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japanese mixed wrestling leotard victory pose woman wins

Update: 06.08.2021

W-688 "China vs the USA"

Gallery size: 430 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 430 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

As I’m sure you know wrestling is a worldwide sport. It is very popular in almost every country. Lately however there has been a change in what is happening in pro wrestling. Some of the richest people in the world are forming their own pro wrestling teams. These team are pitted against each other and their very wealthy owners bet against each other. 

Tonight will be one of these type of matches. One of the richest people in the United States that owns a team will be putting his team up against a team owned by one of the richest people in China. There will be five matches. All of the matches will be intergender matches. That is because the owner of the Chinese team is a woman and the owner of the America Team is a man. 

We are at a huge arena for the matches. There are about a 100 people in a arena built to hold 17,000. All are invited guests of one of the owners. Among those people is Chin’s Ambassador to the United States. Two US senators. As well as several other billionaires. Among the guests there is very heavy betting on the matches. 

The first match is just about to begin. The wrestler involved are, from the United States: 22 yr old Barry Westmorland. And from China 18 yr old Ming Na. Barry comes to the ring wearing light gray tights and black boots. All of the male wrestlers from the USA will wear tights. Ming Na comes to the ring in the Chinese uniform. A red spandex leotard that is very a high very high cut thong style, her leotard is also very tight. She4 also wears, black pantyhose and red boots. On her leotard is the symbol of the Peoples Republic of China. A large star with a semi-circle of four smaller stars around it. 22 yr old Barry is a very athletic young man. And his tights also leave nothing to the imagination. 

With both young wrestlers in the ring the action is about to start. As per a earlier agreement the ref for tonight will be Chinese. With the instructions over both wrestlers return to their corners. Barry quickly pulls up his tights and adjusts his manhood in them. This brings cheers from the ladies in the audience. 

BONG!!! The match has started. Both wrestlers exit their corners and advance on each other. Suddenly Ming Na dives and slides toward Barry. She quickly wraps her legs around Barry’s and twists and she takes Barry to the mat. The Chinese wrestler has made the first move. 

Very quickly she is on him. She bends one of his legs over the other. Barry is now immobile and in pain. "My legs, my legs!!! Oh man, she’s hurting me!! From her position sitting on his legs, Ming Na is able to reach forward. She does this and begins to pound on the back of Barry’s head. Over and over, she smashes her fists into Barry. It does not take long for him to become disorientated as well as dazed. 

After 6 or 8 very hard smashes into the back of his head, Ming Na gets to her feet. Reaching down she grabs Barry by his hair and pulls him to his feet. It is very obvious to everyone that Barry is badly hurt. His eyes are partially closed and his head is rolled off to one side. Ming Na, then grabs his arm and whips him into the turnbuckle. Barry slams into it and needs to hold on to the top rope to stay on his feet. 

He is followed quick by his Chinese opponent. She races in and drives her knee into his mid-section. The air explodes out of Barry’s lungs. Her knee has just exploded into him just at the belt line of his gray tights. Before he can drop to the mat Ming Na pulls the badly battered male wrestler out of the corner. She drags him to the center of the ring and gets in behind him. 

She then wraps her arms around his head and begins to squeeze. The young Chinese girl has her American opponent lock into a SLEEPER HOLD. At this point, Barry becomes completely unglued. He claws at Ming Na’s arms to no avail. She has him lock up tightly. Barry begins to scream "She’s got me!!! Oh god, she’s got me!! I’m going to be knocked out! She’s got me!!!" 

Slowly Barry begins to fade into darkness. First his arms drop to his sides. And his knees buckle. At this point he begins to scream. The terrified American wrestler can no longer control himself.


Those are Barry’s last words in this match. His eyes close and he collapses to the mat. Barry has been knocked out by Ming Na. 

The 22 yr old male wrestler lies stretched out on the mat. He is unconscious. The American team has suffered a defeat. The trainers rush to Barry and make every effort to revive him. It takes them several minutes to awaken him. They get his to his feet and out of the ring. 

They carry him back to his dressing room. The other American wrestlers ask what has happened. The trainers tell them. "He got beat. He was knocked out by an 18 yr old girl. You guys lost the first match. 

The second match is just minutes away. For The American team 19 yr old Allen Stevenson will face off against Wan Lo She is 23 yrs old and is a very experienced wrestler. Allen comes to the ring in tan tights and tan boots. Wan Lo wears the uniform of the Chinese team, The red leotard and red boots. 

