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sister vs brother leotard wrestling girl wins

Update: 11.06.2021

W-680 "Brothers vs sisters"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

As the author of this story I certify that all actors portrayed hear in are at least 18 yrs of age. Although some may be written as much younger, they are not and are 18 year old or older. There is NO sex in this story, and the violence is staged and controlled. No one was hurt or injured during the writing of this story. Also it violates NO community standers. It is for entertainment only. 

Brothers vs sisters tournament. 

It is time for another tournament. Thus far the past tournaments have been huge successes generating huge revenue for the league and for the wrestlers. Tonight is no different. The arena is sold out and is standing room only. 

Announcer #1: "Well here we are with another tournament. This features wrestlers from the Junior division. In fact it is a Brother Vs Sister tournament." 

Announcer #2: "Even though this is a Junior Division tournament there is still a lot of excitement these match ups." 

The first match of the night features 18 yr old Bobby Nixon and he will be wrestling his sister 18 yr old Cary. Cary enters the ring wearing a black and red thong cut leotard, with black pantyhose and red boots. Bobby comes to the ring in his very tight Shiny orange thong and orange boots. Both of these young wrestlers have very athletic bodies and both have excellent winning records. 

With both Bobby and Cary in the ring it’s time for the match to start. Bong !!!! The bell sends both young wrestlers at each other. They lock up C0LLER & ELBOW and struggle for dominance. Bobby is first to get a hold on his opponent. Slipping behind his sister, he gets her into a very tight HAMMER LOCK, Cary is instantly up on her toes trying ease the pressure on her arm. 

For the next ten minutes the teens exchange holds. It is a very hard fought for that time. They each have their arms and legs painfully twisted and bent and in turn bent and twist the arms and legs of their opponent. At this time in the match Cary has her brother Bobby backed into his corner. She has the 18 yr old male wrestler with his arms draped over the top rope and is mercilessly pounding his mid section. 

Bobby is holding on tightly to the rope, to keep from dropping to the mat. Cary drives her knee into her brothers abdomen. Bobby gasps for air as Cary’s knee explodes into him. Bobby is in big trouble. Much of the fight has gone out of the young male wrestler. 

At this point, Cary grabs her brothers arm, gives it a twist and pulls him out of the corner. She pulls him down the ropes and then Sling shots him across the ring. Bobby goes flying into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. He then comes racing back toward her. Cary meats her brother in the middle of the ring. 

She ducks under his out stretched arm and hooks her black nylon covered leg around his. She hooks her arm under his and bends and twists him at the same time. 18 yr old Cary has her 18 yr old brother, Bobby trapped in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Bobby instantly begins to scream in pain. "Oh god it hurts!!! She’s hurting me, she’s hurting me. My AB’s, she’s tearing my AB’s apart!!! Hearing her brother scream in pain emboldens Cary. She tells her brother. I’ve got you Bobby, you can’t get free. Submit to me and I’ll let you go!! I’ve got you. I’m going to beat you!!!"

Almost instantly the fight drains out of the 18 yr old male wrestler. He can no longer stand the pain his sister is forcing on him. He knows that surrender is his only choice. Everyone in the crowd knows that Bobby is finished. That includes his mother and father who have come to see their son and daughter wrestle. Bobby displays the sign of male defeat. Inside his shiny orange thong, his manhood has begun to swell and stiffen. Bobby has a DEFEAT BONER. His surrender comes quickly.


With his submission, Cary releases her brother and he drops to the mat on his back. 

Announcer #1: "Oh wow, another very bad start for the male wrestlers. So far they have begun every tournament with a lose." 

Announcer #2: "Yes they have, and tonight looks no different. It remains to be seen if this night will end any better for the guys." 

Match number two is close to starting. It will feature a set of twins facing each other in the ring. First into the ring is the male twin Angle Rojas he will be facing his twin sister Angelica. Angle enters the ring in very typical Lucha Libra gear. He wears shiny gold tights, gold boots and a black and gold mask and long gold gloves on his arms, the gloves come above his elbow. As for Angelica, she wears a black and red thong cut leotard, red boots and a black and red mask. 

Both wrestlers are now in the ring. Each stands in their corner looking across at the other. For both 18 yr olds it is the first time they will be facing each other in a real match. Both are very determined to win. The bell starts the match BONG!!!! Angelica races from her corner right at Angle. She instantly gets a SIDE HEAD LOCK on her brother. 

