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Update: 26.05.2017

A-463 "The pricness and the king"

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The King's solders have had the Castle surrounded for over two weeks now. Both The King and The Princess have lost fights in this battle. So far the Princesses worriers have been doing very well The King has lost almost half of his army.


Even with these huge losses the King has refused to yield. Day after day he orders his men to attack. Day after day The princesses fighters continue to kill his men. Even though she is winning the battle The Princess knows she cannot hold out much longer. Lack of food and fatigue is taking a toll on her fighters.

Near the end of the fourth day of  deadly fighting a rider on horseback approaches the castle. He is carrying a white flag of truce. The rider is a emissary of The King with a proposal to end the war. 

A lone figure exits the castle and nears the rider. The King's man hands the document to the lone figure and swiftly rides away.

In the document The King proposes a one on one contest to decide the outcome of the war. The King will choose his 3 best swordsmen The Princesses will choose her 3 best. It will be a fight to the death with the winner of 3 contests will be declared the winner of the war. If either side does not get 3 victories a fourth contest will be held. 


In the interest of saving lives The Princess agrees to the contest. The next day inside the castle the 6 chosen contestants are ready to fight to the death. The first to fight will be The King's man Sir Edmond of Kent. Edmond is one of the finest swordsmen in the kingdom. He is young and very handsome. As the trumpets call the contestants to the great hall Sir Edmond takes his place. He is bare chested, his body is  very well conditioned. He wears white tights and white boots. His boots are soft and look like suede. In his right hand he holds a very thin bladed sword. 

The trumpets sound again calling the opponent to the hall. This is the moment that people have been waiting for. Who will be The Princesses champion. After about a minute there is a murmur in the great room. A door opens and a stunningly gorgeous young woman walks in. She is tall, with red hair and green eyes. She too is dressed in tights and suede boots. However she has on a very frilly white blouse. In her right hand she has a very thin sword. Sir Edmond's opponent is The Lady Penelope.    

The gathered noblemen are stunned that a woman should dare to challenge one of the finest swords men in all the realm. Most of the knights gathered begin to laugh out loud at the idea of a woman fighting a man. Walking directly up to Sir Edmond, The Lady Penelope takes her glove and slaps his face. This is an insult that cannot be ignored. 

Penelope take her fighting stance. Her sword is raised high her legs are apart and her free hand is in the air. Sir Edmond now has no choice, he must fight or die. He raises his sword and his arm and the fight is on. 

Sir Edmond goes quickly into attack. A lunge and thrust back Lady Penelope up and she gives ground. Sir Edmond continues to attack as Lady Penelope is backed against a table. Edmond has her at a disadvantage. She bends back trying to stay away from his sword. 
In a lighting quick move Lady Penelope spins away from Edmond. As she does she quickly swipes at him. The blade of her sword  slashes across Sir Edmond's face. Instantly dark red blood begins to run down his face. The cut is small but deep and bleeds profusely. Lady Penelope has drawn first blood. 


Sir Edmond reels back in pain, the slash on his cheek as stunned him. With Lady Penelope behind him Edmond must turn around quickly. As he does Lady Penelope slashes at him again. A large gash opens up on the arm Sir Edmond holds his sword in. The king's best swordsmen is now slashed in two places. 

Regaining his composure Sir Edmond lunches a spirited defense. The two rivals slash and parry. They lunge and thrust. Back and forth the battle rages. After about six minutes all of those present can see that Sir Edmond is slowing down. His arm has begun to drop. His movement is much slower. He seems to stagger as he moves. He holds his head with his free hand. Sir Edmond is losing too much blood. 

As he struggles to continue the fight The Lady Penelope intensifies her attack. Slashing quickly she again opens another gash on Sir Edmond. This time his free arm is cut and bleeding. His sword drops to his side and he staggers backward. Showing no mercy to The King's swordsmen, Penelope moves in and quickly slashes at Sir Edmond. Now a huge gash has opened up on his chest. It begins at his right shoulder and crosses his chest down to the very top of his tights. Blood slowly oozes from the wound. 

Everyone in the room knows Sir Edmond cannot win this fight. He has lost too much blood and has little strength left. Everyone also knows that The Lady Penelope has no choice but to finish off her opponent. For his part Sir Edmond is a brave and loyal knight. He will continue to fight till the end. He will not ask for mercy. 

