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Update: 21.02.2020

W-612 "Sara vs Adam"

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Adam, the male wrestler, says:

"One thing that always amazed me though was the way a lot of the ladies seemed to be able to "turn it on & off" at will. They could go from a sensual seductress to a lean, mean, wrestling machine in the blink of an eye...

I always imagine girls felt a sort of sexual "power" about wrestling a male. If they can emasculate us, they get off on it. We get turned on by the physical contact, I think the girl gets turned on by the idea of dominating us.

Sharing a house with my girlfriend, we had been off and on, and we were comfortable with the relationship. One night I was just out of the shower in my bathrobe, and she was sitting crosslegged in front of the TV. I sat next to her, still drying off. "Hey, you smell nice!" she said, and slipped her hands under my robe. I grabbed her hands and laughing, tried to push her away. That turned into a tussle and she pushed me down and sat on me. With my robe open, and her in a leotard she felt my naked genitals. "Are you a weakling? Or... Oooh!" She felt me getting hard beneath her. "You like this, don't you? Being nude and getting beat up by a leotard-clad woman?" She began to tease me and taunt me as I struggled beneath her, and I could feel crotch of her leotard getting wet. When I came, she sat and wriggled a bit. Then she sat back on my face and pulled aside a crotch of her leotard. Sitting down hard on my face again, she told "see what you did? You naughty man. Now I'll have to punish you!". She wiped her long blond hair back and forth across my chest as she rode my face, staring down at my naked body under her and smiling. Sara pinned me by sitting on my throat. while she where sitting there she said "come on fight, get me off". She repeated that several times. but i didnt manage to break free. she just sat there and smiled down at me. and after a couple of minutes she just said "you poor little boy, cant get your woman of you". then she laughed and sat on my face. She had me in a schoolgirl pin. Seeing how I couldn't dislodge her, she pointed to a wet spot on the crotch of her leotard, and said "kiss me here". In defiance, I struggled some more, but to no avail. She held me down until I stopped moving, then she pointed again and said "kiss me here!" in a no-debate tone. I gave her a long kiss on that spot. When I looked up at her, subdued, she said "Good boy". 

I'm 5'9" and 140lbs, which is just a shade taller and heavier than my girlfriend Sara, who was (and is) in excellent physical condition. She had a washboard stomach, lean arms, and full, perfectly formed breasts. She also had the sexiest, skinny little legs that stretched right up to her plump, perky tail. So aside from being nearly my size, she was probably in better shape than me, and her leotard-clad body was a huge distraction, too.

I wrestled naked and she won because I could not prevent the sexual distraction, I'm a nude boy and she was tall and in good shape, unaccessible and aggressive in her tight leotard.

She was arrogant, laughing on my nudity when I struggled back to avoid being pinned, but she grabbed my wrists and moved with me until my back was against the wall. She straddled me with her thighs and held my arms pinned at my sides by the wrists. In about 10 seconds she had me totally helpless.

Being beaten up for real was humiliating beyond belief. Maybe if I could've somehow prevented my instinctive sexual arousal from distracting me, but really, this is a lame excuse. On this particular night, I tried my hardest to win against a fit, cute girl, and I got my ass kicked so fast it was like a joke. She pinned me and stared down into my eyes until I admitted I was helpless, and that I had lost. She didn't hurt me, but from that position, if she had wanted to, she could have really beaten the crap out of me. And this is just a slim, cute, mildly fit girl. From now on, I'll stick to fake wrestling, and "letting" the girl win.

Now we're married and wrestling is our lovely passtime. My wife and I wrestle three or four times a month, usually on Sunday morning. I move end tables and chairs out of the way and put a sheet down on the carpeting in our living room. We wrestle on the floor, I'm always naked and just after showering. I wrestle Greco Roman style. I can't use my legs. She wears a long sleeved leotard and wrestles freestyle. She can use her legs -- a huge advantage. We get each other in various holds. She gets me in various headscissors positions, particularly a reverse headscissors. She inevitably gets me in a high schoolgirl pin, with her knees pinning my forearms and her hands pinning my wrists. Then she won't let me up. I'm stronger than she is, but she's really strong and really enjoys exerting her strength. She's become very good at holding me down in the schoolgirl pin. I could probably get up if I really wanted to, but I don't. She keeps me in the schoolgirl pin for five to ten minutes, usually three times each match. Then we have sex, usually with my face under her crotch. Sometimes we play at reverse rape and I continue to struggle with her while we do this. 

