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Update: 08.04.2022        W-723 "Four matches"

Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Match 68 

This is my 68 match. So far 22 and 46, not a really great record. I'm fast becoming an opponent. Who am I kidding, I'm already an opponent. I'm who they call when they want to try out a new wrestler. To night is no different. 

Tonight it's me Vs Jammie Diamond she is the next big thing. She is 19 yrs old and is making her first appearance. No matter what I am going to try my best against her. It's what they pay me for. In the back, I pull on black shiny pantyhose, a black thong and black boots. I am now ready to go. So it seems that Jammie is also ready to go. Leave my corner and run right into Jammie. In about two seconds she has me down on the mat. I am in fact face down with my arm wrenched up behind my back. Oh god she's strong. I'm in some pain this soon. She has the back of my head and she is pulling it down trying to get my shoulders on the mat. Dam this girl can wrestle. Jezz she's breaking my neck. I'm moaning in pain. She whispers in my ear that she's going to make me submit. 

Well for about 5 minutes now she has been working me over As I said before this girl can wrestle. She has really worked me over. Right now she has me in a CAMEL CLUTCH. A real one, not just one to show and control. I'm very close to submitting. Oh jeez no, what is she going to do to me? She slipped around and has a scissors on me. 

Her tan panty hosed legs are wrapped around my middle. She is squeezing the hell out of me. Oh hell no, she's locking on a COBRA CLUTCH Dam-dam she's got me. I won't be able to get out of this. She's going to submit me just like she said. I'm begining ,to cry out in pain "OH-Oh you're hurting me!!! Oh jeez this hurts!!" 

You know I told you that I was going to submit you. Yea-yea I heard you. Looks like you are right!!" She really is squeezing me now. "Looks like you've got me little girl. I can't take any more. That's it for me. My black pantyhose covered legs are stretched out and wide apart. She's is just to much for me. "REF-REF, that's it for me!!!! She's finished me off, I give up!! The ref still has to ask me, which she does. My answer come instantly. 

"I give up, make her stop ref!!! I've had enough, I give up!!!! Oh dam, she's hurting me!!!! I submit!!! I submit!!!"

She lets me go and I drop to the canvas. I'm breathing hard and it really hurts. This girl is strong. She finished me off in only 6 minutes. I lie stretched out with something I haven't had n a wile. This Girl has given me a DEFEAT BONER. Inside my pantyhose I'm as hard as a rock. 

She comes to were I stretched out on the mat. "You Ok? I didn't hurt you to bad did I?" "No kid you didn't hurt me at all. That's why I submitted to you. That's how you defeated me!!"  "Can I ask you something?  "Sure go ahead."  Did I give you that? And why are you hard like that.   "Ya, kid you gave that to me. It's called a DEFEAT BONER. You beat me remember?"  Ya I remember, I made you submit to me."     Well that's what a male wrestler gets when he's been beaten bad!! And to tell you the truth kid, you beat me bad." 

It takes me several minutes to get to my feet. "Man that kid is strong!!!" I kind of stagger to my corner. And lower my head to the top rope turnbuckle padding. Every thing I have is stiff. It's very hard to hide when you have a BONER as stiff as mine. The announcer tells everyone that I have been beaten by Jammie via submission. 

That's it the match is over and I can leave the ring most of the woman are staring straight at my Boner. Some of the woman are giving their husbands hell over how big I am compared to them. 

Match 72

It's wrestling night and I have a match. I've been doing great over the past two months. I have won 3 matches in a row. I now have a record of 25 and 46. Not quite a winning record but better that a few months ago. Well it's time to keep my streak going. I remove my street cloths and begin to get into my wrestling outfit. A new look for tonight. I stretch on shiny tan pantyhose. WOW they make my legs look great Over them I pull on a tan thong. I lace up my white boots. Man, I look great. I prove that as I enter the ring to cheers, whistles and cat calls. 

Standing in my corner I look across and see my opponent. Maria Lopes, Maria is 23 yrs old and is from MEXICO. She has just arrived here and was LUCHADOROAS( woman wrestler) down there she is very experienced. She will Wrestle in a black leotard, black pantyhose and a black mask. 

