CFNM facesitting oral sex female domination fight

Update: 20.07.2018

B-527 "Girl on top!"

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Mixed wrestling, ballbusting, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Do you like the scenarios where the females depicted are fully clothed and victorious over completely naked men, ordering the men around, demanding they comply, and overall enjoying the exploitation of their naked vulnerability?


Many women that enjoy female domination love CFNM for this very reason. 


This is a very sexy professionally trained japanese ballerina is into CFNM and also female domination. She likes having the naked men by their balls, as can be seen in this gallery.


Nothing is sexier than watching a semi-clothed woman take on a semi-clothed man and, in winning the battle, strip him naked. Embarrassing him even further than simply losing to her.


Another form of handicap which you'd like, is when the female is allowed to use certain fighting techniques, which are forbidden for the male opponent. kick, knees, punches to the belly, face slapping or attacking of the groin.


Women also have a small amount of testosterone and it could be useful for them to have a bit of an increase so that they can become more aggressive in their approach to life and to cope with men who refuse to obey.


Research has shown that testosterone levels in women increase when they see naked men, play in team sports that require a uniform and dominate and humiliate others. The testosterone boost is greatest if they can control the sexual aspects in real life.


Excessively high levels of testosterone in men makes them restless, more aggressive leading to feuds, wars and aggression toward women and other men. Therefore, we need to do what is needed to reduce their testosterone and make men less competitive, less aggressive and more at ease with themselves.


It was therefore important that men not see naked women. Best practice was to humiliate men while incorporating the above ideas.

While keeping men naked and reducing their sexual visual stimulation was one part of the equation it was equally important for men to have a release of sexual tension that inevitably happens when they have not had an orgasm for a while. Them having an orgasm is important to keep their uncontrolled urges and frustrations at bay while maintaining a healthy level of testosterone. The best way that women could achieve this was to take a firm approach and be in control from day one.

Aiko, the female fighter, says: "One-sided male nudity can also arise when a male disrobes for the sexual pleasure of a woman as an indication of sexual submission. The objective of this type of scenario is that the male is denied the sexual pleasure of seeing the women in the same state of undress, and is not in a position to dominate the scene. Male submission is a way for men to express their desire to worship and express their adoration of women. Any girl will tell you that it is quite erotic for them to remain clothed whilst seeing naked men too. Besides that, the dominant outfit gives women a new sense of power and control. I've kicked boys manytimes, but I can tell sneakers are the best for kicking most painful. although there are harder shoes, their soles are hard enough. but if you kick with running shoe, their hard tip fits relly nice to the balls. they have sharp edges and I know kicks with them are really efficient! its excellent feeling when your hard sole of the sneaker hit the poor balls and you see how your sneaker contineus and deformate its target! the face of your oppo- nent is getting red and you can see typical face of somebody who is in extreme pain. then he falls to the ground. i love these hard running shoes which are so comfortable and so hard and dangerous for guys! I love all willing defeated nude man before me with his feet far apart and naked, jewels dangling just waiting for the abuse! I'm wearing my leotard and sneakers so that I can see the connection to the top of my foot as I do my best to drive him to his knees in agony! I prolong the process making him watch me casually get ready to abuse him, and before I do I fondle them gently, alternating that was squeezing a bit too hard until he closes his eyes and grimaces. I like them to be fully erect and very close to orgasm – like he can feel the tingling sensation beginning just before it happens – as I take my step back and bring the top of my foot crashing up into his jewels for the first time! This ruins his orgasm, making his manhood will pathetically as he whimpers and I tell him don't you dare defend yourself or you'll get it far worse! This continues until he gives up, then I'll sat down onto his face and this time satisfy his need as I ride him like crazy cowgirl until I come. I love ballbusting!"

Lee, the male fighter, says: "I have always loved the "clothed-female/naked-male", or "CFNM" rules. The guys are naked and vulnerably exposed and in a very embarrassing scenario - their manhood....penises and balls, are there on full display for these lovely and beautiful clothed girls to see. And these girls then exploit their nudity and vulnerability by punching and kicking these naked guys in their balls really enjoying do it. It's really fantastic! Girls turned into a violent sex abusers who like to kick men in the groin, in fact, there truly is a gender war going on. Males are dropping like flies after being under attack for the past 40 years. But then again, we aren't equipped to fight back against females. And most of all, we never wanted this. It's also humiliating to be subdued by a girl like this when it's your sexual organs, the same organs that are suppose to make you physically stronger than a woman. We face each other and wrestle. She gets me on my back on the floor and gets me in a high SGP, with her knees pinning my forearms and her hands pinning my wrists -- two or three times for 5-10 minutes each. As I struggle to get free (to a point), I give her tongue action, not quite to the point of orgasm each time. Then we wrestle again and she gets me in a reverse SGP, she jerks my throbbing boner, and I lick her while I continue to struggle. I fantasize that she is really holding me down against my will. I am not into bondage, S/M or domination. I just get sexual arousal from the fight and (my) defeat. Once I'm defeated my fantasy is over and if I haven't come yet I get the greatest pleasure from being milked passively while in my fake KO. Being masturbated during the fight gives me also a huge pleasure, but it can end the match too quickly. When that happens I tell my partner to "KO" me and let me relax."