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Update: 31.12.2021        W-709 "Brothers and sisters battle"

Mixed wrestling, 350 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It's a big night in the Junior pro league. The matches so far have had the crowd on their feet screaming and cheering. The next match features two of the most promising young wrestlers. First is Allen Miller. He is 18 yrs old and has an undefeated record having won 5 matches. And his opponent is Heather O' Connell. Heather is also 18 yrs old and she too has an undefeated record having won 3 matches.

In their dressing rooms the two young fighters get ready. For Allen it is easy, he removes his street cloths and reaches in his gear bag. As this is a pro match he leaves his high school singlet and his jockstrap in his bag. What he will need tonight is his shiny white spandex thong, his shiny white boot and nothing else. 

In her dressing room Heather is also getting ready. 18 yr old Heather has blue eyes, blond hair and a very slender body. Heather removes everything but her bra. She slides on shiny tan pantyhose. Over her pantyhose she stretches into a light blue skintight leotard. Then finally she laces up her shiny blue boots.    

Both teen wrestlers are now in the ring. At first glance, this match looks like a mismatch. Allen has a fine young body whereas Heather is very slender and slight. She looks like no match for Allen. The bell rings and the match begins. Allen has been thinking the same thing as everyone else, this girl is no match for me. 

Allen makes the first move trying to grab Heather's arm. He is however blocked and winds up in a FULL NELSON. Allen is stunned by Heather's speed. He is about to find out about her power. In just a few seconds Heather has Allen screaming in pain.  "My neck, what the fuck, you're going to break me neck". The 18 yr old male wrestler has never felt pain like this, he has never been in the ring with someone as strong as Heather. 

Heather has Allen stretched out pretty well. With his arms in the air and his feet just barely touching  the mat Allen is hanging by his shoulders and his shiny white thong is stretched tight over his young manhood. 

Heather holds Allen in the nelson for over a minute and a half. She releases him and he drops to the mat at her feet. Before he can get to his feet, Heather is on him. She wraps her legs around him and begins to squeeze. Heather's pantyhose covered legs have Allen just below his rib cage. Face up and looking into the ring lights, Allen struggles to get free. After a few seconds of the scissors, Heather grabs Allen's arm and twits it while pulling it very hard. 

Allen's face shows the pain he is in. His shiny white thong also shows his pain as he begins to get a stiff boner. Having been trapped for over two minutes Allen is now gasping for air. Holding him for almost another minute, Heather then releases male opponent. 

Allen is slow to get to his feet. As he does Heather is waiting for him. She grabs his arm and twists it up behind his back. She has put him in a HAMMER LOCK. Allen grabs at his shoulder as his arm is forced upward behind him. 

At the back of the arena Allen's sister 19 yr old Peggy Ann Miller is watching the action. With her also watching is her opponent in the next match. That just happens to be 19 yr old Brad O'Connell, Heather's brother. "WOW!! My sister is really kicking the crap out of your brother. It looks like he does not stand a chance. She going to crush him!! Just like I'm going to crush you!!!!" Peggy Ann does not react to him.

Up in the ring, Peggy Ann's brother Allen continues to be pounded by Heather. Holding tightly to his arm, Heather whips Allen across the ring into the turnbuckle. Allen slams into the turnbuckle hard. Right behind him comes his opponent Heather. As Allen is holding on tightly to the top rope, Heather drives her forearm into his chest. Allen groans as the punch lands. His head flops back and he grimaces in pain. WHOP!!!! WHOP!!!! WHOP!!!!! Heather lands 3 more very hard forearms on his chest.   

Allen is dazed and woozy, he stumbles out of the corner and falls to the mat. Heather very quickly is on his back. Reaching around, she cups her hands under Allen's chin, she hooks his arms over her thighs then pulls up. Allen is locked into a CAMEL-CLUTCH. The 18 yr old wrestler squirms and wiggles trying to get free. It's no use Heather has him locked up tight. 

However, it's Heather herself that releases Allen. Even after being released, Allen remains on the mat. Slowly ever so slowly her gets to his feet. It seems however that Allen is now even closer to defeat as his young manhood has swollen even more and is now rock hard. 

