Update: 03.06.2016

Gallery B-409 "Jane vs Juan"

Categories: Freeestyle fights

                   Mixed wrestling

                Mixed Boxing

Gallery size: 170 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 170 True3D pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


​Karate expert Juan has challenged fitness model Jane to boxing match - oh, poor guy! Jane is very sporty and can beat men in literally any sport. Her workout, naturally, consists of aggressive sparring. Her combat outfit is a high-cut thong-back leotard that shows off her amazing thighs. She always wearing skin-tight leotard and high heeled overknee leather boots. Jane is a violent, aggressive girl. Juan met her in the gym, her boxing gloves was a surprise for him, tough guy was sure girls can't be good boxers. It was a real mistake of him! Young sexy fitness model beats him with easy, 3 rounds of female domination fighting and completely defeated male must kiss her leather boots and accept a female superiority!

This boxing woman would be athletic and strong, but smaller than her opponent. She fights in leotard, boxing gloves and boxing boots. Her opponent is a much larger, muscular man. His attitude would be aggressive and completely confident, and sexually predatory toward the woman, threatening her with sexual violence after he beats her.


She is confident, but not cocky to start with. She knows she is superior. In her fantasy, beating up larger men is a sexual turn on for her, and she becomes aroused during the fight. Her grunts and moans as she delivers punches would be obviously those of sexual pleasure. She becomes quite animalistic during the fight.


The fight would get under way, and the male boxer would quickly find himself outclassed. Initially furious at his inability to match her superior strength and skill, soon he is afraid when he realises how dangerous she is. He is beaten severely, to a bloody pulp. The more punches she delivers, the greater her sexual pleasure. She becomes more and more violent as she reaches a state of ecstasy, culminating in her orgasming as she knocks him out. She sits on his chest and performs victory poses, forcing him to lick her boots.

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