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amazon girl vs gladiator leotard karate fighting

Update: 23.04.2021

A-673 "Amazon's spear"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.

Hippolyte the Amazon liked to explore. She wandered far and wide, far past the boundaries of the Amazon territories, into the land of Thrace. For defence she carried just a spear, and a knife strapped to her thigh. But she was deadly with the spear and, as an Amazon warrior, she feared no man. 

One day she was stopped by a Thracian soldier. Young, handsome and full of himself. She could tell from his fancy footwear and greaves and the large axe he carried, he was obviously rich.  He was advancing toward her. "Back off!" she said, but he kept coming. She held up her spear. He swung his axe. It wasn't a serious attempt to kill her, but *was* trying to intimidate her. He hasn't encountered a woman warrior before, she realised. She easily blocked his axe with her spear, but this only infuriated him. His second swing was more deadly, but she noticed he glanced at her full breasts as he swung at her.  She dodged his blade and put the rear end of her spear on the ground and used it to launch herself at him, feet-first. He enever saw it coming and her feet connected violently with his chin. She followed it up with a painful kick to his thigh. 

He was astonished to find that only  few seconds into the fight with this young woman and he was on the defensive, being bested with every move. He was angry now and he swung again, horizontally this time. He skirt rode up and she caught a glimpse of his genitals. She blocked the swing and kicked him again, on the shin, but his leg armour protected him from that one. She had no such armour, but she was very fast and he had not landed a single blow on her yet. She had to be careful, though. That axe could cut her in half. She moved in closer, making it difficult for him to swing the axe against her effectively. Her spear handle blocked his axe again and the next jab from her spear just missed his chest. He moved out of the way just in time, but it rattled him - he knew he was fighting for his life. He left foot flashed upwards towards his head but he managed to block it with his arm. That was something he had never seen before. No warrior that he had ever fought - and he had fought many - could kick that high. Amazon training exploited this, and that fact that when a woman opens her legs a man can never resist looking between them. This gives her a moment when he is distracted and she can strike him. Sure enough, he was off balance when tried to swing his axe at her again and she dodged it easily. 

She thrust her spear at him, just narrowly missing his abdomen and he dodged to avoid it. What came next astonished him. Instead of withdrawing the spear as he expected she plunged it into the ground, then used it to brace herself as she cartwheeled back to him. As she pivoted her left leg whipped out and kicked him hard on the chin. He fell back, catching a glance between her legs as he went. No sooner was he upright again when she launched herself at him again. Once again he swung the great axe but she narrowly avoided it. So close was the blow that his axe caught her skirt and tore it off. Then it was her turn to counter-attack. Her spear went up inside his skirt and only just failed to connect with his exposed genitals. He swung again and she dodged by diving low. Then she withdrew and it looked like she was running away. She came after her, as she had hoped. He swung the axe again and she parried it, then pressed her spear forward. He ducked out of the way as the spear head just passed his back.  

His axe swung again and she ducked down to dodge it, then again stuck the spear point in the ground and made a pole-assisted vault upwards to kick him in the head. Even though she had used this trick on him once before he still fell for it. Nothing in his military training had prepared him for Amazon close-quarter tactics and he was scared.  He righted himself and swung the axe again but she wasn't there - she had already deftly cartwheeled out of his range.  He lunged forward at her but she back-kicked him again on the chest. She closed in and they swung against each other, with each parrying the blow of the other. 

Then her shapely leg flashed upward and her foot smashed into his testicles. The searing pain left him disoriented for a few seconds and he didn't understand what was happening. She leaped up and her soft pussy lended on his head, with her knees on his shoulders. He was completely bewildered. "What in Hades is she DOING?" he wondered. He stared upwards and saw her breasts and above them her smiling face. "Why is she smiling?" he thought. Her thighs were either side of his head and he had no lateral vision. He didn't see her drop the spear, or her hand as it moved to the combat knife on her right thigh. Knife in hand, she leaned backwards, while he had no idea of the danger he was in until the knife skewered his left nipple and went deep into his chest. She pressed harder until the blade went in all the way to the hilt, slicing through his left main coronary artery as it went. 

He knew he was dying. "Nooooooo" he cried. "Not by a GIRL! NO! NO! NO!". As his heart gushed blood inside his chest his legs gave way and he fell to his knees and then forward. As he fell Hyppolyte jumped off and grabbed the axe. As he lay on all fours in the last moments of life she swung the great axe and took his head off cleanly. 

She paused for a moment, looking with great satisfaction at her handiwork. She looked at the axe. Her prize booty. It was a bit bloody, as was her spear. She smiled at his bloody body as she cut of his skirt and used it to clean the axe and spear. Then she grasped the axe and held it high in triumphant victory gesture, with her foot, with her painted nails, on his chest. She left his body there, naked, with his legs splayed out and his cock and balls on display, for the animals of the forest to tear apart and she walked off with her spear and her new axe.

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