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Update: 23.07.2021

W-686 "Competitive mat wrestling"

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This is a full night of competitive wresting. There are 8 matches on the card tonight. I will be wrestling in one of them. For the last year and 8 months I have been the league champion. Tonight I will be defending my title for the 20th time. I am the longest regaining champion in league history. 

In the men’s dressing room I begin to get ready. There will be 5 mixed gender matches including mine. I will be wrestling the number 1 contender. I slip out of my street cloths and grab my gear bag. First, comes my spandex jockstrap. I always wear a jockstrap in these intergender matches. Many of the women like to try to take advantage of a male wrestler that does not wear a jockstrap. I made that mistake once. I was beaten by submission in only 13 seconds. 

I pull out my singlet and my tights. Both are a light blue, I begin to stretch and wiggle into them. After pulling on my tights, I begin to stretch and wiggle into my singlet. It is very tight and fits my like a second skin. Lastly I lace on light blue boots and wrap the championship belt around my waist. 

In another room my opponent is also getting ready. She pulls on black pantyhose, then she wiggles into a very tight yellow singlet and yellow boots. We both then head for the mat room. As we enter the other members of the league begin to applaud. We are both very popular wrestlers. 

I head to one corner and she head to the other. The ref comes to both of us a introduces herself. She is also one of the leagues wrestlers. It I only seconds before the bell. I quickly pull up my tights and adjust my manhood in my jock. 

The ref asks us if we are ready and then says WRESTLE!!!  I race across the room and grab my opponents arm and try an ARM DRAG on her. She is very quick and manages to block me. In doing so, she grabs my wrist, quickly bends my arm back and gets me in an OVER HAND WRIST LOCK. WOW!! It hurts. Very quickly my eyes begin to water. 

Oh my god, is she strong. Applying pressure to the wrist lock she soon has my knees bending and me on the way to the mat. My mind begins to race, trying to think of ways to escape The WRIST LOCK. "Oh god , she has me down already. My arm, oh god my arm. It feels like she is going to tear it off my shoulder." 

I grimace in pain as she continues to twist and bend my arm back. From my position on my knees I have almost no leverage to fight out of this hold. From a few of the people watching the match there is a loud murmur of approval as I struggle in the hold. It seems as though many of the wrestlers I have defeated in the past are to see this match. 

Using the leverage she has on me, She forces me down on the mat, face first. Giving up the WRIST LOCK she switches to an ARM BAR. With her knee she holds down my shoulder. Then grabbing my wrist, she twists my arm and pulls up on it hard. With my arm stretched out straight, she takes my elbow and pulls it toward her. 

The pain is very quickly almost unbearable. Having been weakened by the OVER HAND WRIST LOCK. My arm is in danger of becoming completely useless. Again my mind races, "My arm, oh god it hurts. She’s really doing damage to my arm. I’ve got to get free!!!!" Knowing you need to get free and doing it are two different things. 

Minute after minute, she keeps my arm trapped in the ARM BAR. Not only is she compromising my arm, but she is sapping my overall strength. I can feel my body weakening. We have been wrestling for almost 5 minutes and I have not gotten a single offensive hold on her. She on the other hand has had me in trouble since the very first seconds of the match. As this is a three period or less match, I only need to hold on for two more minutes. Easier said than done.  

My opponent can also see the timer. She knows she will have to break the hold at the end of the period. Moving off the ARM BAR she mounts my back. She hooks my arms over her thighs and cups her hands under my chin. Pulling back on my chin, she gets a CAMLE CLUTCH on me. From out in the crowd come a collective gasp as she locks the CLUTCH on me. All of these fans and other wrestlers have have never seen me take this much punishment from anyone. 

Unable to control myself, I scream in pain. "AAAAAAAAHH! My neck, oh god my neck. She’s got me!!! My neck my neck, she’s going to break my neck!!!! Having lost total control, tears begin to run down my cheeks. In such a small area, everyone can see me crying. They can all see the tears running down my face. Oh god, she’s going to beat me. She’s going to take my title. I’m going to lose them both, the match and my title. Just at that minute the buzzer sounds and the first period is over. I have one minute to get myself back together and wrestle.

The problem I face now is that I don’t have the strength to get to my feet. Quickly two of the league trainers come on the mat. With each one grabbing me under my arm, they are able to lift and carry me to my corner. My coach is waiting for me. Sitting on the mat in front of her, my coach looks very hard at me. "What is wrong with you? She is killing you out there. If you don’t get it together she is going to submit you. You can’t take much more of this kind of beating. You’re going to lose your title." All I can do is nod and tell her, "I’ll try harder, I won’t let her beat me. I won’t lose the title!!!" 

Big words and an empty promise. I look at the score board and I see that she was awarded 3 points for the first period. I got none. The next period is about to start. The short rest has done very little to restore my strength. I struggle to get to my feet. I quickly adjust my manhood in my jockstrap. It had parsley come out in the first period.  So as the second period begins I am down 3 to 0 and am well behind.  

Having lost the first period, I am forced to start the second period in the down position. That means she already has an advantage on me. Reluctantly I drop to my knees then onto all fours. My opponent drops beside me and wraps her arm around my middle and grabs my other arm with her hand. The ref signals and the match is back on.

Instantly she pulls my arm out from under me. At the same time, she drives me forward. I collapse face first to the mat. Almost in one motion she slips her free arm under my chin and yanks back. With the arm holding my wrist, she quickly bends it into a HAMMER LOCK. Less than 2 seconds into the second period, she has tied up and back in pain. 