My wife has very sharp tongue when we are wrestling, but what's most humiliating is her laughter. She has a beautiful smile... and if that smile breaks into heartily laughter in answer to my "this time I will defeat you", and it really feels like "sorry, honey, but this really made me to laugh", it is more humiliating than any words. She is 23 kg (50 pounds) lighter than me, but strong as a panther, from all her aerobics, swimming, workout etc.

My wife and I have this ongoing joke where we both refer to her scissorhold as my “natural” viagra. No matter how shitty i feel, or how Not-in-the-mood I am in, all she has to do is scissor me for a little bit, I get insta-boner, and I'm ready to go. 

Barefoot slow motion kick to my face, or round house with light slap on the cheek. Or a light kick to the balls. And I'm rock hard. every time!

My wife when she puts on her leotard and tights then performs a hip throw on me.

Usually, it is me on my back, she lying next to me on her left side, a bit higher than me, so her crotch is pressed to my side, her legs wrapped around my thighs, so I can't move them an inch (if I try, she just squeezes harder, to remind me she is not using all her strength by far). 

Her left (bottom) hand somehow controls my left arm, using her sheer strength (like holding it next to my head etc.) Sometimes, she even grabs both my hands with her left hand - she grabs just one finger of each of my hands and squeezes them together in her grip. It is painful and I know if trying to free my hands, she can squeeze way harder. In other cases, my right arm may be trapped under her body (I can move it a bit behind her back, but all I can do is feeling her firm buttocks). Or (my favourite) it may be trapped between her thighs, together with my thighs. My attempts to get free make her to pull everything closer to her crotch, and with my hand, I can feel how it turns her on. In all these scenarios, her right (upper) arm is free to do whatever she wants to. Moreover, her mouth si close to my ear, which includes multiple efficient ways how to additionally turn me on" 

Sara, his wife, says:

"My interest in dominating men began at a very early age. I was sexually dominant, aggressive, diabolically sadistic and very mischievous. I had a serial butt grabbing male friend I triangle choked. I told him that if he touched my butt again I'll break his fingers one at a time. I also had two males over the years who questioned my abilities based on gender. They didn't think a "girl" could fight as well as guys. After a few minutes they understood differently and were glad to leave on their own power. One took a good strong series of strikes and the other was grappled down and his arm was twisted well beyond how it should be. I knew and they knew that they had no defense and were at my mercy. I liked it. I am part she-devil!

This past weekend my husband and I had another wrestling session, the first one in a several months. We decided the best out of 3 matches, I was dressed in black gym leotard, he was completely naked. The first match was tough and long, he came at me aggressive and fast but I held on. He was able to avoid my legs and had me on the defensive for the first 10-12 minutes. Then he got careless and tired and couldnt maintain the pace and struggle of the match. Being that I grew up doing gymnastics and swimming, my flexiblity enabled me to get my legs involved when it appeared there was no way I could. It really seemed that he would get his first victory over me but when I was able to sneak my legs up, trap his head and slammed him to the side the tide changed in my favor. we both know from previous matches that once I get him in a head scissors victory is near. he was grunting, panting, and squirming trying to free himself... I even asked him if he was ok, worried he was over exerting himself as his face was bright red. He assured me he was fine so I continued and I held him in my legs for at least another 5 minutes as he wasted a lot of energy trying to get out. I realized his struggles were getting weaker and I was sapping his strength from him so I became more aggressive and eventually turned that hold into me sitting on his chest. His arms were contained and useless as I sat on him, my crotch near his chin looking down into his eyes. I could see the frustration, and the look of defeat in his, he could see the sparkle in my eyes. It was such a sexual turn on for me and yes I noticed for him too... giggles. I taunted him telling him he was done and finally after a few minutes of resisting he submitted to me. We took a 10 minute break and started round 2. I could tell he needed more time but I was feeling good and fresh as if the first match hadnt happened. This time I came at him hard and fast, got my legs around his body first, sapped his strength and then got him in another head scissors. In less than 5 minutes I had him in the same position that I had him for the end of the first match. I looked into his tired and defeated eyes and said, you know I won, admit defeat and he did. I sat on him, flexed and said still the undefeated champion, girls rule! From that position I also announced that this has me so excited and he knows what to do. I'll keep this clean but we did have alot more fun that night. I think more and more people are not just accepting that the male is the stronger because he is the man. More often women are now challenging men and finding out that they can compete and can win. I credit my wins over my husband to my flexibility, my endurance and stamina, my leg strength, my quickness and ability to apply a second hold while my legs sap his strength. I am also very competitive and hate to lose especially if it is just assumed I'll lose because I am a female. I am a woman, and I am 3 inches shorter and 40lbs or so lighter than my husband and i am undefeated against him. his muscles may be stronger for burst of power and in the short run, but mine are stronger in the long run and I have proved that to him over and over!"