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tag team mixed wrestling teenagers sister vs brother fighting

Update: 23.06.2017

W-468 "Penny and Peter tag team"

Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

A brand new tag team is about to make its first appearance in the ring. Tonight Penny Wellington, the World Teen champion and her brother Peter will be taking on the number 3 contenders for the teen tag championship. In their dressing room the two young wrestlers are talking before they get ready to wrestle. "Peter, this is our big chance. If we can beat these guys we will be in line for a shot at the titles. Peter nods his head in understanding: "I know sis, I know. I'll give it ever thing I have. We are going to beat these guys."


Both wrestlers now get ready for the match. Penny slips on her bright yellow leotard over her black pantyhose. Peter wiggles into his yellow tights. Both wear yellow lace up boots. In deference to her brother Penny will not wear her world title belt into the ring.

Across the hall their opponents are also getting ready. Alisha and her twin brother Michael will be be in red tonight. Alisha stretches on very shiny tan pantyhose. Over that she pulls on a dark red leotard. Her leotard is high cut and reveals her legs all the way up to her hips. It is also very low cut in the front showing off her fantastic breasts. The front is covered in sparkles. Peter smiles at his sister as all he has to do is slid on his dark red thong. It too is covered in sparkles in the front. It also leaves nothing to the imagination. Peter is a very well developed young male. They both lace up dark red boots.

Just before they head to the ring Michael tells his sister "We must beat this team tonight. We are both almost out of time. We are 19 ? yrs old and soon must move up to the senior division." With that said the Valiant's head for the ring.

With both teams in the ring the announcer begins:

"This is a special tag-team match. It is a contenders match. First in the white corner, she is the current World Teen champion and her partner, who is also her brother. Please welcome Penny and Peter Wellington. And in the other corner they are the number 3 ranked contenders. Alisha and Michael Valiant!"


With all 4 wrestlers waiting in their corners for the bell they each take time to stay lose. Just seconds before the bell Penny steps between the ropes and exits the ring. On the other side Alisha does the same. It will be be Peter vs. Michael to start the match. 

At the bell both wrestlers exit their corners and begin to circle. Michael makes the first move, moving in close to Peter, he grabs Peter's wrist and twists it up into an OVER HAND WRIST LOCK. Peter instantly begins to struggle to escape. With his free arm he reaches across his chest and grabs his tied up arm. He begins to pull and jerk on his arm trying to get it free. Two things are quickly apparent one Peter is not as strong as his sister Penny. Two, that Michael is the stronger of the two male wrestlers.

After struggling for a minute or two Peter's knees begin to buckle. As he sinks slowly to the canvas Michael is able to exert more pressure on Peter's arm. As peter's knees touch the mat, Michael kicks him in the chest sending him onto his back. With Peter stretched out on the mat Michael again locks his arm into the WRIST LOCK.

Peter squirms and wiggles. He rocks side to side trying to break the hold. He bridges up trying to ease the pain in his arm. Next Michael stretches out Peter's arm, as he stands on it with one foot he stomps it with his other. Stepping off Peter's arm Michael races to his corner and tags in his sister Alisha.

Alisha takes over were Michael left off. Kneeling down beside Peter she grabs his arm, lifts it off the mat hooks her arm around his and locks on an ARM-BAR. Peter shrieks in pain as Alisha stretches his arm. "OOOOOHH my arm!! You're going to break my arm!!!

From his corner Peter hears his sister call out to him: "Fight Peter fight!! You've got to fight out of it!!" With Alisha on her knees beside him Peter quickly rolls toward her and gets to his knees and then to his feet. Alisha is unable to react as quickly and Peter is able to grab the ropes and escape the hold.

As fast as he can Peter races to his corner and tags in Penny. She enters the ring on fire. She moves instantly toward Alisha. Getting behind her opponent Penny slips her arms under Alisha's. Locking her hands behind her neck, Penny has a FULL NELSON on the 19 yr old beauty. Alisha's face is a picture of pain as Penny tightens her grip on the Full-Nelson. "My neck, my neck! You're going to break my neck!".

Alisha twists and pulls as she tries to break the hold. Before she can break the hold Penny lets her go.

