneath me as the ref slaps the mat signaling that I have pinned him. I leap to my feet and raise my arms in the air. As for Andrew he remains on the mat almost completely exhausted. Four more win and I am back in the finials. 

The rest of the first round go as expected and there are no surprises. That concludes the first round and the evenings matches. The second day begins with all of the first night winners. Once again I am in my dressing room along with my wife Cathy. Today there will be two rounds of matches, then tomorrow there will also be two rounds including the championship matches. 

I am listed to wrestle early on the second day. Once again I slip into my string jockstrap and wiggle into my shiny red singlet, then lace up my red boots. 10 minutes later my second round match is up. I jog to the match and wait for the intro. This time I will be wrestling a woman from Denmark. She is also 33 years old and has been the European Champion for the last 2 years. 

The whilst blows and she charges me, grabbing my legs as she does. Taking one of my legs she pulls up on it and then kicks the back of my knee with boot. My mind races as I begin to fall to the mat. She’s got a take down on me. I’m behind by two points already. I drop to the mat on my knees and fall forward onto my chest and stomach. The crowd goes wild as I wind up face down mat. Hundreds of her Danish fans have come to see her wrestle and they are ecstatic by her take down on me.  

That’s not all she is doing. She has grabbed one of my legs and is pulling it forward over my back. With her other hand she is pulling my right arm under my chest and across my body. As I struggle to remain on my stomach she is slowly turning me over. Having a tight hold on one of my legs and one of my arms I can’t get very much leverage to stop her. 

After almost 3 minutes of struggling she has managed to get me about three quarters of the way onto my back. With only 12 seconds left in the period I desperately try to hold her off and keep her from pinning me. Just 2 seconds from the buzzer the ref signals a “NEAR-FALL” and awards her 2 more points. At the end of the first period I am behind 4 to 0 and have come very close to being pinned. 

I get off my back and walk to the corner of the mat. My coach is standing there and she doesn’t look happy. “What is wrong with you? You nearly got yourself pinned by a mediocre European women. I know she surprised me that’s all. Well no more surprises, go out there and pin her.”

I nodded my agreement. In the remaining few seconds I adjusted my manhood in my jockstrap and pulled up my singlet. As the period began That is exactly what I did. The second period was all me. I took her quickly to the mat and worked her onto her back. Her Danish fans were screaming for her to pin me but I am just too strong and too skilled. 2 minutes and 19 seconds into the period the refs hand slapped the mat and it was over I had pinned her. 

The fact that I almost got pinned by a lesser wrestler was not the only surprise in the second round. The biggest surprise was the the other American champion got himself pinned by an 18yr old Korean girl making her first appearance in a world tournament. 

Back in my dressing room my wife instantly notices something different. “What happened out there? Something went wrong, what was it? I explain to her about the Danish woman and how she got me off my feet and nearly pinned me. “I almost got pinned. The European Champion took me down, got me on my back and she almost pinned me. That’s as close as I’ve ever come to losing a match”. 

For the next 2 hours all I have to do is rest and be ready for my next match. Having advanced to the fourth round I am moving closer to the grand finial and another championship. My fourth round match is an easy-peasy win for me. The UK champion Debra Windsor was my opponent in the match. 

The buzzer sounds and the match begins. Debra is wearing a skintight singlet with the British flag on it and I am in my normal red. Debra is 34 years old and is at the end of a long and excellent career, having won the British empire championship, the European championship as well as one world championship she is a skilled and dangerous opponent.    

However, tonight you would have to say was not a good night for the British Champion. 14 seconds into the match I got a takedown on her and scored two points. Jamming my arm between her legs and using one of her arms I slowly rolled Debra onto her back. At this point she somehow managed to summon up all her energy and skill and stopped me from pinning her. I was however awarded two more points and now lead the match 4 to 0. 

Debra using everything she had inched her way to the edge of the circle and forced me to let he go. I jumped up and ran back to the middle of the mat, Debra was very slow to get back to her feet and return to the mat. The ref signaled start and I quickly locked up with her. I knew instantly that Debra had nothing left. Her escape has used up all her energy.   

