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Update: 11.03.2022        W-719 "Junior pro night"

Mixed wrestling, 340 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

Yes, it’s junior pro night once again. There will be three junior matches to start off the card. First up 18 yr old Jake Nesbit will be taking on 18 yr old Sara Talbot. Sara has a record of 5 wins and one lose. She enters the ring wear an orange leotard, black pantyhose and shiny white boots. Her opponent Jake enters, he has on a Silver gray thong and silver gray boots. Jake is one of the very few undefeated juniors in the league he has 8 wins and no defeats. 

The bells sends these two young pros against each other. Jake races across the ring catching Sara from behind in a tight HAMMER LOCK. He has her arm bent highly behind her back. Dropping down behind her, Jake grabs her boots and pulls her legs out from under her. Off balance and surprised, Sara falls face first to the mat. The young female wrestler is stunned as Jake folds her legs one over the other. 

Having her legs locked up, Jake reaches forward cupping his hands under her chin. He quickly pulls up and back bending Sara in a BACK BREAKER. As Jake pulls hard on Sara’s chin, he learns that she is a very tuff young lady and has a high tolerance for pain. Unable to get her to submit, or even cry out in pain, Jake changes holds. 

Having rolled young Sara onto her back, Jake begins to work over her legs. Grabbing her shiny white boot he locks on a STEP OVER TOE HOLD. Once again the tuff little girl grits her teeth and struggles to escape. And very soon escape she does. Using her free leg, she slams her boot into Jake’s face. He instantly drops her leg and staggers backward. 

As Sara quickly gets to her feet the match becomes a back and forth battle. The two 18 yr old wrestlers exchange holds and punches. One minute it’s Sara holding Jake in a painful hold and the next it is Sara that is trapped. After only a few minutes one thing becomes clear. That is that Sara seems to have a higher tolerance to pain than Jake does. Each time that he is caught in one of Sara’s holds he seems to cry out, were as she never does. 

As proof of this Sara now has Jake in a LEG LOCK and he is in fact crying out in pain "My leg. Oh god my leg!!!!! She’s going to break my leg!!!!" As a result of him crying out like that the ref asks Jake if he is ready to submit the mat. He is very quick to answer "NO-NO. I won’t submit!!! I’m not giving up!!!!" With his refusal to concede the match to Sara the fighting continues. 

Sara reaches down and pulls Jake off the mat. Twisting his arm, Sara whips her male opponent into the ropes. As Jake flies back at her Sara drives her knee into his midsection. The 18 yr old male wrestler grabs at his stomach and drops to the mat on his knees. As he holds on the his stomach he is also gasping for air. The knee to his midsection has knocked the breath out of the young male wrestler. 

Sara has no time or interest in sympathy. She pulls Jake to his and again sends him flying into the ropes. She is waiting for him as he is shot back at her. She wraps her panty hosed covered leg around his. Ducks under her arm and locks him into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. Things go from bad to worse for the young male wrestler. Jake struggles to get free, but Sara has him held tight. As he struggles, his young manhood gets stiff and hard and he begins to cry out. At 18 yr old Jake is suffering his very first DEFEAT BONER. It seems as though Jakes undefeated record is about to come to an end. 

"Oh god it hurts!!! She’s hurting me!!! OOOOOOHH!!!! Somebody help me Please!!! Sara is very surprised at Jake crying out like that, even more she is shocked by his very stiff DEFEAT BONER. She call out to the ref, "Ref-ref, is he done, have I beaten him? Please ask his if he wants to submit? The ref moves in close to young Jake. "What do you say Jake? Has Sara defeated you? Do you want to submit to her?" The 18 yr old boy waist no time surrendering to Sara. 


The ref signals the end of the match and Sara lets go of Jake. The 18 yr old boy drops to the mat. Landing first on his knees then toppling over onto his back. As Sara is being announced as the winner, the trainer races to Jake. After his crushing loss to a girl Jake is in bad shape. He is stretched out on the mat. The trainer is softly rubbing his belly. "Take it easy Jake the pain will go away in a few minutes." As he is helped to his feet, he wonders how long the shame of losing to a girl will last, also how long this rock hard BONER will last. 

With Jake finally out of the ring the second match can begin. This match will feature 18 yr old Randy Wise. He will be wrestling 18 yr old Justine Abbott. Randy is fairly new to the league and has a record of only 3 wins and no losses. This is a step up for the young man. As for his opponent. Justine Abbott has been in the league for over a year now. She is ranked 4th and has a record of 7 and 0. She is far more experienced than her male opponent. 

