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police woman arrests naked man bodysuit handcuffs femdom fetish

Update: 15.10.2021

B-698 "Ballbust variations"

Gallery size: 410 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 410 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Colin was triumphant. He’d discovered where the bitch lived! That bitch of a policewoman who had humiliated him in public, and then some more in private. Well now he was going to surprise her, wasn’t he just?

He recalled the event in his mind, as he had done countless times before. It had been one of those confused public fights, which starts off with two people involved but then spreads, and they had sent one policewoman to stop it. 

She had arrested him, and was about to handcuff him, when trouble flared up among some other people. When she went away to stop it, he threw the handcuffs into a nearby skip, and made a run for it. But she had gone after him, bringing him down with a rugby tackle, to cheers from the crowd. Then she had marched him off, holding him in an arm twist, and earning their applause. Finally, she had ball busted him back at the police station.

So now it was time for revenge. Make a laughing stock of him, would she? Ensure no woman took him seriously any more, would she? Yes, well he would quietly let himself into her house, as only a criminal like him knew how to, and wait for when she arrived. Ballbust him when they were alone in the cell, would she? Ah, well now he’d show her how potent he really was down there!

He broke in quickly and silently, and soon found the bedroom. He hid beside the door, stripped, and waited. Something he had noticed about her was that she had a fabulous figure – large breasts, narrow waist, and round, generous hips and bottom. How he was going to enjoy turning the tables on her! How he was going to savour that luscious body!

Here she was. Colin clenched his fists as her footsteps grew nearer. The door handle turned, she got halfway in - and he struck. He punched her brutally on the jaw, and she collapsed, unconscious. How easy was that! He grabbed her ankles and dragged her towards the bed, before picking her up and bundling her onto it.

Lying on her back, Miranda, the policewoman, began to regain consciousness. Instinct, rather than training, insisted she wake up instantly. She was in immediate danger and must respond before it was too late. A man, who was familiar, had her by the throat and was going to rape her. Seeing her come to her senses, Colin released her throat, and lay over her, threatening.

"Well, well, here we are again!" he gloated. "Our own private reunion! You remember me? A rugby tackle, a half-nelson, and then your knee in my balls later on in the cell?"

She remembered, and she knew she had one chance. Colin moved up slightly, smiled, nodded, and breathed in, about to relish the moment; and Miranda brought her trusty right fist into play. It was his turn to get a punch on the jaw, and he rolled away from her, clutching it.

"Yes, I remember you," Miranda told him, clamping her legs around him in a bodyscissors. "You were the creep who got me demoted for losing a pair of handcuffs. Yes," she continued, "loss of status, and reduced pay was all I got for my efforts that night," she told him, increasing the pressure of her legs. "But now I have the man who did all that to me! And he’s naked!" she added, chuckling. "And see, I have a smart new set of handcuffs!"

Miranda grabbed his left arm, planted her knee on the small of his back, and locked the cuff around his wrist. Then she wrenched his other arm round, and locked his hands together, forcing him upright. She frogmarched him against the wall and turned him round to face her.

"Well, well, here we are again!" she mimicked him, pointing at his erect penis. "You moan about a single ballbust in that cell? Very well, try this!"

Colin screamed in pain as the strong woman trapped him in a headlock, and slammed her right knee up into his balls. He collapsed on the floor at her feet, and she allowed herself a momentary celebration.

"Right, I’m going to change out of my uniform. I don’t want to be demoted a second time if it gets torn, with what I’m going to do to you. Don’t go away. (Oh, silly of me – you can’t.)

Colin lay on the floor, his hands cuffed behind his back, whimpering. He’d been so confident, and now look at him! That was the problem, he realised, he’d been too confident. A woman doesn’t get accepted into the police unless she can defend herself. The problem with this one, though, was that she didn’t stop at defence, and he felt real fear as he heard her return.