As sorry as I was for this once great champion, I needed to win this match to advance. I got my arms under Debra’s in a front to front bear hug. Debra groaned softly as I squeezed her tightly. She offered very little resistance. I lifted her off her feet and slammed her down on her back. She moaned slightly as she hit the mat. I forced my arm between her legs, the nylon of her pantyhose rubbing on my forearm. I dropped across her chest in a FULL BODY PRESS. I hooked her head and pulled up with the arm between her legs. Debra’s shoulders were now firmly planted on the mat. She struggled for only a second or two before she stopped an and went limp in my arms. 

The ref made a quick check of her shoulders then slapped the mat hard. The last sound Debra heard in her wrestling career was the ref’s hand crashing to the mat signaling that I had pinned her and she had been defeated. No cheers, no yells, just the explosive sound of being pinned. I had won and advanced to the next round, Debra went home in defeat. 

Finally my last match before the championship finial. Across the mat is 19 yr old Randy Cummings. Although he is the youngest Wrestler at the tournament he has managed to get several wins and has made it to the fourth round, a fantastic accomplishment for a teenager. A win in this match and I am in the finial for the fourth year in a row. However, a win for Randy and he is in the finial. This match is do or die, the winner goes on to wrestle for the championship and the loser goes home. 

There he is the 19 yr old wonder boy. Wow he looks very scary. He stands there in an aqua colored singlet and boots, it leaves nothing to the imagination. This kid is really built. He is highly muscled and very well endowed. He also has a very mean look to him. 

Two minutes and 11 seconds into the match Muscle boy Randy is on his back under me and is struggling with all he has trying not to get pinned. I already have two take downs and a near pin on him for a 7 to o lead. It seems the muscle boy is just a hollow shell. 

With almost 3 minutes left in the first period and Randy on his back struggling. I decide to let him struggle. He face is red from the effort and he is breathing very hard. He kicks his legs wildly and bridges up trying to keep his shoulders off the mat. The ref has already looked at me funny and knows I’m just playing with Randy.    

Randy has been on his back now for almost a minute and there has been a change in him. Starting as a cocky young wrestler, Randy is now a trapped hand hopeless loser. His face no longer has the tuff guy look and now looks like a terrified little boy. Tears are now flowing down his face. His tight singlet reveals a huge DEFEAT BONER. Randy knows he’s going to lose. 

Just as the first period is about to end I roll Randy’s shoulders onto the mat the ref takes a quick check and slaps the mat hard. Young Randy Cummings has just been pinned.

I quickly get to my feet and stand over the beaten teen. Randy lies on the mat his hands covering his face to hide his tears. The ref tells him “come on Randy you have to get to your feet.” Slowly Randy gets to his feet still covering his face. He quickly realizes he has a huge boner and tries to cover it with one of his hands. It’s no use, The ref grabs his arm and pulls it free. He then raises my arm signaling my victory over Randy. Sadly, near exhaustion he drops to his knees still covering his face. It takes his coach and trainer to get him off the mat. 

Well, there it is, I have made the championship finial for the fourth straight year. For all intent and purpose I have won the championship. No matter who my opponent may be I have total confidence that I will win the title.   

It’s the final day of the world tournament and I’m getting ready to wrestle. I strip off my street cloths and stand naked for several seconds. This is one of my wife’s favorite things watching my change into my wrestling gear. I step into and pull up my spandex string jockstrap. I then wiggle into my red spandex singlet. It is extremely tight and very revealing. The very shiny spandex leaves nothing to the imagination. 

I then begin to warm up, getting ready for my match. Before long it’s time for me to wrestle. I make my way to the mat and am very surprised to see my opponent. It is the young Korean girl that defeated the only other America in the tournament. She is quite large for an Asian and looks very strong. Her name is Kado Shimora she is 22 yrs old and is also undefeated. She wrestles in a white singlet with a small Korean flag at her hip, red pantyhose and white boots. 

The buzzer starts the first period of the match. Kado movers in quickly and we lock up, Collar and Elbow. We struggle back and forth for almost a minute. I am now absolutely sure, Kado is very strong. Stunning me with her speed, she slips behind me and wraps her arms around my middle. She has a BEAR HUG on me. She has it locked in tight as her arms are just above the waist band of my jockstrap. 

She seems content to control me for now. I try to escape but just don’t have enough strength to overcome her. Each time I try to pry her arms apart she increases the pressure on my abdomen causing to moan in pain. Yes, Kado is very strong. After a minute or two of her BEAR HUG I am having difficulty breathing. Suddenly she lifts me off the mat and slams me down face first. Kado has gotten a TAKE DOWN on me and has scored 2 points. 

