CFNM apartament mixed boxing leotard female domination fighting

Update: 13.10.2017

B-484 "Janna vs Edgar"

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I always had a thing for my older sister's friend Janna, we go way back and i hadn't seen her for a long time, every now and then we'd bump in to each other.

Well she turned up, pulled up onto my drive, she got out and it looked to me like she was going for a jog, she was in Nike Black spandex running tights and a all weather jacket. I opened the door and she came in, we greeted, in that i mean we hugged. My heart was thumping, I wanted to grab her arse in the black spandex. I felt oddly different, thinking this could be it. It's like she wanted to have a tussle again. Then all of a sudden she turned around bent right over in front of me, her bum looking right at me. I remember mentioning spandex in one of our conversations and she asked me what it was with me and spandex. I just wanted to slap that arse. She was undoing her trainers (she must be house trained) I said she could leave them on but she took them off anyway. Black spandex, arse bent over!! the view was amazing! my head was spinning I lost all rational thought. She walked in past me and I followed her spandex arse cheeks into my front room then into the dining room we stood and talked and I couldnt believe how fitter she had got, she had lost a lot of mass, she wasnt never fat or overweight she was about 10 stone or maybe 10 1/2 at a push when I see her in the yellow bikini, now she was more like 9 stone, I couldnt help it, but I touched her legs, pushing on the muscle and feeling them, she didnt invite me too I just did it. I was giving her loads of compliments and she didnt object.

I went to make a cup of tea, the good ole english way of things. I was in the the kitchen then heard the rip of some velcro coming from the front room. I realised i had left some 14oz sparring boxing gloves on the table. Then heard the sound of boxing gloves being smashed together. My heart skipped a beat, I love that sound. I already knew what was happening so I went to investigate, she had taken her jacket and tights off and pulled on the boxing gloves I couldnt beleive my eyes. My oh my, she was bouncing and jabbing her hands out, her hands were in Red Gloves, she looked gorgeous but you could tell she couldnt box to save her life but who cares. She had just a black long sleeved spandex leotard on. When I noticed that, I nearly fainted. She is a bit of a sort, shoulder length brown hair, just as tall about 5ft 9, slim but not gym toned but nice, she had breast implants a few years before this and I had never seen them. They looked fantastic in that outfit!


She comes up to me and started to mess around and jabbed me a few times in the head.


"Come on, get your clothing off!" she said followed with a Jab Jab to the head, then a bounce. 


"Come on then." Jab Jab. A pattern was forming here, I knew what was coming and had to make my move. I tried to bob and weave, but girl in leotard hit me a few times. Not hard but playfully. I see my chance to fullfill my fantasy of fighting with a lady so I removed all my clothing and grabbed the other gloves that was sitting there on the table. Naked, I was putting them on and she was moving around me Jabbing me. In the head Jab Jab, side of my head, knocking my head slightly. Then the small of my back Jab Jab, then the back of my head.


You could imagine the banter, "Wait till I get these gloves on" all the while she was dancing around me and hitting me.


The gloves were on and we got into each other. At first it was a bit more calculating for about a minute or so, laughing and tap tap with the gloves. I was knocking her hands out of the way as she tried to hit me, she did the same when I tried to hit her. The feeling was great and at this point and my legs were like jelly with excitement. So I let her hits get through. She started picking her shots and nailed me in the face, mission accomplished.


Then the laughing turned into a WTF moment. I was trying not to laugh but she was just started swinging quite wildy and got me with some good shots, it stunned me a little bit. She hit real and hard I know that much. I reserved my hits to her head as soft jabs until the mauling started. I had no choice but to cover and soak up the onslaught, im not a boxer, sure I have hit the bag a few times, but I was in trouble to put it bluntly, But! I was in my element. Her leotard was high cut on legs, looking on her hip I was hypnotized by movies of that young lady. Suddenly her foot landed in my naked groin, I was owned by pain.


I moved back trying to get away. I fell back onto the sofa and she followed on with the wild swinging as iI tried to defend my self. I reached up and grabbed her head and pulled her down onto me and secured her in a headlock **so now we are wrestling** YES I thought.


She was strong, I had her in that head lock for no more than 20 seconds as she fought really hard to get out of it. It was quite rough and she was game as anything. I thought I had her good but this was turning into a fight of sorts. One of her gloves had come off. She grabbed and pulled on my head and face. We fought for supremecy on the couch. I was thinking this is brilliant. She was a wild cat, that is the truth and the only way to describe her relentless barrage of grabbing and pulling. I was on pretty much the receiving end and just trying to fight her off. With little or no luck and I was ok with that. She was really trying to wrestle with me and it felt great.


We fell onto the floor and wrestled for a few seconds.


