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It is just another fight night for the long time World Champion. He's had hundreds of them and this one will be no different. Arriving at the arena early he heads to the interview area, were he will do a pre-match interview with one of the ring announcers.

Greta Von Dutch: "Good evening Champ and thanks for stopping by"

World champion David Naytron: "Good Evening Greta thanks for having me"

Greta: "Can you tell us something about your match tonight?"

David: "Sure Greta, this will be my thirty-seventh title defense. And it will end the same way the other thirty-six did with me in the center of the ring, standing over my defeated opponent"

Greta: "You have great confidence in your ability. Don't you think that your opponent also has confidence? She is undefeated and is the number one contender. Surely you must have some respect for her wrestling ability?"

David: "There it is in a nut shell, my opponent is a woman. I know several male wrestlers have been defeated by women. But not me. I've never lost to a female wrestler. No woman will ever take the world title for me"

Greta: "Well thanks champ and good luck tonight!"

David: "That new girl has to be nuts, lose to a woman - me the world champion. NEVER!!"

Greta: "And now every body we will have a word with the champion's opponent in tonight's title match. She is Pamela La Fontaine!"

Pamela La Fontaine: "Hi, Greta it's a pleasure to be here with you"

Greta: "Well it's a pleasure for us to have you. You are new to most US fans, can you tells a little about yourself?"

Pamela: "Yes of coarse Greta. I'm 26 years old and I've been wrestling since I was 18. I've got 8 years experience and I'm currently the French national champion. I defeated the former champion, Peter Duval 3 years ago and have held the title since then. I'm 5' 8" tall and I weigh 133 lbs".

Greta: "David Naytron the current world champion has predicted another easy win for himself. How do you respond to that?"

Pamela: "He may be correct in his prediction, However I am going to do everything in my power to prove him wrong"

Greta: "Well, thank you very much for coming by and good luck in your match to night Pamela!"

Back in his dressing room the world champion begins to dress for the match. Talking to his personal valet David shows his anger with his opponent. "I'm going to crush this girl. Who does she think she is? She needs to go back to France and learn some respect She's no match for me, I'm the WORLD CHAMPION!!". Slipping out of his street cloths he reaches into his gear bag and pulls out a new package of pantyhose and his boots. His pantyhose are sheer to the waist; they are also what's known as shimmering toast hose. They have a sparkle and a high gloss shine to them. The champion believes that they make his legs look long and powerful and the ladies really like him in them. Opening the package he pulls out the brand new pantyhose and begins to gather then up. Slowly he slides them up his legs. Next he pulls on a shiny yellow thong. His thong has an almost wet, metallic look Checking himself in the mirror. He is very pleased at what he sees. Young powerful, extremely handsome and with a manhood other men can only envy. Sitting he pulls on his very shinny yellow boots and ties them tight. Off a hanger he takes his ring jacket. It's yellow, covered in very shinny glitter, with hundreds of sparkling stones sewed onto to it. He ties the jacket around his middle then wraps the world title belt around himself and snaps it tight. Now he waits to be called to the ring.

In a smaller and far less plush dressing the challenger is also getting ready. She removes a beautiful designer dress, a gift from one of her fans. Slips off her high heels and slides off her thong. She gets out a pair of new shimmering black pantyhose and puts them on. She pulls on a very tight thong cut leotard. It's white and it too sparkles in the light. Next she laces on shinny white boots and wraps a white satin robe around herself. The one thing you notice about her right away is how powerful she looks. Not over muscled just powerful. And of coarse she is stunningly beautiful. Pamela makes her way to the ring amid a polite smattering of applause. She climbs the steps and enters the ring going right to her corner. The ref comes to her and asks her to undo her robe and she complies. She quickly checks Pamela's leotard and boots and finds them ok.

Just then the lights dim and music begins to blare throughout the arena. The World Champion is making his grand entrance. A single spot light lights the way as the champion slowly walks toward the ring. The fans reach out to touch him or slap his hand; many of the women in the crowd wrap their arms around him and kiss him intently. It is quite a show getting to the ring and it takes the champion quite a wile to get there. As he climbs the steps the arena breaks out into chants of "DAVID - DAVID - DAVID". The champion is much beloved and admired by almost everybody. The women love his powerful body and his extremely large and very sexy manhood. The men admire his courage, he as never run from a match and takes on all comers. Having never been defeated he seams almost invincible to the fans. As he enters the ring the lights come on and the announcer begins:

"Ladies and Gentlemen and wrestling fans every were. This is the main event. It is a one fall to a finish pin or submission match. And it will be for The World Wrestling Championship. In the blue corner. She is from Paris France and is the French National champion. She is making her American debut and her first attempt to win the title. Please welcome Pamela La Fontaine!"

