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mixed boxing knockout leotard woman wins

Update: 10.09.2021

B-693 "A night of championship"

Gallery size: 550 Full HD pictures


Mixed boxing, 550 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

This may be the biggest of boxing in the history of the intergender league. Yes that correct all of the fights tonight will be intergender fights. This is the WIBL or The world Intergender Box League. There will be five matches all with male Vs female contestants. They will all be in different weight classes. 

The first fight will be in the Lightweight division. The first will future the world fly weight champion Estella Moreno. She will be taking on the number one contender Michal Chasse. The champion will be representing MEXICO and Michal is from the USA. both fighters weigh in at 112 lbs. 

In her dressing room Estella is getting ready to box. She stretches on very shiny tan pantyhose. Then come her white high cut leotard and then her white boots. He trainer helps her on with her white gloves. In her opponents dressing Michal is also getting ready. He pulls up his shiny tan pantyhose, then slips on black thong cut trunks and black boots and gloves. 

With both fighters in the ring the bout is ready to start. BONG!!!! the bell sends the fighters out of their corners. They move toward each other and begin to throw punches. Both of them are looking for the first opening. Michal is the first to find it as he lands two very stiff jabs on Estella’s face. He follows that up with a hard left to her lower abdomen. The Champion back up and out of range as Michal lands the punches. 

The first thing that she learned is that her male opponent hits hard. He may not be as fast as she is, but he seems fast enough to land his punches. For the rest of the first round, both fighters land some very good shots. The Mexican Champion manages to stagger her male opponent. His legs buckle, but he quickly regains his balance. She lands two more hard shots. 

Then as quickly as she established some momentum, Michal took it back. BAM!!! BAM!! He lands two very hard punches on Estella. She is instantly dazed and drops to one knee. The ref begins the count ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE. Pushing her gloved hand against her thigh she gets to her feet. The ref wipes her gloves and asks if she is Ok and wants to continue. She quickly nods that she does. 

Before the fighters can started again the bell sounds ending the round. It has been a bad round for the female champion. Having been down, she loses the round 10 to 8. Her corner men work on her for the entire two minutes between rounds. 

At the bell for the second round the fighters come out. The American challenger goes right at the Mexican champion. He instantly begins to throw hard punches. However, he is punching so hard that many of his punches are wild. As for the champion, she is content to bide her time and block most of her male opponents punches. 

With just a little over a minute left in the round. Estella lands a very hard punch on the side of Michal face. The American male’s eyes roll back in his head and he topples over onto his back. the challenger has been knocked down. The ref moves in a quickly starts the count. It reaches 8 before the American is back on his feet. 

Again the bell ending the round sounds before the boxers can get started. Now it’s the American that has lost the round by score of 10 to 8. The fight is again tied. Michal’s corner men work feverishly to revive their fighter. 

Round three begins with both fighters throwing hard leather. Both are landing punches. 10 seconds into the fight and Estella connects with a straight right hand that sends Michal crashing to the mat. He’s  down on his back in the center of the ring. He lies there with his pantyhosed covered legs stretched out. Instantly the ref begins. This time the count reaches 17 before Michal can get to his feet. He is dazed and sluggish, but seems ready to continue. 

The fighters exchange punches for the next minute and a half. Both boxers give and take some hard punishment. The bell stops the fast and furious action. They both return to their corners breathing hard. Now it’s both corners working hard to revive and refresh their fighters. 

The third round begins. Michal has seemed to regain some of his strength. In her corner, Estella has not responded quite as well. With both fighters out of their corners, they each begin to throw punches. It’s not long before Michal has driven Estella back into a corner. There he pounds on the Mexican female fighter. 

After several very hard punches, she is dropped to the mat on her knees. The champion is now gasping for air. It is easy to see the fear and pain on her face. Reaching up with her gloved hand she grabs the ropes and pulls herself to her feet. It takes her till the count of nine to reach her feet. The ref moves in and asks her, How about it Champ, you want me to call it? The courageous Mexican female fighter shakes her head NO!!! 

After the mandatory eight count the ref restarts the fight. Michal in on the champion very quickly he lands several very hard punches. His last punch connects with the champions jaw. Her head snaps around. Her arms drop to her sides, he knees buckle and she falls to the match on her back. 