Angle is stunned by both her speed and her power. He has never been in a HEAD LOCK like this one. Almost instantly his vision is blurred and he is gasping for breath. Angelica quickly HIP TOSSES Angle to the mat on his back. Angelica now has her brother on the mat suffering in her SIDE HEAD LOCK. 

Angel can’t believe how much pain Angelica is inflicting on him. The HEAD LOCK is crushing him. He Arches up his back trying to loosen the hold. He flips from side to side in an effort to escape. However, there is no escape for the 18 yr old male wrestler. 

After several minutes and Angle’s struggles, Angelica releases the head lock and flips her brother face down on the mat. Quickly moving onto his back, Angelica hooks her brothers arms over her thighs and cups her hands under his chin. Pulling back as hard as she can, she locks him into a CAMEL CLUTCH. 

Angle begins to scream in pain as his sister pulls back hard on the CAMEL CLUTCH. "My neck, oh god my neck. OOOOOOHHH!!! OOOOOOHHH!!! You’re going to break my neck!!!" Angel can’t believe the pain his sister is causing him. "so strong, oh god you’re so strong!! How can you be this strong?" Very clearly the young Lucha male is in big trouble. 

After a few minutes, Angelica releases her brother from the CLUTCH and he drops to the mat, unable to move. 

Angelica takes no pity on her brother. She pulls him off the canvas twists his arm hard and whips him into the corner. Following him in she begins to pound on Angle with both hands and both arms. She lands hard blows to his chest, his mid section and his head. Unable to fight back, Angle must hold onto the top rope or he will drop to the mat.

Thus far in the match Angle has been unable to mount any offence at all. For that matter he has also been unable to completely defend himself. He has been completely overwhelmed by his sister. Out in the crowd the twins mother and father seem to have completely different reactions to the match. Their mother feels bad for Angel, but deep down she is very excited and proud of how well her daughter is wrestling. As for their father, he is completely stunned by what is happening in the ring. Although he is proud of Angelica he is embarrassed by how badly his only son is being beaten by his daughter. 

Angelica pulls her brother from the corner. Reaching between his legs she grabs the back of his gold tights. Hooking his head she lifts him off the mat. Dropping to one knee she slams Angle across her thigh. Angle screams in pain, "AAAAAAAAUUU!!! My back, my back!!! 

With him bent over her leg, Angelica presses down on Angle’s hear and leg. She has her brother bent over his thigh and is applying great pressure to his back. Angle continues to cry out, "You’re hurting me!!! Oh god, Angelica you’re hurting me!!!!! Angelica’s only response to her brother is to submit the match to her. "Give up, Angle. Give up and I’ll let you go!!" Too embarrassed to submit to his twin sister Angle says "NO-NO, Never!!!   

He may be saying NO with his mouth and his male ego, but his body and his mind are screaming YES. Angle knows he’s finished. He realizes that his twin sister is going to defeat him, it’s just a matter of time. Unable to make her brother submit with the over the knee back breaker, Angelica pushes him off onto the mat.

Lying face down, Angle is unable to get to his feet. Angelica is quite willing to help him with that. She jumps onto the back of his thighs. Reaching forward she pounds her fist into his sides until his arms come back. She grabs both of his arms and begins to rock back and forth. Building up her momentum she soon pulls back on his arms. Angle is pulled off the mat and lifted up and over Angelica. The 18 yr old female wrestler has her twin brother trapped in a MEXICAN CEILLING HOLD. Angle is terrified and in a panic. He no longer seems to be in control of himself. He is just screaming wildly. As a side effect of being trapped in an excruciatingly painful hold he has gotten a rock hard DEFEAT BONER swelling up in his tights. 

Angelica is beseeching her brother to submit. "Submit Angle!!! You have to submit!! I’ve got you, you can’t get free. Submit to me now!!! All Angle can seem to do is scream loudly. "AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! MY BACK. YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY BACK!!! AAAAAAAAAHHH!! OH GOD IT HURTS, IT HURTS!!! OOOOOOOOHHH!

Hearing his screams and seeing him hopelessly trapped the ref comes in close to Angle. " HOW BOUT IT ANGLE? YOU READY TO SUBMIT? SHE’S GOT YOU ANGLE, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE!! DO YOU WANT TO GIVE UP? With his last little bit of strength Angle answers the ref. 


The ref tells Angelica that her brother has given up, the match is over and she has won. She quickly drops her beaten brother to the mat and he lands on his back. 

