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mixed wrestling headscissors red leotard fighting femdom knockout woman wins

Update: 21.05.2021

W-677 "Mothers vs sons"

Gallery size: 430 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 430 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

For everyone concerned. As the author of this story, I certify that all wrestlers portrayed in this story are at least 18 years old regardless of their age in the story. There is no sex or nudity and the violence is staged and acted. No one was hurt in the writing of this story. Also this story violates NO KNOWN standards of decency.

Mother vs Son tournament.       

With the enormous success of the husband Vs wife tournament, the couples league is looking for the next big thing. After several weeks of trying they hit upon what they were looking for. A mother Vs son tournament.  Just as with the husband Vs wife tournament, the mother son tournament sold out in just hours. The night of the matches was standing room only.

With the capacity crowd in their seats, the first match is about to start. First to the ring is the son,  Tommy Wilson. Tommy is 18 yrs old and has been wrestling for just over a year, as of tonight he is undefeated. As he enters the ring Tommy is wearing a white spandex thong and white boots. To say that Tommy is a very handsome young man is no exaggeration. He is also very well built, with a large manhood. 

He is fallowed to the ring by his mother, Bonny Wilson. Bonny is 38 yrs old but is still quite a looker. She has an excellent body and great legs. Bonny has been wrestling for 14 yrs. She enters the ring wearing a sparkling red leotard with tan pantyhose and sparkling red boots. 

With the introductions and instructions out of the way the wrestlers return to their corners to await the bell. BONG!! At the bell both wrestlers quickly exit their corners. Tommy races straight toward his mother and right into an explosive forearm that lands high on his chest right were his throat begins. 

Tommy’s head snaps back and his eyes roll back into his skull. He staggers back a few steps and topples over onto his back. Bonny is quick to take advantage of her son. She drops across Tommy in a CROSSBODY PRESS. 11 seconds into the match, Bonny has her son Tommy on his back in the center of the ring. 

Grabbing Tommy under his knee Bonny lifts his leg and rolls his shoulders into the mat.

Announcer #1: "He’s down, oh my god, Tommy has been knocked down by his mother.

Announcer #2: "Not only has she knocked him down, she has him in a pinning hold. This may be it for the teen wrestler!!!"                                                                                          

The ref is quickly down to see if Tommy is pinned. Seeing that his shoulders are firmly on the mat she begins to count


Announcer #1: "That was very close. Tommy was just able to kick out and beat the count!"

Still badly dazed Tommy tries to get to his feet. He struggles up to all fours when his mother attacks again. From behind him, Tommy’s mother grabs his arms and pulls them up behind him. Surprised by her attack, Tommy screams in pain. "Oh god my arms!!!! You’re going to break my arms!!! 

For several minutes Bonny holds her son in the very painful SURF-BOARD HOLD. For the entire time the 18yr old wrestler is moaning in pain. 

Announcer #1: "Bonny has her son in big trouble. He has been unable to mount any type of offence at all." 

Announcer #2: "He just has no answer for her strength or her skill. It looks as though she is too strong and too skilled for him. He just does not have enough power to overcome her. It looks as though the 18 yr old male is going to be defeat by his mother."

After weakening him with the SURF-BOARD Bonny shifts her hold. She releases his arms and cups her hands under his chin. She has also dropped to the mat behind his. She then begins to pull back on his chin as hard as she can. Tommy is now caught in a NECK BREAKER. 

After only a minute or two 18 yr old Tommy Wilson submits the match to his 36 yr old mother, Bonny. 


Bonny releases her son and he drops to the mat holding his neck.

Announcer #1: "That’s it the match is over!! Tommy has lost to his mother by submission. What a terrible loss for the teenage wrestler!" 

Announcer #2: "Yes, a devastating defeat for the young male. And like most male wrestlers, Tommy now sports the tell tale sign of that defeat. He has a DEFEAT BONER between his legs inside his thong" 

Bonny spends several minutes consoling her son on his defeat. She helps the beaten teen to his feet and out of the ring.

