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CFNM facesitting oral sex female domination fight

Update: 27.07.2018

W-528 "Ballet dancer vs husband"

Gallery size: 190 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

They have been happily married for a long time. He is older than she is, but it never seemed to matter to them. They were and are in love with each other. Their life was good, their sex was good and they were both making good money. The only problem was that he wanted a little more. He had a fetish and he wanted her to participate in it with him. 


They lived in a large home and converted the basement into her ballet studio. Every day she would change into her leotards and tights and spend a b few hours working out and practicing her dance moves. She is the top ballerina in the local company and worked very hard on her skill.

Every day he would spend some time watching her dance. He is thrilled by her dancing, every day he would grow hard watching her. The worst thing for him is that he can’t participate with her. His fantasy’s were elsewhere. Every day as she came up the stairs and into the kitchen he would ask her.

“PLEASE honey, how about trying it today” And every day she would tell him “NO, I’m not interested!!” This went on so long it became a joke between them, him asking and she saying no. Week after week, month after month it stretched into a year. Then it all changed. Both for him and for her. It was the day she said “YES”.

He was stunned, she said yes. He couldn’t believe it. They decided that they would start tomorrow. First he would teach her some holds and some moves. He explained that the object of the match was to get your opponent to submit or give up. Every day for the next week he would show her a hold or two and then let her get him in it.

As the week went on his arousal level increased almost daily. He was so excited that he never noticed the she was getting better and better at applying the holds. He believed that it was he that was letting her work on her holds.

After two weeks of practice he begged her to try a match with him. He promised not to hurt her or do any damage to her. She said that she would think about it and let him know. She had hoped that letting him teach her a few holds would get it out of his system. However, that was not the case. He was even more anxious than before.

The next day he asked again, this time she said yes again but with a stipulation. He would have to wrestle her naked. She was sure that he would say no, but he did not. “Yes-yes any way you want!!!” So there it was, she had agreed to wrestle him.

She had just finished her ballet routine when he came down the stairs. “You ready honey?”. She nodded and told him to get ready. She was in her black ballet leotard and black tights. He slowly slipped of his his robe, was naked under it. She came close to him and said “OK, let’s get started.” She put her hands on his shoulders and he put his on hers. He said “Begin!!”

For the first few seconds they stood there pushing on each other. Then he slipped behind her and took her to the floor. Over the next ten minutes or so they exchanged holds. They grabbed arms and legs. They twisted each other one way then another. Soon it was obvious that he was beginning to tire. She is younger and stronger that he is. His breathing became deep and gasping. She bent his arms up behind his back. It was he that had showed her the HAMMER-LOCK. For the first time in the match he cried out in pain. “My arms, OH god my arms!!’ She had him now. With a grin she asked her husband, “Does it hurt? Do you want to give up? I’ll let you go if you do.” He was trapped, but he had waited too long for this. “NO-NO, I won’t give up, you can’t make me.”

Well we would see about that. She held him tight for almost a minute. All the while he continued to cry out in pain. “OOOOOOUUU!! God it hurts!!” Again she offered him a way out. “How about now? Do you want to give up yet?”. This time he actually thought about it. He was in more pain than he imagined he would be. If he could just get out of this hold. Again his answer was the same. “NO-NO, not ready to submit!! I won’t give up!!”

Well he asked for it. Releasing his arms she pull him down to the mat on his back. With one leg under him she lock her other leg around his middle. Lying flat on the floor he was about to be caught in an Abdominal-scissors. With years of ballet training behind her her legs were as strong as any mans. Slowly she began to squeeze her her husband.

In just a few seconds he began to feel the pain of her scissors. Second by second the pain increased. Before long he could stand no more. “OOOOOHHH!! OOOOOHHH!!! It hurts!!! Your hurting me. OOOOOHHH lord it hurts”.

Calmly she again asks “Have you had enough lover? You ready to call it quits?” With the pain increasing every second he knows he has lost to his wife:

“YES-YES!! I QUIT!! Let me go, you win!!! PLEASE-PLEASE let me go, I GIVE UP!!!"

And now his fantasy was over, he had wrestled his wife and she had defeated him. If only it could keep going. 


Looking down on her beaten husband she asked “Are you OK? Can you get up?” Breathing deeply he tells her, I’m OK. I didn’t think you could beat me. Just let me catch my breath.” After a few seconds she helps him to his feet and they head up stairs.

That night something strange happened to both of them. They made love and it was the best sex they had in a long time. Over the next week she began to fantasize about their wrestling match. She imagined all the various holds she could put on him. She imagined him struggling and crying out in pain. She imagined how she would dominate him. How she would make him her slave. How beaten and battered he would do anything for her.

In the 7 days following their wrestling match neither of them spoke about it. Then she asked him if he enjoyed the match. Assuring her that he did indeed enjoy it she asked him if he would like to try again to defeat her. He instantly said yes and that this time it would be different. This time he would not go easy on her. This time he would show her who the man was. The following day right after her ballet training he made his way to the basement. This time all he had on was a white silk robe.

