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mixed boxing gloves female domination leotard fighting

Update: 26.08.2016

B-423 "World title fight"


Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Mixed boxing, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It's always a big night when a world championship fight is going to take place. And tonight is one of those nights. I am Damian "THE DEVIL" Valliant the welterweight champion of the world. Tonight I will be defending my title for the ninth time. My overall record 26&0 I have never been defeated. This will be a twelve round fight, however none of my fights have gone beyond 5 rounds. I knock everyone out. There is one catch for my fight tonight. Although I will be taking on the number one contender, I should mention that she is the sister of my ex-wife. Also that she is now trained by my former trainer who is also my ex-wife. I slip on my jockstrap and slide my pantyhose on. WOW! I love the way they make my legs look. They shine and sparkle in the bright ring lights. Next I pull on very tight white spandex "Boy Shorts". They are very difficult to get into and I must work them up my legs and over my butt and manhood. They enhance my very large man bulge. My new trainer tapes up my hands and pulls on my white boxing gloves. So there you have it, shiny pantyhose, white shorts, white boots and white boxing gloves. My trainer wraps the WORLD TITLE BELT around my waist and slips on my white silk ring kimono. My music starts and I head to the ring. It takes a few minutes to get there as my fans like to high five me and pat my on the shoulder. I should also note that I also get keys and money shoved into my boy shorts, I have a very large female following.

OK, enough with the opening stuff it's time to fight. There she stands, across the ring staring at me trying to intimidate me. HA!!, like she could. I'm the world champion. Diana Windsor with her 24 record looking to take my title. HA!! Fat chance. And in her corner the despicable Wendy Windsor. My ex-wife and former trainer, now the trainer for Diana. There she stands dressed all in purple. Purple boy shorts like mine, purple bra, purple pantyhose and boots along with purple boxing gloves. Even her blond hair has a purple streak in it. I'm going to destroy her!!

BING!!! There's the bell for the opening round. Diana and I both exit our corners, a quick glove touch and it's on. WACK WACK WACK!! I quickly land three stiff jabs driving Diana back into her corner. I can see the surprise on her face also her cheek starts to turn red. She raises her guard and I slip two hard body shots just below were her pantyhose waist band shows. I know I've hurt her as she draws in a deep breath. This is going to be a short fight. The ref breaks us and she gets out of the corner. I land several more jabs, but nothing really very hard. The bell ends the round. My round 10 to 9 on all score cards.

DING!!! Round two begins and I'm off the stool quickly. I move directly across the ring and into a stiff jab from Diana. Her jab snaps my head back and causes my eyes to blink. I've learned something I'm very important, Diana can punch. I need to be a little more careful of her. We move and bob around the ring. We exchange jabs and Diana lands a hard right hook to my body. I get off a straight right hand that hits her high on her head. She counters with a left to my body and a stiff jab. The bell stops the action. Even round 9 to 9

On my stool between rounds my new trainer gives some quick instructions. I have learned a few things thing on my own. First Diana can hit and second she can take a punch. I need to be more careful.
DING!!! I'm up and ready for round three. This is where I take it to her I've got to get her first. I move rapidly across the ring. I throw two quick jab that land and then shoot a straight right to her head. All three punches land Diana doesn't move. She takes all three punches and shakes them off.
I'm surprised by her, I thought that they were hard shoots. I back up and she comes right at me. JAB JAB JAB she lands three stiff jabs that back me up even farther I pull my gloves in tight to my head and try to slip away out of trouble. I bob and weave trying not to get hit again as I look for an opening. As I cover up she throws a huge left hand that explodes against my side. I visibly wince and bend to my right. A second body shot doubles me over the other way and I stumble back against the ropes. With twenty seconds left in the round I'm in trouble. I never see it coming. A devastating left hook crashes into the side of my head right at my temple. Diana follows that up with a straight right that gets thru my guard and explodes against my chin. Diana has landed 4 power shots against me. I've lost control of my arms and legs. I stumble around trying to get my balance. I topple over landing on all fours. Dazed and confused I don't know what to do. This is the very first time I have ever been knocked down. The ref is kneeling in front of me counting for the knock down. GET UP, I must get
up! At the count of four the bell rings ending the round. Counting he's still counting. Why is he still counting me out. I have to get up!! I finally realize that the bell can't save me I have to get to my feet.