Randy enters the ring wearing a tan thong and tan boots. He is a very good looking young man and the females in the crowd react to him with whistles, cheers and cat calls. Justine Abbott enters wearing a shiny metallic red leotard and shiny red boots. With all the preliminaries finally out of the way the match can begin. The bell starts the match. Wanting to get off to a very fast start, Randy races out of his corner and directly at Justine. The far more experienced girl easily sees him coming. 

She quickly leaps into the air, the soles of her shiny red boots slam into Randy’s chin. 18 yr old Randy Wise is just barely conscious as he hits the mat on his back. Justine scoops Randy’s boots off the mat and begins to roll him over. Although his eyes are open Randy has a dazed look on his face. He does not seem to know where he is or what is happening. Justine continues to roll Randy face down on the mat. 

With his boots tucked under her arms Justine puts Randy into a BOSTON CRAB. He is instantly awake and alert. He also begins to scream My back, my back!!!! Oh jeeze she’s going to break my back"!! At this point the match is 57 seconds old and Randy is already finished. The ref moves in as fast as she can. "Are you done Randy? Do you want to submit?" Randy knows he’s beaten and that he has no choice but to surrender.

"Oh my god, she’s got me, she’s got me!!!! I give up!!! I give up!!!! Let me go. Please let me go I submit to you. Oh please Justine I submit, Please let me go!!!!" 

Knowing that she has beaten her opponent she lets go of Randy’s legs. Randy slowly gets to his feet. He begins to slowly walk toward his corner. It is obvious to everyone that he has be defeated. His slow walk to his corner revels a very large DEFEAT BONER between his legs. The announcer has just told everyone in the arena that Randy Wise has just been defeated in a League record time of just 59 seconds. A completely humiliated Randy Wise stands in his corner with his head down as Justine circles the ring with her hands in the air. 

The third and final match of the night is a tag team match. It is a two out of three match. The first team is 18 yr old Bradley Kelly and his partner 18 yr old Susan Goodman. Their opponents are the team of 18 yr old Francis Copland and 18 yr old Misty Green. Bradley enters the ring wearing a shiny wet look white thong and shiny white boots. His partner Susan has on a shiny white leotard, black pantyhose and white boots. Francis and Misty both enter wearing black leotards, white pantyhose and shiny black boots. 

With the bell the match starts. Bradley will start for his team and Francis will start for hers. BONG!!!! The match is on. Francis and Bradley lock up and struggle for dominance. Francis gets behind Bradley and wraps her arms around his middle. Her arms are locked around him just at the waist band of his shiny white thong. Squeezing him as tightly as she can, Francis also lifts him off the mat. Bradley face shows the pain he is already in.  

Having had her male opponent in the hold for several minutes, Francis slams him to the mat at her feet. Bradley lies there unmoving. Francis is on him quickly. Grabbing both of his arms she puts a DOUBLE HAMMER LOCK on him. With the match only 4 minutes old 18 yr old Bradley Kelly is already in big trouble. From the early going it looks like Francis Copland is faster, stronger and more knowledgeable that he is. Tying up both his arms with just one hand, Francis uses her free hand to cup it under his chin. She then pulls back as hard as she can. She now has a Double hold on Bradley.

The 18 yr old male wrestler seems to be in very real trouble. He has been in the ring for almost 8 minutes and has yet to get a single hold on his female opponent. She has been in complete control of him since the opening bell. With his arms tied up by Francis Bradley has been unable to tag his partner in. Susan Goodman, his partner has been screaming at him to tag her. All of this time Bradley has been kicking his legs wildly as well as twisting and turning trying to escape. 

After several more minutes of struggle, Bradley is able to drape his shiny white boot over the bottom rope. He instantly starts screaming "Ropes, ropes, I’m in the ropes, break the hold. I’m in the ropes". The ref tells Francis she has to let Bradley go. Reluctantly she releases him. Slowly Bradley gets to his feet and the ref signals for the match to continue. As fast as he can Bradley runs to his corner and tags in Susan. 

Susan enters the ring to face a different wrestler, she will be facing 18 yr old Misty Green. The first thing she learns about Misty is her knee driving into her abdomen. 2 seconds after entering the ring Susan is down on her knees with Misty standing over her. Misty pulls Susan to her feet and whips her into a corner. She follows her in again driving her knee into Susan’s mid section. 

Susan begins to slump to the mat, but is held up by Misty. Misty then begins to pound on her 18 yr old opponent. Misty lands two heavy punches into Susan’s mid section. Susan grimaces in pain as she grabs at her belly. Misty then lands several very hard smashes to Susan’s chest. Susan’s hands fly up her now aching chest. 

