young teens high school mixed wrestling leotard CFNM femdom ballbusting match

Update: 22.04.2016

Gallery W-402 "Colledge fight"


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Mixed wrestling, 220 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Two 18 y.o. colledge classmates wrestles each other, a lot of ballbusting and ballsqueezing included!

The best ballbusting scenes are those that involve a racking during a "fair" fight between a clothed woman and a naked man. A generally recognized rule of a fair fight is that you do not strike a person in any area that is covered by a leotard or wrestling trunks. By that rule, however, it can be interpreted that "once the balls are bare, any target there is fair." So once the female removes the male's trunks during a wrestling match or other types of fights, he has to be ever alert for a punch, kick, grab, etc., to the family jewels, which, in effect becomes legal and painful. This should not include bondage. For the fight to be a fair one the guy has to be able to protect his most private and important of areas, but fails to do it against a crafty female opponent.


Miss Abigail, female martial arts trainer who judged this match, says: "Women find testicles a welcome vulnerability in an otherwise much stronger assailant in self-defence; the famous kick in the balls is a great equalizer. Additionally, because testicles, along with the penis, are an observable difference in the sexes and because they are what make a man a man, they are often the target (both mental and real!) of female hate (and revenge!) for making men the way they are! Because of the way that an otherwise powerful male can be reduced to a quivering jelly by a well aimed punch, knee or kick (in the latter case even by a slight female in suitable footwear), many women, and young adolescent or teenage girls in particular, find it extremely amusing to cause pain to a man in this way. The normal empathy accorded to a fellow human being in pain is absent for the most part because the female does not have similar organs herself and is thus unable to put herself in the place of the victim. The fact that testicles are at the very centre of male sexuality and the sex act and pregnancy itself, seems to add an extra sexual dimension; many women and girls become sexually aroused at both the prospect of causing testicular pain and the actual act of doing so. The idea of male nullification is a strangely arousing subject to many women and girls. That a direct connection exists between the rapid rise and almost universal adoption of such very long pointed and thin heeled footwear (across all female age groups) on the one hand, and an underlying and partly subliminal female fascination with testicular destruction on the other hand, cannot be entirely discounted! A similar connection was observed between the rapid increase in popularity of ball-busting and the platform and chunky heeled square toed shoe and boot craze! Many young women reportedly felt powerful in shoes that seemed to say kick! However, despite the fact that these bulkier shoes cause an incredible amount of paralysing pain initially, by their large size ensuring that the both testicles and thus more nerve endings are involved in the kick or stomp, it is not usually possible to cause lasting damage so easily. A woman or girl would have to be more determined, such as stomping them on the floor in some sort of mad Spanish dance or kicking them against a warm concrete step. So, all girls I've teached to fight always kicking, kneeing or punching the testicles of a male deliberately. This time Pauline took advantage of Bob's weakness and kicked him in the balls. A guy and a girl were fighting, and she landed a groin kick, flooring him in a fetal position with his butt facing her. She then kept kicking his butt, until he rolled on to his back holding his butt. She then kicked him in the crotch again. She repeated this until she had kicked his privates 4 or 5 times. Girl power!"


Pauline, the female fighter, says: "A lot of us girls are into ball busting, only because we do not have those sensitive organs dangling from our groin. But the most important reason, is that so many men realize the advantage of women, not having those external balls, just waiting to be hit and crushed by a woman by an accident in sport. I was amazed the first time i saw a boy get hit in the balls. He lost all control of his ability to stay on his feet. Well, one day, when I was 10, I saw this boy and girl fighting outside of my school. Suddenly, the girl just kicked the boy in the nuts and he was instantly on the ground, clutching his injured balls. I love the feeling of power I get from kicking a guy in the balls, it's really a turn on to do it to guys or to see it being done! I like to see the look on a guys face after I've kicked him in the nuts. There is a thrill factor and it is awesome!"


Bob, the male fighter, says: "This girl who has a workout in our gym thought she was Gods gift to everyone because she was very pretty and kinda strong because of her gymnastics training. One day she was wearing her leotard and a pair of boots. She looked really great. I called out to her and she came over. Well, I grabbed her from behind. She tucked her hip into me and flipped me over her. Then she kicked me right in the crotch. I stayed on ground for a few minutes. I always get erections from mixed wrestling, even while thinking about it. It's extremely pleasing for me and leads to orgasms rather quickly if the erection rubs against her lycra leotard. I understand why a woman would want to strip a man naked to more easily attack and disable his equipment, inflict the maximum amount of pain or otherwise humiliate him to make victory an almost certainty. What I cannot understand or wish to try to understand is why a man would enter a match being naked against a leotard clad woman. Frankly I think a CFNM situation is too much of an advantage to give a woman. This time I've lost my clothing during fight and felt humiliated, but I must say I tremendously enjoy the concept of such an encounter even what would give these women the audacity to believe that if a man s twig and berries are exposed she has the right to kick, knee, punch or otherwise target them as part of her fighting strategy. A good kick to the crotch can take a lot of fight out of anyone. Repeated kicks to the balls can disable a man so badly that a clothed woman can then easily pin a naked man for a victory or force a nude guy to scream out his surrender".