For all the Mexican fight fans it is a terrible sight. There once great champion stretched out on the mat out cold. The ref begins the count, but only gets to to four before she waives her am in the air. That waive signals the end of the fight. Estella the Mexican champion has been knocked out. There is now a new champion. 

The announcer makes it official


The ref wraps the world title belt around Michal’s waist. As for the former champion, she remains stretched out on the mat. 

It takes almost 12 minutes to get the beaten former champion on her feet and out of the ring. Fight number two begins almost immediately. This will be a light weight title fight. It will be the champion from Italy weighting 122 pounds, Antonio Altamori the current world champion and Helen Dumont the challenger from England. 

Antonio come to the ring in a black thong, dotted pantyhose, black boots and gloves. As for Helen, she is wearing a white thong cut leotard with the English flag running up and down on the front and white boots. Helen is currently the English Champion. Her title will not be on the line tonight. 

After all the introductions and with both fighters in their corners the bell rings to start the fight. The world champion is out of his corner first and swiftly approaches his female opponent. He tries several jabs but misses. Helen is much faster than the champion. Seeing an opening, Helen shoots out a jab that lands solidly on Antonio’s jaw. 

It is instantly clear that her jab has hurt him. He flinches and his eyes blink. Before he can move to defend himself she lands a tremendous hook to the champions body. The Italian champion instantly drops to his knees and then down to all fours. With the fight less that 30 seconds old, the champion is in huge trouble. 

The ref is quickly over him and counting. The count reaches 17 before he can get to his feet. One look at his face tells the story, the champion is hurt and dazed and very scared. On his feet he tells the ref that he wants to continue. The ref waives the two fighters together. 

Helen moves in on Antonio instantly. She jabs twice and both land. It seems as though the champion can’t block anything that his female opponent throws at him. To prove the point, Helen jabs to his midsection. The punch lands and takes the air from his lungs. She quickly follows up with a straight right hand. It is a very powerful punch and lands right on Antonio’s chin. 

The punch is the hardest thing the champion has ever felt. His head snaps back his arms fly out to his sides and he topples over onto his back. At one minute and 34 seconds of the very first round the world champion has been knocked out. The ref does not even bother to count the champ out. He is on his back. His legs spread apart and his arms at his sides. 

Helen stands over the beaten former champion with her arms in the air. The ref wraps the world title belt around her waist. As she is celebrating, the med staff is working on Antonio. He is still down on the mat unconscious. It is aver sad picture for the Italian fans. Their champion and national hero lying on the mat his legs apart his body beaten and battered. At last the med staff have awakened the now former champion. They help him to his feet. In a show of true sportsmanship. The defeated fighter walks across the ring and shakes the hand of his victorious female opponent.   

Fight number three is almost ready. This fight pits the former champion against the current champion for the welter weight title. First to enter the ring is the former champion. She was a very popular title holder. Sandy Ralston the former champ at 134 lbs dressed in light blue a spandex sports bra and a very short light blue skirt. With shiny tan pantyhose, white boots and white gloves. 

The champion wears orange boy shorts, with orange boots and boxing gloves. These two fighters are very evenly matched. In their last fight the current champion Akiro Tanaka took the decision and the title away from Sandy. This will be a rematch of that fight. 

The bell sends both fighters at one another. From the very first second it is a total war. Punches come from every were. Jabs and powerful blows land on both fighters. One minute Sandy has the upper hand and the next it’s Akiro. Back and forth the fight rages for 5 rounds. 

Just past the half way mark of the fifth round, Sandy lands the hardest punch of the fight. Her right hand explodes in the face of Akiro. It was like someone cut the strings of a puppet. Akiro’s arms drop to his sides. His legs buckle and he drops to the mat on his back like a concrete block. 

As the ref starts the count, Sandy goes to the neutral corner sure that she has won the fight. To her great surprise her male opponent slowly gets to his feet and seems ready to continue the fight. Sandy is crest fallen. She was sure that she had knocked Akiro out. 

That however was not the case. The fight resumed much as it had before. About 90 seconds into the ninth round, Akiro has backed Sandy into her corner. With her corner screaming at her to get out of the corner, Akiro lands some of his hardest punches. He mercilessly pounds at her body. Punch after punch slams into her mid-section. Other punches explode against her face. Akiro is throwing so many punches she just can’t block them all. 

