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mixed boxing gut punching femdom fighting leotard girl beats man

Update: 25.12.2020

B-656 "He did it!"

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Mixed boxing, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action.

Rocky is in a bad place now. A long-time lover of mixed boxing, and someone who dreamed to step in that ring of battle, he was fortunate to have fought in four matches. Unfortunately for him, he lost all four fights.

In what may be categorized as "be careful what you wish for...," his losses have come as about an eclectic group of females as you could assemble.

First was the amazonian, Nikki "The Nightmare" Hernandez. As eager as Rocky was to step in the ring for the first time, his opponent was too much to handle. While he was able to punch her around a bit and even knock her down, she became enraged and completely pulverized him all over the ring. Staying true to her nickname, she became a real-life nightmare for Rocky, knocking him out to seal the win.

The next fight had Rocky coming to the aid of his friend/sparring partner, Nancy. He became an emergency replacement opponent for her when the scheduled one canceled.  The fight seemed a bit awkward, as he was living his dream out again, but this time boxing someone he had already sparred with many times before, only now in front of a huge crowd. And there was no mercy to be had. The two went at it back-and-forth, with Nancy winning by a late 5th round KO. The two had talked about a rematch down the road, or at least sparring again sometime soon.

Rocky was able to get a chance at a third fight, only this time, like the Hernandez fight, he had no idea who he was facing until his opponent gets called to the ring. Though he loves the anticipation that comes with that scenario, there was no way he could have anticipated his next opponent. Sandy "The Southern Spitfire" Stewart had not only come out of retirement for this fight, she was doing it to celebrate her 70th birthday. He had no idea how to battle someone like this, and was hesitant to even try and punch her, which wound up being a huge mistake. She WANTED to fight. She wanted HIM to fight. Through rounds of coaxing, he finally mounted an assault on her, but then her old engine got going, and she wound up dialing back to her decades-ago self, and pummeled Rocky around until she knocked him out in the final round.

Just like the third fight, Rocky had no say in selecting his opponent. So, when the 6-foot-1 Rocky watched the 4-foot-4 Charlotte climb through the ropes, he was perplexed again. Though she seemed to be a muscular midget, he thought a joke had been played on him. The joke was on him, though, as the female version of David needed her fists instead of a slingshot, to knock her Goliath out.

The next thing Rocky realized, he was 0-and-4. So much for this dream.

He was sparring against his friend Nancy about a month later, and she saw him as being really depressed. Though they seemed to have a little fun boxing, he didn't look like he was having as much fun as before. The energy and intensity was gone. He had periodic fits of anger, and punched her around on some occasion, but she wound pummeling him around the ring eventually. This upset Nancy, as neither benefited from all this. She felt bad, and her boxing wasn't as sharp if she didn't have a quality opponent in the ring.

Her wheels started spinning.

Right before they were about to meet up for another sparring session, She called him, saying the mixed boxing fight night promoters told her that there's another emergency opening for a male fighter this upcoming weekend, and that he should claim it. He said he'd think about it. When they got to the ring, and they started sparring, she noticed he was fighting with the same mediocre amount of energy. She stopped in the middle of one round, slammed her gloves to the ground and yelled: "What's with you? Why are you here? I need an opponent, not a walking punching bag. How am I supposed to prepare for my next fight, if this is what I face leading up to it?!"

Rocky leaned over, his gloves on his knees, and just replied: "I'm sorry."

Nancy fired back: "Yes you are! What happened?"

Rocky paused for a moment and replied: "What happened?! What happened? I finally got to achieve a dream of stepping into the boxing ring and facing a tough female opponent, and I lose EVERY FIGHT! Jesus, I couldn't beat you. And then I wind up losing to a giant, an old lady and a midget. What am I supposed to think?"

Nancy replied. "Was your dream to fight, or to win?"

Rocky paused for a moment.

Nancy said that after the first bout, he lost his will to fight the moment he saw his opponent come to the ring. Even against her. She told him if he really wants to wind, he cannot let whoever/whatever his opponent is distract him. He needs to come out firing.

Rocky stood up. "You're right. I want to WIN one of these things."

Nancy said: "Good. You can start with your next fight."

Rocky then replied: "Well, when are they going to give me another shot at this?"

Nancy replied: "Funny you should ask. I was speaking with the promoters this morning. There are a few openings for male fighters during the next fight card. As for me, the girls are already set, and I have to help a friend out that night, but I think you should take one of the spots. What do you say?"

Rocky slammed his gloves together. "Sign me up."

Nancy replied: "Are you there to fight, or are you there to win?"

Rocky: "I'm there to WIN."

