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young teen amazon girl chokes naked man with her long legs

Update: 16.08.2019

A-585 "Amazon's birthday"

Gallery size: 150 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 150 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

PART ONE - The birthday present

It was Hippolyte's 19th birthday. As the daughter of the Amazon queen she always received many birthday presents, mostly from people she didn't know, who wanted to be in the good books of the young woman who would one day be queen. But the best presents always came from her aunt Xenia, who travelled to far lands and brought back many exotic items. Some said she was a witch, and Hippolyte wondered about that. There was no doubt her aunt knew a great deal about herbs and potions. But a witch? Do they even exist? 

Hippolyte opened her present, to find a rod and some instructions. It was a rod, about 18 inches in length. The description said it was magic wand and there was a list of things it could do. She went through the list: it throws fire, it throws lightning, it throws a beam of heat. There was also mention of a love potion it could emit. Each was triggered by pressing a bump at the base of the rod. This was going to fun. She had to try it out. But how? She really wanted to try it out on a real, live human being to see its effects.

There was a 18 y.o. man, a slave boy called Mereus, who had been found stealing from households. He had stolen some jewellery - including some of Hippolyte's - and tried to sell it in the market. Hippolyte asked the judge if she could take him from the jail and punish him physically instead of his remaining jail. The judge agreed readily, as her budget for the jail was tight and one less mouth to feed would help. 

Hippolyte took him out into the field and tied him up to the punishment frame that was permanently set up there. Naked and spreadeagled before her he was completely helpless. That's the way she liked to see a man! She could do anything to him. She wore her stilleto-heeled shoes for the occasion and she had plans to use them.

She stood in front of him, smiling with anticipation. She pushed the tip of wand up his nose and pressed a button. An arc of electricity burst from the tip and went up his nose. He yelped with pain and flung his head back. Hippolyte was pleased. This was going to be fun! This little shit was going to regret stealing her jewellery. This time she placed the wand against his left nipple and this time he screamed as another burst of electricity pulsed through his body. She waited as he calmed down. She put the wand under his penis and lifted it up. He watched with fear in his eyes. 

She wondered what sort of range the weapon had. It was important to find out. She walked 20 paces back from him and selected another button on the wand. A burst of fire leapt from the wand towards the boy. It passed over his head but close enough that he felt the heat and cried out.  She tried another setting on the wand. This time a bolt of lightning shot out and enveloped him. He screamed again and the lightning slowly dissipated.       

The next button was heat ray, not a bolt of fire that could miss its target, but a continuous beam that she could wave about as she liked. From his screams it was very potent. She went back to the lightning setting. It was possible to have a wide beam that covered all of his body or a narrower beam that hit just a part of his body. Of course, she chose his genitals for the concentrated beam and gave him a lengthy blast. By now his voice was hoarse from all the screaming.   

There was just one more button to try out - the love potion. That seemed a bit weird. She held the tip of the wand near his face and pressed the button. A stream of dense mauve vapour came out. As he breathed it in a strange beatific smile came over his face. He looked happy, ecstatic in fact! His penis grew larger and became a full and hard erection. He was clearly very turned on. In view of the punishment she had just meted out to him this was extraordinary. Maybe it really was a love potion. She wondered what it would take to make him fall out of love with her. 

She smiled at him, walked up to him and snap-kicked him full force in the balls. He winced with the pain initially but then the weird smile came back to his face. He was still in love with her, and somehow - only the gods knew how - he was still erect! Amazing! She swung again - a roundhouse kick with her left foot - to his balls once more. Then, a snap kick with her right foot. She spun round and back-kicked with her heel. The specially sharpened heel of her shoe punched through the glans of his erect penis.   He gritted his teeth and grunted with pain, but then the smile came back, even as his cock bled. He smiled at her again, obviously he still worshipped her. 

She released him from the punishment frame and he dropped to the ground and declared his undying loyalty to her. She stood on his leg and pressed in her heel. It made no difference. He begged her to be his mistress. He would do anything for her. he wrapped his arms around her leg and declared his undying love for her. She told him to lie on his front and he quickly did so. She placed her foot on his back and pressed the sharp heel into his spine. He grunted with pain but as soon as she took her foot away he knelt in front of her thanking her for letting him serve her. 

