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Update: 03.09.2021

W-692 "Junior pro tournament"

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With the extreme popularity of tournament wrestling, the Independent Wrestling League has decided to try a Junior pro tournament. It is for up and coming young wrestlers to show off their skills and their wrestling persona. All participants will be between the ages of 18 years and 19 years old. It will also be an intergender allowed tournament. There will be a minimum of 5 matches. 

First up will be 18 yr old Duncan Hazelton vs 18 yr old Miranda Cooper. In his dressing room Duncan is getting into his gear. He pulls on shiny black tights. A very dark red singlet. Dunkin’s singlet is extremely tight and shows off all of his young manly attributes. Finally he slips on dark red boots. 

His 18 yr old opponent is also preparing to wrestle. She pulls on dark tan pantyhose. Next she wiggles into a lime green leotard. It is very high cut and very tight. It has white fringe around the hips. She laces on lime green boots and she is now ready to wrestle. 

Both young wrestlers have been introduced and have returned to their corners. Miranda quickly pulls up her pantyhose and adjusts her leotard. Across the ring Duncan does much the same. He pulls up his tights and fixes his singlet. BONG!!! the bell ends both wrestlers out of their corners. 

Duncan moves first getting Miranda in a HAMMER LOCK. The 18 yr olds arm is bent up behind her back. In a show of control of her feelings, the young wrestler makes no sound. She grits her teeth and tries to escape. After several minutes she does just that. She ducks down turns under Duncan’s arm and gets behind him. 

Moving swiftly she kicks the back of his knees, dropping him to the mat. With her opponent on his knees, she then kicks him in the center of his back sending him face down to the mat. She then drops onto his back. Taking his arms and hooking them over her thighs, she leans forward cupping his chin. Miranda now has Duncan locked into a CAMAL CLUTCH. 

Unlike his female opponent, Duncan instantly cries out in pain. "My neck, oh god my neck!!!! She’s going to break my neck neck!!!!" Miranda is undeterred by his screams of pain. She continues to pull hard on his neck while also twisting it side to side. 

These two youngsters continue to wrestle hard. They exchange holds back and forth for over 7 minutes. Duncan is able to get an OVER THE KNEE BACK BREAKER on Miranda. Once again the young girl is able to control her pain and not cry out. It is however obvious that she is in a lot of pain. Her face is contorted and the look tells the story. She is a mask of pain. 

Back and forth the match continues. One minute Duncan has Miranda in a painful hold. The very next minute it’s Duncan crying out. At the twelve minute mark, both wrestlers are on their feet facing each other. Miranda moves first, sending a spinning side kick to Duncan’s head. the 18 yr old male wrestler head snaps back and he drops to the mat as if he were shot. 

Miranda wastes no time, she drops down grabs Duncan’s legs and bends him into a MATCH BOOK PIN. The ref moves in and counts ONE-TWO-THREE that’s it, Duncan has been pinned. 

Miranda gets off her defeated foe. Duncan’s legs drop to the mat and he lays there with his hands covering his face. The ref quickly raises Miranda’s arm in victory. As for Duncan he remains on the mat crying. "Pinned, I’ve been pinned. How could she pin me? I’m older and stronger. Oh god, she pinned me!!!! I’ll never live this down!!! 

The ref tells Duncan that he must get to his feet. "come on Duncan, you’ve got to get up!!!We need to declare a winner." Duncan slowly gets to his feet and stands next to the ref. He is now using only one hand to cover his face as he continues to cry. The ref raises Miranda’s arm in victory as the announcer makes it official "The winner of this match by three count pin, Miranda Cooper!!!!" 

While Duncan was being pinned by Miranda, 19 yr old Marshal Westwood is getting ready to wrestle. He strips off his street cloths and reaches into his gear bag. He pulls out light blue tights. He begins to wiggle into his tights. He then laces on Matching light blue boots. Marshal is an extremely well developed young man. His tights instantly tell everyone just how will developed he is. Across the hall his opponent is also getting ready.  

