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woman vs man wrestling match ball stomping femdom

Update: 19.01.2018

W-501 "My match vs Stella Fox"

Gallery size: 150 Full HD pictures

Mixed Wrestling, 150 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

This will be my fourth match coming up. So far I am 3 & 0 having won all my matches so far. 

Yes, I am nervous this is a step up for me. This will decide if I am ready to move up in the competition.  

Stella is a big powerful woman with lots of experience. She is getting older so is on the down side of Her career. Still this is a big test for me. This will decide if I move up to wrestling in the big arena. 

Today, we will be wrestling in the small gym we use for tryouts. There will only be a few people in gym today. In the dressing area I am getting ready. Off with my street cloths. First my spandex jockstrap. Stella can be a little dirty at times. Next I struggle into light blue sheer tights. I follow that with white satin trunks and shiny white boots. 

My opponent Stella Fox wears black fishnet pantyhose a shiny pink spandex leotard and pink boots. Stella is a large woman standing almost 6 ft tall and she weighs 167 lbs. From everything I’ve heard she is immensely strong and does not mind fighting dirty. If all that is true, I’m very glad I’ve got my jockstrap on.   

The ref gives both of us her instructions and we return to our corners. Back in my corner I must admit that I am just a little nervous. “OMG, she looks strong. How am I going to beat her? I can’t let her get me down to early. I’ve got to tire her out!!” I pull up and smooth my blue sheer tights and quickly adjust my jockstrap. I’m as ready as I will ever be.  

The bell rings and I step out of my corner and there she is right in front of me. I admit that I am a little startled. This close she is very big. She is as tall as I am and she has a weight advantage on me.  

I move to lock up with her, but before I can she hits me with a stunning Fore-Arm Smash high on my chest. It is a very powerful blow and I am slammed back into my corner by it. I gasp for breath as she comes after me. “Here she comes, she’ after me. I’ve got to get out of the corner.” Before I can move to defend myself Stella lands a second Fore-Arm smash to the right side of my face. Then third comes crashing in.

The three powerful smashes have left me dazed and holding tightly to the top rope. My arms are draped over the rope and are the only thing holding me up.  Stella moves in very close to me as I hang on to the ropes. “OOOOOHH!!, AAAAAAAHH!! Stella’s knee has slammed into my abdomen and knocked the breath out of me. My arms fly off the ropes and grab at my abdomen. My knees buckle and I sink to the mat. 

“I’ve got to get off my knees and fight her!! Before I can mount any offence Stella is on me. She grabs me by my hair and the back of my neck and pulls me off the mat. With both my hands clutching at my abdomen It is impossible to fight her off. The pain in belly is almost overwhelming. “OH god so much pain!! My belly is killing me.” 

Now in the center of the ring, still clutching my abs with both hands I am frightened of what she may do to me. “She’s so strong!! I can’t get away from her. What is she going to do to me next?” A kick to the back of my legs sends me down to my knees once again. WHAM!!!! She lands a kick to my chest that sends me toppling over onto my back. 

This match is less than a minute old and I am stretched out on my back, my legs spread wide apart holding my mid-section with both my hands. “I can forget about moving up. I’ll be lucky to get out of this ring alive. She’s much too strong for me.”

As this though crosses my mind Stella’s boot crashes into my mid-section. My hands take most of the blow and I now can’t move my fingers. My abdomen also absorbs some punishment and the pain there increases dramatically. Pain is etched on my face as I scream. “PLEASE-PLEASE, don’t kick me again. It hurts to much!!!” My plea falls on depth ears. WHAM!!! A powerful stomp slams into my belly. I scream again in pain AAAAAAOOOOU!, OOOOOOH!!! Stella reaches down and grabs me by my hair and pulls me into a setting position.  She is now in complete control of me. I offer no resistance to her. I sit on the mat, my legs spread apart my hands holding my mid-section. 

“I’m no match for her. She’s stronger and tougher than than I am. I’ve got no chance, she’s going to defeat me!!” 

Still holding me up by my hair Stella slides in behind me. She wraps her fishnet covered legs around my middle. Slowly she begins to squeeze me. I instantly cry out from the pain. “IT HURTS, IT HURTS!! PLEASE STOP IT HURTS, OH god IT HURTS!!” Hearing me screaming the ref comes over to me and asks “How about it Geo, are you ready to submit? Do you want to give up?” I look up at her and she can see the pain and fear on my face. “I do want to give up. I know she’s going to beat me but I must keep trying to win.” As I look into the refs eyes I shake my head. 

“NO-NO, not ready to submit. I can still win.”  

As her legs continue to squeeze me tightly, Stella reaches forward with her arms and wraps them around my head. As she begins to squeeze my head I scream in fear and pain “NO-NO, not that, please not that.” I begin to kick my legs and claw at Stella’s arms. It’s no use, she’s just too strong for me.  She now has me locked into a Body Scissors and Sleeper hold combination.

I desperately look for a way out of this hold. I pull at her arms, then pound on her legs but there is just no way to escape, she is just too strong for me. “I can’t get free. There’s no way out, she’s just too strong. She’s going to knock me out!!” 

Slowly my arms drop to my sides. My legs flop back onto the mat spread wide apart. The most telling thing is my manhood begins to swell into a defeat boner. “I’m done, I can’t go on, she’s defeated me I have to give up”. 

“REF-REF, I’m done!! She’s beaten me, I give up!! PLEASE Stella, don’t knock me out. I SUBMIT!! I SUBMIT!!! Let me go, PLEASE let me go!! I GIVE UP!! YOU WIN!! I GIVE UP!!!" 


Those are my last words before she knocks me out. 

Several minutes later back in my dressing room I’m sitting on the bench trying to get my head together after the knock out. “Knocked out!! I can’t believe she was able to knock me out. I gave up. She submitted me, she didn’t have to knock me out.”  I stand up and slowly slid my shiny white satin trunks down my legs. Standing there in my dressing room wearing only my sheer blue tights and my white boots I hold my stomach. “She hurt me bad! My abdomen still hurts. She was just too strong for me.” I untie my boots and pull them off. 

Standing in front of a mirror I slowly slide my blue tights down my legs. My manhood is still stiff from the match. “Here’s what she left me with. A defeat boner and no future.

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