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High school teens CFNM ballbusting femdom fighting leotard girl beats naked guy

Update: 10.05.2019

B-571 "Kicked in the balls"

Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

The more I think about her, the more aroused I get. I will never forget that hot brunette named Natalie.

We both was 18 y.o., she was in the same grade as me in high school, and had an unbelievable body that I stared at constantly.

The school uniforms the girls wore in my high school were somewhat erotic - white sweaters, short khaki skirts that showed off their legs. And Natalie had unbelievable legs, tan, well-rounded thighs that I would have loved to suck on.

What made Natalie different from all of the other girls I knew was that she was somewhat, I guess you could say, dominant. She loved dominating guys, toying with them, humiliating them.

And what also made Natalie different was that she said words like  dick  and  balls  a lot. She loved joking about the male's sexual organs.

It turned me on tremendously. Any time she called somebody a name, she would almost always call him a dick, or a dickhead. Hearing her say those words just made me hard.

When I was over her house, she would bring out Playgirls and make me look at the pictures of the naked men, saying stuff like  look at this guy s dick, Jesus Christ it s huge,  or  check out the schlong on this one. 

I played along and acted like her dirty manner didn't arouse me that much, but oh it did.

It was one day at my house that Natalie and I were watching a movie together. She and I had been good friends since grade school and always hung out, but this day was a bit different.

We were watching a scene from a movie in which a girl and a guy were fighting, and Natalie commented  why doesn t she just kick him in the balls? That would end that fight right away. 

I just laughed, and almost knew what was coming next. She asked me if I had ever been kicked in the balls.

I told her I had been hit down there before, never kicked directly, but it hurt just as much. I told her how it even hurt in my stomach, that I couldn t even walk for a few minutes.

Her mouth gaped open, like she was overjoyed to hear this.

We went back to watching the movie until the brunette jumped up and clicked off the television.

She asked me if she could kick me in the balls. I looked at her like she was crazy, but she was serious, and in a funny way I was starting to get turned on.

Being humiliated by a girl this hot and being kicked by a girl with legs as hot as hers turned me on tremendously.

But I still had reservations about being kicked down there.

She asked me again if she could do it, and I said  well, okay, but let we both undress 

She just giggled: "Remove your clothing, I'll be back soon" and got out from room. I took my clothing and underwear off when she entered a room wearing nothing but white mesh leotard.

"Hey, spread your legs!" she commanded arrogantly, pointing to my naked groin. I was confused being naked before clothed girl, my mind was in panic. I felt her confidence and fulfilled her command.

There was then an awkward moment, as she stood in front of me and had me spread my legs.

She hesitated for a second, and then reeled back her bare right foot and kicked me in between the legs as hard as she could.

It hurt worse than I imagined, but as I went to the ground and her cute little feet were at my face, I was turned on at the same time.

She was laughing uncontrollably, and was so proud of what she had done.

She didn't even give me time to recover, and stood in back of me and kicked me in between the legs from behind. I tried to get up, and that only made it worse, It gave her better access to my crotch, and she kicked me two more times - really hard - before I fell back to the ground.

She was like "God this is so much fun, I could kick you in the balls all day long!", she said.

I was in pain, and begged her to stop for a minute.

She said something like "Oh, poor baby", and helped me up.

We were talking for a second, causing me to let my guard down, and before I knew it she walked up to me and kneed me in the balls. Before I could fall down, she kicked me in the balls as hard as she could.

Got you again, you dick, she said.

I managed to crawl up onto the sofa, and she came over and sat on the coffee table in front of me. Her legs were spread a bit and I could see her soft, gorgeous thighs leading up to her leotard-covered crotch.

She caught me staring, and punched me in the balls this time.

I covered my privates with my hands, and this only angered her more. She smacked me across the face and told me to stop covering up my balls.

She pulled me up off the sofa and kneed me between the legs repeatedly. She was holding me up only so she could keep kneeing me in the balls, and I was basically crying like a little girl into her ear, begging her to stop, and she threw me back down onto the sofa.

She noticed I had an erection.

God, you actually have a pretty big dick, she said.

A little over seven inches, I said proudly.

Not bad,  she replied.  Of course, I ve seen bigger. You know Kip Wells, plays on the football team? she asked.

I hate him, I replied.

Well, the guy s got a nine-inch dick. He whipped it out one night at Felicia's, she said.

Felicia was Natalie s best friend.

Enough about dick size,  she said.  Get up. I want to kick you in the balls some more. 

My erection didn t last long, as Natalie went back to kicking me in the balls, from in front, from behind, from a bunch of different angles.

She would lightly kick me, then kick me as hard as she could. I never knew what kind of blow to expect.

When I would grunt out loud in pain, she would laugh.

She loved dominating me like this, and when she felt I had enough, she had me lay down on the floor and she walked all over me. She had me kiss her feet, the same feet she beat my balls with, and then she sat on my face, her leotard-covered bottom almost suffocating me but arousing me at the same time.

As I left that day, she kicked me one more time as I walked out the door, and I could hear her laughing as she closed the door behind me.

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