Looking at her I see two things, she has a great body and she looks very strong and quite tall for a Mexican woman. I can see her sizing me up. She wonders just how tuff I am. She does not seem in the least but frightened of me. The bell sounds starting the match. Maria is very quickly out of her corner. Completely catching me off guard, she leaps in the air and plants her boots in my chest. I'm stunned by her move. She then wraps her hands around the back of my head. Snapping her shoulders back, she takes me over and I land flat on my back. 

I am both stunned and hurt by her very quick move on me. She is on top of me, and instantly grabs my arm and pulls it into an ARM WRINGER AND STRETCH. Man this hurts, she is pulling on my arm as she twists it. If I can't escape quickly, my arm will be useless. My face is a grimness as I fight the pain. "Oh- oh

"Oh-oh!!! It hurts!!!!!"  I've just made the biggest mistake a wrestler can make, I've let my opponent know that they are hurting me. 

Maria quickly changes holds on me. She bends my arm up at the elbow and puts her knee onto my upper arm. Taking my wrist she bends it back as well as twists it. Not only is this pain different it is also much worse. I struggle, trying not to scream out loud. It's no use, I can't stop my self "My arm, my arm!!! You're breaking my arm!!!! Oh god it hurts!!!" The ref is quickly by my side, "Is that it George? Are you ready to submit?" 

I answer her, but with little conviction "No-NO, I'm not ready to submit!!!! Not giving up yet!!!! I should not have said it that way. Now she knows that I considered submitting to her. Maria releases my arm and the joy is overwhelming. The pain is suddenly gone. Soon I know that I celebrated too soon.

She has only begun to work over my legs. First I'm in a STEP OVER TOE HOLD. She is bending my leg as hard as she can. My pantyhose have slid down taking my thong with them. As she continues to work on my leg, they slid down to the top of my pubic area. If I can't get free soon, I'm going to reveal my manhood to everyone. 

I begin to struggle to get to the ropes. I need to stop her and pull up my pantyhose and thong. It takes me almost 4 minutes to reach the ropes and grab them. The ref breaks the hold and I struggle to stand. My one leg is almost useless. I finally get to me feet. I am quite a sight. My pantyhose and my thong are well Below my manhood. It takes just seconds to pull them up, but the damage is done. For a second or two I was naked in front of the fans. 

As I release the rope and step forward Maria is there. BAM!!!!! Her fore arm explodes into my neck. I drop to my knees and topple face first to the mat. I'm really hurt, I'm almost out, her fore arm just about knocked me out. I know I have to get up as quickly as possible. I get to all fours and then there is an explosion in my lower back. Maria has just stomped on me. 

I am slam back down to the mat. This time I don't think I'm getting up. I'm badly dazed and only just barely Conscious. The ref come over and knees down beside me. "How about it George, you had enough? Ready to call it a night? Want to give it up? Yes I sure do!! I want to give up very badly. But I also have a winning streak. NO-NO I'll keep going!!! Not going to give up yet!!" 

Maria moves in on me and starts to work me over. Several hard stomps slam into my back. Oh dam they hurt. I just can't seem to get off the mat and back to my feet. Maria grabs my shiny white boots and drags me to the center of the ring. Once again, my pantyhose and thong have come down. Lying on my back it's hard to tell but my manhood is once again visible and I am naked. 

Suddenly Maria steps on the back of my thighs. I instantly know what she is going g to do. She is going for a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. This is the most painful hold in wrestling. If she gets it on me, I'll be finished. No one can escape this hold. 

Oh dear god, she's half way there. She has my boots locked around hers. My only hope is that she is not strong enough to pull me over and hold me. Oh jeeze, she's clawing my sides, my arms are going back and I can't stop them. Oh dam, she has my arms. I'm no longer in pain, I am now terrified of what she is trying to do to me. "NO-NO, not that, please not that hold!!! Oh dear god Maria, not that hold!!!" 

