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Femdom exercise workout ballbusting

Update: 31.08.2018

B-533 "Ballbusting Queen"

Gallery size: 520 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 520 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

I had always had a sort of fascination with girls kicking guys in the balls. In fact for as long as I can remember it was a turn on as much as it was frightening. I had never had it happen to me and I was not sure if I really wanted it to.


When I was about 19 my dad informed me that my cousin Chrissy was coming to stay with us over night. He then began to brag about how he had heard that she wasn't so little anymore and that she had recently gotten her black belt. He asked if I would stay home with her and entertain her while they went out that evening. I agreed. Little did I know that I was to be the entertainment for the evening....


She finally arrived. Now, the last time I had seen her was when she was 12. She was very tall for her age back then, and now at 18!!! She was a very striking 5'11" blonde. 5'11" to my 5'8", that is. She asked if we have a gym equipment in our house and I invited her to join my workout there. We entered a room with gym equipment and she took her dress off, her slim body was covered by black gymnastics leotard. As the workout went on we talked about her tennis matches and high school and then we got to talking about her Karate classes. 


"So, I hear your pretty tough?" I taunted. 


“Yeah, well I could beat you up, I know that", she said. 


"So how is it that you beat up all these guys?" I asked. She told me about how the last guy she beat to get her black belt was her instructor. 


"He went to throw a kick and I dodged and kick him right in his nuts!! I have never seen a grown man cry so hard" she laughed. 


"I bet that's gotta hurt,” I said. 

She looked down at my tight shorts and said, “You mean you've never gotten yer balls kicked in?” Well, I hadn't so I told her the truth. "I thought that that had happened to every guy once, or at least it should" she began to laugh. Here it was, my chance to get kicked, and by my gorgeous cousin's sexy, bare karate feet. 


I said, "Nope, I haven't had the pleasure." 


She looked down once again and slowly smiled and said, "Well, from the looks on all the guys faces that I've kicked I don't think they would call it a pleasure." 


I looked at her, smiled, and said, "You think you’re so tough. I could kick your ass with one hand behind my back." That did it!!! I knew she’d take the bait. She replied with the sexiest line I have ever heard!!! 


"You'd better save the one hand for your balls after I get through with you." After that I jumped on her and knocked her onto the floor, kind of straddling her. And I began tickling the hell out of her. She was screaming and laughing, warning me to stop or else, but I kept on this was too much fun. After a minute we called a time out, and as I began raise my leg to get off of her I felt her bare foot come up under me and crush my balls. I let out a scream as I fell to the floor. I looked down at the floor and tried to contain myself, but the pain was unbearable. I was at the feet of my 18-year-old cousin, and she had just crushed my manhood. 


"Look at you, you’re pathetic! I didn't even kick you as hard as I kick most guys! I wanted to go easy on you cause your my cousin and all." She put her foot on my head and pushed me back on to the floor. She then placed her foot lightly between my legs and began kicking me softly. The pain was slowly subsiding and I began to become really turned on. I knew she could tell, because she put her foot on my pants. 


"Oh my God!!!!" she squealed. "Are you hard??? You sick little fucker. Ugh!!! That is so gross! Maybe you need to learn a little lesson!!! Getting hard in front of your little cousin…” 


“Oh shit!” I thought to my self... I was still weak from the first blow to my balls. I was way to weak to try and get up. 


"All right, here's the deal. I have always wanted to see exactly what I was kicking, but being the sweet innocent 18-year-old girl that I am, well.... you know. So here's what we'll do. You will strip completely naked, and let me practice my groin kick and I won't tell your parents about how you tried to jump my bones and how I had to kick your balls in." 


Well, what could I say? I was a bit embarrassed about her kicking me, and the last thing I wanted is my dad to find out how my little cousin kicked my ass. I began striping. It's pretty embarrassing being the first boy that a girl has ever seen naked. Here I was, flopping in the breeze, completely hard, legs spread, while she stood there staring at me. 


"Wow, I had no idea that they looked like that," she said. She began examining my ball sack. "Are they normally that big and red, or is that cause I kicked ya?" she laughed. "Oh, I can't wait to crush those little babies! Bet you’re sorry I came over eh? If you’re not, you will be... Let's go to the bigger room, we'll need more free space!"


While we went to that room, she told me about all that she goes to do with me:


"Although boots are much more intimidating to the man I prefer to kick balls with my bare feet so that I can feel my guy's testicles squishing on my foot when it connects with his bound balls. When I slam your nuts it is a sexual turn-on for me! My juices really get flowing when I'm controlling you through your little "love fruits"! 


You know what? I picture you on your knees, naked with a raging hard-on and your nuts screwed up tight, leaning backwards with your wrists duct-taped to your ankles so that your balls are hanging right out in the open. Me, wearing only a black thong leotard (cotton, to better absorb all the wetness that is going to start gushing) and a bandana around my forehead because I intend to work up a sweat.


I squat down, capture your eyes with my own "baby-blues" and slowly start to crawl towards you, like a predatory black cat slinking in for the kill. Once face-to-face, I stare into your eyes and whisper for you to remain silent. Then I slowly lower my raven-haired head until I take just the head of your dick into my hand, while other hand starts to knead your tight scrotum. When I swirl my finger around the glans of your penis you moan in pleasure, but when I tighten my grip on your nuts you moan in pain and when I roll your nuts against each other you groan loudly in pain! I drop your loose ball-bag, take out your dribbling dick, stand up, draw my bare foot back and deliver a solid kick to your balls!


