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mixed wrestling girl on top straddle headlock thong leotard femdom fighting

Update: 25.09.2020

W-643 "I just can't lose!!"

Gallery size: 220 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

That’s me on the mat trying desperately not to get pinned. My opponent has a leg hook on me and is trying to roll my shoulders onto the canvas. I’m the one in the light blue tights and shiny light blue boots. I’m also the one that is struggling hard to keep from being defeated.  

I am the Falcon, at least that is my wrestling name. I have been world Champion as well as Tag-Team champion. Right now however none of that means anything. Right now I’m struggling in an effort not to get pinned. My opponent is a 22 yr old girl by the name of Melody Ann West. Melody Ann is a beautiful girl with an angelic face and a hart as black as they come. Melody Ann hates to lose, she hates it so bad that she almost never does. She is currently on a 23 match winning and looking to make me loser number 24. 

As for my part, I’m fighting as hard as I can to stop her winning streak. Fighting might not be the right word. As of now  I’m struggling not to get pinned.  Melody Ann has me held very tightly. Her arm is around my neck and her and her other arm has my leg locked up. It  has been almost 3 minutes now that she has had me tied up. I am breathing hard and beginning to tire. If I don’t escape this hold she is going to beat me. 

At 34 yrs old I am still in the prime of my life and the prime of my wrestling career. However if I don’t escape from her soon my career may be over. The problem is that she is very strong, almost unbelievably strong. She is also fast and skilled. I should have never agreed to this match. 

Having been struggling for over 3 minutes I am finally close enough to the ropes to grab the bottom one. The ref moved in and forces Melody Ann to release me. Slowly I get to feet still holding the ropes for support. I take just a few seconds to pull up my tights. That was a mistake, taking my eyes off her for a second as I pulled up my tights gave her an opening. 

Melody Ann charges around the ref and using her forearm bends me back over the top rope. BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! Three very hard forearm shots slam into my chest and abdomen, Melody Ann has knocked the wind out of me. As I gasp for air she grabs my arm and twists it very hard. Pulling me off the ropes she whips me across the ring. I slam into the ropes and am sling shot back toward her. As I get near she drives her knee into my mid-section. 

OOOFF!! Her knee explodes into my belly. The force of her knee is tremendous. I instantly grab at my middle, staggering a few steps, then falling to my knees.  The next thing I know is feeling Melody’s boot slamming into the back of my neck. The kick sends me crashing face first into the mat. It was as though I were shot out of a canon. The impact comes very close to knocking me out. 

I’m lying face down on the canvas. I’m dazed and groggy and cannot get to my feet. All Melody Ann has to do to win the match is roll me over and pin me. There is no way I could fight her off. She however has a different plain in mind.

First she straddles me, then sits on my back. Hooking my arms over her nylon covered thighs, she then cups her hands under my chin and pulls up and back. Melody Ann has caught me in a CHAMEL CLUTCH. So there she is sitting on my back, wearing her hot pink frilly leotard, with her shiny black pantyhose and shiny pink boots. 

This is when you feel her strength the most, when she has you trapped in a very painful hold and is applying all the pressure she can. That is what she is doing to me right now. I can say very truthfully that this CHAMEL CLUTCH is extremely painful. 

"Oh god, Melody ANN, YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY NECK."  This is where her black hart comes in. "YEA!! WELL FALCON, IF YOU DON’T WANT YOUR NECK BROKEN ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SUBMIT TO ME!! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO?? ARE YOU READY TO SUBMIT YET?" Now I know, she does not want to pin me, she wants to submit me. If she can submit me it will be a big step up for her. 

"NO-NO, I WON’T SUBMIT!! YOU CAN’T MAKE SUBMIT!! I know almost instantly that I have angered her. "OH YES I CAN FALCON!! I CAN AND I WILL MAKE YOU SUBMIT. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!!" 

Instantly the pain in my neck. Shoulders and back increase tremendously. I scream with the pain " OH GOD, IT HURTS!! YOU’RE HURTING ME MELODY ANN. OH GOD IT HURTS!!" Again she tells me to submit "COME ON FLACON, YOU CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS!! GIVE UP AND I’LL LET YOU GO!! Once again I refuse, NO-NO, I TOLD YOU, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME SUBMIT TO YOU!! I WON’T, I WON’T DO IT!!" 

Suddenly I am released from the camel clutch. I am glad to free of it, but not for what comes next. Melody Ann gets to her feet, reaches down and grabs my hair and arm and pulls me to my feet. I am still dazed and am very slow to react to her. She on the other hand is very quick. She takes my arm and bends it up behind my back. 

My arm and shoulder are on fire. Taking my hand she bends it so it is up between my shoulder blades. A man’s arm was not made to go like that. I almost pass out from the pain. "MY ARM, MY ARM!!" AAAAAAAUU!! OH JEZZ!! MY ARM!! I am up on my toes trying to ease the pain in my arm. My back is arched out and my man bulge is stretching the nylon of my tights. 