The two faced each other just a few feet apart. He said BEGIN!!! And the match was on. She moves in on him very quickly. Grabbing his arm she twists it behind his back. Almost instantly there is pain etched on his face. Softly he begins to moan in pain. “OOOOOOUUUU!!! OOOOOOOHHHH!! Seeing that she is already hurting him she asks “Does it hurt, lover? You’re not ready to give up yet, are you?”

Determined not to submit to her this time he tells her “It’ll take more that this to make me submit!!.” In one almost instantaneous movement she releases his arm and wraps her arm around his head. It seems as though she has been studying wrestling moves all week. He has gone from being in a HAMMER-LOCK to being in a DRAGON-NECK BREAKER. Slowly she increases the pressure on his neck. His knees buckle and he slowly sinks to the floor. His knees touch the floor as she adds to the pressure on his neck and back. This time he cries out from the pain of her hold. “OOOOOOHHH!! DAM it hurts!! OH god what are you doing to me?” As she wrenches his neck even tighter she tells him “The same thing I did to you last time. I’m going to make you submit to me.”

He claws at her arms holding his neck tightly. It’s no use she is too strong for him. In only seconds she has taken him down and applied a tremendously painful submission hold on her husband. His face clearly shows the pain he is in. There is also another look on it, he is afraid. Terror is in his eyes and all over his face. One minute into the match and he is beaten.

“Let me go, let me go!! It hurts too much!! You’re too strong for me. Can’t take any more, pain is too much. “ She looks down at her pitiful husband wining, whimpering and crying as she holds him tightly. “Lucky for you this is a best of 5 falls match. You will have 4 more chances to beat me. Better luck next time. Are you ready to give up?” That’s an easy answer for him. He just wants the pain to end.

“Yes, yes, I’m ready, you’ve beaten ne again!! Let me go, oh please let me go!! I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP!!! YOU WIN!!!"


Seconds later she releases her husband and he crumples to the floor. Lying there at her feet, he has his hands covering his face as tears run down his cheeks. On his back he looks up at her and tells her. “I can’t go on, you’re too strong for me. I can’t beat you.” 


“Beat me, who said you had to beat me? You will never beat me, but you’re going to try. I’m up 2 falls to nothing. You have 3 falls left". And so the match continued.

It took him almost five minutes to recover from his defeat in the second fall. His wife waited quietly as he struggled to his feet. He walked over to the wall hook and took his towel to wipe his face of both sweat and tears. She watched as he took several very deep breaths. Back where she was standing she a look of impatiens on her face. “Come on your stalling. Let’s go, we have 3 falls to wrestle yet! Suddenly there it is, that look of fear on his face. She was beginning to enjoy that look. “No please, I need more time.”

For him time was up. She began to slowly walk toward him. Standing in front of his she grabbed his limp and soft manhood. His eyes grew wide with fear, “PLEASE-PLEASE!!! Not down there, don’t hurt me down there!!!” Holding the shaft of his manhood tightly she told him. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you down there, I might need it later!!”

She let go of his manhood and stepped behind him. Before he could react she had her arms under his and up behind his head. She now had had her husband in a Full-Nelson. Applying as much pressure as she could she had his head bent forward and his arms stretched high in the air. Extending herself to her full height she she lifted him off the floor. Slowly almost gently she began to swing him back and forth. Instantly he began to scream. “Put me down, PLEASE put me down. You’re going to break my neck!!”

Smiling behind his back she lowered him to the floor. Moving quickly she grabbed him around his middle lifted him again and dropped him to the floor. As he lay there she dropped beside him on her knees. His limp, soft manhood between his legs. Using both hands she dug her fingers into his middle and began to squeeze. She now had an AB-Claw locked tightly onto her husband’s AB’s.

His eyes grow wide with pain and fear. As happens to many male wrestlers, when they are in pain or are very close to defeat his manhood began to swell and grow hard. Looking down on him, she giggles just a little bit. “Wow, this must really hurt. I can see you are getting close to defeat. Looks like I’m going to win this fall too.” As she continues to squeeze him, he begins to cry again. “Had enough my love? Are you ready to admit defeat? Are you ready to admit that I’m a better wrestler that you are? Go on, I want to hear it!!”

“YES, I’ve had enough!! You’ve defeated me again!! You are the better wrestler. I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP!! PLEASE STOP!! I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE! I GIVE UP!!!"


Having lost his third fall, his wife decides that he has taken enough pain, punishment and humiliation for today. She goes up stairs leaving him stretched out on the floor. Almost an hour later he comes limping up the steps. 


Two weeks pass as it takes that long for him to regain his strength and let his bruises heel. Then one day it happens. She tells him it time for them to wrestle again. He looks at her in horror: “No, I don’t want to wrestle you anymore. You too good and too strong me. I don’t want to get hurt again.” Her response is less that sympathetic. “It was your idea to start this and what makes you think you have a choice?”

Reluctantly he goes to get out of his cloths and head to the basement. By the time he gets there his wife is already changed into her wrestling attire. High cut black leotard and black tights. As soon as she see him she can see the fear on his face. She smiles and giggles softly as his fear of her. She does live him very much so she offers him a challenge. “Listen honey, if you can defeat me only once today, that will be the last time we will wrestle each other. But if I win you will become my slave for life. So how about, want to take a chance?” Seeing no alternative he agrees.