Shortly match number two is about to start. This match pits 18 yr old Tyler Owens against his mother 33yr old Lynda. Tyler comes to the ring wearing shiny gray tights. Lynda enters in a black leotard, shiny black pantyhose and black boots. This match turns out to be one of the most exciting and toughest matches of the night. 

Lynda and Tyler fight back and forth as if they have never met. Mother and son battle for dominance the entire match. The momentum shifts back and forth between the two. After 18 minutes of action packed battle, Tyler begins to slow down. He is breathing hard and is slow to recover from his mothers holds. 

Lynda has just whipped Tyler into the ropes and has grabbed him as he shoots back. She jams her arm between her son’s legs and grabs the back of his tights. She hooks his head then lifts him off the mat and high over her head. With all her power she then slams him to the mat. 

Tyler lies at her feet dazed and unmoving. Lynda quickly drops across Tyler’s chest. She grabs the back of his knee and pulls his leg up and off the mat. At this point 18 yr old Tyler is making no effort to kick out. Slowly Lynda rolls her sons shoulders onto the mat pinning him there. 

The ref drops down to check Tyler’s shoulders. She then instantly begins the count:


Announcer #1: "That’s it, it’s over!!! She’s got him. She’s got him!!! Lynda has pinned her son Tyler!!!" 

Announcer #2: "What an incredible match. Over 20 minutes of hard fought action!! Both of these wrestlers fought very hard. And had the crowd on it’s feet" 

After having her arms raised in victory, Lynda drops to the mat beside her son. 18 yr old Tyler is completely exhausted. He is breathing very hard. He looks up into his mothers eyes. "you got me mom, you got me!!! I just couldn’t fight you off any more and you were able to pin me!!

His mother tries to console her beaten son. She can’t help but notice that he has a rock hard DEFEAT BONER between his legs. "I’m so sorry Tyler, I hope I didn’t hurt you!!! Then just like Bonny before her, Lynda helps her son off the mat and out of the ring. 

Match number 3 is also a hard fought match. 41 yr old Stella Rosenberg is facing off against her 19 yr old son Abraham. Stella enters the ring in an old fastened black leotard, very reminiscent of 70"s British lady wrestlers. She also has on, black fishnet pantyhose and black boots. Abraham enters wearing just a tan, almost skin tone thong and tan boots. 

Mother and son fight each other like they have never met. Stella pounds Abraham to the mat with her fists and her forearms. She sends a crippling punch to his stomach that drops him to the mat on his knees. He fights back sending his mother down to the mat. Each wrestler has tried to pin their opponent several times. One last powerful forearm smash sends the rapidly tiring Stella to the mat on her back. 

Abraham takes instant advantage of his mother. He drops across her chest hooks her leg and rolls her shoulders onto the mat. Stella struggles as hard as she can to get free. However at this point in the match, Abraham is just too strong for her. The ref quickly begins the pin count.


It’s over, Abraham has pinned his mother Stella. 

Just as in the other matches only this time reversed, Abraham helps his defeated mother to her feet. 

As they leave the ring both wrestlers receive a big round of cheers. Both Stella and her son are very popular wrestlers. 

Match #4 Pits Janice Robler wrestling her son 18 yr old Peter. Janice is 37 yrs old and is quite stunning. Blond hair, blue eyes, a fantastic body and great legs. As For Peter, he is a star athlete at his high School and is very popular especially with the girls.  

Peter and Janice enter the ring almost at the same time. Janice is wearing a shiny red thong cut leotard, with shiny tan pantyhose and red boots. As For Peter, he comes to the ring in a full body suit. His body suit is light blue and is skin tight and revels every muscle, curve and bulge that Peter has.  His body suit is light blue and has matching light blue boots. Both wrestlers seem ready for battle. 

BONG!!!!! Has started the forth Mother Vs son match. Peter is quickly out of his corner and ready to go. He meets Janice as she steps out of her corner and plants a powerful forearm smash right on his mother’s chest. Janice is taken completely off guard. Her hands fly up to her breasts cupping them, as she staggers back into her corner. 

With a very pained expression on her face, Janice is ruthlessly pulled out of the corner by Peter. Pulling his mother to the side rope, he whips her across the ring. As she is sling shot back at his he is waiting and drives his knee into her stomach. 