"OOOOOOOHHH! OOOOOOOHH!!!! My arm, it hurts. She’s got my arm." I kick my legs wildly. I twist and wiggle from side to side, trying to escape. She’s got me locked up again. I can barely move!! Oh god my neck, she pulling on my neck again!! I can’t take this much longer!!! Both my neck and my arm are in a great deal of pain. As it has been since the match started, I am in trouble. I am badly weakened from the holds she has had me in. One after another, without a break. I am really suffering in this neck hold and the HAMMER LOCK.  If only I could escape this hold. I only need a few minutes rest to recover my strength.  My mind tells me that, but my body knows better. She’s going to defeat me, if I don’t do something soon. I need to escape this hold. Oh god, I’m going to lose my title!!" 

I know what I have to do, I am just not sure I can do it. At 34 yrs old, I am in the upper age of wrestlers. I no longer have the ability to fight a long and gulling match. And this match has been nothing but gulling. I’ve taken  prolonged beating.  

My shoulder and my arm have gone numb. I can’t feel or control them. As of now, I am a one armed wrestler. Suddenly she releases me, I am free of the hold. The pain in both my shoulder and my arm does not stop. And as before, I can’t control them. My opponent seems to sense the trouble I’m in. 

I make no effort to get to my feet. I am breathing very deeply. As I can’t seem to get enough air. Grabbing my injured arm, she rolls me over onto my back. If this were a regular wrestling match, I would think that she was going to pin me. As this is a competitive type match, she must submit me to win. 

She then grabs my hair and pulls me to a sitting position. She very quickly gets in behind me and drops to the mat. I make no effort to stop her. I just can’t I am too badly beaten to have any defense. After getting behind me she wraps her legs around my middle. Instead of squeezing me till I submit, she jams her boots between my legs. As she does, she manages to heel kick me in my manhood. I instantly cry out in pain. "AAAAAAHH!! AAAAAAAHH!! You kicked me. OOOOOOHHHH! Dam, you kicked me right in my manhood." 

I can hear a little chuckle from her as I cry out. With her boots between my legs, she begins to separate my legs. Inch by inch she stretches my legs farther and farther apart. I grab at my manhood and cup my hands between my legs. OOOHH, OOOHHH!! It hurts, oh god it hurts!!!You’re splitting me apart!!!!! I am holding tightly to my manhood as my legs are split apart. 

"Oh god, I can’t take much more of this. She’s too good, too fast and too strong for me. I can’t escape and I can’t beat her, she going to defeat me!!!" I continue to struggle weakly, but I along with everyone else in the room knows it’s hopeless. All she has to do is finish me off. 

I no sooner think it when here it comes, the big finish. The end of a Champion. Along with her legs splitting me apart, she now grabs one of my arms and pulls it across my neck. She then grabs the other arm an wraps it over and around my head. in addition to the leg split, she now has a COBRA CLUTCH on me. The pain is so intense I scream out. AAAAAAAUUU!!! OOOOOOHHH!!! OH GOD IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS!!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! OH GOD, YOU’RE HURTING ME!!!! 

At this point she tells the ref to ask if I want to submit. Come on ref, ask him!!! Ask him if he submits to me!! Come on champ. Don’t make me hurt you anymore. I’ve got you, you’re done!! Tell me you give up!! 

As is her duty, the ref asks me: "How about it champ, you ready to submit? Have you had enough yet? Has she beaten you?" At this point I have nothing left. I’m finished, she’s beaten me. I have to surrender to her. 


That’s it, it’s over. I’ve lost the match and my title. She has taken both of them from me. 

At least I’m free of those painful holds. To say that I am embarrassed is an understatement. She completely humiliated me, in front of everyone. "Oh god look, she’s already got the championship belt. My belt and it’s wrapped tightly around her waist. Well it’s not my belt any longer. It’s hers now. She won it fair and square. I just the former champion now." 

I’m not sure it’s good to feel sorry for yourself. I just can’t help it. Here I am stretched out on the mat, in total defeat. I wish the pain was over, but it’s not. Including the pain between my legs. My hands are still cupped over my manhood. 

As I lay there a gorgeous 28 yr old women comes out of the crowd. She too is wearing a wrestling singlet. It is skin tight and reviles all of her curves and mounds. It is so tight you can clearly see her nipples thru the spandex fabric. She comes directly to where I am stretched out on the mat. She then bends down beside me. 

Are you ok honey? What happened to you? I am looking up into the loving eyes of my wife. "I’ve been defeated. She made me submit to her. She’s taken my title. I’ve lost it. I’m not the champion anymore".

This fantastic looking woman helps me to my feet. With my arm draped over her shoulder, she helps my off the mat and back to my dressing room and onto the massage table. As I lie there she sees me cupping my hands around my manhood. "Why are you holding your manhood like that? Although I am embarrassed by her question I answer it. She kicked me. She slammed the heel of her boot down on it!! Oh god it hurt. It hurt so bad!! I just couldn’t fight her after that. She overpowered me. I had to submit!!! I had no choice, she forced me to submit to her. 

My wife then smiled down on me. "I got to go soon, my match is coming up. I’ll help you as long as I can". She unties my wrestling boots and pulls them off. She then helps me get my singlet off. With that she comes a kisses me and heads to the mat for her match. She leaves my there in just my tights and jockstrap. I peel off my tights. That is as far as I can go. The pain is just too much for me. I return to the table wearing just my jockstrap. In just a few minutes my wife returns. "I won my match. I made my opponent submit to me. I beat him in the first period. I’m going to get a title shot next month. Ok, let’s get your jockstrap off and get into the shower," 

She helps me with my jockstrap and we get in the shower together.