The two now face each other. She in her leotard and he naked. His manhood limp and soft and she aroused and excited. Her nipples standing hard against her leotard. She says BEGIN!! He rushes her and his momentum takes her down. This is the first time he has gotten her off her feet. She is surprised by his quick attack. He quickly get to his knees and grabs her arm. Stretching it out as far as he can he drops his knee just above her elbow. She shrieks in pain as his knee smashes into her bicep.

Twice more he smashes her bicep. She howls in pain “My arm!!! Oh god my arm!!” Hearing his wife cry out in pain excites him. It’s what he’s wanted from the start, to dominate her. Grabbing her wrist he begin to twist it as hard as he can. Again she cries out “It hurts, Oh jezz it hurts!!”. He smiles at her, “now you know what it feels like!!”

Over the next several minutes he works her over, putting her in one hold after another. Her arm and both her legs are twisted, pulled and bent. Over and over she cries out in pain as each hold is applied by her husband. “You’re hurting me!!” My leg, please don’t break my leg!!” “ OH, let me go, it hurts”.

Then as quickly as it started it is over. Stopping to take a breath he lets go of her leg. Standing up straight he becomes an easy target. She lashes out with her leg and kicks him low in his abdomen. He gasps for air, his eyes open wide and he grabs at his lower mid-section, her heel smashed into him just inches above his manhood.

Holding tightly to his abdomen he sinks to the floor. Quickly she is on her feet and reaches out grabbing his head. Pulling it close she jams it between her legs. Crossing her ankles she quickly begins to squeeze. He has gone from winning this match to being trapped in a STANDING HEAD SCISSORS.

Still holding his mid-section, he now has a new problem. Reaching around in front to grab he legs, he desperately tries to pull them apart. If he can just open them an inch or two he can get free of this hold. Struggling and straining as hard as he can, he is unable to pry her legs apart at all. Gasping for breath his actions become desperate. Using his fists he pounds on her legs. As the pain increases he begins to cry out, “she’s got me!! She’s got me again!! PLEASE don’t hurt me, I’m begging you please don’t hurt me!!”

She is deaf to his pleas. Releasing his head she sends a kick into his side that sends him rolling onto his back. He again grabs at his side and cries out in pain “OOOOOOOUU!!” Dropping down she goes to the floor with her head at his back and her legs toward his front. Lifting his head she puts it between her legs. Grabbing his arms she pulls them out behind him. She then begins to squeeze as hard as she can. He is now lying on his side with his arms stretched out behind him and his head smashed between her thighs. With his back toward her, he cannot see the smile on her face. Now she will teach him.

With his arms tied up and his head being crushed between her legs he now has little hope of beating his wife in this match. He’ll be lucky if she does not knock him out. His mind races as he faces almost certain defeat. “I can’t win, she’s going to beat me again. I’ll be her slave. What is she going to do to me. OH god she’s really hurting me now. I have to give up. My only choice is to surrender to her.

As she increases the pressure on his head and bends his arms farther back he knows he’s finished. She’s just to powerful and too skilled for him. He has no chance of beating her. All the signs are there, he has started to cry and manhood is becoming stiff.

She too has seen the signs. “Does it hurt honey? Have you started to cry? What do you think sweetheart, are you ready to submit to me yet?” He does not want to submit to her, he knows his life will be over if he does. There is just no other choice.

“OH yes, I want to submit!! You’ve won again! I surrender to you!! Let me go, PLEASE let me go!!!"

She eases off on the scissors just a little bit. She does however want to punish him for attacking her when the match started. “I can’t let you go just yet. You tried to hurt me at the beginning!! I have to punish you for that.” Now he’s terrified of her. “NO-NO, I’m sorry!! PLEASE don’t hurt me anymore!!! PLEASE-PLEASE, I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again!!” 


She looks down on him and smiles. “Too late for sorry, you need to be punished.” His eyes are wide with fear, “NO, please don’t punish me!! OH god, please don’t!!” It’s already too late. She increases the pressure on her husband as she bends his arms farther and farther. It feels as though his head is going to explode and that his arms are being ripped from their sockets.

The terrified husband begins to scream his surrender to her:

“OOOOOOHH!! Please, you’re hurting me!!! STOP, I beg you please stop!! You’ve beaten me!! I GIVE UP!! I’m your slave for life!! Just please, let me go!!! PLEASE, Mistress PLEASE!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"


Two seconds later he passes out. She quickly releases her husband and lets him slump to the floor. A feeling of exhilaration, tremendous power and raw sexuality floods her body. She has completely dominated her husband. The local prima ballerina has beaten a man and made him her slave. She has become an AMAZON in her own home.

About an hour later her husband slowly stumbles up the steps and enters the room. She sees him and crooks her finger calling his over to her. She points to the floor and he knees naked before her. “I am your mistress, your Queen and your conquer. Kneel before me!! I rule your life, you are my slave forever!!!”

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