After almost 40 seconds of this kind of punishment, Sandy gloved hands drop to cover her mid-section and she drops to her knees in the corner. Holding tightly to her belly, Sandy gasps for air. The ref sends Akiro to a neutral corner as the count begins. Everyone including her corner people as stunned as Sandy makes it to her feet before the ten count. 

The ref ask her if she is Ok and wants to continue. She assures the ref that she does. And so the fight begins again. As both fighters have been down, the pace is slower as both of them breathe deeply. Even at this slower pace, the punches come fast and furiously. 

Round after round the battle continues. After the ninth round neither fight goes down again. Even at that they both trade punches for the rest of the fight. As the bell for the fifteenth and final round ends the fight, Both Sandy and Akiro fall into each other’s arms. The crowd is very quickly on its feet cheering both fighters. 

Now it’s time to hear the decision. Both fighters re sure that they have won the fight. 

The announce begins: 

"Fight fans we have a unanimous decision all three judges score the fight the same at 149 to 128 fFor the winner and new world welterweight champion Sandy Ralston!"

As the decision is announced a scream comes from the ring. "NO-NO, I lost!!!! Oh god, I’ve lost me title!!! How did she beat me? Oh no I’ve lost. Akiro’s gloved hands fly to his face as he tries to cover the tears that are flowing from his eyes. 

Back in his corner, Akiro can’t hide his emotions. As the ref comes to take the title belt from him and give it to the new champion he breaks down and starts to cry uncontrollable. "Beaten, I’ve been beaten!!! Oh god no, she beat me!!! Sandy has beaten me!!! 

Fight number four futures the battle of the unbeaten. First the challenger, Megan Murphy weighting in at 140 lbs Vs the champion Edmond O’ Roake weighting 144 lbs. Megan comes to the ring wearing a lime green thong cut leotard, dark tan almost brown pantyhose and lime green boots and gloves. Edmond enters the ring in dark green tights and a light green thong, along with his world championship belt. This fight is for the World middle weight title. 

With both fighters in the ring it’s time to start. The bell sends both boxers at each other. Having no fear what so ever of the champion, Megan comes right at him. It helps when you are known as the "MIKE TYSON” of female boxing. She very quickly gets close to him. Then it happens, WHAM!!!! Megan’s right hand slams into the champion’s Edmond O’ Roake’s jaw. His head twists round as if it were going to fly off his neck. 

His eyes close his arms drop and the middle weight champion of the world drops the the canvas like a sack of potatoes. He lands on his back in the center of the ring. He lies there out cold, with his mouth open. Megan goes to a neutral corner, but there is no count. The fight is over, Edmond O’ Roake has been knocked out. Not only that but it was a one punch knockout. Also the fastest knock out in the history of the middle weight division. Edmond O’ Roake’s championship reign as champion has been ended by his female opponent. 

As he lies on the mat, there are several people around him. Most have a very worries look to them. The med staff is having a hard time reviving the former champion. Megan’s punch was a crushing blow to her male opponent. 

It takes almost 15 minutes to revive Edmond. And another 5 or 6 to get him to his feet. They do not even move him. They bring a chair to where he was lying and have him sit in it. The former champion is in very bad shape. As he comes round, he wants to know who won the fight. "Did I win? Am I still the champion, did I beat her?” Sadly they must tell this very proud boxer: "No, Edmond you didn’t win. She knocked you out. It was her that beat you. She’s the champion now!!” All he can do is hang his head in shame, for losing to a female opponent. 

Now the fifth and final fight of the night. It will be in the cruiserweight division. It will be for the vacant Cruiser weight championship. First will be Bonnie Wilson at 167 lbs wearing a red spandex leotard, with black fishnet pantyhose, red boots and red gloves.. Bonnie’s leotard is the old fashion type from back in the 70’s and 80’s. like the English female wrestlers used. Her opponent at 165 lbs from Denmark will be Hans Van Gelder. Van Gelder is wearing light gray tights, a black thong, gray boots and black gloves. Each will be making their first attempt at winning the Cruiserweight title. 

At the bell the fighters come out of their corners. Bonnie starts swiftly, throwing heavy punches. The first thing everyone notices is that Bonnie is quite a bit bigger than Van Gelder. She is almost 5 inches taller and 5 lbs heavier. She is using her weight to tire out her male opponent. Bonnie throws several punches and then leans on Hans. 

This pattern is repeated again and again threw out the fight. As for Hans he seems to be having a hard time standing up to his female opponent. As the first round comes to a close, the score cards read 10 for Bonnie and 9 for Hans. The male fighter has lost the first round.  

