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W-690 "The team splits up"

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After their crushing and demoralizing defeat at the hands of the all female Chinese team, the Billionaire owner with drew his support and the team disbanded. That did not stop some of the wrestlers from getting job with other leagues, federations and other organizations. Among them is Danny Renolds. At 24 yrs old, Danny is at the peak of his athletic ability. He is also at the peak of his sexual Prowse. He is totally hot and is a huge attraction among the female fans. What most don’t know is that Danny is very happily married. He also has two children. 

Since the team broke up he has been wrestling as a single, however the owner of the Chinese female team has made him an offer. She wants him to form a Tag-Team with his wife, who is also a wrestler and come to China.

After some prolonged negotiations an amount that Danny and his wife could not turn down. They agreed to wrestler 3 matches against Chinese tag teams. Danny Renolds and his wife Zoey along with their 5 yr old son are off to China. The matches will take place in Beijing, Shanghai an Tianjin. These are the three largest cities in China and have an enormous fan base for wrestling. Since the announcement of the three tag team matches, all three arenas have been sold out. In two of the arenas the sale of tickets only lasted 4 minutes. 

After their plane lands they are whisked away to the best hotel in Beijing. Two days later it’s match day. The match is scheduled for 10:00 PM that night and by 6:00 PM all the seats are filled. Danny and his wife and tag team partner along with their young son arrive at 9:00 PM both wrestlers begin to get ready.  

Danny and Zoey are in their dressing room getting ready to wrestle the first match of the tour. Both husband and wife slip out of their street cloths and begin dressing in their wrestling gear. Danny takes just a minute to stand there before putting on his gear. He does that because Zoey his wife and tag team partner loves to see her husband nude. She gets very excited by seeing his nude body. 

Danny after making his wife very happy, slips in a shiny white string thong. It has a string waist band and a single string back strap. He follows that with shiny white boots. Zoey then stretches on shiny dark tan pantyhose, Then a skintight white high cut leotard followed by shiny white boots. Now husband and wife are ready to wrestle.

Their opponents a team of twin brothers, Lo Chan Ma and his twin brother We Chin Ma are also getting ready. The brothers will wear bright orange Thongs, black tights and orange boots. They are now ready to go to the ring. 

All four wrestlers are in the ring. They have all been introduced. The Lo Chan brothers receive a huge welcome from the Japanese fans. They are very popular with the female teenage population. As for the American team they receive a polite welcome from the crowd.  

With the introductions over all four wrestlers return to their corners. BONG!!! The bell starts the first fall. Danny stays in the ring as Zoey exits to the apron. For the Chinese team Lo Chan Ma will begin. 

Both Danny and Lo Chan exit their corners and begin to circle each other. Soon they begin to close in on each other. Then suddenly Lo Chan makes his move. In a stunning bit of wrestling, Lo Chan leaps into the air, does a spinning back kick and lands the heel of his boot on the side of Danny’s face. The people in the first several rows hear the sound as the boot impacts Danny’s cheek. 

Danny’s head snaps back, his eyes roll back into his head and his legs buckle and he drops to the mat. The American wrestler is on the mat and he is not moving. From his corner comes a blood curdling scream: "NO-NO-NO-NO!!! Oh god NO!! oh please No!!! Get up Danny, please get up!!! OOOOHHHH NOOO!! Don’t be knocked out. Please don’t be knocked out!!! A stunned Zoey can’t believe that her husband and tag team partner is on the mat on his back. 

The Chinese ref begins to count over Danny. As he is counting in Chinese, Zoey has no idea where the count is. It does not seem to matter as Danny is not moving. Somewhere in the teens, Danny eyes flutter and he begins to move. After several more numbers he struggles to his feet. The ref quickly indicates that they should start wrestling again. 

Lo Chan Ma quickly moves in on Danny. Jamming his arm between Danny’s legs Lo Chan pick the dazed American wrestler up off the mat and into the air. He then slams him back down with tremendous force. 

Whatever recovery Danny was able to make is gone now. Lo Chan is very quickly over Danny and scoops his white boots off the mat. Bending one of Danny’s legs around his own, then pulling the other leg out straight. The Chinese wrestler has put American wrestler Danny Renolds in a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK.   