Having noticed his hard boner, Heather jams her arm between his legs. Allen screams in pain as she does. She then hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. For  second or two she holds him high in the air before slamming back down to the mat. Heather again repeats the move, slamming Allen for the second time. It seems obvious to everyone in the arena that Allen is just about finished. 

Very clearly, the young male wrestler has suffered what is known in pro- wrestling as a SQUASH MATCH. He never mounted any kind of attack against his female opponent. Did not get her in one single offensive hold. Now lifting him for the third time, she slams him down across her thigh. Allen screams in pain as she does. "PLEASE-PEASE, Heather don't slam me again!!!!Please don't!!!! I'm begging you not again, please!!!!" 

As Heather lifts Allen off the mat again, it seems his plea for mercy has fallen on deaf ears. This time though Heather changes position. She drapes Allen across her right shoulder. Her shoulder is right in the middle of his back. She then cups her hands across his chin. Allen is now off the mat, resting on Heather's shoulder. His shiny white boots dangle uselessly almost a foot off the mat. Once again the teenage male wrestler cries in pain. "My back, my back!!!! Friken "A" my back!!!"

Heather shouts to the ref, "Ask Him ref, ask him!!! See if he wants to submit to me? Ask him if her gives up?"  The ref can see what everyone else in the arena see's Allen is finished. She has handed him a crushing defeat. He has been completely squashed by her. The ref asks Allen, How about it son? You ready to call it quit's? Has she beaten you, do you want to submit the mat Allen?" 

Battered, beaten and defeated Allen Miller has no choice but to submit to her. 


And that submission ends Allen's winning streak. He has now suffered his very first loss. Heather drops Allen to the mat, with him landing on his back at Heather's feet. In a great show of victory Heather places one of her boots on Allen's chest. He is a very sad looking young wrestler. His face is contorted into a look of complete fear. If anything, his swollen manhood is ever more stiff that before. 

It takes Allen almost 5 minutes to get to his feet and exit the ring. He is bent over at the waist and is holding his back as he leaves. Back in his dressing room, he removes his shiny white thong. As he begins to cry. "I've been beaten!!! Dam!, that girl beat the hell out of me. I'll never live this down. Beaten, crushed and destroyed by a girl." 

As this match was coming to an end, the wrestlers for the next match were getting ready. In his dressing room 19 yr old Brent O' Connell gets his wrestling gear out and begins to change. He steps into light blue tights and wiggles into them. They are like a second skin, hiding nothing of his body. Every muscle `from his waist to his ankles are clearly visible. That especially goes for his large manhood. Brent then laces on his matching light blue boots. 

In another dressing room a stunningly gorgeous 19 yr old girl is also getting ready to wrestle. She is Allen Miller's sister. And her opponent is the brother of Heather O' Connell. This is a reversal of the first match. Anna Lee Miller pulls on her shiny tan pantyhose. She then wiggles into a dark red thong cut leotard. Then she finishes with dark red wrestling boots. Both wrestlers for the second match are ready. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the match can start. BONG!!!! Brent O'Connell moves first. The 19 yr old male wrestler is extremely fast and gets in behind Anna Lee Miller locking a Full Nelson on her. Instantly the fans can see the pain on her face as she struggles to free herself. 

Brent uses his speed to keep Anna Lee off balance. He moves from hold to hold, working over her arms, shoulders and upper body. For over 8 minutes Brent controls the action. Anna Lee is breathing hard and has a look of pain on her face. 

At just about the 9 minute mark, Brent whips Anna Lee into the ropes hopping to get her into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. But as she shoots back at him she avoids his outstretched arm and drives her knee into his lower abdomen. In truth, the knee is really much lower than that. If fact it slams into him only an inch above his manhood. It is a very low blow. 

Instantly, Brent screams in pain, "OOOOOOHHH!!!" and cups his hands over his injured manhood. Stunned and in enormous pain he drops to his knees. Anna Lee is on the downed male wrestler quickly. Grabbing his arms she pulls them back behind him and also twists them. Now it's Brent's turn to have a pained look on his face. Anna Lee takes full advantage of her struggling opponent. She jams her boot into the middle of his shoulders and pulls as hard as she can. 