Janice takes two steps and drops like a stone to her knees. Having released her damaged breasts, her hands are now clutching at her abdomen. Peter again attacks his mother grabbing her arms and pulling them back behind her. Peter has now locked a SURF-BOARD on Janice and is pulling and twisting her arms up behind her. 

For the next 5 or 6 minutes, Peter’s strategy seems to be to work over every one of his mother’s limbs. He attacks both her arms as well as both her legs. While on her feet, Peter twists one of her arms up behind her back in a painful HAMMER LOCK. He then does the same thing to her other arm. He twists her arms into WRINGERS causing pain in both her arms and shoulders.

Leaving her arms, Peter then lifts Janice off the mat, by jamming his arm between her legs, grabbing a handful of both her leotard and pantyhose. Then hooking her head, lifting and slamming her to the mat. 

The powerful BODY SLAM leaves 37 yr old Janice gasping for breath lying on the mat. Peter then begins to work over Janice’s legs. The 37 yr old wrestler is in great pain as her son continues to work on her legs. After several minutes of twisting, bending and pulling his mother’s legs Peter makes a small mistake. 

He is now down on the mat on his knees between his mothers legs. He has left himself open and Janice quickly takes advantage of her son In a lighting quick move, Janice traps Peter’s head between her legs. For the first time in the match, Janice has made an offensive move. 

Also for the first time in this match Peter has felt the pain of a hold. With his mothers nylon covered legs wrapped around his head, Peter is in a lot of pain. He kick, wiggles and trashes about wildly trying to escape. 

Janice moves from the head scissors to CAMEL CLUTCH. She has Peter’s arms hooked over her thighs and is pulling back on his chin as hard as she can. This hold is great for Janice right now, it gives her a chance to recover from the pounding Peter gave her early in the match. It also causes him great pain and forces him to use up energy. 

After several minutes in the CAMEL CLUTCH Peter is breathing hard and moaning in pain. Janice takes advantage of her son’s predicament and begins to work over his arms and legs, just as he did to her. The crowd is stunned by the complete reversal of momentum in the match. Janice is now in complete control of Peter. 

Both wrestlers have taken a very heavy pounding. However, 18 yr old Peter seems to have been most effected by that pounding. He seems dazed and weakened by it. Janice has pulled her son to his feet. It is clear that he is unsteady on his legs. Sensing that Peter is almost finished, Janice goes for the finish.

Getting behind her son, Janice wraps her arms around the 18 yr old wrestlers head, Locking it on tightly, Janice now has Peter in a SLEEPER HOLD. Almost instantly, Peter begins to scream in pain and fear. It is very obvious to the fans at ringside that the young male wrestler is terrified. He cries out in that fear begging his mother to let him go. However, Janice is determined to win this match and maintains the very tight Sleeper on Peter. 


Even though Peter has given up, Janice continues to hold him tightly in the sleeper. Second by second Peter gets weaker. First one arm drops to his side. He continues to pull at his mother’s arms with his other arm. In just a few seconds his other drops to his side. Peter is now just hanging by his head, his body is limp and he cannot stand by himself. Once again the teen wrestler cries out for mercy.


Those are the young wrestlers last words in this match. One second later Peter sarcomas to the sleeper hold and passes out. His mother gently lays him on the mat face up. His only movement is his chest going up and down as he breaths. 

After having her arm raised in victory, Janice knees down beside her beaten son and begins to revive him. The tell tale sign of his lose is stretching the skin tight fabric of his body suit. Peter has a large DEFEAT BONER. Slowly he comes to and his mother helps him to his feet and out of the ring.  

It is now time for the last match of the night. This match pits 18 yr old Jason Sommers facing off against his 33 yr old mother Beverly. Although is the youngest wrestler in the tournament he is highly skilled and is also a very well conditioned athlete. Like his friend Tommy, Jason has also been wrestling for a year and is also undefeated, in fact he has defeated several older and more experienced wrestlers. Not only is Jason undefeated, he is also very cocky and sure of himself. He believes there is no one that can defeat him 

Jason comes to the ring in a shiny white thong and shiny white boots. He is very athletic and fills out his thong nicely. 33 yr old Beverly is a fantastic looking woman. She comes to the ring in a very shiny dark red thong cut leotard, black pantyhose and shiny dark red boots  

With the introductions over both wrestlers head back to their corners. Making his way back, Jason raises his arms in the air just as if he had already won the match. He points to his mother and gives her a "THUMBS DOWN" The crowd loudly BOO’s Jason as he stands in his corner. 