The Chinese fans go wild. The hold put on Danny has woke him up. He quickly realizes he is trapped in a painful submission hold and now is screaming in pain. "My legs, my legs!! Oh god my legs. He’s got me, I can’t get free. Oh no, he’s got me!!!! Hearing him scream, the ref quickly ask Danny if he wants to submit. "You give up now, American? You give up? What you do? You give up? 

Danny wastes no time in conceding his surrender to his Chinese opponent. 


The ref quickly waives his arms and tells the Chinese wrestler to release his American opponent, he has won the fall the American has given up. 

The Chinese crowd goes wild. Lo Chan Ma leaps to his feet with his arms in the air. Zoey see her husband lying on the mat, quickly enters the ring and races to were Danny is lying. Danny, Danny. Are you OK? Oh please Danny, wake up, please wake up!! Don’t leave me alone!! I can’t win this myself. PLEASE, please Danny wake up!!

It takes almost two minutes for Danny to wake up. He is not sure what has happened. "What happened Zoey? Is the fall over? Did I win?, please tell what happened." As much s she does not want to tell him, she knows she must. "No honey, you lost. You were beaten, and you passed out. The first fall is over and we lost. He got you in a Figure Four. He had you screaming in pain, then you submitted the fall to him. We’ve been defeated."  

Zoey helps he husband Danny to his feet and back to their corner. Danny has great difficulty shaking off the loss. He is still in pain as the bell rings for the second fall to begin. Both Zoey and Danny know he cannot last in the ring to long. He is too weak to stand up to the Chinese wrestlers. He must start the second fall, but he also must get out of the ring quickly.

Sadly that means the his wife Zoey must go it alone for most of the fall. BONG!!! The bell comes all too soon for Zoey and Danny. Danny slowly exits their corner and moves toward a lock up with Lo Chan. As he gets close, Danny runs as fast as he can, he throws a forearm, hitting The Chinese wrestler in the chest. The blow does no damage to him, but it means that Danny has made contact and can now tag out. 

He quickly runs back to his corner and tags Zoey. She enters the ring and is instantly met by Lo Chan. The Chinese wrestler attacks quickly. He jams his arm between Zoey’s legs. He grabs the back of her leotard and pantyhose. Picking her up. He raises her over his head and slams her down. Zoey lands hard. She is quickly stunned by the slam. She seems unable to get to her feet. 

Lo Chan, races across the ring and tags in his brother We Chan. Of the two brothers We Chan is the more dangerous and the more ruthless. He takes great pleasure in hurting his opponents. He especially wants to hurt an American wrestlers. 

We Chan moves to where Zoey is still lying on the mat. He grabs her white boots and tucks them under his arms. He then rolls her face down on the mat. In complete control of her. We Chan lowers down, bending Zoey’s legs and back. Zoey, instantly begins to scream in pain: "He’s got me!!! Oh god he’s got me!!!! Help me Danny, please help me!! My back, he’s breaking my back!!! 

We Chan has heard Zoey’s cry for help. All it does is make him smile. "I’m hurting you, weak American girl? We are too strong for you or your husband!!! We will defeat both of you!!!

You must give up to me!!! Time you admitted defeat!!!! We are better wrestlers that either of you. Time you give up!!! As for Zoey, she could not agree more. She too thinks it’s time for her to give up. She begins to scream her surrender. 


Zoey’s surrender ends the second fall and the match. The crowd is going wild as the Chinese wrestlers have defeated the American’s in two straight falls to win the match.

At this point, Zoey is stretched out on the mat just inside the ropes. Her husband and partner is holding tightly to the top rope, just above where his wife is lying. "They got us Zoey. They really got us. Two straight falls, they beat us in two straight falls. I’m sorry we ever came here. They are just too good for us." 

Danny enters the ring and helps his wife to her feet. He then helps her to the ropes and out. They slowly make their way back to their dressing room. It’s hard to tell which of them is in worse shape. Both have taken a painful beating. Danny pulls down his thong and stands there in just his wrestling boots."I wish we could just go home. I don’t want to wrestle any more of them. They are going to hurt us!!!   