Lesley Roberts is 18 years old and stunningly gorgeous. She is also a very good wrestler. She gathers up black pantyhose and slides them up her legs. She then wiggles into a very shiny black leotard. It is one of the wet look kind. She then ties the laces to her black boots. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. BONG!!! The bell starts the match. Both young wrestlers exit their corners. Lesley moves first, grabbing Marshal’s arm and twisting very hard. Marshal bends at the waist and almost goes down when his knees buckle for an instant. Standing back up he is then whipped across the ring into the ropes on the other side. As he flies back, he is met by a forearm from Lesley. 

Her arm slams into Marshal’s upper chest and making matters worse into his neck. Marshal’s head flies back and he instantly grabs his neck with both hands. His face turns instantly into a horrible mask of fear and pain. The 19 yr old then drops to his knees.

Lesley moves very quickly attacking the older male. She drops down behind Marshal, cupping his chin. She quickly grabs his boots with her other hand. Slamming her boot into his back she begins to pull as hard as she can on both of them. 

Still holding his neck, Marshal in now caught in a BOW & ARROW HOLD. Almost instantly Marshal cries out, "My back, my back!!! She’s got me, oh god she’s got me. She’s going to break my back!!!!" 

Lesley then asks the ref, "Ask him ref, come on and ask him!!!!" Hearing Marshal’s screams of pain the ref asks, "How about son, do you want to submit? Have you had enough? Tell me Marshal, you have to tell me." 

Instantly Marshal responds to the ref. 


And that’s it for the 19 yr old wrestler. Marshal has lost the match to Lesley. She releases him from the submission hold. He rolls onto his back and lies there. 

The ref goes to Marshal and kneels down. "Are you Ok Marshal? Can you get up? Do you need help?" The beaten young male answers. "No, I can’t get up. She hurt me bad. Please get me some help. I’m in a lot of pain!!!"

As this is going on the announcer has made the call.

"The winner of the match in the amazing time of just one minute and 3 seconds, winning by submission 18 year old LESLEY ROBERTS!!!!" 

It takes the trainers several minutes to get Marshal off the mat and on his feet. His head droops’ forward and he is hunched over at the waist as he slowly makes his way out of the ring. 

Match number 3 features two of the younger wrestlers. 18 yr old Wendy Holmen Vs 18 yr old Ronnie Miller. In her dressing room Wendy and her mother are getting ready for her match. The younger wrestlers are permitted to have a parent with them. First Wendy pulls on white pantyhose, next she wiggles into a white sparkling leotard. Her leotard glitters in the light. She then lace on her white boots. 

In another dressing room, !4 yr old Ronnie Miller and his father are also getting ready to wrestle. Ronnie strips off his street cloths. Reaches into his gear bag and pulls out a very light green thong, he slides the thong up his legs, over his butt and manhood. He then steps into his light green boots. 

Even though both wrestlers are very young they put on a fantastic battle. One minute Wendy has Ronnie trapped in a painful hold, then the very next minute it’s Ronnie that has Wendy locked up tight. For all the pain these two youngsters have endured neither of have shed a tear or cried out for help. They both amazingly have acted like true pro wrestlers. The battle has raged for over 11 minutes when something strange happens. The fans filling the arena to capacity stand s one and begin to applaud the two young wrestlers. 

Even with the fans cheering them, they continue to fight hard trying to win. Wendy has Ronnie locked in a CAMEL CLUTCH. Twice Ronnie has been asked if he wants to submit and twice he has refused. Down on the mat, Ronnie remains trapped in the CLUTCH. He grits his teeth as his face reflects the pain he is in.

Using all the power he can muster, Ronnie manages to escape the clutch he’s been in. He gets to his feet and backs against the ropes. He takes several very deep breaths and moves out of the corner. Wendy comes toward him, trying to take the advantage she thinks she has on him. Much to her surprise Ronnie is not as badly hurt as she thinks. As she closes on him, he jams his arm between her legs. He hooks her head and lifts her off the mat. Using his strength advantage he lifts her high in the air and then power slams he down to the mat. 