I’m now down on the mat with my opponent on my back still holding me in  BEAR HUG. A sudden squeeze and the air rushes out of my lungs. I am now gasping for breath. Putting her head next to mine Kado whispers in my ear “I’ve got you American Champion. Soon, I pin you. 

Her words are chilling, a cold shiver runs down my spine. At this point she releases her bear hug on me and grabs one of my legs and pulls it up bending it a my knee. Using her free arm she bends my arm into a HAMMER LOCK. Putting pressure on my leg she pulls it up into almost a single leg crab. Using her hammer lock on me as a lever she begins to slowly roll me over. 

Not wanting to be rolled onto my back I struggle as hard as I can to escape her hold. It’s no use she is just too strong for me to overcome. Inch by inch she rolls me closer and closer to being on my back. ? of the way over I use my leg to try to slow down the roll. It doesn’t work well because I can use only one, she has my other leg locked down against my thigh. 

I am trapped in a combination hold unable to get free and also unable to stop myself from being rolled onto my back. In fear and desperation I cry out, She’s got me. I can’t get free!!. I’m still struggling, but it is of little use. I just can’t seem to break loose from her hold. Now she begins to taunt me, “That’s right American, I have got you. And no you can’t get free. Very soon I am going to pin you and take your title”. 

Then suddenly she makes a move and I am on my back. Again she tells me, “Your time is up, now you are going to be pinned by me!!” Releasing my arm she grabs my head in a REVERSE HEAD LOCK. She lets go of my leg, but jams her arm between my legs. Her forearm is directly over my my manhood and is crushing my jockstrap. The pain is excruciating. 

Holding my head tightly she lifts up on my back. I can feel my shoulders touch the mat. I sense the ref getting down for a close look. My mind races, I’m going to be pinned!! She‘s going to beat me!!!”   It is at that second that I hear what every wrestler fears the most, The sound of the refs hand slamming into the mat. The sound explodes in my ear, I’ve been pinned. 

I can’t believe what has just happened to me, my mind races, “I’ve been pinned, oh god I’ve be pinned!!”  I lost the match. I lost the title and I’ve lost my unbeaten record. With Kado still on top of me tears burst from my eyes and pour down my cheeks. I can’t stop it as I begin crying uncontrollably. Slowly I get to my feet and stand with my hands covering my face. It’s no use, everyone can easily see the tears pouring down my cheeks. 

That’s not all that is wrong with me. As she was pinning me I developed a huge DEFEAT BONER. It is the first one I have ever had. I’m surprised by the pain between my legs. The grabs my arm and pulls it away from my face. The tears continue to pour down my cheeks as Kado’s arm is raised in victory. 

Before I can leave the mat Kado gets in front of me, “Ha!! First I defeat you, then I make you cry and now I give you big DEFEAT BONER!!! You are America loser!!” As if that were not bad enough I must now walk back to my dressing room in tears and with the huge, painful boner.   

As I enter my dressing room my wife takes one look between my legs and almost shouts, “What’s wrong? What has happened to you. Look at yourself. Tell me what happened. She hasn’t even noticed the tears running down my cheeks. “I lost!! The Korean girl pinned me. I’ve been defeated. I lost the match and the title”. At that she runs to me and wraps her arms around me. “Oh Yancy, I’m so sorry you lost. Is that what happens to men when they lose? I’m so sorry you got pinned. Let me help you out off with your wrestling gear. As she helps me out of my wrestling gear I explain to her that men who are being defeated or have already been defeated almost always get what wrestlers call a defeat boner. The reason she has never seen me with one before is I’ve never lost since we’ve been married. 

I sit on the bench and she unties my boots. I stand and she helps pull my skintight singlet down and off. I stand there in just my string jockstrap. I’m sorry I let you down. I’m sorry I was defeated”. She wraps her arms around me a kisses me hard on the lips. 

It’s now six months later and time for the US championships. I’ve trained very hard for this tournament and believe I can retain my title. I am in the third match of the first round so it’s time to get ready. I strip off my street cloths and grab my gear back. Sitting just a few feet away is my beautiful wife enjoying watching me get ready to wrestle. 