To late, she has started to rock back and forth. Oh god no, she's got me off the mat. She is strong enough to lift me. I'm so frightened. She's going to hurt me bad. AAAAAAUUU!!! I'm over on my back. She has me locked in the hold. I am no longer the experienced pro wrestler. I am now just a frightened man in a lot of pain. Oh no, oh no!!!! I'm hurt, she's hurting me!!! 

The ref comes to me and asks "Are you ready NOW George? Has she beaten you!!! Do you want to submit to her? My response comes instantly.


That's it the match is over and I have lost. The Mexican Luchadoras has defeated me. I lay on the mat with my manhood exposed. I'm trying to pull up my pantyhose and my thong. But is difficult because I have a huge DEFEAT BONER. I am desperately trying to jam it back into my pantyhose. I now have it shoved in but it is now sticking up straight. 

Maria comes to were I am laying on the mat. "Ha!! I defeat you American man!!! You are not a great wrestler. I see I give you that." With that she points to my rock hard manhood. "No Mexican man would ever LET a woman DO THAT TO HIM"!! Maria then exits the ring. 

She's right about one thing, She did defeat me. And how!!! I'm lying here unable to move. I can't get to my feet or leave the ring. I just want to get back to my dressing room. I am in unbelievable pain. For the very first time in my career Another wrestler has made me cry in the ring. The hold Maria put me in was the most painful I have ever felt. And yes, it brought me to tears. In fact I was openly crying as she applied it to me. 

I finally get to my feet and exit the ring. I head back to my dressing room, but it is difficult to walk with a huge boner in my thong and pantyhose. 

Match 75

It's match night again And this is the strangest match of my career. Strangest is not a strong enough word. You see I will be defending my league World Championship. Yes, that's right I'm the reigning World Champion. This is how all this started. 6 weeks ago, I was a last minute stand in for the number one contender. He had been injured in a tune up match several days before the title match. 

Then it happened, the phone call of a lifetime. I was going to fill in for the number one contender. The only reason for me being asked, was that no one though I was capable of beating the World Champion. The strangest thing, I did not think so either. Strange things happen in the ring. I get the World Champion in a COBRA CLUTCH AND SCISSORS. She struggles hard but can't escape. After almost four minutes of struggling She was exhausted and screamed her submission. " oh my god!!! He's got me!!! I give up I give up!!!" I was now the Champion. 

Boy was the promoter mad at me!!! He screamed, "How the hell could you beat her? She was the World Champion. She should have destroyed you!!!" The thing is there is nothing he could do about it. I won the title and it was mine. That is how we got to tonight. I am making my very title defiance

The sign on my dressing room door reads " WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION. I could not believe it, I'm the champion. I can't tell you how great it feels. As I was walking up to the arena, about 12 or 15 youngsters came up to me and asked for my autograph. I just can't believe it. "I'm the World Wrestling Champion!!!" All I can think off is how much fun it is to be the WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION. 

Now alone in my dressing I begin to prepare for my first title defense. Off with my street cloths. I reach into my gear bag and out comes my light blue tights. I wiggle into the tights and stretch them up my legs. Next comes my blue thong. Wow, I can just barely get the thong over my manhood. It sure is stretched tight. Then my blue boots and finally the thing I thought I would never own. The World Wrestling Title Belt. I buckle tightly around my waist. 

In another dressing room 23 yr old Ariel Williams is also getting ready. She is a very light skinned black woman. Ariel slides her smooth legs into shiny black pantyhose. She then wiggles into an extremely tight silver gray metallic leotard and black boots. Ariel is the number 4 contender for the title. Ariel is first to enter the ring, she does so to some pretty loud cheers. Ariel is a crowd favorite and a feared young wrestler. 

Now here he comes, The World Wrestling Champion. He looks fantastic in his light blue tights. Blue thong and the shiny, sparkling World Title Belt. He climbs the steps and ducks between the ropes to thunderous cheers and applause. It is like over night he has become a surprise hero. An underdog that rises up and wins the World Title. 