The slam has stunned the young wrestler. She lies stretched out on the mat. To many in the crowd she seems to be out cold. No matter, Ronnie drops across her chest. He grabs the back of her leg and lifts it off the mat. Pulling it back as far as he can, Ronnie rolls Wendy’s shoulders onto the canvas. 

The ref quickly checks her for the pin. Then begins to count the 18 yr old female.


The match is over, Wendy has been pinned. Only now that the match is over, does Wendy show any emotion. As she lies on the mat, tears well up in her eyes. "I’ve been pinned, mommy I’ve been pinned!!! He beat me, I lost my match!!!" With her mother right there, she tries to ease the feelings of her young daughter. "I know honey, I know. You’ll get him next time. It’s ok sweetie it’s ok!!!"Wendy’s mother helps her beaten daughter to her feet and out of the ring. AS she exits she gets a standing ovation from the fans.

While Ronnie and Wendy were wrestling in their match, the contestants for the 4 match are getting ready. In his dressing room Patrick O’Rilly gets out of his street cloths and reaches into his gear bag. From the bag he pulls out a green thong and slips it on. He then adjusts his manhood in the thong. He grabs his matching green boots and laces them up. Patrick is ready to wrestle. 

In a dressing room adjacent to Patrick’s his opponent is also getting ready. Brigit O’Rilly stretches on dark shiny pantyhose. He pantyhose are almost brown in color. She wiggles into a shiny yellow leotard, it’s very high cut thong style. She continues with her yellow boots. 

18 yr old Patrick enters the ring and goes to his corner. A few seconds later his opponent enters and heads to her corner. 18 yr old Brigit O’Rilly is the sister of Patrick and they will be wrestling each other for the very first time. 

With the preliminary’s over both young wrestlers are in their corners waiting the bell. BONG!!!! the bell sends the young wrestlers after each other. In the O’Rilly family winning is everything and is a family tradition. Both O’Rilly’s are determined to win the match. !6 yr old Patrick moves first getting behind Brigit and getting her in a FULL NELSON. Patrick puts huge pressure on his sister’s neck. Her head is bent forward and a sharp angle. AS he holds her in the NELSON he is also using his height advantage and stretching her out. Brigit is on her toes as her brother stretches her upward. 

She struggles to escape for over 30 seconds. Then using the only thing she has left to try, Brigit kicks her legs out and drops to the mat on her butt. The move stuns Patrick as he is pulled down behind her. As Brigit hits the mat, Patrick slams into her. The point of his chin, crashes into her shoulder. 

Patrick is instantly stunned. He flips off Brigit and lands on his back next to her. Patrick has been hurt by the move. He grabs his chin with both hands and holds it tight. Brigit quickly attacks her stunned brother. Grabbing his boot, she bends his leg over hers getting Patrick in a LEG LOCK.

This new pain causes him to cry out "My leg!!! My leg!!! OOOOOOOHHH!!! Brigit then compounds his pain as she twists his ankle at the same time. Patrick’s face is the picture of pain. His eyes are wide and his mouth is twisted into a grimace. "you’re hurting me Brig, you’re hurting me!!!" Patrick reaches behind him trying to grab the ropes. After several attempts he finally manages to get them. The ref forces Brigit to release her brother from the hold. 

Patrick slowly gets to his feet, and steps forward to face his sister. He very quickly gets behind her and wraps his arms around her middle. He then lifts her off the mat and over into a BACK SUPLEX. Brigit is badly stunned by the move. She lies face up on the mat unmoving. 

Patrick sees this as an opportunity to finish off his sister and win the match. Reaching down, he grabs Brigit by her beautiful red hair and pulls her to her feet. Taking her arm, he twists it then slings her across the ring and into the turnbuckle. 

Brigit slams into the buckle and begins to sink to her knees. Patrick has raced in after her and pulls her back up. Using his forearm to hold her up, Patrick drives his other forearm into his sisters chest. Brigit screams in pain and cups her hands over her aching breasts. Showing no signs of any sympathy , he then digs his fist into her belly. 