Angelica is on her feet standing over Angle. The beaten male teen lies on his back, his legs apart and his arms out to his sides. He is unmoving and is making no effort to get to his feet. The evidence of his crushing defeat is between his legs inside his gold tights. Angle has a huge DEFEAT BONER. 

Angelica stands over her defeated brother with her arms in the air. She places one of her boots on his chest in a sign of victory. After several minutes Angelica exits the ring leaving her brother lying on the mat beaten and unmoving.  

Announcer #1: "Another crushing defeat for the male wrestlers. The boys have now lost two in a to the girls." 

Announcer #2: "Yes they have and this last defeat was really devastating. Angelica completely manhandled and crushed her brother Angle. He never had a chance against her." 

Match number 3 is almost ready to start. This match will feature 18 yr old Brent Stevens wrestling against his 18 yr old sister Natalie. Brent enters the ring wearing a very shiny dark red thong with matching boots. Natalie enters in her light blue thong cut leotard with black pantyhose and light blue boots. 

Even though Natalie is 2 yrs old than her brother they are both the same size and almost the same weight. In fact Brent is 4 pounds heavier than Natalie. BONG!! the match has started. Natalie is quickly out of her corner and slips behind her brother. She wraps her arms around Brent and begins to squeeze. Instantly the power and strength of Natalie is very evident. Brent’s face has turned red and he is gasping for air. "Air, air!!! I can’t breathe I can’t breathe!!!!" 

Brent tries desperately to free himself from his sisters hold. He pries on her arms and tries to pull her hands free. It’s no use she has him locked up tightly. After another minute or so Brent again cries out. "Please Natalie Please, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe!!!" 

Hearing her brother cry out again, Natalie feels that she has him weakened and ready. With only 2 minutes and 12 seconds gone in the match, Natalie lifts her brother off the mat. Still holding very tightly she lifts him up and over her head then slams him down to the mat in a BELLY TO BACK SUPLIX.  

Brent lands on the back of his neck and head. His legs flop forward and he ends up on his back, arms and legs stretched out. Brent is unmoving and seems to be completely out. Natalie drops across her brothers chest in a CROSS BODY PRESS. Brent makes no move to kick out of the press. Natalie scoops his leg off the mat and rolls his shoulders onto the canvas. Natalie has Brent’s shoulders firmly pinned to the mat. 

The ref moves in quickly and checks Brent’s shoulders. She then begins to to count the young male wrestler for the pin. 


The ref signals for the bell 18 yr old Brent Stevens has been pinned. Natalie releases her brother from the pinning hold. Brent’s legs fall to the mat and he remains there unmoving. After only a very few seconds it becomes clear to Natalie that Brent has been knocked out. Natalie drops the mat on her knees beside her brother. She gently begins to pat his face. Brent, Brent, wake up Brent. Are you ok? Oh please Brent wake up!!!" Slowly the 18 yr old wrestler begins to come to. His eyes open and he looks around. He looks up at Natalie confused. "what happened Natalie? Tell me what happened. Is the match over? Who won? Did I win?" Natalie explains to him. "Yes Brent the match is over. No you did not win, I did. I suplexed you and knocked you out. Then I pinned you. I beat you Brent, you lost the match to me!!!" After a minute or so, Natalie helps her brother off the mat and on to his feet. He is very shaky and needs Natalie’s help to exit the ring.   

Match number 4 is also a very brief affair. This match will be 18 yr old Allen Prescott Vs 18 yr old Kelly Prescott. Allen enters the ring in a tan, flesh colored thong and brown boots. His sister and opponent for tonight enters in a white thong cut leotard with black pantyhose and white boots. With both young wrestlers in their corners the match is about to start. BONG!!! Kelly is very quickly out of her corner and racing toward her brother. As she gets close to him, she leaps in the air and flies toward him. Slamming into him, she traps his head in a FLYING HEAD SESSORS. 

With her black pantyhose covered legs wrapped around his head, Kelly takes Allen to the mat. Flipping him in the air, Allen lands very hard on his back. With Kelly’s legs still wrapped around his head Allen is on the mat on his back with his legs stretched out wide and his arms Splayed out as if in a crucifix.

Announcer #1: "Oh wow, Allen is in real trouble already. He has been taken down to the mat very hard and seems to be dazed."

Announcer #2: "I’m sure that he is more than just dazed. He has not moved since he’s been taken down. I think he is almost out cold. There just seems to be no fight in him!!"