Round two sees a faster pace the round one. Setting the pace is the female fighter Bonnie. As she comes out, she very quickly starts throwing punches and landing them. Van Gelder is hit with a quick suction of jabs, that set up a stunning punch to his gut. Bonnie’s fist seems to disappear deep into his mid-section. Hans moans in pain as Bonnie’s fist almost impales him. "OOOOOHHHH!!!” As he doubles over from the punch. 

As Van Gelder is bent over, Bonnie uses this as a perfect opportunity and lands a fantastic upper cut right on the end of her male opponents jaw. Van Gelder straightens up and then topples over backward. The punch caught him completely by surprise. It leaves him on his back in the center of the ring. 

The ref begins instantly ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX!!” Hans struggles to roll on to his front. He then struggles to get to his hands and knees. After what seems like an hour, he manages to get to his feet. The ref checks him and lets the bout continue. For the rest of the round Hans goes on the defense, not wanting to be knocked down again. At the sound of the bell both fighters return to their corners. The score is now 20 to 18 in favor of the female fighter, Bonnie. 

The third round begins with Hans breathing deeply. Having lost the first 2 rounds he can’t afford to lose any more. Bonnie has just the opposite goal. She needs to keep on winning these rounds. In a desperate gamble to catch up to Bonnie, Hans attacks throwing punches as fast and as hard as he can. For the first 2 minutes of the round, Bonnie just ducks and covers. She holds Hans a bay, not letting him land any hard punches on her. 

With only 1 minute left, Bonnie opens up on the Danish male wrestler. She evades a hard shot from Hans, then she swiftly counters that punch with one of her own. A punishing left hook slams low into his rib cage. The punch doubles him over at the waist. Bonnie then throws a straight right hand that smashes into the side of his head. 

Almost instantly Hans is sent crashing to the canvas. He lands on his back with his mouth open, gasping for air. It is very clear that the male wrestler is badly hurt. His face reflects the pain he is in. Even though he is on his back, he still holds his gloves up in front of his face , as though he is still fighting. 

The count reaches nine before he can get back on his feet. Even though Hans has been down twice, he continues to fight like he has a chance to win. The bell ending the second round sounds before the fighters can reengage. 

The Danish fighters corner people work on their fighter feverishly. They do their best to get him ready to face his female opponent for the third round. All too soon the bell sends him back out into the ring. Waiting for him is Bonnie Watson. She looks as fresh as a daisy and ready to fight. 

Within a few seconds it’s very obvious that she is indeed ready to fight. As Hans comes close to her, she instantly opens up on him. Two quick but stiff jabs slam into his face. It’s easy to see that he is stunned. His leg wobble and he staggers backward. 

The jabs are followed by a straight right hand that hits him over his eye brow. Hans’s head snaps back leaving him dazed. That is followed by a huge hook to his body, then another straight right hand. Both punches land with devastating results. 

Hans’s eyes close, his legs buckle and he drops to the mat almost in slow motion. First both his knees hit, then his gloved hands. Finally his head pitches forward and he topples over landing face up on the mat. 

It’s instantly clear to everyone in the arena that the ref could count to a hundred and Hans would not be getting up. The top contender for the middleweight title has been knocked out, the ref has not even bothered to start counting.          

Across the ring Bonnie is jubilant, she is the new middleweight champion of the world. She is jumping in the air waving her arms over her head. As her celebration is going on, the med staff is working on Hans Von Gelder. He is lying on the canvas out cold. The Danish fighter the pride of Denmark lies on his back, defeated by his female opponent. 

After almost 5 minutes, Van Gelder is able to get to his feet. He slowly walks across the ring, shakes Bonnie’s hand, then raises her arm in a sign of her victory. She embraces him, kissing him on the cheek. He then is helped out of the ring and back to the dressing room. 

Back in the men’s dressing room the scene is one of almost complete doom. 4 of the 5 male wrestlers have been defeated by their female opponents. 3 of the men lie on the padded tables in their fight gear, still almost completely out. 1 sits on the bench his head in his hands softly sobbing. "What a night!!! What a terrible night!! I’ve been defeated and I have lost my title!! How can I face the Japanese people after being defeated?” There is at least one happy fighter, the new flyweight champion. He has just won his title. The only one of the 5 to win his match.

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