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W-599 "Karen vs Peter"

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One of my older cousins, Karen, came to stay with us once when I was 18. She must have been around 20 or a bit more. Much bigger than me in a healthy athletic well-built way. She usually wore a leotard top and short skirts. We got on OK but had different tastes in music and stuff. But we listened to each other s CDs. Some of hers were OK and she liked some of mine, which surprised me.

But we didn't always agree about things.

I'd always been into watching wrestling on TV and she seemed amused by my interest, teasing me about why I liked watching men in underwear fighting each other. She thought it was ridiculous. She made me question it and wonder about if any of it was fixed or faked. Made me look at it in a different way. But I still liked watching it.

One evening my parents were out and the wrestling was on the TV and Karen came into the room. She was wearing a totally sexy outfit - tight high cut long sleeved leotard and high heeled sandals that made her seem even bigger. I stared intently at the screen, because I really wanted to stare at her!

From the corner of my eye I could see her big tits and her long muscle legs. I thought she must be going out or something, because she didn t usually dress up so sexily when my parents were around.

I acted like I was ignoring her because I was getting a hard-on.

"Watching the wrestling again, then, Peter?"  she said with a hint of amusement.

I just nodded, staring at the telly, wishing she d go away, wishing I could just stare at her.

"How would you like to wrestle with gymnast girl?" 


Surprised, I turned to her. I forced myself not to stare at her legs and tits but I desperately wanted to.

"P ppp pardon? Sorry?" I could feel myself blushing.

"I said would you like to wrestle with me? I'd like to try out a few of those you know wrestling things, moves, or whatever they re called. You could show me some! And I could show you some other stuff. We can you know have some fun if you like? Or are you scared of wrestling with a girl?" 

"I no I mean I don't want to hurt you or anything" 

She laughed.

"Don't you worry yourself about that, Peter! I m a big girl! Come on, show me some of those wrestling moves and things!" 

My heart was hammering. I was bewildered, in a daze. I couldn t believe this was happening! Had she planned it? And would she want us to have sex or something? I was still a virgin. But maybe she just wanted me to show her some wrestling moves and holds, after all. But why? And what if she didn t want sex? I had a hard on and she d notice it. That d be really embarrassing.

"I what what do you want to do?" 

She frowned and looked up to the ceiling for a moment. I took advantage of the moment and stared at her gorgeous tits, then her strong legs. It didn t help with the trouser problem. Made it much worse.

"Well, maybe you could try out a move on me, show me how it s done, then I can practice it on you or something? I dunno. Maybe I m just getting interested in wrestling after all! Looks like it might be fun! So you going to show me something?" 

That was exactly the problem. If I moved, she d be bound to see I had an erection. And if we grappled at all, that'd be a dead giveaway. She'd feel it for sure.

Her gaze had returned from the ceiling and she must have noticed I was staring lustfully at her.

She grinned.

"And if you turn out to be a good teacher, maybe your student will give you a nice reward?" 

She pushed her breasts out provocatively. I could feel my penis respond, getting harder, leaking 

"I'll jerk you off if you want! I know what guys like. I've done it before. Believe me, you ll enjoy it! Your Mum and Dad won't be back for a few hours yet, will they? Wouldn't you like me to jerk you off?" 

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

She wanted to jerk me off? It was every adolescent boy's fantasy. Well, it was mine.

"OK! I grinned".

"Well don't just sit there! Turn the TV off, remove your clothing and let's go to the backyard! Be a good teacher and you'll get that reward I promised!" 

She ran her tongue along her lips and grinned. My cock was so hard.

I just did what she said in a bit of a daze - went over to the TV, turned it off, stripped down all my clothing then walked out to face her in the ring that we had in our backyard. She was busy tying her hair back in a ponytail, the muscles in her arms bunching and flexing. In her leotard and heels she seemed tall and so sexy. I remember thinking if she really wanted to wrestle someone she'd be hard to beat.

That thought confused me - it sort of frightened me but it excited me in a weird way as well. Wow! This amazing amazon was my cousin. I thought I'd fallen in love. She must really like me! She wants to jerk me off! Did she really say that? I couldn't believe it, but my cock really wanted it to be true. It ached. And my balls ached.

If I'd known then what was going to happen - how my balls were going to be aching in a very different and agonizing way soon, courtesy of my amazon cousin - I wouldn't have gone along with it. But I didn't know.

"So so what do you what do you want me to show you, then?" 

I approached her, not ready for her action.

She grinned at the unsuspecting boy and sharply kneed me in the groin and pushed me to the ground as me groaned. Distracted by the horrible burning sensation spreading through my groin area, I collapsed into a pile.

She was several cm taller than me even barefoot, and her high heels made her much higher. My balls were in pain, I've just thought about prevent abother torture of my groin, and it turned me into victim, she was noticeably stronger and used different holds to hold me 10-20min or more. It was fun for her as I unsuccessfully tried to break her holds.