Almost all the fans would agree with the second announcer, Allen is very close to being out. Kelly releases her brother and gets to her feet. She grabs Allen by his brown boots and drags him to the center of the ring. There she tucks his boots under her arms then flips him face down on the mat. 

Announcer #1: "She’s got him , she’s got him!!!! Kelly Prescott has her older brother locked into a BOSTON CRAB!!"  

Announcer #2: "This looks very bad for Allen. I would guess that he cannot and will not escape from his sisters hold on him. 18 yr old Allen Prescott clearly shows signs of impending defeat. The bulge in his thong is growing and getting hard. It looks as though Allen has a DEFEAT BONER." 

Up in the ring, the 18 yr old male wrestler is struggling hard to escape the BOSTON CRAB. He twists and turns from side to side. It’s just no use, he trapped tightly. Suddenly Allen begins to scream loudly:


A second later, before Kelly can release him from the BOSTON CRAB Allen succumbs to the pain and passes out. Kelly has not only beaten her brother by submission, she has also knocked him out. Allen lies face down on the mat at his sisters feet. His legs are spread apart and his arms are at his sides.

After the announcement Kelly returns to were her brother is lying. Taking his head in her hands she gently revives him. "Wake up Allen, come on wake up. The match is over, I’ve beaten you, come on Allen wake up." Slowly the defeated teen awakens and struggles to his feet. Kelly helps him to the ropes and out of the ring.   

Announcer #1: "What an unbelievable victory for Kelly Prescott. She seemed to be in total control of both the match and her brother, Allen."

Announcer #2: "Yes, she was. She not only made Allen submit to her, but in the process of submitting him, she also caused him to pass out from the pain. A stunning victory for Kelly over her brother. A submission and a knock up." 

The final match is just seconds away. Almost 18 yr old Braden Westlink will be taking on his 18 yr old sister Dona. These two wrestlers seem to be headed in different directions. Brandon at almost 18 yrs old has a very poor record. He has been beaten by many of the teen wrestlers. In less than 2 months he will be required to advance to the adult league if he still wishes to continue to wrestle professionally. 

On the other hand his 18 yr old sister has an outstanding record, if fact she in undefeated against boys in the junior league. This will be her first time facing Braden in the ring. She is very excited about wrestling her older brother. As for Braden, he knows he has to make a good showing against Dona. Another lose with make him just an "opponent" when he moves up.

Braden enters the ring wearing black tights, a white thong and white boots. Even though he has a losing record, Braden is very athletic looking and handsome. He also has a very nice bulge in his tights and thong. As for Dona, she is also very attractive and has a stunning figure for 18 yrs old. Dona enters the ring wearing a pink thong cut leotard, brown pantyhose and pink boots. She has blond hair and blue eyes, and has many admirers.

The bells sounds and starts the match, BONG!! Braden races out of his corner toward his sister. As he closes in on her, he grabs her arm and twists it up her back. Braden’s speed in attacking her has surprised Dona and she is caught in a HAMMER LOCK. The teen girl cries out, "My arm, dam he’s got my arm!! It is easy to see that she is in pain. 

Braden wrenches up on Dona’s arm as hard as he can. The 18 yr old girl is up on the toes of her pink boots, trying to ease the pain in her arm and shoulder. After a minute or so, Braden shifts his hold to a FULL NELSON. Dona’s arms are lifted straight up from her shoulders. The pretty young girls face is a picture of pain. He mouth is open as if the scream, but nothing comes out.

Braden holds Dona in the FULL NELSON for over a minute and a half. He then shifts again and locks her into a SIDE HEAD LOCK. He holds her in it for several minutes, cutting down her air flow. Having trouble breathing has weakened the 18 yr old wrestler. Her knees begin to buckle and she sinks to the mat on her knees. 

Braden holds her there on her knees for almost a minute. He then pulls her back to her feet. Stilling holding tightly to the HEAD LOCK, Braden then HIP TOSSES his sister to the mat. Dona lands on her back with her brother on top of her. Braden moves quickly, grabbing Dona’s leg behind her knee and rolling her shoulders onto the mat. 

Dona struggles and kicks her free leg wildly. She is just able to beat the pin count. Before she can escape, Braden again grabs her leg and rolls her back into the mat. For the second time the ref begins to count the 18 yr old female wrestler down for the pin. For the second time she is able to kick out just in time. 