This punch does send Brigit dropping to her knees. She now has one arm covering her breasts and her other arm holding her belly. Seeing his sister down on the mat, Patrick believes she has been knocked out and backs away from her. The ref races in and kneels down beside her, Brigit, Brigit, are you alright? Can you talk to me. You have to answer Brigit or I’ll have to count you out. Can you hear me? Are you conscious? " 

Hearing no answer from the 18 yr old wrestler, the ref begins the count. "ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE" There is no movement from her. "SIX-SEVEN-EIGHT-NINE-TEN" Thus far there has been no attempt to get to her feet by Brigit. "ELEVEN-TWELVE-THIRTEEN-FOURTEEN" Brigit has begun to stir and is making an attempt to get to her feet. "FIFTEEN-SIXTEEN-SEVENTEEN" 

Brigit is on her feet, but is holding tightly to the ropes in the corner. After a few seconds the ref backs away from her and signals the match to start again. Having been waiting for this, Patrick races forward straight at Brigit. He lowers his shoulder and takes aim on her mid-section. At the last second Brigit spins away and Patrick flies between the ropes and crashes into the corner poll. 

He instantly scrams in pain. "OOOOOOUUUU!! My shoulder, oh god my shoulder!!!! It’s broken, my shoulder is broken!!!" the ref races to Patrick and checks his shoulder, she assures him that it is not broken and the match will continue. 

Brigit then moves quickly, she back up to Patrick wraps her arm around his head and snap mares him over onto the mat on his back. With her 18 yr old brother stretched out in front of her Brigit drops to the mat. She drapes her thighs across his chest. She pulls his arm between her legs. Grabbing his wrist she stretches his arm out tightly. Brigit now has her brother locked into an ARM BAR & STRETCH. Patrick kicks his legs wildly, he twists and wiggles in an attempt to escape the hold. He fails. My arm, my arm!!! She’s got me, oh god she’s got me!!! I can’t get free, she’s got me!!! 

With her brother howling in pain, Brigit tells the ref. "ask him ref, go on and ask him!!!! Does he give up? Have I defeated him? Does he submit to me? The ref does just s she asks. "What do you say Patrick? You ready to submit to her? Has she beaten you son?" The entire time the ref was talking to him Patrick was screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAOOOOUU!! My arm, it hurts. Oh god my arm" 

The ref repeats what he asked Patrick. It takes the 18 yr old male wrestler only a second to answer. Patrick quickly surrenders to his sister Brigit. 

"Yes-Yes!!! I submit to her!!!! I submit to her!!! She’s defeated me!!! Oh please male her stop. I can’t take any more!!! I give up!!! I give up!!! She wins, she’s got me!!! I SUBMIT!!!! I SUBMIT!!!!" 

And that ends the match for Brigit in victory over her brother and defeat for Patrick at the hands of his sister. 

Brigit quickly releases Patrick and gets to her feet. With her older brother lying at her feet, Brigit raises her arms in victory. Seeing this Patrick begins to cry openly. Tears run down the young male wrestlers face. Slowly he gets to his feet. With his head bowed, he goes the Brigit and wraps her arm around her. "Well done, sis. You managed to beat me. It is a crushing defeat for me and a huge victory for you. Congratulations!!!!!"  then brother and sister exit the ring together, arm in arm. 

Up next is match five, the last match of the night. In their dressing rooms the two young wrestler are getting ready. In his dressing room 18 yr old Jimmy Richards is getting. In his dressing room along with his father, Jimmy stretches on white tights, then ties his shiny white boots. Across the hall his opponent 18 yr old Aiko Fujii is also getting ready. Aiko pulls on gray pantyhose over which she wiggles into a dark gray thong cut leotard. She follows that with gray boots. Then Aiko and her mother head to the ring. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the match begins. The first thing the fans notice is that both of these 18 yr old wrestlers are about the same size. With Aiko being big for an Asian and Jimmy being a little small for his age. None of which matters much in wrestling, what’s really interesting is that both of these young wrestlers are undefeated. Jimmy is 5&0 and Aiko is 8&0. So this match is being billed as a clash of the unbeatens.   