"Ah, Colin," she said derisively. "Petty criminal, street brawler and would-be rapist. I’ve put on my special ballbusting leotard, just for you! I like it because it shows off my large tits and tight, round bum, while providing maximum flexibility for me to kick or knee a man in the nuts. But there’s so much more to ballbusting than simply that. There are infinite variations, and you’re the lucky guy who’s going to experience them! I can see you feel lucky too – my, what an erection you have! But stop this idle chatter, there’s work to be done. Now, let’s remove the handcuffs so you can try and fight back (if you’re stupid enough to).

Miranda hauled him up by the hair, briefly headlocked him, and then kicked him in the balls from behind.

"This one I call ‘goalkeeper’s ballbust’," she told him sadistically, "because your team have their backs to you. Now, I follow up with the ‘double knee’: rapid left-right bangs into your nuts. There, that’s got you howling! Ooh, fighting back!" she jeered, as Colin swung a punch and missed. "So I respond with the ‘Penalty’, a long right kick bang between the goal posts!

"Now this one I call ‘Synchronised Ballbust’. You’ll note how I knee you with my left knee – like THIS – and punch you in the face at the same time. Oops, you felt that, didn’t you?

Colin slumped forward, feeling sick with pain, and Miranda copied the "penalty" kick with her left foot, before resuming the narrative:

"After a straightforward left-right kick, we get to my favourite – the intimate ballbust. The woman pulls the man towards her, deliberately rubbing her breasts against his chest. Ballbusting excites me, so you can feel my hard nipples through the thin material of my leotard as I drive my knee up and … you’ve come! You dirty boy, you’ve come all over my leotard! Right, it’s time for another change. Wait there, and don’t you dare move!"

Colin rocked to and fro with pain, and moaned with shame. Despite the agony, it had aroused him to such an extent that the devil-woman made him come. He would have to leave the area, without question. Women laughed at him as it was, ever since his embarrassing arrest. If they got to know ballbusting had made him come – and they would get to know it – life would be impossible in this neighbourhood.

"Actually thinking about it, this leotard is more fetching, don’t you think?" Miranda jolted him out of his despairing thoughts.

She stood next to him, hands on hips and smiling. She was right about the leotard: black near-zigzags just stopped it from being entirely see-through, while its neckline, plunging all the way to her navel, intoxicated the observer with a daring glimpse of her gorgeous breasts.

"There now, up you get," Miranda sniggered, getting straight back to work with her right foot. "This one I call the ‘hook ballbust’, because my foot hooks in from the side. As you’re on your knees, I’ll give you a blast with a ‘broadside ballbust’, so you can feel the extent of my heel on your balls. Yay! It’s knocked you over onto your back!"

She stood over him with her foot on his cock and balls, menacing him by alternately increasing pressure and easing off. Then she hauled him up, rammed her left knee into his balls, and elbowed him in the back. She chose not to comment this time (probably because she couldn’t think of any more terms for what she was doing).

She continued the assault, swapping knees, then wrenching his leg up and coming in at him from the side, before returning to what she called the "long shot", or kick. Again, she alternated right and left kicks.

"Now I’ll demonstrate the ‘gymnast’s ballbust,’ Miranda cheerfully recommenced the commentary. She jumped, and with all the grace and subtle strength of a gymnast, smacked her right foot into his balls.

"This one’s called the ‘shove ballbust,’ she exclaimed, standing on her left foot and shoving her right heel against his balls, firing upwards, before extending this to what she called the "karate kick ballbust", for obvious reasons.

"How’s this for a ‘ballerina ballbust’?" she laughed, as she did a fine imitation of a ballerina, showing all the elegance and poise of one, as she sprang one more kick in his essentials.

Yes, Colin had done great wrong, and meant to do worse. But no observer could help feeling a little sorry for him, facing Miranda’s relentless assault. Seizing his wrist, she lay on her back and pulled him above her, before ramming her foot where it did the most damage. It pushed him onto his feet, but she only swapped feet, and did the same thing, before resuming the commentary and assailing him with a "somersault ballbust", shooting one at him from behind while tumbling away from him.

On her back again, she demonstrated what she called the "lazy ballbust", whereby she "relaxed" on her back, and shot her right foot out as an afterthought. Quiet now, she followed this up by grabbing his left arm and bringing her left knee up into play.