As much as they would like to go home, Zoey and Danny signed a contract and they must honor it. It’s 5 days later and they are in the next city. Once again the arena is completely full, there are no empty seats. All of the fans have heard about the American’s defeat in the first match and are expecting the outcome of this match to be the same. The betting is hot as to how long the Americans will last. 

In their dressing room the Chinese girls are getting ready. Tonight Danny and Zoey will be wrestling the number 3 contenders for the Chinese Tag Team titles. There opponent are 18 yr old Jun Huang and 20 yr old Mei Li. The girls will wear the Chinese National outfits. Both girls stretch on dark tan pantyhose, a red leotard with the Chinese stars on it and red boots. 

Over in the American’s dressing they too are getting ready. Both have slipped out of their street cloths. Zoey has put on her light blue pantyhose. Danny has stepped into his light blue string thong. After adjusting his manhood in the thong Danny laces on matching light blue boots. Zoey wiggles into her skintight light blue thong cut leotard and she too laces on light blue boots. Both American’s are ready to wrestle. Well not really ready. In truth both Danny and Zoey are scared of wrestling these young girls. After the beating they took in their first match, they have every reason to be scared of them. 

With all four wrestlers in the ring the match is ready to start. Tonight, Zoey will start for the American team and she will face off against 20 yr old Me Li. Danny quickly exits the ring, leaving his wife to start. The bell sends both female wrestlers at each other. 

Me Li is quickly out of her corner and races right at Zoey. In a strange opening move, Me Li bends over at the waist and drives her shoulder into Zoey’s mid-section. The Chinese wrestler has come at her American opponent like an NFL line backer. 

Zoey is doubled over holding her stomach as she is driven back into a corner. Once in the corner she is pulled up strait by her hair. It is then that Me Li begins to punish her. Standing strait up Zoey is pounded in her chest by Me Li’s forearm. Over and over the Chinese wrestler, pounds on the American. 

After 5 or 6 very hard blows to her chest Zoey is gasping for air and has her hands cupped over her breasts trying to protect them. Me Li, has other ideas. Grabbing Zoey by her wrist Me Li pulls Zoey’s hand down away from her breasts. Using her free hand the Chinese wrestler then begins to punch her American opponent. Over and over, Zoey is hit very hard in her now unprotected breast. "Stop, stop!!! You’re going to damage my breast!!! Oh god it hurts!!! You’re going to cave my chest in!!! 

After absorbing 4 or 5 hard punches to her breast Zoey head rolls back and she slides down the turnbuckle to the mat. With her legs tucked up under, Zoey is an easy target for the Chinese wrestlers. Me Li who has been pounding Zoey’s chest, grabs her legs and pulls her to the center of the ring. Zoey is now out of reach of her husband, Danny. 

Me Li stretches out Zoey, with her arms out straight from her shoulders and her legs wide apart. With an evil look on her face, using her red boot she stomps on Zoey’s chest several times. Just outside the ropes, Danny begins to scream at the ref. "Come on ref!! stop her, you have to stop her!! She’s stomping on my wife’s tits. PLEASE stop her!!" 

Danny’s cries for mercy fall on deaf ears. Zoey has begun to cry out in pain "It hurts!!! It hurts!! Please make her stop. She’s hurting me!!!" in the ring, Me Li continues to boot stomp both of Zoey’s breasts. Finally Zoey covers her tits with her arms. "She’s killing me, Danny!! She’s killing me!!! I can’t take any more, She’s smashed my tits!!" 

Me Li backs away from Zoey and tells the ref, "Ask her ref, go ahead and ask her. See if she wants to submit? The ref does as he is asked, "You give up now American girl!! Me Li has defeated you? You can take no more?"Even in the broken English the ref speaks Zoey gets the point

"YES-YES!!! Me Li has defeated me!!! I can’ take any more!! Oh god, she’s smashed my tits!! I give up-I give up!!!! Make her stop, PLEASE make her stop!! She’s crushed me!!! I submit!!! I submit!!!!"