At first she had the upper hand but I got my composure and saw an opening and took it. She was just holding me and to be honest not very effectively. I thought lets put a stop to that and maybe we can work something out so you have to try and find that ferioscious streak you have in you. We struggled a bit more then It ended up with me on top of her. One of my gloves had come off in the fracas on the couch and one fell off as we wrestled on the floor. My chest was laying side ways across her chest, I was pinning her. Pushing her down with my weight advantage. Trying to hold her down, she fought hard, lifting her shoulders off the floor. Kicking out with her legs. She was intense,  I had hoped that she would use one of her legs to hook it round my head, thats what i was thinking at the time. I foolishly tried to get a headlock again hoping that whilst she was under my control that at some point a leg would come up and get me, hopefully a scissors. She see what i was trying to do and failing to do, she took the chance got her arm around my head first and locked her hands. I remember my face being sqaushed against her side, my nose at an awkward angle. It was so tight I tried to talk or yell something but I sounded like daffy duck, she was choking me real good. This is when I was in my element, a real wrestling match and im in trouble, what a wonderful feeling.


Imagine this hold, this is what she had me in. She was laying with her back on the floor I was on top laying sideways across her chest and the back of my head was tucked into her armpit. She had it locked in and I was struggling and squirming and pulling and clawing at the floor on top of her. Sometimes my hand would try and grab a silky smoothe spandex body, for no particular reason other than I love spandex and why not, we was wrestling im sure she didnt even notice. I must admit up to this point my hands had been on her spandex covered arse a few times. Her forearm was across my throat and was uncomfortable but quite satisfying, there I was all of my dreams coming true. After the struggling and clawing episode feeling quite helpless I decided laying down on top of her, trying and failing to get some sort of grapevine on, minus the breast smother. Our legs done a little dance and she semi secured my legs instead, stopping me from trying that again, still in the most uncomfortable move known to man, I pushed my hands on to the floor trying to pull my head up and out but she had me in tight hold and wasn't letting go.

I could hear her breathing fast and panting. A beautiful sound.


My legs were locked now, in a sort of scruffy grapevine. She would tense and pull tight again and cry out. I was thinking shit, this amazing. I want to wrestle forever, what you doing in the next 20 years? Also another thought crept in *I'm getting weighed in here* and to top it off I had a fucking throbbing boner, there was no denying it, or hiding it, the grinding and movement really got me going even if I didnt realise it. Or was it the fact, that I have always wanted to be here doing this. But now I did, did she notice it, how long did I have one for, if she had a boner too, lol. I didnt notice it until just then as it was pressing on her.


She couldnt choke me out though she just couldnt push through, either that or im just stubborn, this might have ignited a fire in her though, so it was all good. The move was unsuccessful, DENIED! maybe levearge or something I dont know. Maybe she was using all of her strength and it wasnt just enough, although not likely. Make no mistake I couldn't break out. When it came to Her tense war cry moment I could barely just handle it, plus I like being here even if it was quite a rough house kind of move. Maybe she held back but it didnt seem like it, comparing it with her feral like attitude to fighting, she had me in that hold for quite some time maybe a minute or two.


All the while im using all my strength to get out of the damn thing. I was feeling quite knackerd and on the back foot. We started to roll around, her controlling the situation. My hands were on her hips trying to push off then it was her turn on top of me. The back of my facking head still tucked into the arm pit of hers. Choking, but the pressure relaxed a little, just holding me. She layed on top of me for a bit, securing a grapevine, I hate that move so I tapped, I had to it was painful.


I was exhausted and just lay there breathing heavily looking up at her, relieved my head was free and out of the grapevine. Trying to remember what just happened. I wanted to go at it again, but chose not to in a matter of nano seconds. What could I do from this position. Looking back I could of twisted and maybe get her to wrestle me down, making me look stupid, and I think it could of gone like that for quite some time. Having her ontop was exhilarating though. So I thought why spoil this moment. Her full weight on top looking down at me pinning my arms. Her silicone boobs pushing on my chest. I wanted to grab her bum again one last time but couldnt. She held my arms down firmly. Her arse and crotch rubbed on my boner a few times and im sure she was enjoying it. I remember thinking at the time, she is there right on top of it. It wasn't blatant or was it but sure she could feel it too. There was a moment between us right there. Making hardly any effort to get out we just lay there looking at each other, a smile on her face, mine was more like a grimmace but I can assure you it was a face of wtf was that, my god I love you. After she came to her senses I think she just let go and sat up and raised her arms up, sweat had beaded onto her forehead where now some hair also had stuck, her cheeks were glowing red, or was it blushing.


She started to playfully slap my face, it was quite funny, I tried to block a few and  thought lets go again after all. After that she just started messing with her hair some of it was sticking up and she looked delightfully weird and strangely wonderful it felt great to be defeated by sexy girl in high legged spandex leotard. 


I'll never forget her smiling face looking down at me while she had me pinned.