She was remorseless. Hardly giving the whimpering man time to breathe, she forced her left foot in now, while she knelt on her right knee. She laughed evilly when Colin tried to respond with not even a half-heated punch, and halted him excruciatingly with her right foot. Then her left foot joined in the fun.

"Ah yes, the ‘dancing ballbust’," she gloated. "Shall we dance?" she asked with mock innocence, holding his hand as if they were dancing, before doing the same old thing with her right foot. "How’s your ballroom?" she concluded, laughing.

"Now it’s time for the ‘ball divide’" Miranda went on. "I aim my shin at them and – yes! – see, how it’s landed plumb between your balls, dividing them? Your poor old cock didn’t know which way to go, though!"

Colin’s arms stretched out at the intensity of the pain, which sent tremors as far as his fingertips, toes and ears. But she didn’t ease off, kicking first left then right, and continuing with the alternating kicks, sometimes aiming straight, sometimes sideways on, karate-style again. At other times, she would fire a foot upwards, from underneath his balls. For such a basic, obvious form of attack, she knew countless variations.

Even when she at last seemed to exhaust the repertoire of kicks, she would bring her knees back into action, and the different types of assault would be meted out to him all over again: left, right, from the side under one of his trapped legs, until he was wailing for her to stop.

In fact he wailed so much that when Miranda was going to revisit the ‘intimate’ ballbust, she stopped just short, resting her knee so that it merely brushed his balls. Teasing, tormenting, she murmured, "Oh, I’m sorry," and kissed him, before viciously resuming the attack. 

After repeating the trick of ballbusting with a knee and bringing her elbow down on his neck at the same time, she announced that she was going to try a different "synchronised ballbust" from the one before. True to her word, she banged her right knee into his balls, and right hooked him at the same time. On their own, punch and knee would have been severe; together they were devastating. Indeed, after a couple more shots from her, Colin collapsed onto his back.

But Miranda followed him down, kneeling on her right knee, and continuing the barrage with her left, smiling and laughing all the time. There was yet more scope for variety with Colin down. She pulled his legs up, moved them apart, and hammered him once more, punishing cock, balls and coccyx. Pushing him back down again, she continued in this vein, first from behind and then from the front, eventually letting her foot have a go.

"Come on, up you get," she ordered, although he was too exhausted to do it without her "help". "It’s time for a punch on the nose!" she announced, promptly carrying out the action while ‘shinning’ his cock. Down he went again.

Colin was reduced to almost inaudible pleading, along the lines of "Please!" and "No more!" but it was to no avail. Still she persisted. In a position resembling a schoolgirl pin, she kept up the bombardment with her knee. But she did stop for a moment when something was delivered through the door.

"I thought that was my husband home early for a minute," she told Colin (as if he cared about anything by this time). "Now that would have taken some explaining! He thinks I stand behind the desk all day, taking enquiries. He wouldn’t like to think of me getting involved in any rough stuff, and he certainly wouldn’t be happy to see me practically lying on top of a naked man with my knee on his balls!"

She pulled the hapless Colin back up again. A couple of knees to the groin, though, and he was back down, once more on his back, and she was into the attack. This time she struck him in the mouth with her left knee (not neglecting his manhood with the other leg, naturally). Then, seizing his ankles, and sitting between his legs, she kicked, before reverting to the pin-and-knee attack.

This couldn’t last much longer. As if knowing it would end soon, Miranda seemed to quicken the pace, kneeling above his groin on one leg and destroying his balls with the opposite knee, while punching him in the mouth.

"Hmm, I think I’ll conclude with the sexy ballbust," she announced, lying slightly to the side of him, and using her left knee for a final blow. Then she stood over him, with her foot on his balls.

"Now, you’re not going to break into any more houses, are you?"

"No … please!"

"I should think not!" she crowed, teasing the tip of his cock with her foot.

"No more crime at all."


Miranda savoured the moment. She had turned another bad man away from crime - in her own inimitable style.

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