The bell sounds to start the match. Both wrestlers exit their corners and slowly close in on each other. Beverly moves first. She gets in behind Jason, jams her arm between his legs grabbing the front of his thong. She quickly polls him backward onto to the mat. As she holds tightly to his thong she gets his shoulders onto the mat in an attempt to pin him. 

Dropping across her son, Beverly holds him down as she pulls on the front of his white thong. The ref moves in very quickly and starts to count  ONE-TWO-THRE Jason is just able to kick out and beat the count. The 18 yr old male wrestler is stunned by how quickly his mother was able to take him down and almost pin him. 

His next surprise is just a second away. Before he can get to his feet, Beverly scoops her son’s boot of the mat and puts him in a STEP OVER TOE HOLD, holding tightly to his boot, Beverly twists his legs as hard as she can. In seconds Jason is screaming in pain. 

After working over both his legs, Beverly pulls her son to his feet. It is very clear that young Jason is very unsure. He has trouble standing and Beverly has to almost hold him up. The young male wrestler has never been in the ring with someone as skilled or as strong as his mother. 

With both wrestlers on their feet, Beverly twists Jason’s arm as hard as she can. Jason’s face contorts in pain. Beverly shows her son no mercy. Pulling by his twisted arm, Beverly whips Jason into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. He springs back at her and right into her nylon covered knee. 

The breath rushes out of Jason’s lungs and he begins to gasp. He grabs at his stomach with both hands and quickly drops to his knees. A new look has come to Jason’s face for the first time in the wrestling ring. That look is one of fear. Suddenly the  18 yr old male wrestler is afraid. 

Giving him no time to rest or recuperate, Beverly pulls her son back to his feet. Again she twists his arm mercilessly. Jason’s knees begin to buckle and he also starts to sink to the mat. Beverly stops him as she holds him up. Once again Jason is launched across the ring into the ropes. Once again he is flung back at her and once again Beverly drives her knee into his abdomen. 

Before Jason can drop to the mat, Beverly forces her son into the corner. She drapes his arms over the top rope trapping him there. Displaying the same ruthlessness she shows other opponents, Beverly begins to pound Jason. She smashes him with her forearms, she drives her knee into him repeatedly.

The young wrestler has gone from being scared to being out right terrified. There is total panic on his face. He has taken a tremendous battering from his mother. Beverly again grabs her son’s arm and twists it hard, pulling him out of the corner. Holding him tightly she quickly notices that he is now stiff and hard, Jason has a large DEFEAT BONER, stretching his shiny white thong. 

Beverly now knows that she has Jason beaten. She whips his into the ropes for the third time. This time as he flies back at her, she ducks under his arm hooks her leg around his and locks Jason into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. 

It takes several seconds for the pain to register with Jason. When it does he begins to scream loudly. "AAAAAAAHH!!!! YOU’VE GOT ME!!! OH NO, YOU’VE GOT ME!!!! MY Abs, YOU’RE TARING ME APART!!! OOOOHHH!!! OOOOOUUU!! The pain on his face tells the story. 

The ref moves in close to the trapped teenager. 


Having been ask if her wishes to submit, Jason wastes no time In surrendering the match to his mother. 


Hearing her son submit to her, Beverly releases Jason and he drops to the mat on his knees. 

The ref raises Beverly’s hand in victory. Then she quickly goes to were the 18 yr old male is on his knees. She bends down beside him. "Are you ok Jason. I didn’t hurt you too badly did I?"  with the pain of the Ab Stretch still on his face Jason tells her. "Yea, you really hurt me!! You make me submit!! I lost the match to you. You defeated me!!" 

After a minute or two more, Beverly helps Jason to his feet. He still has a large stiff DEFEAT BONER in his thong. She then helps him to the ropes and out of the ring.

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