The bell rings and the first fall is over. Zoey remains on the mat stretched out unmoving. She is taking very shallow breathes as her chest is very sore. 

Her husband Danny races to her and kneels down beside her. "Oh my god, honey. Are you Ok? Did she hurt you bad? Can you get up?" Danny looks down into the face of the woman he loves. "It’s my tits Danny my tits. She stomped them!! They’ve been smashed. I can hardly breathe. My god, she stomped my tits!!!" 

Danny helps his wife to her feet and back to their corner. It is obvious to him that Zoey is finished. She can’t take any more punishment tonight. He will have to go it alone in the second fall. First though she will have to start the fall. She must at least make contact with her opponent before she can tag out. Zoey does her best to get ready. With Danny’s help she tighten the straps to her bra. She moves the hooks to the next tightest position. With her bra a tight as she can get, Zoey is as ready as she can be. 

BONG!!!! The second fall has started. Zoey moves out of her corner and toward her opponent. She is moving too slowly for Me Li. The young Chinese wrestlers, moves quickly toward Zoey. As they get close, Me Li throws a very hard punch at Zoey.  For the Second time in the match a fist has connected with one of Zoey’s breasts. The punch drives the American female wrestler back toward her corner. She is now in east reach of her husband and tag team partner. 

SLAP !! Danny’s and Zoey’s hands come together. The tag has been made. Danny quickly enters the ring and Zoey, just as quickly exits it. Me Li moves in on Danny. She extends he hands and invites him to try a test of strength. Danny quickly accepts as he is sure that he is stronger that the young Chinese girl. He should have though a little longer. 

The two wrestlers interlock their fingers and begin to struggle for physical supremacy. For almost a full minute the struggle goes on. Then very slowly the Chinese wrestler begins to exert her dominance. Danny’s arms bend back and his hands bend at the wrists. Almost as if he were in slow-motion Danny’s legs begin to buckle. His knees bend and he slowly sinks to the mat.

Me Li now has her American male opponent on his knees looking up at her. As for Danny, he is grimacing in pain as his hands and arms are bent. He softly begins to moan in pain. "OOOOOOOUUU!!, AAAAAAAAUUU!!!, my arms, oh god my arms!!! In complete control of Danny, Me LI quickly reverses her hands and Danny’s. Now the pressure on his hands and arms is upward. It is the reverse of what has just happened. 

Now Danny struggles to rise off the mat. Slowly he does just that. Inch by inch his legs straighten and then he is up on his toes. His arms rise over his head. Again he cries out only this time louder. "My arms, my arms!!!! It hurts, OOOOOOOHHHH! Dam she’s hurting me!!!!" The pouch of Danny’s string thong begins to get tight there is a now feeling between his legs. 

Me Li releases his fingers and his arms drop to his sides. Me Li then jams her arm between his legs. She lifts him off the mat carries him to the center of the ring and slams him down, Danny crashes to the mat and almost instantly arches up his back. He uses both hands to try to rub some feeling into it. 

Before he can accomplish very much, he is again lifted and slammed down. 3 more times Me Li lifts and slams her American opponent to the mat. She then lifts him for the 4th time. As she begins to slam him down, she drops to one knee. Instead of crashing into the mat, Danny’s back is slammed across her thigh. Danny lets out a blood curding scream. "My back, my back!!! You’ve broken my back!!!" 

Although his back is not broken, his spine has suffered a shock and is in pain. Me Li now adds to Danny’s pain. She places one hand on his neck and the other hand directly over his his manhood. She then pushes down s hard as she can. Once again she has Danny screaming in pain. "My back, my back!!! It hurts, oh god it hurts." She then decides to add even more to his pain. With the hand covering his manhood, Me Li begins to squeeze. Again Danny cries out, "she’s squeezing me!!! Oh god, she’s squeezing my manhood!!!" 

Hearing him cry out, the ref moves in, "You in big pain. Maybe you give up now, yes? You need to submit now American. You hurting, big time!!!" All Danny can do is nod his head. 