He heads to his corner still waiving to the fans. The announcements are made and both wrestlers return to their corners. In the few seconds before the bell both wrestlers tend to their gear. The World Champion pulls up his tights after removing his title belt. In her corner Ariel pulls up her shiny black pantyhose and adjusts her very tight leotard. 

The Bell sounds and the wrestlers come at each other. Before he can react Ariel is on him and drives her fore-arm into the Champions chest. He is stunned by the blow. He staggers back a few steps. Ariel then takes him by the arm, gives it a very hard twists and whips the champion into her corner. He slams into the turnbuckle very hard. 

He quickly grabs the top rope to steady himself. Ariel gives him no time to recover. She instantly begins to batter the World Champion. Her first punch slams into the Champions blue thong very low. No more than an inch above his manhood. His head flops back and he screams in pain. "My manhood!!!! Dear god my manhood!!!!! She punched me in my manhood!! 

He no sooner gets that out and they begin to fly at him from every angle. Punch after punch crash into the Champion. First his mid-section is struck by at least 3 very hard punches. His arms come off the top rope and move to protect his stomach. Leaving his upper body and face unprotected the punches fly toward the area. 

Punch after punch slam into his head. He takes a very hard right hand to his chin. The very next punch is a devastating upper cut that also slams into his chin. His face has a hideous look of pain on it. His head snaps back against the turnbuckle and the Champion slowly begins to sink to the mat. 

Before he actually hits the canvas, The champion absorbs two more hard punches. One lands to his chest the second slams into his stomach. When the Champion hits the mat everyone believes he is out. The ref moves in and kneels down beside him "Talk to me George, are you ok? Are you awake? Do you want to continue? Come on Champ you have to tell me!!" At the last second before being declared out The Champion softly whispers "Not out!!!! I wish to continue." The ref signals that the match is still on. 

The Champion struggles trying to get to his feet, but never quite makes it. Ariel grabs his boots and pulls them out from under him. She then pulls him to the center of the ring. Grabbing his wrists she pulls the Champion to a sitting position. Then using her boots she spreads his legs apart. 

At first He struggles trying to get free. Soon he knows that he can't escape. Inch by inch, the young black wrestler splits the Champions legs farther and farther apart. There is a look of horror on his face. Soon he is screaming in pain. "My legs, my legs!!!!! She's splitting me in half!!! She's going to tear me apart!!!! Ariel takes no pity on her male opponent. 

She soon releases his wrist and he topples over on his back. His hands fly first to his manhood and then to his face, witch he covers. Almost in a whisper he says "She's got me!!!! Oh dear god, she's got me!!!! I'm going to lose my title!!!" Believing that the Champion is almost thru, Ariel stops splitting him. She instead grabs his boots pulls him toward her, then places one of her shiny black boots directly onto the Champions manhood. He instantly screams in pain again. "she's crushing me!!!!! Jeeze, she's crushing me!!!! Oh god my manhood!!! Someone help me!!!! My manhood, my manhood!!" The ref comes to me and asks, "How a bout it, George. Are you finished? Has she beaten you? Are you ready to give up? Do you want to submit?" I can't continue. It hurts too much. She's beaten me. I'm going to lose my title. 


That's it for me. Ariel lets go of my legs and takes her boot off my manhood. I wish that stopped the pain, but it didn't. I lie on the mat with tears running down my cheeks. I try to hide my face with my hands. But it's hard to hide defeat. 

And yes I have suffered a crushing defeat. I am stretched out on the mat, with a rock hard DEFEAT BONER between my legs and inside my tights. All I can do is lie here moaning. "It hurts, she really hurt me!!! Oh dam, I'm in pain!!!! I've been beaten, she's defeated me!!! I lost my title!!!! In my very first defense I lost the title!!"

Ariel comes to were I am lying. "Well that looks like you're normal position, flat on your back. Did you really thing you stood a chance against me? You're a one time, one defense beaten champion!!!" 

It takes two trainers to get me off the mat. I can hardly walk with the boner between my legs. The entire arena can see it, there is no hiding it.

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