You scream! Your eyes rolling around in pain and fear as girl in black leotard strut around you giving you about a minute to recover and then... BOOM! Another explosion of pain as I kick your nuts again! Now you are retching and gasping for breath like a fish out of water. See, with you trussed up like the Christmas turkey I'm free to kick your balls at my leisure and as often as I like and there is nothing that you can do but flop around, crying, screaming and begging for mercy. 


Mercy? HAH! You're the one who asked for this; now take it like a man! Because only a man can suffer this particular agony. I have one small hand under the crotch of my leotard, diddling myself while watching you thrash around on the floor. I laugh when you flop onto your belly in the pathetic attempt to cover your nuts with your body. I flip you over onto your back so that I can kick your balls again as punishment for trying to defy me.


I order you to your knees. You must struggle to get upright onto your knees. I slap you in your face.


"Now you are going to mount me and lick me hard and if you can't make me cum, well..." I tap your swollen balls with my toes. I get on my hands and knees in front of your face and giggle as you struggle into position. Knowing that you are suffering great pain, fear and humiliation makes me hot, hot, hot!


Once you pull aside a crotch of my leotard and your tongue find the right hole, I sat down on your face and grab your balls, yanking on them to control the depth and rhythm of your thrusts until I cum in waves!"


I was scared, but I had no choice. Finally we entered to the biggest room of our house, it was almost empty. 


"Nice place to kick some balls! Time to have fun!", she giggled.


I did have quite a crush on her because of her dominant nature and the way she used to carry herself, almost arrogant but with a mischievous side to her. 

She had on a black gym leotard, that was cut high at the sides of her hips showing off her long sexy legs and some teasing buttocks. What excited me even more was that she was barefoot. 


I was lost in my dream world gazing at her delicate high arched feet, loving the way she was at times standing on her toes thus making her foot arch seem even higher and the way she playfully moved around almost like a dancer with the energy that any 18 year old girl would have.


The more I looked at her body in this sports leotard, the harder my dick grew. 


Now what happened next all seemed to be in slow motion. I was still looking down at her feet and everything seemed to go quiet as she slowly took two steps towards me, with her hands on her hips, and as I looked up she had this smile on her face...thinking nothing of it, I just smiled back at her, still with a erection.... Still smiling she called me a bastard and then she took a stance putting her left leg slightly behind her and with the grace of a gymnast she swung her right leg back and with gathering speed she brought it forward in a perfect arc and before I knew it the very foot that i was lusting at not 2 minutes ago had now made full contact with both my balls pushing them first up and then deep into my pelvis as she caught me flush right in my pre teen nuts, a perfect hit with the top of her foot just back from the toes. It could not have been a cleaner shot. Both my balls took the full force of her hard kick...and she left her foot there for maybe a second or two just it seemed to make sure.

Her smile never left her face, and her eyes never left mine as she let out a little grunt of effort as her foot made contact slamming my exposed and vulnerable because my dick was sticking up out of the way because of my erection from looking at her feet, giving her full access to her soft balls!


Diana laughed or put their hands to their mouths as her foot rearranged and flattened my hairless ball bag... I had no protection from her unforgiving feet.


Standing there, legs apart, waiting for a fifth kick, my mind could focus on nothing but my girlfriends wonderful body in black gym leotard as it propelled her right leg forward into my waiting groin.



I buckled over groaning as the sharp pain spread through my guts making me feel seriously unwell.


"Stand straight!" was the command.


I painfully complied.


"You can't be hurting that much," she said matter-of-factly as she prodded my naked balls with her foot.


"I'll just have to kick harder, see if I can't wipe the smile off your cock!" girl in black gym leotard said spitefully.


I loved it when she talked like that, but I wasn't given much time to ponder how much I adored Diana before she swung her arm in a huge arc finishing squarely in my crotch.


I wasn't expecting that. She knew I wasn't expecting that.


Girl in black gym leotard started squeezing my balls while leaning in, pressing her body against mine. The pressure and the closeness gave me an overwhelming urge for release, but she looked right into my pleading eyes and shook her head. As she stepped suddenly back lining up a kick I caught a glimpse over her shoulder of the door opening and an unsuspecting head come around just in time to see the brutal kick connect.


From my view looking up from the floor I could see Diana in black gym leotard towering over me in her practiced dominant stance, grinning to herself, still oblivious to her flat mate looking on in shock and awe. Had I been capable of speech I could have warned Diana, she would have stopped and this could have been passed of as some kind of retribution for an imagined indiscretion of mine, but I wasn't, so on she went.


"Still smiling?" girl in black gym leotard chuckled as she used her foot to roll me onto my back, my half mast erection still strong enough to stand close to straight up clear from all to see.


She kicked me at the side of my head and I felt an incredible power of her legs. Very dizzy. I tried to get up and realized I was using her muscle thighs as help she told me that we could stop straight away if I admitted her as the winner, that she was stronger and that I was weak. I did all that. She then pushed me down, straddled my face and then forced me to lick her crotch.

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