After all the preliminaries end, both wrestler return to their corners. BONG!!! The bell starts the match. Allen races out of his corner and attacks Wan Lo. Hr is determined not to lose this match. He grabs her head and locks on a STANDING HEAD LOCK. Almost instantly, he HIP TOSSES her, sending Wan Lo crashing to the mat. Maintaining the HEAD LOCK, he squeezes her hard. For the next several minutes, Allen works over his Chinese opponent. 

Out in the crowd, the owner of the American team is very pleased by what he sees. His male wrestler seems to be in complete control of his opponent. Allen has just slammed Wan Lo to the mat. She is dazed and does not quickly get up. The American male drops across her chest. He then hooks one of her legs and pulls it up. As he does he rolls her shoulders onto the mat pinning her there. The ref quickly checks her shoulders and begins the count "ONE- TWO- THRE" Wan Lo kicks out. 

Having nearly been pinned she tries to get to her feet. Standing up, she is able to get hold of Allen. She twists his arm into a WRINGER. She now has leverage on him and uses it to whip him into a corner. She very quickly follows him in and drives her knee into him well below the belt line of his tan tights. Allen screams in pain, AAAAAAAAHH!!! OOOOOOOHHH!! LOW BLOW!!! SHE KNEEDED ME LOW!! Oh god, she got me in my manhood." The low blow leaves Allen cupping his hands around his aching manhood. 

Wan Lo, pulls Allen out of the corner. She jams her arm between his legs and grabs the back of his tights. She hooks his head, lifts him off the mat and slams him down. Allen crashes into the mat on his back. He instantly arches up and grabs at his back with both hands. The young Chinese wrestler, again pulls Allen to his feet. She again jams her arm between his legs and grabs his tights. Again he is lifted off the mat and again he is slammed down. 

This time Allen just lays there on his back stretched out. Out in the crowd the billionaire team owner is screaming at Allen. "Get up, get up and fight!!! You’re letting her beat you!!! Get up and fight you coward!!!" Allen is long past caring what this rich guy says. 

Wan Lo has taken this time to work Allen over. She has dropped her knee onto his back several times. For anyone looking 22 yr old Allen is completely out of it. Wan Lo rolls him onto his back. She hooks his legs under her arms. Lifting him up, she rolls him over and lowers herself down. Wan Lo has placed her American male opponent in a deadly BOSTOM CRAB. The ref moves in instantly. "Do you want to give up? How about it son, do you submit?" Allen wastes no time surrendering to his Chinese opponent. 


Exactly 6 minutes after the match started. American male wrestler Allen Stevenson lies on the mat, battered and beaten. Defeated by his 22 yr old Chinese opponent. The American male wrestlers have lost two matches in a row. 

The trainers enter and help Allen to his feet. They help him out of the ring and back to the dressing room. There the three remaining male wrestlers look at their beaten team mate. "Oh god, him too? These girls must be fantastic. Maybe, they’re going to beat all of us!!!! 

In little more that fifteen minutes The Chinese females defeat two more American male wrestlers. Roger Dalen in his white tights and boots falls victim to Nancy Wang’s OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. After inflicting a horrible beating on Roger. Nancy hoists him onto her shoulder. In just seconds Roger is screaming his surrender to her, 

"My back, my back!!! She’s breaking me back!! Make her stop, please make her stop!!! I submit!!! I submit!!! She wins, she’s beaten me!!! Oh please no more!!! I can’t take any more!!! I’m finished!!! She wins, oh god she wins!!! I give up!!! I give up!!!" 

Now the third American in a row has surrendered to his Chinese opponent.

Match number 4 pits 24 yr old Danny Renolds against 18 yr old Chen Lu Wan. Danny enters the ring in light green tights and matching boots. As all of the Chinese female wrestlers Chen lu Wan wears the standard red leotard and boots. 

For almost 14 minutes these two young wrestlers put on show of skill and power. One minute Danny has Lu Wan in trouble and screaming in pain. Then several minutes is Lu Wan that is all over Danny, with him screaming in pain. Back and forth the match goes. In the end is comes down to a matter of stamina, which wrestler can last the longest. 

That question is answered when 18 yr old Chen Lu Wan, traps 24 yr old Danny Renolds in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. In just seconds Lu Wan has Danny screaming in pain. "My legs, my legs!!! She’s breaking my legs!!!" The ref ask Danny if he’s had enough and does he want to quit? 

Danny does not even have to think about it.


And now the forth American wrestler in a row has been defeated. Danny Renolds lies on the at holding his legs, defeated by an 18 yr old Chinese girl. No there is only one American male wrestler left. And he scared to face his Asian opponent. NO NO, I don’t want to wrestler her. She’s going to beat me just like all the other men. I don’t want to get beat!! 

