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Update: 28.10.2016

B-433 "The rude boxer"

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Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 150 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

18 y.o. boxing fan Alena tried to to get an autograph from boxing star Tyson after his match. Tyson is big black strong guy, he sure all women just dreaming about his powerful body - he is used to take any woman at any time! This time he met a young sexy girl alone in empty boxing hall - what reason to give up a possible entertainment? Of course he simply grabs Alena's girlish body, she tried to rescue herself but rude boxer is too big and strong, he carries her into the locker room and tried to undress then rape her. When his arms are busy with her dress she kicks him in the head and runs away using his stun but he recovers himself quickly and arranges a chase to disobedient girl. He finally catches up with her into big empty storehouse and attacks her again. Alena must defend herself, she knows he is much stronger than any woman but he has a vulnerable point - and that vulnerability must be used to defeat him. Tyson loses his underwear during fighting, but Alena is still wearing her leotard and leather boots which have blocks of steel in the tips, and she has no fear in kicking this foolish guy hard in the balls with this lethal footwear! She also punishing him with headscissors and ball squeezing, knees him in the groin and straddles his face until he can't breathe.

Alena says: "The male body is so weak, just one hard punch and the guy is on the floor rolling back and forth clutching his balls. Funny how guys think they are strong and superior, yet a women can drop them down so easily. I love kicking boys and men in the balls!! I have great memories of putting fear into the boys on the playgrounds by not only threatening them I'd kick them in the balls, but doing it! Do you know how much power that gives a girl? Think about it. I was a very petite 4th grader and very popular. I always had plenty of boys that had a crush on me and would do anything to try to get into my circle of friends. But this is also the age when girls definitely know how they can take a boy down... a quick kick to the balls and he'll be rolling around on the ground, holding his stomach and moaning like a complete IDIOT. What girl WOULDN'T want to use that power? I still can't get over the fact there were so many boys that were way taller, much more strong and of course faster than me....but I knew the 'secret'. I drew them in and in the matter of seconds, with a quick (hard) KICK they weren't so big, strong and fast. I also knew that it would leave a lasting impression and any harassing, teasing or not picking me for their team first would be history. The surge of POWER that runs thru you after you kick a boy/guy in the balls is sooooo intoxicating. I never needed to kick a dozen boys... just kicking the 'leader' of the pack in front of all his buddies is all it takes! So if women enjoy kicking a man in the balls... there are a certain 'breed' of women out there that get great pleasure from it for the POWER it gives them and it shows them who the true STRONGER sex is Women. Women have men 'by the balls'....and we are constantly yanking and reminding them of their place (on their knees worshipping us). I like the guys to resist because it gives me a chance to get in another shot or two before he goes down!"

Tyson says: "Even if girls are delicate, they can easily cause great pain to you. I thought that because I'm a man and bigger and stronger than any woman that I'll be able to bully any girl. Alena sure showed me the true meaning of having balls dangling in between his legs. By the end, I finally realized that my nuts more than made up for my strength/size advantage and that women are superior to men!".