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high school mixed wrestling young teens leotard girl headlock

Update: 17.06.2016

Gallery W-411 "Audry vs Alan"


Gallery size: 70 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 70 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


Audry, the female wrestler, says: "Actually, I Am Only 18 So I Wrestle My Bf and me and my BF love wrestling each other. I am tiny, 5 feet even and 90 pounds, wearing a tank leotard, and my BF is 5'6" and 130 lbs, often wrestles naked. Neither one of us works out in a gym or does sports. We found out about submissions wrestling by accident on youtube last year. And so being curious about life, we decided to try it out for ourselves. What is amazing is that our matches last such a long time, sometimes more than an hour! I think it is because I can get myself free of his holds, because my joints are so flexible. And I am not strong enough to keep him in a hold either. But eventually he tires out before I do, and a hold which did not work 10 minutes into the match, works 40 minutes into the match. He gets weaker and I can feel that, so it gives me time to adjust the hold even more. But he is very stubborn about giving up, so I have to use a hold which is also painful to him to get him to tap out. And he has to be very weakened before I have enough strength to both hold him and twist back his arm or something at the same time. So, the point of my comment is to say that even though I am such a tiny girl, I usually beat my BF in wrestling. And I know that he does not enjoy losing to me. But he wins around 1/3 of the matches, usually because I get distracted, and that is enough times to keep him wanting a rematch with me. Of course not the same day I won, since he could not even lift a spoon after I finish him off. I bet you can tell how wonderful I feel about being able to beat him wrestling!".

Alan, the male wrestler, says: "I'm 22 and I've always had a deep attraction to being overpowered by women. Lady-like women, not like Amazon women or anything. I've been in heaven the past 7 months since I started dating my girlfriend. She's very feminine, but at the same time, she keeps in great shape and loves to wrestle me. I introduced my love of mixed wrestling very slowly into the relationship. Complimenting her legs a lot, challenging her to strength competitions, and eventually having her test her strength by trapping me between her legs and seeing if I could escape. At first, it was easy. But she has become much stronger especially in her calves and thighs lately, and I have no chance when she bodyscissors me now-a-days. I absolutely love having my waist or neck trapped between her gorgeous thighs and feeling her squeeze!".

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