It takes Brent almost 4 minutes to get free of the hold. Getting slowly to his feet he looks to engage Anna Lee. She is also ready to engage him. She moves forward very quickly and Brent is ready for her. Raising his boot, Brent kick out at Anna Lee catching her very low between her legs. Now it's Anna Lee that is screaming in pain. As he planed it the kick is very low and slams hrs into her young womanhood.   

With her hands holding tightly to her female parts, Brent is able to drive her into the turnbuckle. There he pounds her without mercy. His forearms slam into her breasts repeatedly. Now Anna Lee is cupping her hands over her acing breasts. As the ref steps in and breaks the hold, Anna Lee crosses her arms over her chest. 

An angry Anna Lee tears into Brent. She slams him in the face with her elbow. The blow knocks Brent to his knees.  She then kicks him in his chest, sending him flying backward landing a few feet away flat on his back. she then stomps him on his chest and in his belly. After several hard stomps in both places, Brent is in very serious trouble. 

Trying desperately to cover both his mid-section and his chest, Brent just does not have enough hands to do it. As Anna Lee stomps his many times. It is now obvious that the tide has turned. Brent is losing the match and it shows. Inside his light blue tights, his manhood has begun to swell. With each stomp he takes it grows harder and stiffer. 

Anna Lee now pulls Brent off the mat by his arm. Twisting that arm she whips him into the ropes across the ring. As he flies back toward her, Anna Lee drives her knee into his mid-section. The damage she has done to him is now unable to be overcome. Brent staggers forward several steps holding tightly to his abdomen. 

Again Anna Lee grabs her male opponents arm. The 19 yr old males face shows great fear and he cries out in that fear. "No-no, please don't do that again!!! I'm begging you don't hit me in my abdomen again!!! Oh god please not again!!!". 

This time as she grabs his arm she twists it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Brent is quickly up on the toes of his shiny blue boots. He struggles trying to escape. The more he struggles however, the tighter Anna Lee bends it. 

It's soon clear to everyone that Brent is very nearly finished. The bulge in his tights is now huge and rock hard. The look on his face is one of great fear and pain. The 19 yr old male wrestler, can take very little more. Releasing his arm, Brent's female opponent wraps her arm around his head and bends him backward. Brent is trapped in a DRAGON NECK BREAKER. 

Slowly Anna Lee bends Brent backward. Holding tightly to his head and neck, Brent's back is arched. Looking down at her male opponent, Anna Lee tells the trapped 19 yr old to submit to her. "Give up Brent, give up!!! I've got you, you can't escape. Submit to me, you're finished!!" Brent however, makes no response. It seems that the male wrestler is confused and very dazed. 

Now the ref moves in, "How about it Brent? Have you had enough? Are you ready to give up?"  Brent however makes no response. He has now been trapped in the DRAGON NECK BREAKER for almost two minutes. 

Again the ref asks, "Come on son!!!! You can't take much more!!! Are you finished, do you want to surrender the match?" this time he seems to understand what is happening to him. He knows that he is finished and this is the end, he can take no more pain. 


The bell ends the match, as well as any hopes Brent had of winning. Anna Lee releases the beaten teenage boy and he collapses to the mat. Lying face up, Anna Lee move toward Brent and places her dark red boot on his chest. "I've defeated you Brent. I made you submit to me!!!! We're even now." 

Brent is unable to respond to her. He lies on his back, with his eyes  and mouth open. The look on his face is one of complete defeat. It takes the staff several minutes to revive the beaten 19 yr old wrestler. He slowly exits the ring and heads for the the back. There he meets up with his sister, "Jeeze, Brent what happened to you? You look bad!!" Still with his blue tights stretched over his huge DEFEAT BONER "I got beat!!, she forced a submission out of me!! Oh god Peggy Ann she defeated me, she made me give up!!! I am really hurt." He then continues to slowly walk back to his dressing room.