Almost instantly Penny reaches up and grabs Alisha's head and pulls it down and into a FRONT-HEAD LOCK. Before Alisha can even try to escape Penny HIP TOSSES her to the mat. Alisha is on her back and struggling to get free. Penny has the HEAD LOCK on very tightly. Alisha twists from side to side. She kicks his legs wildly, no matter how hard she tries Alisha cannot get free, Penny is just too strong.

Desperate to get out of the head lock, Alisha reaches around Penny's head and gauges her eyes.

Penny screams in pain, let's go of the HEAD LOCK and rolls away from Alisha. Penny's hands fly to her eyes and she rubs them vigorously. "My eyes, she gauged my eyes. I can't see."

Peter rushes to his sisters side, but is pushed back by the ref. Staggering from loss of air Alisha makes her way to her corner and tags in Michael. Thinking that he can overpower Penny and get a win for the first fall Michael charges at Penny. Just barely able to get to her feet before Michael gets to her, ducks jams her arm between Michael's legs and scoops him off the mat. Holding his for just a few seconds she then slams him down to the mat.

With Michael stretched out on his back Penny gets to her corner and tags in Peter.

He races to were Michael is laying and pulls him to his feet. Now it is Peter's turn to slam Michael. Reaching between Michael's legs Peter grabs the back strap of his thong and lifts his high in the air.
POW!!! Michael is slammed down again.


Stunned and unable to get to his feet the 19 yr old wrestler is at Peter's mercy. For the next several minutes Peter works over Michael's legs. He twists them. He kicks them. He bends them around his own. As for his part Peter can only scream in pain as his legs are worked over hard. "AAAAAAWWW!!! My legs. They're going to break my legs. Alisha, help me please help me."

Standing in their corner, with the ref between her and her brother Alisha can do nothing to help Michael. Peter stretches out as far as he can, then reaches as far as he can. However, Alisha and freedom are too far away. Giving his opponent several more hard kicks to his knees Peter drops Michael's legs and races to his corner. Reaching his hand out Peter tags in his now recovered sister Penny. As they pass each other Peter tells her "Finish him off Sis." Penny knows just what Peter means.

Getting to where Michael is lying on the mat Penny grabs one of his legs. She twists it around hers.

Michael instantly knows what she is going to do to him. Again he cries out to his sister for help. "Help me Alisha, please help!! She's going to finish me off. Please don't let her submit me please!!!" There is absolutely nothing Alisha can do to save her brother.

Grabbing Michael's other leg she locks on a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. Michael instantly begins to scream in pain. "My legs, OMG my legs!! She's breaking my legs!! I'm sorry Alisha I can't take much more. I have to submit!!"

Alisha tries to encourage her brother to keep fighting. No Michael no, don't submit!! Keep fighting, don't let her submit you!! But it's no use both Alisha and Michael know that he is finished.

"No more, please no more!! I'm done. I GIVE UP!! LET ME GO!!! You've defeated me!! I submit!!"


And with that the first fall is over.


Penny releases Michael and gets to her feet. She heads back to her corner and hugs her brother. Back in the center of the ring Michael is still down on the mat. Alisha is rubbing his legs and trying to get him up. "Come on Michael, Please you've got to get up. The next fall will be starting soon. You've got to start it." Even with her encouragement Michael is reluctant "No Alisha no!!

I don't want to face her again. She's too strong, too good. I can't beat her. She will submit me again!!

Finally Alisha convinces Michael to get to his feet. She helps him back to their corner. After some discussion Michael agrees to start the second fall. He begs his sister to get him out of the ring quickly.
"Please, Alisha you have to tag me out quickly. I won't be able to take much more from her. I don't want to be submitted again!!" Alisha agrees to a fast tag.


Michael adjusts his thong and the bell rings, BONG!!!! Michael steps out of his corner very hesitantly. Penny has no hesitation at all. She grabs Michael by his arm and whips him across the ring.

He slams into the opposite corner. Before he can escape Peter grabs the back of Michael's thong holding him in the corner. Michael reaches behind him trying to free his thong from Peter's grasp.

As he tries to free himself, Penny charges him and drives her knee into his mid-section. Michael gasps "OOOOOOO!!" and drops to his knees holding his belly. Penny lifts him off the mat, Peter again grabs his thong and Penny knees him. This time however she hits him low. Her knee slams into the pouch of his thong hitting him square in his manhood.