With his arms, chest and cheek bleeding Sir Edmond raises his sword as high as he can. Staggering forward he tries to attack Lady Penelope. She easily avoids his weakened attempt at a thrust. Parrying his thrust away from her, she launches a thrust of her own. The point of Lady Penelope's blade enter Sir Edmond's right shoulder. He staggers back several steps. His sword arm drops to his side. He drops to his knees and topples over. His sword falls from his hand as he reaches across his chest  to hold his wound. 

As he gasps for breath he looks up at Lady Penelope:  "You are the best swordsman I have ever seen. You have defeated me. My time is finished" He takes a few more gasps of air and it is over. Lady Penelope has defeated The Kings best swordsmen. 

As the body of Sir Edmond of Kent is taken away the trumpets hale the next fight. Out to the middle of the room walks Lord Trevor of Easton. Lord Trevor is the ward of The King. To his Majesty the young Lord is like a son. Although he is but 18 yrs of age he is an excellent swordsmen and a courageous fighter. He has guaranteed The King he will be victorious in this fight. Young Lord Trevor is exceedingly handsome. Light sandy hair and a well muscled body. He wears light green tights and matching boots. With sword in hand he is ready for battle. Again the trumpets sound. Thru the open door comes a fully aged woman well into her thirties. Although much older that her opponent she is still very beautiful. She will fight in light blue tights and boots as well as a light blue blouse. She is the Countess Evelyn of Allscott.     

A nod from The King and the duel begins. In an effort to keep his word to The King, young Lord Trevor attacks with a fury. His sword is  world win of movement. His blade moves faster than the eye can see. The King and his men cheer the young Lord on. Minute after minute his sword slashes and thrusts. Lung and parry. Lord Trevor is displaying great skill. 

What The King and most of his men are missing is that the Countess Evelyn is matching Lord Trevor move for move. Her sword is moving as fast as his. Also one other thing is clear to only a few in the room, she has yet to make an attacking advance. 

For almost ten minutes the action has been furious. Now however Lord Trevor has begun to slow. His 18 yr old body cannot sustain the tremendous pace of the fight. He has begun to sweat and take deep gulps of air. His opponent is suffering no such fatigue. She has been waiting for this all along. Countess Evelyn now makes her move. Suddenly it is her sword that is moving. Slash and thrust Young Lord Trevor can barely see her sword move. Slash, a wound has appeared on Lord Trevor's hand. He cries out in pain. Parry, parry, thrust her sword pierces his left bicep. Parry, slash a 3 inch gash has opened on Trevor's right arm. 

A look of fear comes over Lord Trevor's face. In just a few seconds he has sustained three wounds. 

Both arms are in pain and he can barely hold his sword. With pleading eyes he looks toward The King the only father he has known. The King just shakes his head no. 

Countess Evelyn taps Lord Trevor on his shoulder to tell him to defend himself. She raises her sword and moves in on the young man. Slash, Slash, thrust The point of Evelyn's sword has pierced Trevor's left shoulder. The young Lord screams in pain. 

Bent over to his left Lord Trevor has lost all hope of victory. Now he just wants to live. Parry, parry thrust Evelyn buries two inches of her sword into Lord Trevor's right shoulder. The sword falls from the young man's hand. For just a second or two he stands in front of Countess Evelyn his arm hang uselessly at his sides. "WHY-WHY? As the words come he drops to his knees in front of her. 

Sagging to his haunches he turns to The King "PLEASE FATHER, SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME. I BEG OF YOU, DON'T LET HER KILL ME!!!" With deep sadness in his eyes The King turns his face away from Lord Trevor. 

Seeing that The King has turned his back on his ward Evelyn drives her sword into the young Lord's chest. The King's best swordsmen have lost two of the three fights. In the center of the great hall Countess Evelyn kneels beside her defeated foe. She reaches down and rubs his youthful cheek then closes his eyes. Two of the squires drag Lord Trevor off  and away.   

At this point the fate is sealed, The King cannot win the challenge. The Princess begs The King to end the contest. Angry, humiliated as well as defeated the King refuses and the contest will continue. 

The trumpets sound for the final contest. To the center of the great hall comes Prince Edward of Alban. The prince is nephew to The King and 3rd in line to the throne. As he passes The King he has a strange look on his face. A look that some might describe as fear. At 38 The Prince is the oldest of The Kings swordsmen. He is however in suburb physical condition. Strikingly handsome as well as muscular The Prince comes to the contest in yellow tights and soft yellow boots. He is also bear chested. 