I'm almost up, I have to beat the count. There I just made it. The most devastating round of my career is finally over. I've lost the third round 10 to 8. I'm now behind on all three score cards 28 to 27 I must get back in this fight.

My corner people drag me back to my corner and put me down on the stool. The use smelling salts to revive me. They ice my face and check me out. They are as surprised as I am, none of them has ever seen me down before. I take several very deep breaths trying to get some life back into my arms and legs. With only seconds before the bell I stand up and try to look ready. However, I'm a mess. Although my pantyhose have remained up, my boy shorts have slid down. The top 2 or 3 inches of my pantyhose and jockstrap are visible above my shorts. With my gloves on I can do nothing about that. I'm going to fight the round like this. My man bulge is now just below the elastic waist band of my shorts.

BONG!! Round four begins. I move slowly out of my corner. The devastating effects of round three are still with me. I feel very sluggish. 6 seconds into the round and Diana is on me. Three very hard jabs slam into my face. I stumble backward away from Diana. My legs do not seem to be able to hold me. Another stiff jab sends me back against the ropes. BAM !! A left hook slams into the side of my face. My knees buckle and I grab the ropes for support. BAM!! A second hook crashes into my side. I stumble along the ropes into Diana's corner. Diana begins to smother me with punches. I try to cove but I can't stop her attack. Badly battered I am about to go down again when the ref steps in. He moves Diana back and begins to give me a standing eight count. I'm gasping for air and need all the time I can get to recover. My shiny white shorts have fallen another inch or so and now revile not only my pantyhose but the top of the pouch of my jockstrap. I paw at my shorts but I can't get a grip in them. The ref pats me on my cheek. "Champ-Champ, you OK? Do you want to continue? Can you keep fighting? I was unaware he was talking to me. "YES-YES, I'll go on. I can still win!"

With a minute and fifteen seconds left in the round I move to the center of the ring to face Diana.
I raise my gloves as the ref waves us on. I throw a jab but it is weak and slow. Diana comes over the top of my jab with a hard left hand. She nails me right on the point of my chin. My vision blurs, I don't see the next punch coming. A very hard right hand explodes into my mid-section. The air rushes out of my lungs and I bend over slightly at the waist. The third punch of a three punch combo is crushing left upper-cut. It too lands flush on my chin. My head snaps back, my legs give way and I collapse to the mat. I am unconscious before I hit the canvas. I fall onto my back out cold, I have been knocked out by Diana Windsor.

The ref quickly moves in to administer the count on me:


The bell rings and signals the end of my championship reign.
The crowd stands in almost silent shock. You can hear sobbing from many of my female fans. No one can believe that I have been knocked out. However there is ample visual proof. Looking up at the giant LED screen in the arena the scene is this. I am near center ring on my back unmoving. My legs are spread slightly apart and my arms are out to my sides. I still have my boxing gloves on and as before my boy shorts are down. They have now fallen below my manhood everyone can clearly see the top 16 inches of my pantyhose and my entire jockstrap. My man bulge is visible for all to see.

What a contrast of things happening. On one side of the ring Diana Windsor is celebrating her shocking victory over me. Her corner people, including my ex-wife are all jubilant. They have taken the world title belt from my corner and wrapped it around Diana's waist. On The other side of the ring my corner are people are desperately trying to revive me.

The crowd is still remarkable quiet. The ring announcer enters and begins:

"Fight fans, at 28 seconds of the fourth round the winner by knock out and now the new welterweight Champion of the WORLD Diana Windsor!!"

Well there it is the end of my title reign. 8 minutes after the final bell I am still down on the mat. My corner people are desperately trying to revive me. Slowly I begin to come around. I'm dazed and confused by what has happened. Finally they get me to my feet. My legs buckle and I need support to walk. Two of my people virtually carry me back to my corner.

My trainer cuts my gloves off. I look at him strangely: "What are you doing? Don't cut my gloves off, I've still got to fight yet. What's the matter with you?

As he continues to cut away my gloves he tells me: "It's OK Champ, you won't need them anymore. Listen to me, I want you to stay very calm. The fight is over"

I'm shocked by what he tells me: "Over, what do you mean over? How could it be over ? It hasn't even started yet. Come on put those gloves back on me, I've got to defend my title.

Sadly he shakes his head: "No Champ you don't. The title is gone. You lost it. Diana has beaten you. You were knocked out in the fourth round"

I can't believe what he's tell me: "Knocked out, she knocked me out? I've been defeated. I've lost the title? I'm not the Champion anymore?"