Nancy: "Good answer." She called the promoters number, grinned, and said "He'll do it."

Rocky and Nancy then sparred. Rocky now has a LOT more energy behind him now.

Nancy then tells Rocky: "I had to call in a favor to get you in. Promise me, whoever your opponent is, that you're gonna pummel her all over the ring from the opening bell til when she collapses for good on the canvas."

Rocky: "Promise."

Nancy then says: "Good. Now let's continue."

The fight night comes, Rocky enters the arena and heads to the men's locker room. He suits up in his usual red gloves, red trunks with black trim and black boots. He starts hammering the heavybag... hard.

As luck turns out... he's the first one up. A worker enters the door and yells: "Yo, Rocky! You're up!"

Rocky heads to the door, and says: "I am SO ready for this. I've been waiting a long time for this."

The worker replies. "Yeah, I hear your opponent says she's been looking forward to this fight for a long time, too."

Rocky replies: "Not as much as me. She's gonna get her ass knocked out, whoever she is."


"Ladies and gentlemen! On we go to the second fight of the evening. This is a 3-round fight. Three minutes per round."

"First, making his way to the ring, 6-foot-1, weighing 250 pounds... Rocky!"

Rocky climbs through the ring and shadow boxes. This time, he looks like a man on a mission.

Whoever gets called to the ring is going to suffer.

"And his opponent... making her way to the ring, 5-foot-7, weighing 150 pounds... Nancy!"

Well this catches Rocky completely off-guard.

Nancy climbs through the ropes, flexes her muscles, casts a sly look and smile towards her opponent, Rocky.

When the referee gets both fighters to meet in the middle of the ring, Rocky looks like he has just been punched already. As they tap gloves, Nancy says: "Remember your promise." Rocky thinks for a split-second, then gets a determined look on his face. "I keep my promises, and I will tonight" he says. Nancy before heading back to her corner replies. "Good, because I'm not your friend in this ring. I'm here to pummel you all over it." "Bring it" he shouts back.

The two go off to their corners. Nancy is stone-faced, with an angry look on her face. Rocky looks like he's chomping at the bit to get this going.


The opening bell rings, and the two jump into the middle of the ring.

Nancy punches Rocky once in the head. Then a gut-head combo. She has a coy smile on her face. Rocky says: "OK. That's it." Rocky starts pounding away at Nancy. Face, head, gut, all over. She throws a massive right hook, that completely misses his face. As he ducks away, he rams a right jab square in her gut. He repeatedly rams her gut, pushing her into the corner. When he has her in the corner, he just unloads on her. Smashing her head and gut over and over. Each time he even thinks about relenting, he remembers what he promised her. After several more head shots, Rocky fires an uppercut, straight into Nancy's jaw, sending her flying up into the air, against the corner turnbuckles, and landing her butt down on the canvas. She is lying back on the ropes, while sitting down. As she gets back up, she becomes enraged and charges at him. As she does, he rams a punch into her gut, leaving her gasping for air.


The two fighters head back to their corners. Rocky feels pretty good about his first round, but knows not to let up. Promises kept. Nancy is regaining her strength in her corner.


Round two starts and the two go after each other again. She goes for his face, and he dodges and nails her in the gut again. She's in noticeable pain. As Rocky goes towards her, she surprises him with a quick uppercut. A pissed-off Nancy then starts hammering away at Rocky. "I told you not to let up, and now you're gonna pay the price." She punches him into the corner, and starts hammering away at him. "You're pathetic" she says. "Maybe you are a loser, after all"

And like that, something inside Rocky snapped.

Rocky takes a shocked Nancy by the shoulders, yells "not tonight" spins her around in the corner, and just pummels away at her. Relentless. Her face is now visibly bleeding. He keeps hammering away. He backs up a little bit, just so she can stagger a few feet closer to the middle of the ring.

Rocky winds up, and completely knocks the life out of Nancy with a thunderous right uppercut, sending her straight up in the air, crashing down on the canvas. The ref makes an easy 10-count.


The announcer proclaims: "The winner of the fight, with a knockout in the 2nd round... Rocky!!!"

And just like that, Rocky wins his first mixed boxing fight.

He plants his foot on Nancy's beaten body, and flexes his muscles for all to see. Basking in his triumph.

Rocky helps Nancy get up, and takes her back to the dressing room. "Congratulations, champ" she says. "Thanks and sorry" he replies. "Don't be sorry. You're a fighter. You showed it."

Maybe that's what Nancy meant earlier by saying she had to help a friend out tonight.

A still-hurt Nancy then offers up a smile, and adds: "So, when are we doing the tiebreaker?"

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