The trumpets again herald The Princes' opponent. The crowd gasps as it sees the next fighter. It is the daughter of The Princess. 18 yr old Adeline is absolutely gorgeous Long blond hair, light blue eyes and a fantastically developing body. Her orange tights and soft orange boots highlight her fantastic legs. 

At the center of the great hall the two contestants face each other. They stand only a few feet apart. Their swords crossed in front of them, their free arms high in the air. The King signals for the contest to begin.  

18 yr old Princess Adeline is first to strike. I a lighting fast mover she slashes across The Prince's upper chest. The gash runs from shoulder to shoulder. This is his first wound in combat and he is stunned by the pain and the sight of his own blood. He looks down as his wound and screams "NO-NO, she's wounded me"! Staggering backward he tries to regain his composure. 

As blood oozes down his chest Prince Edward tries his best to fight off Princess Adeline. As she slashes and thrusts, he can just barely keep up his defense. The Prince is terrified, and his face shows it. She's going to kill me. I don't want to die. What am I going to do?" 
The young swordswomen shows the older Prince no mercy. Her sword is a blur as slashes and parries.  A swift parry and thrust and The Princesses sword sinks into Edward's left shoulder. The Prince has suffered a second wound and he scream in pain. He staggers back a few feet before regaining his balance. Princess Adeline is in pursuit of Prince Edward and again attacks the tiring Royal. 


Slash, slash, parry, thrust The Princess lunges and her sword finds Edward. The razor sharp steel plunges into Edward's left arm high on his bicep. The dashing Prince screams in pain and cries out "She's kill me. Make her stop, please I don't want to die".  There can be no mercy for the frightened Royal. He turns to run but the point of a soldiers lance prevents his escape. Princess Adeline looks toward The King as if asking him to show mercy. His Royal Highness again just looks away. 

With three wounds now Prince Edward is dizzy and confused. He sucks in a great huge gulp of air and moves forward toward Adeline. He raises his sword as he nears her. She is ready for him. 

Prince Edward slashes out at Princess Adeline. She parries his slash and advances toward him. He tries to lung at her but again she parries his lung. She engages him in a slash and parry duel. For several minutes Princess Adeline has used her fantastic defensive skills to keep Prince Edward at bay. 

The blood loss the prince has suffered has slowed him down. His sword falls lower and lower as he has trouble keeping his arm raise. As for Princess Adeline she seems content to keep Edward off her and out of harm's way.  

Her mother uses this time to ask The King to end the contest. She sees the need for no more bloodshed. The King brushes her aside and the fight must now continue. 

Resigned to the fact the fight must continue Princess Adeline raises her to begin again. Prince Edward raises his sword as high as he can. He takes a deep breath and whispers "OH NO!!" 

Although he is badly wounded The prince will do his best for his King. With 3 bloody wounds Prince Edward is instantly on the defensive. Adeline hopes to finish him off quickly. Making a lighting fast lung and thrust she puts the point of her sword into Edward above and slightly to the right of his navel. The wound is not deep or very damaging but it does bleed. 

A thrust and parry then a quick slash opens a gash on The Prince's right arm. It is deep and painful. It causes The Prince to drop his sword. 

With no way to defend himself he drops to his knees. "I yield, I yield!! Don't kill me, PLEASE don't kill me!!!"  Not wanting to kill The Prince the young Princess Adeline turns to The King and asks. "May I accept his surrender sire?" Knowing this was his last chance at life Prince Edward begs The King to spare him.  "PLEASE you majesty PLEASE, don't make her kill me!!! I beg you sire let me live. PLEASE LET ME LIVE!!!"  But that is not the way of the kingdom. Having accepted the challenge it must be finished. The King shakes his head NO.  

Princess Adeline bends down and hands Prince Edward his sword allowing him to die with some dignity. Too weak to get to his feet Edward rises up using his free hand. Looking up at the young girl standing over him he tells her "Do what you must, I will beg no more."     

With that Princess Adeline jams her sword into Prince Edward 1 inch above his navel. Her sword penetrates him almost 4 inches. He screams and grabs at his belly as he falls back to the floor. Two gasping breaths and Prince Edward is dead. 

Two squires come and drag Prince Edward's body away. Across  the hall The Princess looks as the man she loves is carted off. The King come before The Princess. The battle is over, you have won. I leave you now in peace. You will have nothing to fear from me again!!