"She’s got me, she’s got me!!!! I’m done, can’t take any more!!! She wins, she’s beaten me!!!! I give up!!!! I give up!!!! Let me go!!! PLEASE let me go!!!! I’m finished!!! I submit, I submit!!! No more please!!"

Danny has admitted defeat and surrendered to Me Li. 

The ref calls for the bell and Me Li pushes Danny off her thigh. She gets to her feet, races to her tag team partner and they both raise their arms in the air. Danny and Zoey have suffered their second defeat in a row. Not only have they lost two matches, they have been devastated in both of them. 

Danny lies on the mat just outside of his corner. Outside the ropes his wife Zoey is looking down at his. "Oh god Danny, we’ve been beaten again. We’re never going to win a match. They are just too good for us."  

Danny manages to get to his feet. The two wrestlers exit the ring and walk back to their dressing room hand in hand. They quickly change out of their wrestling gear. They just as quickly return to the hotel were their young son is being cared for. 

They have moved on to the last city on the tour. Just like the first two the arena here is packed. The only difference is this is the largest indoor arena in the world. It can hold just over thirty thousand people. Tonight it is completely full, there are no empty seats.  

In their dressing room Danny and Zoey begin to get ready. Danny is quickly out of his street cloths. He stands there with a strange look on his face. For several seconds he makes no move to get into his wrestling gear. He just stands there naked. He turns to his wife: "I’m scared. These two are the best tag team in China. I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want you to get hurt. Your breasts are still bruised. You can’t hardly get into your bra. I’m really scared." Zoey tries to calm her nervous and frightened husband. "It will be OK. This is our last match here. We need to survive it and get home!!" 

Danny nods his agreement and begins to dress for the match. He pulls on his string jockstrap. He then wiggles into shiny black tights and a shiny yellow thong. Before he laces up his yellow boots, he watches Zoey dressing. She is standing just in front of him in her bra and black pantyhose. He watches her wiggle into her yellow thong cut leotard. They then both lace on Yellow boots. Zoey is very pleased that her husband still loves to watch her dressing in her wrestling gear. she also loves seeing him getting dressed. 

Now all four wrestlers are in the ring. After the introductions they return to their corners. Zoey quickly ducks out of the ring as Danny will start for their team. In a huge surprise the female wrestler will start for the Chinese team leaving her husband to exit the ring. So the opening wrestlers for the first fall will be Mingniei Zhang for the Chinese team and Danny Renolds for the Americans.  

The bell sounds for the opening fall. DING!!!!! Danny exits his corner and walks right into a buzz saw. Mingniei is on him almost instantly. She jams her arm between his legs and wraps her arm around his head. Before he can even recognize what she is doing Danny is up off the mat and is held high in the air by his female opponent. 

Just as suddenly as he was lifted off the mat, Danny is slammed down hard. So hard in fact that he is badly stunned. As he lies on the mat at Mingniei’s feet he is almost unconscious. In only 4 seconds, Danny has been rendered useless. He is o longer a dangerous opponent, just a almost defeated opponent.  He offers no resistance as she lifts him of the mat. It seems as though resistance is futile. 

She then slams him down hard on her thigh. This time Danny is really out. His eyes are closed and there is no movement from him. On the outside of the ropes, his wife Zoey is aware tht her husband and partner is unconscious. She begins to cry out to him. "Wake up, Danny!! Please wake up!!! We’re going to get beat again, if you don’t wake up!!! 

Sadly the unconscious American wrestler, can’t hear he calling to him. In less than 20 seconds from the opening bell Danny is finished. He is unable to defend himself, let alone mount any kind of of attack on his opponent. 

Wanting to inflict as much pain as she can on the American male wrestler, Mingniei places one of her hands on Danny’s chin. She then places her other hand directly on his manhood and begins to push down as hard as she can. Danny’s back is being bent over her thigh, as this is happening, his manhood is being crushed in her hand. 

The pain between his legs brings Danny back to full consciousness. It also triggers him into screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAOOO!! She’s crushing me!!! My manhood. OOOOOOHHH!! My manhood!!!! She’s hurting me. Zoey she’s hurting me!!! Oh god I need help!!! She’s crushing my manhood." 

