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Update: 04.03.2022        W-718 "A contenders match"

Mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s been 9 months since Stone Carter was beaten in his very first match in the league. Since then he has gone 11 &0 and has moved up from the number 4 contender to the number 2 contender. His record now stands at 11 wins and 1 defeat. The only person he has lost to is tonight making her first shot at winning the title. 

Right now however, Stone is only concerned with own match. He needs to win to keep his # 4 ranking. In his dressing room, Stone accompanied as always by his very soon to be wife Ashley gets ready to wrestle. He strips off his street cloths and reaches into his gear bag. First he pulls on black dotted pantyhose He then steps into his shiny wet look Thong and laces up shiny black boots. 

As he finishes dressing for the match, Ashley heads for her ring side seat. A few seconds later Stone is called to the ring. His opponent for tonight will be the number 10 ranked wrestler. She is already waiting for him in the ring. She is Bernadette Walker and she is looking to move up. Bernadette wears a shiny wet look light blue thong cut leotard, with light blue pantyhose and boots. 

She is blond with blue eyes and a great figure and legs. She is also a few years younger than Stone. With both wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. BONG!!!! The bell sends both wrestlers out of their corners. Stone is off to a very fast start. He locks up with Bernadette and quickly takes he to the mat. Stone now has here in a FRONT HEAD LOCK. As Stone squeezes her head, Bernadette struggles to free herself. Kicking her legs wildly she must also keep her shoulders off the mat. 

Over the next several minutes or so, Stone is in total control of Bernadette. So much so that he has come close to pinning her. Twice the refs hand has pounded the mat and twice she has just beat the count. Bernadette has a very nervous look on her face. She was hopping to use this match to make a huge jump in the rankings, instead she seems to be in trouble of a quick defeat. 

With both wrestlers back on their feet, Stone is working over Bernadette with a variety of different holds. He uses a STEP OVER TOE HOLD to disable her legs. He uses, both a HAMMER LOCK and an ARM BAR to weaken her arms and shoulders. Now on her knees in front of Stone Bernadette is very near defeat.  

With his opponent on her knees, Stone bends low in front of her. He grabs her hair as if to pull her to her feet. With all the strength she has left, Bernadette slams a huge right hand punch into the tip of Stone’s jaw. Stone is instantly stunned . He straightens up and just stands there like a statue. 

Bernadette gets to her feet as quickly as she can. She can’t believe what is happening. Here is the number 4 contender standing in front of her as stiff as a board. Out in her front row seat Ashley, stone’s" fiancee is screaming at him. "Oh my god, Stone!!!! Wake up sweetie, please wake up!!!!" He acts as though he does not hear her. 

His female opponent does not care if he can hear or not, she has a match to win. Two very quick and very hard punches slam into Stone. One to the side of his face and one to his mid-section. The punches drive him into the corner and he backs against the turnbuckles. The punch to his stomach has driven the air from his lungs and he is now gasping. Both his hands are grabbing at his mid-section. 

Trapped in the corner Stone begins to take a lot of punishment. Bernadette slams fore-arms into him. She lands hard punches to his face and body. From out in the crowd comes a shout. "Fight Stone fight!!!! You have to fight back, oh god honey you have to fight back!!!" As much as he may want to fight back, he is in no condition to do it. 

Despite the urgings of his gorgeous fiancee, Stone continues to take punishment. A hard right lands flush on his jaw. That is followed by a crushing left into his mid-section. Stone reaches for the top rope to hold himself up. For all those at ring side several things are very clear. One, Stone is on the verge of being knocked out buy a low ranked wrestler. Two, A huge DEFEAT BONER is now visible inside his pantyhose and thong. 

His opponent Bernadette Walker has also noticed his large DEFEAT BONER she knows just what this means. She very quickly doubles her efforts to knock stone out. Still holding on to the top rope, Stone can’t defend himself against Bernadette’s attack. Both left and right punches slam into Stone’s mid-section. When he lowers his hands to protect his abdomen Bernadette slams punches into his face and head. 

It is one such punch that sends the number 4 contender sliding down the turnbuckles landing on the mat. Stone has taken a tremendous beating. He now lies on the mat, with his back up against the lower turnbuckle and his legs stretched out in front of him. 

Bernadette quickly realizes that there is no longer any fight left in her male opponent. She grabs him by his shiny black boots and drags him to the center of the ring. She quickly splits his legs a part. She drops to the mat sitting directly across from him. She places her boots against his thighs just below the inside his knees. She then reaches forward and grabs his wrists. Swiftly she pulls Stone up into a sitting position. Bernadette now has Stone trapped in a LEG SPLIT. Slowly inch by inch Bernadette moves her boots higher and higher up stone’s legs. 

She is now half way between his knees and his swollen stiff manhood. Stone is screaming in pain as he is split. "Oh my god, Bernadette, you’re going to split me in half!!!!! Let me go!!!! PLEASE let me go!!!! Bernadette has only one answer for Stone. "Give up Stone all you have to do stop the pain is to submit to me" At this point Bernadette is sure that Stone is finished and that she has him. She turns to the ref. "come on ref, it’s time to ask him. I’ve got him he can’t escape me!!!! 