"And in the red corner he is a true American icon the undefeated and undisputed Champion of the World David Naytron!"

The arena erupts in defining cheers as the champion is introduced. The ref call both wrestlers to the center of the ring.

"Champ, Pamela you both know the rules. I want a clean hard match. Do either of you have any questions? If not then return to you corners and listen for the bell. May the best wrestler win."

Pamela and David return to their corners and get ready to wrestle. Pamela slips off her robe and there is an audible gasp in the arena. Not to be out done by the challenger the champion takes several steps out of his corner and raises his arms over his head almost like he has already won the match. He slowly unsnaps the world title belt, holds it high over his head for all to see then places it in his corner. Next he slowly and very seductively slips out of his robe. As the robe falls off his shoulders and reveals his fantastic body, screams from thousands of female fans fill the arena. Raising his arms he reveals the rest of his fabulous physique, a manhood of large proportions held tight by his stretched and straining thong and pantyhose. The screams grow louder as the champion turns to the crowd, raises his arms in the air then flexes his muscles. In the few remaining seconds before the bell both Pamela and the world champion make finial adjustments. Pamela pulls her pantyhose up tight and shakes her hair into place. The world champion also pulls up his pantyhose and checks his large manhood. This elicits screams from many of the women in the crowd. At the bell both wrestlers come charging out of their corners. The champion wants to lock up quickly and finish off Pamela fast. As he gets close to her he reaches out to grab her. With lightening fast speed Pamela ducks under the champions arms and spins in behind him. As she gets close in behind him two things are quickly evident, one she is very fast and powerfully built and she is almost two inches taller that the champ. Rather that going for a bear-hug or a take down move Pamela jams her thumbs behind and a little below the champion's ears. She reaches around his head with both hands placing her fingers variously on each side of his face. Unsure what she is doing the champion tries to twist out of the hold. The fans in the arena are also unsure of what Pamela is up to. Surely the champion with get out of this hold and pound this upstart French girl into mush. Suddenly there is a stunned silence in the arena; in fact the only sound that can be heard is the champion screaming. The fans are stunned; they can't believe what they are seeing the beloved champion, his arm failing about wildly screaming as though he is in mortal pain. It is a huge shock for the champion's beloved fans none of them have ever heard him scream in pain before. It looks a though he is desperately trying to reach the ropes but he seams not to be able to control his arms totally. He twists and turns violently trying to get free. "Dear god, what is she doing to me? I can't get free she's killing me the pain OMG the pain!" Only 18sec into the match the champion's knees buckle and he slowly sinks to the mat. "Oh dam, the pain. She's got me holy hell she's got me. She's going to submit me!! I've got to give up. She's killing me I'm going to be submitted, she going to submit me!!" At 23sec into the match the champion stops reaching for the ropes and begins to wave wildly at the ref. The referee kneels down besides the struggling champion.

"OK champ what's up? Are you submitting the match already?"

Unable to nod his head the champion tries to answer that he is in fact ready to submit. That the pain he is in is nothing like he has ever felt in his life before. At 28sec into the match he is ready to give up the match and his title. He opens his mouth and tries to speak:

"Yes - Yes. I want to submit!! I give up - I give up!!"

However no sound comes out and the ref is not sure what to do:

"Champ, I can't hear you. Are you giving up? Do you want the match stopped?"

The terrified champion doesn't know what to do. He's trapped and can't get free; the pain is so overwhelming he's afraid he going to die and he can't speak to give his submission. Is as though he's in a nightmare from witch he can't escape. "Help me please, somebody help me. She's going to kill me. OH PLEASE, get her off me I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP".

Although he is on his knees the champion is being held up by the claw hold on his face. His strength is gone as if it had been sucked out of him by a vacuum cleaner. His arms now hang uselessly at his sides. At this point in the match there is no hope for the champion as he is on the verge of passing out. His young female opponent removes several fingers from his face and his eyes open. He again tries to speak and this time there is sound from his lips:

"Please ref please stop the match she's going to kill me. I'm finished, she's won, I give up"

At only 29 seconds into the match the ref is stunned by what he hears:

"What's wrong champ? What's wrong? Are you giving up? Already? Has she beaten you?"

Another two seconds go by as the terrified wrestler struggles to answer. Pamela has now jammed her knees into the champions back and has him bent backward over her knees. His neck, back and thighs are stretched to there limit. His shinny pantyhose and thong have slid down his waist and his massive bulging manhood is almost out. None of that matters to him, only that he gets out of this hold. Overwhelming fear has gripped him and he has started to cry in terror. Pamela hears him crying and begins to taunt him:

"Are you crying mister Champion? I though I was just another female who you would beat easily. Now it is you who will be beaten."

