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UFC leotard femdom fighting erotic mixed wrestling combat

Update: 18.11.2016

W-436 "Guardians vs Pink legends"


Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Hello wrestling fans, we have a great match in store for you tonight. We have one of the members of the two top Tag-Teams facing off against one another. The contestants will be Guardian I against Legends II As you can hear by the screams and cheers Guardian I has just entered the arena and is making his way toward the ring.

Up in the ring the cheers and screams continue for Guardian I. As always he is dressed all in white. Starting at the top he has on a white mask, moving down he wears white arm gauntlets. Next is his custom made white wrestling thong. There can be no question that Guardian I is all man. Under his wrestling thong he has on shiny tan pantyhose that conform to his legs tightly and shiny white boots.

Ute-oh, here comes the boo's that only means that the Legend of the Pink is heading to the ring. I am almost sure that it will be Pink II wrestling tonight. This will be the first time The Guardian has faced one of The Legends of The Pink. It is very unusual that both these wrestlers are in single competition tonight.

They normally wrestle in tag-team matches with their partners. For anyone that does not know, The Guardians I & II are a married couple as are The Legends of The PINK. Also The Guardian's are the current world tag-team champions.

Yes, fans I am correct The Guardian I will be facing Legend of The PINK II, this will be an intergender match. Pink II enters the ring. WOW!! Pink II is has a spectacular body. She is as tall as Guardian I and looks fantastic. She has on a pink mask, a very tight and revealing pink leotard. Her leotard is very shiny, she too is wearing very shiny tan pantyhose and shiny pink boots.

With the introductions and instructions over both wrestlers return to their corners. Both Guardian I and Legends of the PINK II take this time to make adjustments to their wrestling gear. Guardian adjust his wrestling thong and pulls up his pantyhose. PINK II also adjusts her pantyhose and straightens her pink thong leotard.

GONG!! That's the bell and the match has started. PINK is out of her corner extremely quickly. She leaps in the air and wraps her legs around guardian's head. WOW!! She has just flipped Guardian onto his back with a FLYING HEAD-SISSORS. She is really putting the pressure on the Guardian's head. The ref is down checking his shoulders. ONE-TWO-THRE we almost had a pin. Guardian just beat the count. That fans would have been a phenomenal up-set. PINK pinning Guardian I in only 5 seconds.

Even though he beat the count Guardian I is still in trouble. PINK II has him down on the mat and locked in a very tight head scissors. Twisting and turning Guardian I desperately struggles to escape the crushing head scissors.

Having finally gotten free of the scissors Guardian I gets to his feet and staggers back against the ropes. Holding the ropes for support Guardian seams dizzy and disoriented. As Pink II comes toward him he springs. A powerful fore-arm smash slams into Pink II's chest. She screams, grabs her breasts and staggers backward.

The next 10 minutes are some of the fastest and hardest hitting wrestling the fans have ever seen. Pink II and Guardian I wage all out war on each other. Every part of their bodies are twisted , stretched, battered and beaten. Arms and legs are weakened. Both wrestlers are nearly exhausted.

Pink II has been whipped into the corner by Guardian I. He tries to follow up with body smash as
Pink II holds onto the ropes for support. At the last possible second as he is charging in at her Pink II get her boot up and kicks Guardian I square in the face. Her pink boot impacts his chin stunning the male wrestler.

Guardian I staggers backwards a few steps and drops to his knees. Pink II is quickly out of the corner and after Guardian I. As he is on his knees dazed Pink II kicks him in his throat. Guardian I's hands fly up to his neck and he claws at it. The kick has also sent him toppling over onto his back. With his hands grasping his neck Guardian I cries out.

"Can't breathe, I can't breathe. Help me someone help me!"

But no one can. With Guardian I on his back struggling for breath, Pink II grabs his leg and twists it around hers. She pick up his other leg by his shiny white boot. Dropping to the mat Pink II has Guardian I in a figure-four leg lock. In just seconds Guardian I is screaming in pain. He begins to twist and turn violently in an effort to get free of the hold. However, his twisting and turning only help to make the hold even tighter on his legs.


Pink II strains to increases the pressure on Guardian I's legs. Once again he screams out in pain:


Pink continues to keep the pressure on her opponents legs. She calls out to him as he struggles to get free:

"Give up Guardian, I've got you! You're beaten you can't escape, submit to me, admit your defeat!!"

Guardian holds his head in pain, he knows he can't last much longer. Finally he calls out to the ref:

"I'm done-I'm done!! Stop the match, I'm beaten!"

Not sure of just what she heard the ref knees down beside Guardian II:

"Is that it Guardian? Are you finished? Has she beaten you?"

With his manhood swelling in defeat and popping out of his thong Guardian I admits that he has in fact been defeated and surrenders to Pink II


The ref calls for the bell and Pink II lets Guardian II go. Pink is quickly on her feet and standing over the defeated Guardian I. From out in the crowd a beautiful young woman enters the ring. She has on a white mini-dress, with black pantyhose and boots. She gives a very evil look to Pink II who goes to her corner. She then knees down beside Guardian I. She takes his hand in hers and places her other hand on his head. Looking down on him lying on the mat she asks:

"What happened sweetie? Are you OK? Did she hurt you?"

In pain and very shaky Guardian I tries to answer

"She beat me!! Too strong, too fast. I couldn't handle her. My legs, she destroyed my legs!"

The match result is announced:

"The winner of the match via, figure four submission Legends of The Pink II"

Still on the mat and still with a defeat boner Guardian I is helped to his feet and back to his corner. What the fans don't know is that the lady in the white dress helping Guardian I is his wife and tag team partner. Back in his dressing room Guardian I removes his shiny white boots, he slides off his wrestling thong and is standing in just his shiny pantyhose.

"What are we going to do? If she could defeat me that easily, how strong is her partner? They can defeat both of us. We can't win, I don't think we can win!"

Head down in defeat Guardian I peels off his pantyhose and heads to the shower.

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