The ref believes Bernadette that Stone is finished. She asks "How a bout it Stone, have you had enough? Has Bernadette beaten you? Let me know what you want to do?"At this point, Stone Carter has no fight left in him. His legs are stretched out in front of him and split wide apart. Bernadette has both of his arms tied up. He is hopelessly trapped. Even before all this happened, Bernadette walker had given Stone Carter a parity bad beating. She over powered him and had him locked In the corner absorbing punch after paunch.

You could say that she was quite easily out wrestling him. He had been Trapped is several very painful holds. It is safe to say that Bernadette Walker had her male opponent well on his way to defeat. "PLEASE Bernadette, please!!!! I’m done, I can’t take any more!!!" hearing her opponent plodding for mercy Bernadette tells the ref "Ask him ref. Come on ask his!!!!Does he submit to me or not?" 

The ref moves in close to Stone. "What do you say Stone? You ready to submit to Bernadette? Has she beaten you?" Stone knows he has no choice, he has to surrender to his female opponent. The leg split she has on him is just too painful to endure any longer.


Bernadette releases the male wrestler and gets to her feet. Just like 9 months ago, Stone is left on the mat with his legs spared wide apart lying on his back. He looks terrible, his face is contorted in pain. There are welts on his chest and belly form the punches she has throne. Most of all the evidence of his beating is the huge DEFEAT BONER between his legs. Out in her front row seat his fiancee looks completely discussed. Angry that he has again been beaten by a female wrestler. 

It takes the training people several minutes to get Stone to his feet and out of the ring. As he gets to his dressing room, he instantly sees that there is no one there. Ashley has gone and is not there to comfort him in his loss. He holds his head with his hands and starts to cry. "I’ve lost her!!! Oh dear god, I’ve lost her!!!" A badly shaken and defeated Stone Carter stretches out on the table unable to control himself. All he can do is cover his face with his hands.

It is now time for the match everyone has been waiting for. The title match between the World champion Evan Butler and the number one challenger Chrystal Young. The reason for all the excitement is that Chrystal has defeated the numbers 3 & 2 contenders over the last month and a half. She defeated both men in a slick and brutal style. 

Chrystal enters the ring in a dark red thong cut leotard over her shiny black pantyhose and dark red boots. The Champion, Evan Butler enters wearing light blue tights and matching boots and his world title belt. One thing is obvious about the Champion, he is very well endowed with a huge manhood. 

With the introductions and instructions complete, both wrestlers return to their corners. The bell sends them after each other. The Champion exits very cautiously. Chrystal makes no such effort. She comes flying out leaps high and lands on Evens shoulders. In only 3 seconds Chrystal has a head scissors on Even. She leans forward taking him to the mat as well as trapping him in a head scissors. 

Four seconds into the match the World Champion is on the mat on his back. He also has Chrystal’s legs wrapped tightly around his head. Evan twists and turns trying to escape the head scissors. He is also gasping for breath. Chrystal suddenly gets to her feet and is standing over the champion. BAM!!! BAM!! She stomps Evan in his mid-section and a second stomp just above his manhood. Evan’s screams fill the arena. "OOOOOOHH!!!! AAAAAAAUUU! Evan grabs at his stomach as well as his lower abdomen. 

Chrystal pulls the champion to his feet, using her fore-arm she drives him back into a corner. As she did in several of her other matches, she begins to pound on her male opponent. BAM!!!! BAM!!!! BAM!!!! Three horrendous punches crash into the champion. The first slams into his jaw. Many at ringside believe that the first punch knocked him out. The second and third punches slam into his mid section and then into his manhood. There is a look of enormous pain on the champions face. His blue tights easily reveal his now swelling manhood. The World Champion has a DEFEAT BONER.

Chrystal pulls Evan from the corner to the center of the ring. She scoops him off the mat and then slams him down painfully. Evan lies on the mat unmoving, unable to get to his feet. Chrystal moves in on the downed champion quickly. She lifts his shiny blue boots off the mat and rolls him face down. She leans back locking the Champion in a crushing BOSTON CRAB. Evan struggles for only a few seconds then starts screaming "I’m done, I’m done!!!! She wins, I can’t take any more!!!!" The Ref hearing Evan screaming moves in close to the trapped male wrestler. "Is that it Evan. Are you beaten? Do you want to submit? It takes the soon to be former Champion about 2 seconds to answer the ref:


That’s it, the new Champion releases the former Champion and he drops to the mat. With Evan stretched out on the mat The announcer tells the stunned crowd that this was the fastest championship match in the history of the league. Also the fastest defeat of a reigning champion in history. The crowd is almost silent for several seconds as the very popular former Champion lies on the mat defeated, his tights stretched to the limit by his huge DEFEAT BONER. 

In a show of his humiliation Chrystal places her boot on Evan’s chest and raises her arms in the air. The badly beaten former Champion can do nothing to stop her.

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