Before Zoey can do anything to help her trapped husband, Mingniei drops Danny to the mat. The battered American wrestler lands face down at his female opponents feet. Mingniei grabs Danny by the boots and drags him away for his corner and any possible saving tag. 

At this point Mingniei jumps on the back of Danny’s thighs, she hooks his boots around hers. She leans forward as far as she can and punches her American opponent hard in his sides. As his arms come back, she grabs and twists them up behind him. She then slowly begins to rock back and forth. Building up her momentum, she lifts him off the mat, up and over into a MEXIACAN CELEING HOLD .  

Instantly, Danny begins to scream in pain. "No, oh no, she’s got me!!! She’s got me!!! Oh god, it hurts, she’s hurting me!!! Help me Zoey, please help me!!! I don’t want to lose another match. Oh god please help me!!!!" 

Danny’s wife can take no more. She can’t stand to see her husband defeated again. She can’t stand to see him in such pain. She can’t stand to see another Chinese female wrestler working him over and forcing him to submit. "I’m coming sweetie!! Hold on lover, I’m coming!!" She wanted to her loving husband to know that help is coming. It was a huge mistake. 

As Zoey enters the ring trying to save her husband, Mingniei’s husband Han Zhang also enters the ring. E does so unnoticed by Zoey. Before she can get to her husband. She is attacked by him. A Karate chop to the back of her neck sends Zoey crashing to the mat. Before she can get back to her feet, Han is on her. Locking her boots around his he does the same thing his wife did. He locks Zoey into a MEXICON CELEING HOLD. 

Now both American wrestlers are trapped in the most painful submission in all of wrestling. Both Husband and wife are screaming in pain. "He’s got me!! He’s got me!!! I’m trapped Danny, I’m trapped!! I can’t help you, I can’t I’m trapped.!!! 

Danny does not hear Zoey and can’t understand why she is not helping him. The ref moves close to Danny. You give up now American? You both trapped by Chinese Champions. They have defeated you!!! You give up now!!!" Danny know knows that both he and Zoey are locked into submission holds. Danny is first to surrender to his female opponent.

"YES-YES!!!! I give up, I give up!!! She’s got me!! I’m finished. I can’t take anymore!!! I submit-I submit!!! I’m defeated, she wins, she’s beaten me!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"

Danny has submitted the fall. He expects to be released by his Chinese opponent and is frightened when he is not. "Ref-ref, she still got me!!! Why hasn’t she let m go, I submitted to her, she’s beaten me, I’ve submitted!!!   

The ref is quick to tell him. "You wife, not submit!! If she no submit, you no submit. You both stay trapped in hold!!" 

Danny cries out to his wife. Submit Zoey, you have to submit!!! They won’t releases me till you submit!! Oh god, please submit!! I can’t take any more. I need to get free!!! 

At this point Zoey realizes she has to do. 

"Ref ref, I submit!! Let us go!!! He wins, he has beaten me!!! I give up, they’ve got both of us!!! We give up!!! We both give up!! Oh please let us go!!! We’re finished, they win!!! Oh god, please let us submit!! We give up, we give up!!!" 

That’s it, both American wrestlers have given up. 

Danny and Zoey are both dropped to the mat by their Chinese opponents. Han and Mingniei Zhang, the Chinese tag team Champions stand over the defeated American tag team. Mingniei has her foot on Danny’s chest and her husband Han has his foot on Zoey’s chest. It takes several minutes for the American team to get to their feet. Slowly they make their way out of the ring and back to their dressing room. Danny lies down on the table and Zoey sits on the bench. "We’ve been crushed Danny. We’ve just been crushed. I want to go home. We can win the championship back in the USA!!" 

"Yes, Zoey me too. I don’t want to get beat again!! I can’t take any more pain like this."

Danny gets up off the table and removes his yellow thong. He peels off his black tights and stands there in just his yellow boots. Zoey Pulls the straps of her leotard down and peel it off. She is standing in just her bra, pantyhose and boots. 

Both wrestlers finish getting their gear off, and they both head to the shower. In there they hug each other, She tells Danny. "I’m sorry we lost so badly!!