I forgot about any fighting back, so she realized her strength and started beat me more and more, and started bully me. It was embarrassing but I can't do anything and she liked her new role and she defeated me, she liked the process.

It was so helpless feeling to be a toy in her hands as she defeated me. Sometimes she even squeezed my balls for fun for 10-20 seconds. And I can't resist efficiently.

She liked bodyscissor me sitting from behind and apply a nelson at the same time. It was impossible to release. She could wrap her legs around my waist from behind or move apart my legs with her legs in this position. She often SGPinned me and used each chance to straddle my face then rub her pelvis forwards and backwards with obviously pleasure.

My cousin dominated over me all the time and it was extremely erotic because she wearing her gym leotard and I was nude. My naked body was too vulnerable. She had lightening speed and strong legs which she used to gain control. She scissored my leg, my arm, my body but once she gets her thighs around my head and neck it was over. She didn't squeeze me out but she just used her thigh muscles to dominate me. Finally we were both extremely turned on by this and it leaded to passionate cunnilingus when my victress rode my face and made me crazy with furiously handjob.

Both of us were highly aroused and aggressive, but the climax occurred as we did a sixty-nine with her on top, but she didn't suck my cock, just made a handjob.

Dressed in thong leotard, she had my arms pinned under her legs and was grinding her pussy into my face quite forcefully. As the scene progressed, she would periodically withdraw her hand from my cock, lean back, take my hair in one hand and guide my efforts in eating her. The frustration it caused me, quite visibly, proved to be a turn-on for both of us. 

The scene was quite intense. Finally she orgasmed on my face. Naked, I felt myself defeated and humiliated by leotard-clad girl. Karen laughed on me, "I practically raped you, and you loved it!" 

"Yes, it's true. I'm not sure, but I think I enjoyed it even more than raping you!" 

"I think you like to be naked and giving up control to leotard-clad girl." 

"I do. Especially when leotard-clad girl enjoy taking it." 

"Maybe we should do it more often. What do you think?" 

"Do what, Karen?" 

"Let me take control." 

I thought for a moment. My first response was an instant erection. Karen saw it and smiled. 

"Yes, I think you'd like it, maybe even on a regular basis." 

She sat on the ringpost in her leotard, watching me undress. As I moved, naked and erect, towards the bed, she said, "Hold it right there, darling. I think I'd like you to eat me to orgasm first." 

For an instant, I felt threatened. Then, I saw her eyes, as she smiled, observing my erection. "You know you want it this way, right?" 

I nodded. I knelt, naked, on the floor at her feet. Guided by her hands at my hair and on the back of my head, I ate her to several orgasms. Finally, after well over thirty minutes, she invited me to get into floor under her. With me on my back, she jerked my cock to orgasm, rode on my face again as well. 

She layed on top of me for several minutes, as we enjoyed our afterglow. Then, suddenly, she rose, crawled up over me and sat on my face. 

As always, I instinctively buried myself in her pussy, my lips and tongue working away. But I had forgotten. Her pussy was now filled with the load I had placed there minutes ago. 

Realizing this, I struggled. But again, my arms were pinned under her knees, and I could not escape. 

The utter humiliation of my nudity under leotard-clad girl paralyzed me. I did not want to escape. And with her forcefully taking my mouth, pulling my hair as she ground herself into me, my erection returned, only minutes after my previous orgasm. 

She saw it, and saw my hips bucking. Smiling, she felt me trying to free my right arm from beneath her leg, wanting to masturbate. Still smiling, she held me more forcefully. "No, dear. Bring me off again first, then you can masturbate if I permit" 

I licked and sucked her more enthusiastically than I ever had since we had gotten together. Her second time around, her orgasm took several more minutes. Mine was waiting for a single touch. 

Finally, she raised her left knee, freeing my right arm. I took my cock in hand and stroked it several times as Karen took my hair and pulled my mouth back onto her cunt. I came, instantly. 

Looking back and watching, she smiled. She replaced my right arm under her leg, then took two fingers and scooped up some of the come which had landed on my chest. She presented the fingers to my mouth to be licked clean. 

I resisted, keeping my mouth closed. 

"Come now, you want to make me happy, don't you? And there's something about seeing you eating your own come that really turns me on. Open!" 

The last word was a firm command, harshly delivered and emphasized with her hand tightly gripping my hair. I opened my mouth. She then fed me my come, returning many times to my body until she had scooped it all up and fed it back to me. Leotard-clad girl remained seated on me, her cunt inches from my mouth, my arms helplessly pinned beneath her legs. 

Karen straddled my face and started to move. My tongue did indescribable things to her. She was losing control and was afraid that I'll free myself but I was already tamed by leotard-clad girl. My tongue took my victress to climax.