Michael opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out. With Peter holding tightly to Michael's thong he cannot fall to the mat. His hands instantly fly to his manhood and cup the injured member.
From across the ring Michael's sister screams at the ref: "REF-ref, she kneed him in his thong. Break the hold. He's got Michael's thong!! Make then let him go!!!"


Peter lets go of Michael's thong and he drops to the mat. On his knees with both hands between his legs, Michael is helpless. Alisha knows her twin brother is in big trouble. If he can't get over to their corner and tag her in they will lose the second fall and the match. Losing this match means losing their #3 ranking and they will get no title shot.

Penny grabs the helpless 19 yr old ,male wrestler and pulls him to his feet. With his hands still holding his manhood Penny pulls his arm free gives it a twist then whips Michael across the ring. Michael slams into the ropes and is shot back toward his young opponent. Penny is waiting for him. Hooking her leg around his she bends him over at the waist and reaches across his body. Penny has locked on an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH. Michael screams as his Abs are twisted. He struggles to get free, but all he manages to do is tighten Penny's hold. "OOOOOHH, OOOOHH she's got me!!!

She's got me Alisha she's got me!!!

Michael continues to struggle but to no avail, Penny has him held tightly. From his corner his sister Alisha pleads with him not to give up. "Fight Michael fight. Don't let her beat you!! We have to win. Don't give up!! However, Michael is already a beaten man. "HELP ME ALISHA, PLEASE HELP ME!! I can't take any more!! She going to submit me again!!"

Hearing her brothers desperate cries for help Alisha leaps into the ring and races toward her trapped brother. She never sees Peter coming at her. Three steps later Alisha caught by Peter and now she is also in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH.

Both of the 19 yr old wrestlers are trapped. The two youngsters have their older opponents lock into painful holds. Alisha screams as Peter twist her body. "NO NO OH god NO!!! Michael unaware that his sister is also now trapped cries out again for her help. "Please Alisha please!! You have to help me. She's going to beat me again!! From just a few feet away Alisha shouts to Michael.

"I can't Michael, I can't. They got me too. They got both of us. I can't help you!!!"

The ref moves in and tells the two trapped wrestlers that they both must submit. "Do you want to submit? You both must submit. Do both of you want to give up? As for Michael there is no question about what he wants to do. He is ready to give up.

"YES-YES, I'm ready to submit!! I want to give up!! I'm finished, she's defeated me. Make her stop!! PLEASE, MAKE HER STOP!! I SUBMIT!! I SUBMIT!!!"

Even though everyone in the arena has heard Michael submit, he is still held tightly by Penny. The ref moves over to Alisha and asks her: "Alisha, Michael has given up. Do you also want to submit?"


Even though her brother has surrendered to Penny, Alisha refuses to give up to Peter. "No-No, I'm not going to submit. I'm not beaten yet!!" Peter hears his sister refuse to concede the match and cries out to her. "Give up Alisha, please give up! She won't releases me till you submit. PLEASE Alisha, it hurts so bad. I can't take any more!!"

Peter has tightened his hold on Alisha. She too has now reached the breaking point. Her strength and endurance is gone. She is ready to surrender.

"OK-OK, I'm done. I can't take any more either. I GIVE UP!! Let us go!! You've beaten both of us!! WE SUBMIT!!! WE SUBMIT!!!"


Penny and Peter release both of their opponents and Alisha and Michael drop to the mat holding their stomachs. The two 19 yr old wrestlers look at one another. Michael begins to moan in pain.

"OOOOOO!! It hurts so bad. How did this happen to us?? Alisha tries to answer her brother.

"I don't know Michael, I don't know. We're older and we should be stronger but they beat us bad. How could someone so young do this to us?"

With the Valiant's still on their knees the announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans, the winners of this match. In two straight falls, both by submission. Penny and Peter Wellington!!!"


The two very very young wrestlers raise their arms in victory. In front of them, still on their knees the two defeated 19 yr old twins. Alisha looks up at the young winners, then says to her brother.

"We will never be the Tag Team Champions!!!"

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