After several minutes of pep talks he decides he has to wrestle. 23 yr old Trevor Mountbatten, heads to the ring. Trevor wears shiny white tights and shiny white boots. His opponent Mi Ling a 19 yr old wrestler from Beijing enters the ring along with Trevor. After the introductions both wrestlers head back to their corners. Trevor, pulls up his tights and adjusts his manhood in his jockstrap. The sound of the bell sends both wrestlers out of their corners and toward each other.

As Trevor and Mi Ling get close to each other, Mi Ling leaps in the air spins around and lands a SPINNING SIDE KICK to the side of Trevor’s head. The 23 yr old American male, drops to the mat on his back. Mi Ling, quickly gets to her feet and goes after Trevor. She grabs one of his shiny white boots and begins to split him. As she holds tightly to his boot, she steps on the other one pinning it to the mat. In just seconds, Trevor is screaming in pain. "She’s tearing me in half!!! It hurts, dam, it hurts." 

Trevor is in trouble. On his back with his legs split wide apart. Mi Ling continues to try and split Trevor in two. His hands are between his legs holding his manhood. The look on his face is horrible, it is a mixture of fear and pain. 

After almost two minutes, the Chinese teenager changes her tactics. She steps off the boot she has pinned to the mat and plants it firmly between Trevor’s legs crushing his manhood. Once again the American male wrestler screams in pain. "She’s crushing me!!!! She’s crushing my manhood!!! Make her stop!! PLEASE ref make her stop!!!!" 

Trevor uses all his effort to get off the mat and stand up. He continues to keep his hands between his legs gently holding his manhood. He take a few steps and staggers into his corner. Looking down Trevor sees several of his team mates at ring side. He shouts down at them. "I told you, I told you. She’s going to beat me. She too strong and too good for me I’m going to lose my match." 

His team mates try to encourage him, but it’s no use. Trevor is just too scared to listen. Mi Ling knows the her American opponent is frightened of her, she hopes to use this against him. She comes to his corner and grabs Trevor’s arm. She pulls him out of his corner and along the ropes. Still holding his arm, she whips him across the ring. She is waiting for him as he is shot back toward him. As he gets close, she drives he knee into his mid-section. 

Trevor screams in pain as Mi Ling’s knee slams into him. "OOOOOOOOHHH!!!" the main reason for his pain is that her knee has impacted him well below the belt line of his white tights. Trevor takes a few steps and then drops to his knees. Again he cries out as he holds his mid-section tightly. "OOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!. OOOOOOUUUUU!" 

Once again Mi Ling pulls him to his feet and once again she sends him crashing into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. As he is flung back at her, she scoops Trevor off the mat. Holding him chest high she then power slams him down. Trevor slams into the mat very hard. The air is forced out of his lungs and he cannot move. 

23 yr old Trevor Mountbatten lie unmoving at his 19 yr old Chinese opponents feet. Although he is awake and conscious Trevor is in no condition to defend himself. All Mi Ling needs to do is fall on him for the pin. But all of the Chinese female wrestlers have been told they must defeat their opponents by submission. Their Chinese billionaire owner wants to win a crushing victory over this All American male team. 

Mi Ling, kneels down beside Trevor as if to pin him. But instead she digs her fingers into his lower abdomen well below the belt line of his tights. She then begins to claw at his AB muscles. 

Trevor’s eyes open wide. His face contorts into a mask of pain. He begins to scream as Mi Ling claws him. "AAAAAAAAUUU!! AAAAAAAHHH!! My AB’s oh god, my AB’s!!!!" The ref moves in on the stricken male wrestler. "Is that it Trevor? Do you want to submit? Have you had enough? Are you ready to give up?" Trevor wastes no time is surrendering to Mi Ling. 


That’s it for the men’s team. Trevor has given up and the match is over. Mi Ling releases Trevor’s AB’s and gets to her feet. In a show of utter defiance and humiliation she places her red boot on Trevor’s chest and raises her arms in the air. As for Trevor, the American male wrestler just lie’s there unable to get to his feet. 

That ends the meet, the Chinese women have completely dominated the American men. The men’s team has not won a single match. The Chinese female team has defeated them 5 to 0. And to make it even more humiliating The Chinese females have won all the matches by submission. The 5 Asian females have forced the 5 American male to submit every match. 

The trainers for the American team get to where Trevor is lying. They help the stricken male wrestler to his feet and back to the dressing room. As he enters the 4 other wrestlers quickly ask, What happened? How did he do? Did he win? The trainers shake their heads. "No, just like the rest of you, he got beat too. None of you guys won your matches. All of you were forced into submission. This time next month all of you will be looking for new jobs." Slowly Trevor makes his way to the benches. There his team mates sit or stand in various forms of undress, some still in their tights, and some naked. All of them looking battered and beaten.

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