For this tournament I have a completely different look.  Pull on my spandex string jockstrap, then I stretch and wiggle into a skintight shiny white singlet. Looking at myself in the mirror, even I am stunned by how tight this singlet is. As I turn toward to my wife she looks wide eyed at me. “WOW!! Are you hot!! I’d love to strip you right here and do you now!!” We both have a laugh.” 

The time for my opening round match is here and I head to the mat. For the for time I see my opponent and to tell the truth I’m a little surprised. I’ve never seen her before and the reason for that is she have never been in the torment before. She is quite stunning. Tall, blond and blue-eyed.  She is wearing a pink singlet and boots. Her singlet just as mine leaves nothing to the imagination. It is clear she is a very gorgeous young woman. Before our match starts I learn just how young she is. My opening round opponent is Jenny Osborn and she is 22yrs old. Also she is undefeated. 

We meet at the center of the mat and shake hands. The whistle blows to start the match. I take one step and wham, Jenny has my leg and is lifting it up. I hop on one leg for a second or two when she twist my leg she is holding. Seconds later I am stumbling back and falling to the mat. I can’t stop it as I crash down face first onto the mat. Six seconds into the first period and I’m down already. The ref signals a two point take down for Jenny. 

I those six seconds I learned two very important things. ONE, my opponent is very strong and TWO she is very fast. At ten seconds into the match I am face down on the mat, Jenny is on my back and has one of my arms in a controlling hammer lock. She has worked her knee in between my legs and is pushing on me very hard lifting me slightly off the mat. This is not an attempt to control me. It is an attempt to cause me pain and drain my strength as he knee smashes my manhood. This is a move of a very experienced wrestler. 

At 31 seconds into the match Jenny is now across my back with her arm jammed between my legs. She has changed holds on my arm and now has me in a CROSS FACE. Using her arm that is between my legs for leverage she pulls on my other arm slowly rolling me over. 

I have now moved beyond scared to almost terrified. The fear I feel overwhelms my thoughts:” NOT AGAIN, NO PLEASE NO. I DON’T WANT LOSE AGAIN!! I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY TITLE. Oh please not again!!  At 33yrs old I am being out wrestled by a 22yr old girl. 

46 seconds into the match I am about 90% of way onto my back. Two things happen to me, one I can feel my manhood swelling and getting hard, I’m getting a DEFEAT BONER. Second, tears have started running down my cheeks. As a 33 year old male wrestler, I am crying about being defeated by a 22 year old female. 

51 seconds into the match and I am now completely on my back. I bridge up in a futile attempt to prevent myself from being pinned. I twist right, then left. All I’ve managed to do is tighten Jenny’s hold on me. I see the ref raise his hand, then it happens. BLAM!! The most terrifying sound a wrestler can hear, the refs hand slapping the mat signaling that he or she has been pinned. And now it has happened to for the second time. I’ve been pinned by my opponent. 

Jenny releases me and my back drops to the mat. I lie there for the second time in my career having been defeated. My hands cover my face trying to hide the tears running down my cheeks. The ref waits for a second or two then tells me “Come on Yancy, you’ve got to get up”. Slowly I get to my feet. We stand side by side with the ref in the middle. He holds both of our wrists. Then the announcement is made: “The winner of this first round match, by pin fall. JENNY OSBORN!!!” 

That’s it, the tournament is over for me. I’ve lost my match and the UNITD STATS championship. Perhaps my career is over too. I am completely humiliated. Bad enough to lose a first round match, but I lost it to a unknown female wrestler.  

I open the door to my dressing room and step in. My wife takes one look at me and says “Not again!! Oh no Yancy, not again!!” She now knows just what a DEFEAT BONER is. I head my head in shame as my manhood is swollen and stiff. Once again the tears flow from my eyes and down my cheeks. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ve been pinned again. I lost the match and the title. She beat me. I lost to a first round wrestler. Less than a minute. She beat me in less than a minute.”

Yancy’s wife is very sympathetic toward her defeated husband. “It’s OK sweetie, it’s ok. You’re still my champion. Let’s get you out of your gear.” Hearing his wife call him “Her champion” Yancy again begins to cry. His wife moves to him and wraps her arms around him. “Don’t cry honey, everything is going to be OK!!” 

She then slides the straps of my singlet down off his shoulders and down to his waist. She stops there and removes his wrestling boots. She then finishes pulling down his skintight single. He stands before her with a huge DEFEAT BONER. “Everything going to be ok Yancy!!!”

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