She thought a little pony play would be in order and soon she was riding his back as moved forward on all fours. This was fun! She had never had a plaything like this before! She turned him over and trampled on his chest. He was still erect. She stood on his balls and he cried out with pain. She stopped and the screams stopped as well. The smile came back on his face. She rammed her heel straight through his scrotum and he screamed and passed out from the pain. 

At first she thought she had killed him but when she checked he still had a pulse. Perhaps she had better patch him up a bit before proceeding further. She was supposed to punish him, not kill him. She went to get some bandages. She came back to the field a few minutes later to find he had gone - he had run away. Losing consciousness must have broken the spell.

She reported him missing to the judge, who was not pleased. All the slaves knew that the punishment for running away was death. She was told to go after him, track him down and bring him back. 

She quickly changed her clothes, adding a skirt to her leotard, and strapped a combat knife to her thigh. She left the high-heeled shoes. She could move faster barfoot. She took a backpack containing a restraining harness and a few other items. It had been decided that he would be publicly executed when she brought him back. She set off at a double-quick trot.  

Mereus was nowhere near as fit Hippolyte, and he had no field craft skills. She saw him ahead of her as he was wading across a river.  She knew it would be faster to swim across that to wade it so she dived in. Just as he reached the other side she stood up behind him. 

He heard the sound and turned. He stopped, transfixed, and his mouth opened in surprise. She wondered why he was just staring at her then realised that her costume had become transparent with being immersed in water. The cold water had made her nipples hard and they poked through the clinging cloth. She walked toward him and she noticed that his penis was growing in size and starting to rise. "This is going to be easier that I thought!" she said to herself. Obviously the potion hadn't completely worn off. She looked down at his by-now full erection and smiled at him. He smiled back. She punched him once, very hard on the chin, and he crumpled to the ground.

She got down on the ground and wrapped her legs around his neck. If he was going to regain consciousness she would use a scissor grip to knock him out again. She needed him asleep for what would do next. He didn't come round, so she got up and fetched the backpack.           

As he lay unconscious she took the harness from her backpack and proceeded to tie him up. The harness bounnd his hands together behind hand back and connects to a collar around his neck. His legs joined connected by a strap long enough for him to walk with short steps but not long enough to enable him to run. Lastly, she connected a leash to his neck collar so he can be taken for a walk like a dog. He wasn't going anytwhere. She tied him to a tree and took some bread and cheese from her backpack and waited for him to wake up. Then they began the walk back. 


PART TWO: The execution

On returning Hyppolyte was told to change into her black leotards and black skirt. She knew this means that today she was to be the executioner of Mereus. The penalty for attempting to escape was death by public execution. She had never killed anyone before and neither had anyone in her student cohort. As always, she was set the example for the others to follow. For executions each woman was always given the choice of how to execute her prisoner. She picked her favourite bow and a dozen arrows and she went to brief the organiser.

She was told to take him out to the field and execute him. As according to her instructions, Mereus was bound naked, with his body forming an X-shaped cross with his arms and legs spreadeagled. 

She announced "I am going to cut your major arteries one by one. First your right radial at the wrist, then the carotids at the neck, then the femorals at the groin." 

She smiled as she spoke, while Mereus's face turned white with fear. "Bitch!" he cried. She sighed. "Try to die with dignity, it's all you have left" she said. "Fucking whore!" he called out. 

She raised her bow towards him and and nocked an arrow. "Insult me again and I'll castrate you with an arrow!". "Cunt!" he cried.

She released the arrow and he howled with pain as it landed at the base of his penis and went halfway through. He looked down at the arrow hanging between his legs, piercing his penis and testicles. He was always proud of his large cock and now it hung almost severed. Again, he cried out in pain and rage and tears are flowed down his face. 

She loosed a flurry of arrows. The radial artery at his right wrist, the right carotid at the side of his neck, the left carotid, then the femoral artery at his groin were all pierced and the blood spurted out him from all of these. Two more arrows pierced his heart and he was dead.

Hippolyte put down her bow. It was over. She had killed her first man. The young princess was now officially an Amazon warrior, not a trainee. 

It was a great day.

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