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CFNM mixed wrestling fitness high cut long sleeved bodysuit fighting femdom

Update: 22.02.2019

W-560 "Elaine vs Bob"

Gallery size: 330 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

"Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today's match is a three out of five fall wrestling match. Introducing first, in the red corner, naked, Bob Sanders." She pointed to a tall, athletic looking brown haired man. "Bob is six feet two inches tall and weighs two hundred and fifteen pounds." Bob waved at the camera. 

"Bob's opponent is now entering the ring area. She is five feet five inches tall and weighs one hundred and fifty-five pounds. The wrestling coach, Elaine Lawson." Elaine was wearing a white one-piece thong leotard that hugged her like a second skin and white laced boots. 

The bell rang to start the first fall. Elaine and Bob came out of their corners quickly, meeting in the center of the ring and locking up in a collar and elbow hold. Elaine ducked under Bob's arm and slipped behind him. Wrapping both arms around his waist, she wrenched him off his feet. Her muscular arms swelled as she heaved him up and then threw him to the side. Bob stumbled and fell, recovered quickly and rolled to his feet before Elaine could follow up. He grinned at her and elevated his forefinger, indicating "one for you".

They came together again in the same hold. This time Bob slipped his foot behind Elaine's ankle and pushed, tripping her to the mat. Elaine tucked and rolled backward, coming up quickly facing her opponent. She applauded politely, and Bob laughed. As they came together for the third time, Elaine ducked and grabbed one of Bob's legs. Heaving back, she dumped the bigger man on his ass. Dropping his leg, Elaine pounced on Bob and secured a headlock.

She leaned her weight on Bob's chest and the man's shoulders touched the mat. Convulsively he jerked one shoulder into the air, Elaine's arms, shoulders, and chest all bulged incredibly as she applied unimaginable pressure to Bob's trapped head. A soft moan escaped his lips as she constricted the circle of her arms still further. 

"Uhhnn-n-n-o-o-o," he groaned. With an impressive display of his own strength, Bob twisted around so Elaine's weight no longer pinned him and slowly rose from the mat. Elaine clung tenaciously to her headlock. The pain was taking its toll on the big man, and his legs shook, but he made it all the way to his feet. Now he had a leverage advantage on his shorter opponent, and it was more difficult for Elaine to maintain the hold on his head. Wrapping his arms around Elaine's waist, he lifted her from the mat and fell backwards, suplexing her hard to the mat.

Both of them hit hard, and the force of the fall broke Elaine's lock on Bob's head. The minutes she had held him captive had taken a lot out of Bob, however, and Elaine was the first to her feet. She was on the attack again before Bob could stand up. He was still on his knees when she stood in front of him and jammed his head between her sexy thighs. Wrapping her powerful arms around his waist, she heaved him up, releasing his head, so that he was jack-knifed almost double and his back faced the canvas. With savage power Elaine slammed Bob forcefully to the mat, producing a resounding BOOM that echoed around the room. Bob squirmed on his back in pain from the vicious move, and Elaine smiled in satisfaction. She bent over and grabbed Bob's arm, wrenching him back to his feet.

Placing one hand in Bob's crotch and the other over his shoulder, Elaine picked the big man up easily and turned him over. Her gymnast thighs and power packed arms bulged as she held him upside down with apparent ease, took three running steps, and power slammed him to the mat, landing atop him. Then Elaine picked the guy up and slammed him again, then a third time.

Bob was nearly out, and finding it very hard to breathe. Almost playfully Elaine knelt astride his chest and held his shoulders down while he slapped the mat three times. The bell rang, ending the first fall. 

The second fall opened with Bob barely making it to his feet before Elaine was on top of him. Wedging her shoulder under his arm, she heaved and sent him cartwheeling across the mat to land with a dull thud. Quickly Elaine moved to the corner nearest him and scrambled to the top rope. Standing there, balancing herself, she waited for Bob to get to his feet. Then, propelled by her mighty thighs, she launched herself through the air and brutally smashed her shoulder into Bob's chest, driving him down again.

Elaine quickly pounced on her supine foe, pulling him roughly to his feet and draping him across her shoulders. With a mighty heave of sinewy arms she pressed the two hundred plus pound man high over her head. She walked around the ring with him three times, as if she was showing off a trophy she had won. It was an extremely impressive demonstration from a woman nine inches shorter and sixty pounds lighter than her opponent.

Eventually, as if she were bored with carrying Bob around, Elaine bent her knees and elbows, then flung the hapless man nearly all the way across the twenty-two foot ring. Bob landed hard and rolled until the bottom rope stopped him. Elaine walked over to him and bent down, gently slapping Bob's face and saying, "Time to get up now, Bob." Bob's eyelids flickered and opened, and Elaine once again hauled him to his feet. Bob's legs were bare able to hold him upright. Elaine pushed him into the ropes and then threw him off. Bob careened wildly across the ring and hit the opposite ropes, then came staggering off again. Elaine leaped high in the air and hit Bob with a drop kick that landed with incredible force right on his chin. Bob's head snapped back and he crashed down on his back again. Only the spasmodic movement of his arms and legs indicated that he was still conscious.

Elaine strutted around the ring, proudly showing off for the cameras and the spectators. She waited until Bob had started to sit up before she went back over to him. A foot in his chest sent him down on his back again. Sitting on the mat behind Bob, Elaine now snaked her brawny thighs around the man's head. Crooking her right knee under his chin, she locked her right ankle under her left knee in a figure-four headscissor hold. Her massive muscles threatened to shred the Lycra tights as Elaine pressured Bob's head with her titanic legs. Bob's head was compressed between Elaine's knotted calf muscle and her mountainous thigh. Steve thought Bob's jaw might be broken as Elaine constricted her leggy vise even more, the mighty sinews rippling beneath the slick red fabric. Elaine inspected her fingernails in a show of nonchalance as she easily crushed Bob into oblivion.

Before too long Bob's eyes closed. Elaine unlocked her legs and stood over Bob, flexing her granite muscles for the crowd. 

Bob got a good look at Elaine as she stood in her corner between falls. Perspiration beaded on her chest and rolled down into her cleavage, darkening the fabric of her leotard. Her sweat damp hair clung to her forehead until she brushed it away. She wasn't even breathing hard. She smiled at Bob and winked, saying, "This'll be over in just a few minutes now." 

Holding the bottle under Bob's nose, Elaine said, "Take a deep breath, come on, wake up!" She tossed the smelling salts out of the ring and slapped Bob across the face, not lightly. "Wake up so I can beat you!" she yelled at the semi-conscious man.

Bob tried to block her hands, and began to rise from his stool. Elaine 'helped' him up and whipped him across the ring. Bob's back smashed into the corner padding with wicked force. He staggered a couple of steps and fell face first to the mat. Elaine was on him quickly, giving him no time to recover. Placing one booted foot in the middle of Bob's back, she ferociously wrenched both arms up behind him in a hold known as a surfboard. Bob moaned piteously as Elaine tortured him with the vicious hold. She pulled up hard on his arms, as if she was going to tear them from his body. Bob began to scream for mercy, and Patricia asked if he'd had enough. "God, yessss! Ple-e-e-a-a-s-e, make her let go!"

Elaine released the hold and she let go of his arms, but kept one foot on Bob's back as she posed and had her arm raised in victory. "After nineteen minutes and fifty seconds, the winner of three falls in a row, Elaine Lawson!" intoned referee.

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