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Update: 30.09.2022        B-748 "Vivianna vs Todd"

Mixed boxing, 160 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Vivianna with long black hair dark dark tan skin White Swimsuit Black Gloves

Todd in Black Shorts White Gloves

Both fighters and Kimiko are barefoot

Kimiko in hot pink with a nice dark tan

Vivianna was working for Kimiko and Todd and loved her job. Except for Todd's attitude when she makes a mistake. He is rude and she is tired of it. She has talked with Kimiko and she told Todd to leave her alone. That lasted a week and he started up again. Vivianna told Kimiko about it and she suggested Vivianna challenge Todd to a fight. He would back down and she would be able to solve the problem on her own. Vivianna loved the idea and she had beaten up several girls and a few boys in the past. 

If Todd accepted well Vivianna was a strong and powerful female, but had zero boxing skills. Kimiko offered up her services for training her. Vivianna was pumped and accepted Kimiko's offer and said a prayer that Todd would accept her "Let's Box It Out".

6 Weeks later Todd was being a jerk at work. Vivianna pushed him up against a wall and challenged him to fight her. Todd thinking he had a newbie and could finally get a win against a female fighter accepted on the spot. He was making a huge mistake, but they agreed to a private beach boxing match. They would fight until there was a knock out. Kimiko would film the fight for the website and to show it to the gym members. 

It is time for Boxing at the Beach The fighters are warming up. Kimiko is setting up the camera, Todd tells Vivianna "I will show you no mercy"

Vivianna tells Todd "That is so funny your weak ass beating me?"

Vivianna tells Todd "I am going to beat and knock your ass out BITCH"

Vivianna glares at Todd looks away

They do a stare down 

KImiko says "FIGHT"

The fighters touch gloves

Todd moves in and Vivianna lands a left jab and says "Was that a mistake"

Todd head snaps back and he says"OMG"

Vivianna sees an opening and lands a right to the body says"Take that Bitch"

Todd's eyes bug out and he falls to the sand on his hands and knees

Vivianna stands over Todd and says "Get up and fight like a man if you can"

Vivianna circles her prey and says "No Mercy Bitch" 

Todd throws a left jab and Vivianna blocks it and says "Weak Ass Bitch"

Vivianna lands a left jab snapping Todd's head she says "That is a Left Jab"

Vivianna circles Todd with a big smile

Vivianna fakes a left jab and Vivianna lands a right cross to the chin. and says "Was that a mistake"

Todd is down Vivianna stands over Todd and says"No Count No Mercy Bitch"

Vivianna tells Kimiko "This is easy for my next fight I want to fight a man" Kimiko laughs

Vivianna stands over Todd with her hands on her hips and says"Take you shorts off BITCH"

Todd does what she says and asks "I would like to apologize can we please stop the fight"

Vivianna says "HELL NO" "You wanted to fight me now get up and fight"

Vivianna is having fun and fakes a left jab and laughs

Vivianna sticks her chin out and tells Todd "Free Punch"

Todd throws a left jab and Vivianna blocks it.

Vivianna lands a left jab

Vivianna moves and drops her gloves and taunts Todd "Hit me Bitch"

Vivianna lands a left jab and says"You are too slow Bitch"

Vivianna lands a right to the body and says "did that hurt"

Vivianna lands a left hook to the chin says "your mistake Todd"

Vivianna lands a "MY FAVORITE" right uppercut and Todd hits the beach out cold

Vivianna stand over Todd with her hands on her hips Kimiko says "The fight is over go ahead and count him out"

Vivianna counts "1,2,3 Todd are you awake"

Vivianna counts "4,5,6 Todd I think you made a mistake"

Vivianna counts "7,8,9 Todd you should not have challenged me to BOX"

Vivianna counts "10 and Todd is knocked out and I am the winner"

Vivianna does several victory poses over Todd 

Vivanna asked Kimiko to get a close up of Todd's Loser Boner

Kimiko comes over and raises Vivianna's hand and says "The winner by Knock out in the 1st round Vivianna"

Another victory pose Kimiko says " I love what you did to my hubby NO MERCY you are so powerful"

The girls hug and kiss Vivianna says "it was your training along with me being so much stronger your Bitch Todd"

Kimiko asks Vivianna "Would you like to learn how to wrestle?"

Vivianna says "By you YES"

KImiko says "First Lessons" and puts Vivianna in a headlock and hip tosses her to the sand.

Kimiko scrambles on top and grapevine pins Vivianna.

Kimiko asks  "do you give" Vivianna "Yes for now"

KImiko kisses Vivianna and feels her left breast with her hand.

Kimiko helps Vivianna up and they leave the beach together all smiles hand in hand

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