Braden is quickly on his feet and ready to wrestle. Dona slowly gets to her feet, but back into her corner holding on to the ropes. The ref gets close to her and tells her "Come on Dona, you need to wrestle him. Don’t make me count you out!!" Dona trying to stretch the time she has in order to rest, reaches down and pulls up and smoothes out her brown pantyhose.  

A very restless Braden tires of waiting for his sister to get out of the corner. In his haste he runs full speed at her. This is just what Dona was hoping for. A mistake on the part of Braden. As he closes in on her, Dona is ready for him. At the last second, she raises her knee and drives it as hard as she can into his manhood. 

For an instant, time stops for Braden. The intensity of the pain he feels tremendous. The air is forced out of his lungs. His muscles stop responding to him. He frozen just like a statue. All he can do is stand there in front of his sister with both his hands cupped over his manhood. 

The expression on Braden’s face is frozen. His eyes are open very wide. His mouth is open, as if to scream. However, no sound comes from his mouth. He just stands there holding tightly to his now injured manhood. It takes several seconds for any reaction at all. 

When it comes it comes very loudly Braden screams at the top of his lungs. "AAAAAAAUUU!!!! OOOOOOHHH!!!,MY MANHOOD, MY MANHOOD!! SHE’S CRUSHED MY MANHOOD!!! OOHH DAM IT HURTS, MY MANHOOD HURTS, SHE’S HURT ME!!" Still holding tightly to his manhood with both hands, Braden drops to the mat on his knees. 

Dona moves in on her brother and grabs his hair with both hands. Pulling him back she drops Braden onto his back. Grabbing his arms she pulls him to the center of the ring. Dona has pulled her brother into the middle of the ring. There she grabs one of his shiny white boots and lifts it off the mat. Holding it up, she drops down on Braden’s knee. Once again Dona has made Braden scream in pain. "My knee, oh god my knee!! AAAAAAAUUUU!!! My knee!!! 

Dropping that leg she picks up the other one and repeats the knee drop on Braden’s other leg. The 18 yr old male wrestler is in very bad shape. Both his legs are injured and hurting badly. Most of the fans can see the beginnings of a DEFEAT BONER beginning to swell inside his tights. Sadly for Braden, his sister Dona can see it too. 

At this point in the match, Braden in on his back in almost the center of the ring. From where he is laying he cannot reach the ropes to try to save himself. 18 yr old Dona knows that her brother is in bad shape and that she can defeat him. Grabbing his leg she bends it around hers. She then takes his other leg and pulls it out straight and drops to the mat. 

For Braden the end is very near. His sister, Dona has him locked into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. The young boy is hopelessly trapped. He has begun to scream in pain. "OOOOOOOHHH!! GOD MY LEGS-MY LEGS!!! OH GOD MY LEGS!!!! Braden covers his face with his hands so no one will see his tears. The 18 yr old wrestler is in a panic and is terrified by what is happening to him

He has good reason to be afraid. Dona is angry by what he did to her in the beginning of the match. It is her desire to return the pain he inflicted on her. With one of her boots she is able to press down on Braden’s swollen manhood, while keeping him locked in the FIGURE FOUR. Now Braden feels pain from a different source. His young manhood is being crushed. 

"She’s crushing me!! Make her stop, please make her stop!!! Oh, my manhood, she’s crushing my manhood!!" 

The ref sees what Dona is doing to her her brother and tells her to stop. "That’s it Dona, stop it you’re crushing his manhood. You have to stop!! After another second or two Dona removes her boot from between Braden’s legs and off his manhood. 

She still however has Braden locked into the FIGURE FOUR and has removed only one source of the 18 yr olds pain. Twisting and turning, Braden has failed to break the hold his sister has on him. The ref moves in close to the trapped teenage male wrestler. "Braden, are you ready to give up son? You have to tell me, do you want to submit? Don’t make her hurt you anymore. Tell me you give up and I’ll break the hold!!!" 

Braden does not answer the ref. It is almost as if her is dazed and confused by the pain his sister is inflicting on him. He seems unable to control his actions. Once again the ref asks the teen boy if he’s had enough. Braden, you have to tell me, have you had enough? Has Dona beaten you? Are you ready to submit to her?" 

This time he seems to understand what the ref is asking him. He understands that he has no choice but to surrender to his younger sister. 


Braden admits his defeat at the hands of his 18 yr old sister. Dona releases her brother and gets to her feet. As for Braden he remains on the mat unable to stand on his painful legs. Dona looks down into the face of her defeated brother. There is a look of both pain and defeat on his face.

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