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Update: 03.06.2016

Gallery B-409 "Jane vs Juan"

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Juan was one of those young men who thinks all the girls swoon whenever he glances at them. True, he was a black belt in karate, but didn’t everyone know it! He wore his gi all the time at the gym, even when going for a cup of coffee. The gossips said that he had been seen shopping in it too.

On this particular day he went swaggering into the gym as usual, only to behold a sight that made him catch his breath. A beautiful, mature woman, in a purple leotard and matching over-knee boots, was punching the bag. But it was the nature of those punches that made Juan gulp. She really meant it. There was a strength in that body that had a strange effect on him. He realised he was staring, as her boxing glove plunged into the bag, sending ripples through her body – especially her splendid bottom.

Juan cleared his throat and tried to assume his usual off-hand (and very irritating) manner. “Hi, it’s not really for girls, this, is it?”

Jane stopped what she was doing, and turned to face him. She had heard about Juan, and had thought for some time how she’d like to puncture his ego.

“Well I’m 28, and divorced with 2 children, so I’m hardly a ‘girl’. You, on the other hand, sonny, look as if you’re only just stopped shaving.”

This was disconcerting. Juan wasn’t used to being challenged, and it unnerved him. For the second time he cleared his throat, and made things worse for himself, by trying to improve them. “I mean, it’s not very ladylike.”

Jane laughed. “No, I suppose it isn’t. But real men – not boys, like you – much prefer us to be womanly than ladylike.”

That did it for Juan. He sarcastically kissed her hand and said, “Oh I do beg your pardon! But if you’d care to step into the ring, I’ll teach you some better manners.”

“Boxing?” Jane asked.


“Well take off those pyjamas, and come and have your first encounter with a real woman,” Jane taunted him, before she walked, swaying her hips, towards the ring and up the steps.

Juan was seething. He’d teach that bitch a thing or two, wouldn’t he just! Look at her, balancing on the ropes with a sly smile on her face, and waving her big arse at him! If he wasn’t spanking it in revenge at the end of this (and how his mouth watered at the thought!) he wasn’t Juan, the feared karate black belt.

He pulled the ropes apart to let himself in the ring, and Jane put her pointed toe up to his mouth, as if he were kissing her boot. He had never felt such fury! She stepped aside, and smirked at him as he stood up. God, but those breasts where beautiful! For a moment he was looking up at them before he was on his feet. He realised he was shaking slightly; but whether it was from her undeniable sexuality or from anger, he couldn’t say. (He wouldn’t admit to himself that it might be from fear.)

They touched gloves, and Juan attacked, as Jane had anticipated. He tried an exaggerated right hook, which she absorbed on her gloves. She skilfully worked her feet, while parrying his punch, so as to put him off balance. She spun her body round so that she was prepared for him when he got to his feet again. Then she struck. Her blow landed right in that painful area to the side of the stomach and kidneys, taking in the lower rib cage. It was a firm, strong punch, but at the same time it was controlled, with none of the wild amateurishness of Juan’s earlier effort.

Searing pain shot through Juan’s body. Sweat broke out on his forehead and he thought he was going to be sick. He tried to stay on his feet, but his legs gave way, and he sank to his knees. Jane stood before him, enjoying the sight of the young man suffering at her handiwork, then she walked round him (“swaying that dam’ arse about,” thought Juan).

She walked leisurely to the ropes, and leant back on them looking down at him, with an evil smile. This enraged him. He was sick of her mocking him. Well he’d show her! He got to his feet and launched a jab at her … except she wasn’t there. She spun her body into a somersault, using the top rope, and brought it down while Juan’s punch spent itself out. While he was still balancing forwards, she brought her thighs down around his neck for a head scissors. He was forced onto his back, and her thighs tightened around his neck.

“Ah, God, I thought you said this was boxing!” He blurted out.

“I changed my mind. Don’t you know anything about women?” she gasped. (She had trapped his head at the top of her thighs, and this proximity caused her an unexpected pleasure.)

“Anyway, what are you moaning about? Most men would give 5 years of their lives to be where you are now!”

He started to choke and writhe about, while his face turned purple. Jane released that grip, and manoeuvred herself round so that her boot was pinning him down under his chin, raising her arms in triumph. It was the 2 rounds to her. She got up and walked towards the ropes, leaving him groaning on his back. Another problem for him was that he had an erection – curse her!

He got his breath back, and thought he would have to continue, so he stood up. She looked with interest at his shorts, so he blocked her view with his hand. When he felt he had recovered enough, he assumed a fighting stance, and she responded. He attacked with a straight right, which she again took on her gloves. Now it was Jane’s turn. She appeared to copy his attack, but it was a feint. While his attention was focused on warding it off, a blistering left hook homed in on his right cheek and ear. She could see the panic on his face as she nearly had him off balance.

Not giving him any time to recover, she followed up with an uppercut. His teeth clanged together painfully, as his head snapped back under the force of her blow.

But her next move was unexpected. Whether deliberately or not she placed her thigh between his legs, touching his manhood, while she manipulated his body into a fall. On his way down, she yanked his left arm most painfully, twisting it, and making him yelp. She now wrestled him onto his back, and started punching his face. Her strength hadn’t diminished at all during the fight; if anything her punches were even more effective, and his face was going to be severely discoloured for a few days after.

Once again, her thigh and knee touched and moved against his manhood. “Oh no,” Juan thought, “That’s not … God, I wish she wouldn’t do that!” An electric current seemed to shoot down his body to his groin.

But then he saw his chance. Seeing her breasts were vulnerable, he got in a cheap shot. It worked temporarily, and Juan grinned with relief. However it had the undesired effect of making Jane angry. She pummelled his face now. He tried to escape the onslaught, but her thigh on his manhood kept him in place (as well as aroused).

He couldn’t take any more. He jerked his head away in submission, and Jane celebrated, once again raising her fist in triumph, while her knee pinned him under the chin.

She now perched on his stomach, looking down at him thoughtfully. She moved down his body until she sat on his groin. She raised herself slightly, before plunging down, her arms raised in triumph and shouting “YES!” She moved about freely over his manhood, grinding her hips around him while still celebrating her victory. Juan grimaced. She raised herself slightly again, then thrust herself down, and rubbed her bottom over his manhood. That did it. With an “Aaaarrrrhhhh!” Juan’s body was wracked with spasms. Jane let these subside before turning him onto his stomach, and once more making him kiss her boots. He had no choice. She had broken him.

She eventually tired of this and left the ring, giving him one more insolent wave of that glorious bottom as she swayed out of sight.