Susan drops to the mat on her knees. She has now taken a beaten equal to that of her tag team partner. Slowly she begins to crawl toward her corner. Misty has other ideas. As Susan gets to mid ring, Misty grabs her by her boots and pulls on them. Susan drops face first to the mat. Misty rolls the 18 yr old girl wrestler onto her back. She drops down in front of Susan and begins to stretch her apart. Misty’s boots are pressing outward against Susan’s thighs. Susan is caught in a painful LEG STRETCH!" 

Susan twists and turns trying to escape the hold. She has no luck as she is very tightly trapped. Failing to get free Susan begins to scream. "Help me Bradley you’ve got to help me. She’s going to rip me in half!!!" Bradley sees how Susan is trapped. He knows his tag team partner can’t last much longer. His only choice is to try and help her. Even though he is also hurt, he jumps in the ring to save his partner. 

As he gets close to Susan, Bradley is attacked by Misty’s partner. Francis Copland grabs Bradley from behind. She wraps her arms around him, lifts him off the mat and suplexes him over her head and down to the mat landing on his neck. Bradley is no longer in any condition to help his tag team partner. He is just barely conscious. 

Now there are all four teen wrestlers in the ring at one time. Francis sees a chance to win the match now. She drags Bradley over to were Misty has his partner trapped. She moves Bradley in front of Susan. Both Misty and Francis now sit between their opponents legs. Francis now has one of Susan’s boots and one of Bradley’s boots in her hands. Misty sitting directly across from Francis, has one of Bradley’s boots and one of Susan’s boots in her hands. 

The picture is a bad one for Bradley and Susan. They are both stretched out on the mat caught in a LEG SPLIT. Susan is screaming in pain and Bradley is softly moaning. "Bradley, Bradley, were are you!!! They’ve got me!!! They are going to split me in half!!! Dam it Bradley you have to help me"!! 

She does not know that her tag team partner is just inches away also stretched out. Susan’s shiny white leotard is stretched close to it’s limit. It’s riding up between her legs and her butt. You can clearly see the tops of her shiny black pantyhose. Bradley is also stretched out. His shiny white thong is also stretched very tightly. It is made even tighter by Bradley’s large DEFEAT BONER. His manhood is pushing hard against his thong trying to get free. 

Now is the time to finish off their opponents 18 yr old Bradley Kelly and 18 yr old Susan Copland. Misty and Francis each begin to pull on their opponents boots stretching their legs farther and farther apart Both Bradley and Susan are crying out in pain. Both are grabbing their legs trying to pull them back together. Both are covering their faces with their hands trying not to show the pain they are in. The first one to cry out is Bradley. "Oh dam, she’s got me!!! I can’t get free!!! She going to rip me in half!!! Oh god, I can’t take any more!!! Seconds after Bradley, Susan also screams in pain. "Oh, oh, dear god you’re ripping me apart!!! Oh god it hurts!!!

At this point the ref has heard enough he gets close to the trapped young wrestlers. Bradley, Susan, have you had enough? Do you want to submit? Are you ready to give up? That is all Bradley needs to hear as he is more that ready to surrender to his opponents. 

"Yes-yes I want to submit!!!! I’ve had enough, I can’t take any more!!! They’ve beaten me!!!! I give up- I give up!!! OH DEAR GOD, I GIVE UP!!!!" 

Both girls continue to hold Bradley tightly. The ref moves close to Susan. "How about it Susan? Your partner has already given up. He has submitted. Are you ready to give up yet?" Susan takes several seconds to give her answer.

"OK. Ok, I’ve had enough!! I’m ready to submit to them!!! They’ve beaten us. We both give up!!!! Please-Please, make them let us go!! We’re finished, we can’t take any more!!! We give up!!! We give up!!!"

That brings this tag team match to an end. Both 18 yr old wrestlers lie on the mat beaten and in pain. Bradley has both of his hands holding tightly to his manhood. His BONER sticking up between his hands. Susan has her hands holding her inner thighs. Both still have their legs spread apart. 

Francis and Misty stand over them with their hands in the air. For over a minute or two the fans cheer the two young girls on their victory. Slowly Bradley and Susan get to their feet. It is very difficult for both of them to walk. They make it back to their corner only to hear the announcement of their crushing defeat. Both 18 yr old wrestlers cover their faces with their hands as tears fall down their cheeks. They then walk to the opposite corner to offer congratulations to their opponents on their victory. Bradley with his rock hard DEFEAT BONE and Susan with one hand between her legs, both still in pain from their loss.