Looking down sadly he says: "NO, you're not the Champion any more. Come on let's get you back to your dressing room. I tell you everything then.

Still having difficulty walking two of my people help me back to my dressing room. Thankfully one of my guys pulled up my shorts covering up my pantyhose and my jockstrap. Back in my dressing room I am laid down on the padded table. My trainer cuts the tape off my hands and starts to unlace my boots. "NO-no, I want to hear what happened first". My trainer nods then begins. "The first round you were doing very well, boxing and moving. You won that round. Second round started the same way. You had her backing up and were landing good punches. Half way thru the round she caught you with a stiff jab that backed you up. She began to load up on her punch and caught you a few times. The second round was all even. The third round was a total game changer. She came out firing jabs and hooks. She landed almost half her jabs. By the middle of the round you were wobbly on unsteady legs. I've never seen you take so many hard shots. With about 12 or 15 seconds in the round she lands a huge punch. Your legs buckle and you go down. First time in your career you're on the canvas. Man, I can see that you are hurt bad. I really thought you were not going to get up. But you just beat the count. We carry you back to the corner and go to work. It really didn't matter though. The bell rings and you go out for round four. 8 seconds later you on the canvas again and this time you're not getting up. You are out cold. She's has knocked you out. It took us almost 10 minutes to get you up and back to the corner. It was a clean knock out".

Hearing the story of my defeat has not helped much. My trainer unties my boots and pulls them off.
I slid down my shorts then peel down my pantyhose. I step out of my jockstrap and stagger into the shower. "I'll get it back, I'll win back my title."

It's been six months since I last stepped into the ring. On that night I suffered my first knock down, my first knock out and my first lose. All done at the hands of the present champion Diana Windsor. Tonight all wrongs will be righted. I have been in training for 3 months now. I am in the best shape of my life and I'm ready to fight. Tonight I take my title back. We are both in the ring. She now sports a gold thong cut leotard with shiny tan pantyhose, gold boost and gold boxing gloves. I have switched to all black. I'm now wearing black pantyhose, over them I have on sparkling black boy shorts. They are covered in stones and glitter. They seem to light up under the ring lights. Also black boxing gloves and shiny black boots.

We are all set to fight. The announcements and the instructions are over and I'm ready to go. Standing in my corner my trainer puts my mouth piece in and all I need now is the bell.

BONG!!! There's the bell and I move quickly out of my corner. Diana comes straight at me. I throw a jab and try to load up for a hook. WAM!!! WACK!! Diana has landed two very hard punches. My knees buckle but I regain control. CRACK!! She lands a hard body shot. I'm in big trouble. I'm dazed and battered. 8 seconds into the first round and I'm almost completely out of it. BASH!! Diana lands a straight right hand. It explodes against my chin like an atom bomb. At 10 seconds into the fight my world is shattered. I topple over backward landing on my back. The ref takes one look at me and signals I'm out. He never bothers to start the count.

For the second time in less than a year I am stretched out on the canvas unconscious. This time it took Diana less than 10 seconds to knock me out. I only lasted four punches. The jumbotron has a very disquieting picture of me. I'm stretched out on the mat, my arms are out to my sides. My black pantyhose covered legs are split apart. And the toes of my shiny black boots are pointed to the sky.
It is a picture of total defeat.

My corner people rush to my aid. Ice and smelling salts are applied. Once again it takes several minutes for me to come around. My eyes flutter open and I instantly know what has happened:
"I lost didn't I? She knocked me out again? OH no, I just can't beat her. Please, get me up. I don't want to keep laying here".

After another minute or so they get me up. As before I have great difficulty walking. Two of my corner men have to hold me up and carry me back to my corner. I spend the next 10 minutes being examined by the doctor.

Back in my dressing room I'm sitting on a chair with my head buried in my hands. My people have removed my boxing gloves but I still have on the rest of my fight gear, black shorts, black pantyhose and my black boots. I have been sobbing over my lose for several minutes now. The door to my dressing room flies open and my ex-wife rushes in.

"WOW!! You really had the crap beat out of you. My girl put a huge hurten on you. That's twice now she's knocked you out. You'll never be the champion again. Man you went down hard and fast. That was the fastest knock out I've ever seen. OK, come on loser let me help you get your fight gear off".

Before I can stop her she pulls me to my feet and helps me to the training table. I lie down and she unties my boot and pulls them off.

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