"HOW ABOUT NOW, FALCON?? READY YET TO GIVE UP?" Everyone in the arena can see the pain on my face as Melody Ann bends my arm in the HAMMER LOCK. "NO,NO –NO!! I TOLD YOU I WON’T GIVE UP!!" 

An angry Melody Ann now grabs my other arm and pulls it back behind me. She now has both of my arms stretched up behind my back. She also has my wrists twisted and is driving me to my knees. Slowly I sink to the mat. Now on my knees, Melody Ann slips in behind me. Placing her shiny pink boot between my shoulders she pulls back on my arms as she pushes with her boot.

She as well as everyone in the first several rows of seats can hear me moan. "OH-OH OH-OH!! AAAAAAAHH!! OOOOUUU!! As for my opponent she says "HURTS DOESEN’T IT DUDE?? DID YOU EVER THINK A WOMAN COULD DO THIS TO YOU?? HOW EMBARESSING IS IT GOING TO BE WHEN A WOMAN MAKES YOU SUBMIT ?? I no longer answer her. 

Having been unable to get me to submit to her, Melody Ann drops my arms. As she does she kicks me in my back and sends me to the mat face first again. This time however, she takes one of my boots and flips my face up. Still holding my shiny blue boot, this time she begins to work over my leg. 

I have been in the ring for almost 10 minutes and have yet to get a single hold on my opponent. She on the other hand has had me nearly pinned and has come very close to making me submit. And minute by minute she gets closer and closer to getting my submission. 

Melody Ann now has a STEP OVER TOE HOLD on me. Holding my boot she is twisting my ankle as she bends my leg over hers. It is an extremely painful and debilitating hold. Even if you do get out of it your legs is hurt and it is hard to walk or get any leverage. 

The pain in my knee and ankle is awful, she is really hurting me. "OH MY LEG, MY LEG!! It has become more difficult to control my feeling. The pain is weakening me minute by minute. I try not to cry out, but it is very hard to stop. It just hurts too much. 

"HAY, I SEE SOMETHING NEW HAS BEEN ADDED!! ARE YOU IN THAT MUCH PAIN, OR ARE YOU JUST GLAD TO SEE ME?? What Melody Ann is talking about is the man bulge between my legs. She has noticed that I have begun to get stiff and hard. WOW, FALCON. YOU’VE GOT THE BEGINNING OF A REALLY BIG "DEFEAT BONER". ARE YOU READY TO GIVE UP YET?" Again I refuse to answer her. 

No matter what I say or don’t say, she can see the end is near for me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I don’t know if I can take any more pain. The harder my manhood gets the weaker I become. 

She now sees that I am very close to defeat. My manhood is erect, hard and stiff. There is nothing I can do about it. Wanting to finish me off, Melody Ann switches from a step over toe hold. Taking my legs she bends it around hers, she quickly drops to the mat and locks me into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK.  

"OH MY GOD!! MY LEGS, MY LEGS!! PLEASE DON’T BREAK MY LEGS!!" I twist and turn. I pound the mat and pull on my legs. It’s no use, she’s got me, I’m trapped in the figure-four. "I’ve got you now, Falcon!! You can’t get get out of this!! I’m going to make you submit to me!!" 

I’ve forgotten about anything I said or told her. The pain is overwhelming and is all I can think about. "MY LEGS, MY LEGS!! YOU’RE BREAKING MY LEGS!! STOP, PLEASE STOP!! OH GOD IT HURTS. MY LEGS MY LEGS!! I’ll say anything to make her stop!! 

"How about now, tuff guy? You sound like you’re ready to submit to me!! I thought a woman could never make you give up. Sounds like you’re ready now".  I am completely ready to submit to her. 


Having submitted to her, I had hoped that Melody Ann would release me. However she has not done so yet. I remain trapped in the figure-four.

"So, Falcon, I’ve made you submit!! I thought you would never give up to a girl!! What happened, did I defeat you? Did I make you submit? Tell everyone that you’ve been beaten by a girl!!"

The pain has overcome any male superiority I had. I’ve been defeated by a woman and have had to submit to her. I don’t care about the humiliation of losing to a girl. I just want the pain to end. 


Having admitted defeat, Melody Ann lets me go. I grab at my knees and legs trying to ease the pain. 

All I can do is lye on the mat and cry from the pain. I can’t get up or even move. Melody Ann is standing over me looking down. "I told you I could make you submit, didn’t I!! Just lie there with your DEFEAT BONER, knowing you were beaten by a girl." In fact she is correct, she did tell me that she was going to make me submit to her. And here I am, lying on the mat stretched out flat. 

It takes me several minutes to get back to my dressing room. For a minute or two I sit on the bench with tears running down my cheeks and flowing from my eyes. That’s what she did to me. Melody Ann West not only defeated me but she also made me cry. 

After another few minutes I untie my shiny blue boots and pull them off. I stand and pull down my my tights and slip them off. Last I remove my jockstrap. I stand there with just my stiff DEFEAT BONER. 

Oh god, I lost to a girl!! She beat me so easily. I never had a chance. Just too strong and too fast. She just out wrestled me!!"

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