The bell sends these very young wrestlers at each other. Aiko moves with lighting speed and takes the young American wrestler to the mat, where Jimmy lands face down. Aiko is almost instantly on the young American boy. She drops onto his back, then hooks his arms over her pantyhosed thighs. She grabs his chin and locks 18 yr old male wrestler in a CHAMEL CLUTCH.

With the match only 19 seconds old, Jimmy has been taken down and locked into a painful submission hold. The 18 yr old male wrestler in howling in pain. "OOOOOOOOUUU!!! My neck, my neck!!!!  He is kicking his legs wildly as he struggles to get free. 

After what seemed like an hour to young Jimmy, he is able to get his shiny white boot draped over the bottom rope. The ref calls for the break and Akio releases him. Slowly Jimmy gets to his feet, before he can mount any type of attack on Akio, she attacks him. She moves in behind him, grabs his arms and pulls them behind him. 

Jimmy is stunned by the speed and strength of his opponent. He instantly cries out in pain. "My arms, oh god my arms. She’s got me again!!! OOOOOOOOHHH!!!! My arms!!!" Once again the young male wrestler has to struggle to escape the hold. Seeing that he is trying to get to the ropes, Akio kicks the back of Jimmy’s knee and drops him to the mat. 

Being on his knees makes his efforts to escape that much harder. Inch by inch, Jimmy moves closer to the ropes. With his arms pulled back behind him, he needs to crawl on his knees. After almost 3 minutes of struggle, Jimmy manages to get close enough to the ropes to lean his head between the top and second ropes. Once again the ref breaks the hold. 

Instead of getting to his feet, Jimmy drops to the mat on his back. He is breathing hard from his effort to get free. Also crawling on his knees has pulled down his shiny white tights to just above his young manhood. After a few seconds, Jimmy is able to get to his feet. As he stands the first thing he must do is pull up his tights. 

Out in the crowd, Jimmy’s father is very disturbed by the beating his son is taking. He has never seen him in this much trouble before. His Asian opponent has him in pain as well as over powering him at every turn. 

The ref tells Jimmy he must get off the ropes and wrestle. After hearing the ref say that, Akio races past. She grabs Jimmy’s arm and pulls him off the ropes. Twisting his arm into a WRINGER she whips him across the ring into the turnbuckle. 

Following close behind him, Akio slams into Jimmy with her knee. It explodes just below the waist band of his tights. Jimmy screams in pain and grabs his lower abdomen with both hands. "OOOOOOOHHHH!!!" Before he can drop to the mat, Akio pulls him out of the corner. Back in the center of the ring she jams her arm between his legs. She hooks his head, lifts him off the mat and then power slams him back down.  

The 18 yr old male wrestler is on his back in the center of the ring. Akio moves in as if she were stalking her pray. As for Jimmy, he is hurt, out of breath and just wants the match to be over. He knows he is going to lose, he hopes that Akio will just pin him. 

Out in the crowd, his father also knows the Jimmy is going to lose. He is very sad for his son and sad that he will no longer be undefeated. Akio pulls Jimmy to his feet. She puts his head between her legs and grabs the young male around his waist. With a heave she lifts him off the mat and onto her shoulder. Akio has Jimmy in a OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. 

Jimmy screams in pain, "My back oh god, my back!!!! She’s got me!!! Oh no, she’s got me!!!!" The ref moves in "What do you think, Jimmy? Have you had enough? Has she beaten you, are you ready to submit? You want me to stop it?" !3 yr old Jimmy has had enough. He is near exhaustion and the pain has overwhelmed him. He can go no farther or take any more punishment. 


Akio releases the now badly beaten male wrestler and drops him to the mat. Jimmy lies at Akio’s feet as she raises her arms in victory. 

From out in the crowd, Jimmy’s Dad enters the ring and goes to his defeated son. "I lost dad, I lost!!!! She beat me. I’m sorry I let you down. She is just too good for me. I never had a chance!!!" Looking down on his son as he lies on the mat, "It’s Ok Jimmy, you did your best. Let’s get you up and off this mat.!!! Jimmy’s father helps his son to his feet and back to his corner. After the announcer says that Akio has won the match by submission, she comes to Jimmy’s corner and offers him her hand.