The champion reacts quickly to his opponents taunting:

"OK - OK, You've beaten me!! I can't take anymore. PLEASE let me go!! OH god the pain, don't kill me!! PLEASE don't kill me!! I submit to you Pamela! Take my title, you're the champion now. Just please don't hurt me anymore!!"

At this point 37seconds into the match the ref again moves very close to the champion. This time the ring microphone is brought close to the action to get every word said. Now it is clear for the fans to hear what's happing to their champion. All of them are shocked by the sounds. Held tightly in this punishing hold the champion is crying and begging for release as he surrenders to his female opponent. He seams to have lost the ability to defend himself. The ref takes his arm and raises it up. As he releases it, it falls back down:

"Champ can you hear me? Tell me what you want to do? Has she defeated you, champ? Do you submit? Are you giving up the title?"

Unable to continue wrestling the champion acknowledges his defeat and surrenders to his opponent. His words echo throughout the arena:

"YES-YES!! She's defeated me. I submit. I give up the title, she's champion now. PLEASE, get me out of this hold. She's going to kill me! I give up - I give up! Make her let me go!! PLEASE I'm finished"

Pamela lets David Naytron the beaten former champion go and he tumbles to the mat. What a horrible site for David's many fans to see. Masculine, sexy, powerful David Naytron lying stretched out on the mat beaten, battered and humiliated. Unable to move the former champion just lays there face up, his eyes open and his chest heaving as he gulps air. His face pocked with red welts from his opponents fingers as they dug into his flesh. His shinny and shimmering pantyhose and thong down below his waist just barely holding his huge manhood in. What a very sad sight for this once powerful and proud wrestling champion defeated and striped of his title. The ring announcer enters and begins:

"Ladies & Gentlemen In the world record time of just 42 seconds. The winner via pressure point submission. AND NEW WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION PAMELA LA FONTAIN!"

The crowd cheers the new champion as the French National Anthem is played. Across the ring the defeated former champion has not moved, he remains laid out on the mat unable to get to his feet. The medical personal have entered the ring and are kneeling beside him:

Medic: "Ok champ, what's wrong and how do you feel?"

David: "Can't move, no feeling in my arms or legs"

Medic: "Are you in pain?"

David: "Yes-yes, she beat me bad. Pain every were"

Medic: "Ok, just lie still and we'll check you out"

The medics check the former champion over and find nothing broken, however he still can't move and is beginning to panic.

David: "I CAN'T MOVE - I CAN'T MOVE!! She's paralyzed me. I can't move!!"

Arms at his sides and his legs spread open David is in bad shape. He has again started to cry and whimper. "She beat me she beat me. I can't move please help me!! OMG, please help me!!!"

All of this has been picked up by the mic near the ring. The crowd as well as his opponent has heard the former champion crying and pleading for help. Now wearing the world championship belt Pamela crosses the ring and kneels down beside the defeated former champ. "Get hold of your self and act like a man. You're not paralyzed, the effects of the hold were wear off in a minuet or two and you will be able to walk." His cries slow to just a soft sob as he learns that he will be ok. "I'll be OK soon? Then I can walk? Ok then we can finish the match. I'm still going to beat you."

Surprised by his response Pamela is stunned. "Finish the match? What do you mean finish the match? The match is over I won, I defeated you I'm the champion now!" Unable or unwilling to accept his defeat by a woman David continues: "Hay! My belt, that's my title belt what are you doing with it?"

Pamela slowly explains to him "Listen to me David. You are no longer the world champion. This belt is now mine. The match is over and you lost. You submitted to me and I've taken the title away for you. I've defeated you in front of all your fans. I am now the World Champion."

Finally David understands "You beat me. I'm not the champion anymore? I lost the match and my title? OH NO -NO I've been defeated by a woman".

After several more seconds the ex-champ is helped to his feet by the medics. He looks terrible, his face is still marked with welts and his shinny black pantyhose are drooped and wrinkled. He looks beaten and humiliated. Standing as tall as he can David calls for the mic:

"I would like to congratulate the new Champion. She defeated me fair and square and has earned our respect. To my fans I apologize for getting beat and losing the title for America."

He then shakes the new champions hand and with the help of the medics exits the ring and makes his way back to his dressing room. As the door closes the tears start again. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees he no longer wears the title belt around his middle: "Defeated, OMG I've been defeated. How could she do this to me? I was the world champion. I've lost the match and my title. She is the only person to ever defeat me. What am I going to do, I've been beaten."

Slumping onto a stool the Ex-champ slowly unties his shinny yellow boots. Standing he wiggles and slides his thong and shinny pantyhose off and heads for the shower a champion no more.