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Update: 29.12.2017

W-498 "Gym wrestling domination"

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All girls who do gymnastics would have the strongest legs and could do a lot of damage with scissor holds and girls who have been dancing at a early age would develop very strong legs. Look at this custom gallery when paired gymnastics routine turns into mixed wrestling match. You'll see armlocks, lift and carry, various bodyscissors, headscissors, breasts smothering, crotch grabbing and other sexy holds. You'll see quite bit of mixed wrestling and the most devastating scissor hold is the reverse headscissor. A woman or female can generate alot of power and force. and once a male gets in one it is all over. And there is no way a male can get out of it!

Helen, the female fighter, says: "I actually don't weigh myself very often but I was around 145 a while ago. My legs are freaky muscular. I seem to have the legs of a bodybuilder and the upper body of a fitness girl. A lot of it is genetics (of course) but I've been doing gymnastics for a long time and working out for nearly 5 years now on a regular basis. I do overpower most of the men I wrestle and once I get my legs around them it's all over. I've yet to squeeze someone who didn't submit (and usually very quickly). I'm now 25 years old and i've been studying Jujitsu for about 8 years. I'm a 2nd degree black belt and i love to make my male opponents submit by scissorholds. Doesn't matter if it's a head or a bodyscissors, they're both fun to do. Bodyscissors is almost more fun to do because you can really apply pressure to the rib cage (which hurts a lot) and to the diaphragm at the same time, preventing them from breathing. Headscissors are great especially when you apply them 100 percent right away and don't let up. I might be sick but it's fun to know that you have someone in your complete control and they can't do anything about it. If it's a guy who thinks he's hot shit, I might just loosen up a little, hold him for a little while, and then maybe give a few more squeezes. Maybe make him beg if i'm feeling really sadistic. With my stamina, i can probably keep a guy there for a few hours if i really wanted to. It's real easy to wear someone down and just completely take control. After awhile their ego breaks, and you can get them to pretty much do whatever you want. I could also do a lot more damage. When you get your black belt in jujitsu, you learn these "lethal strikes" in which you can break someone's arm, leg, neck, or dislocate their shoulder. All are very easy to do from the scissor position actually. A lot of take downs in jujitsu lead to the scissor hold."


Kevin, the male fighter, says: "When we have made our paired gymnastic routine, my female partner Helen whispered in my year about her strong legs. She told me she can use her legs to hold me in any position and force anybody to submit if she wants. I've just answered: Anybody (male or female) can be submitted with a scissorhold around their necks. Obviously, an extremely dangerous hold for anyone to apply. But if you expect anyone (anyone at all) to believe that you submit males with "bodyscissors".... I think you exaggerate. I am not being a male pig when I say this. I have seen awesome women in Jujitsu, but I know of no female with legs strong enough to submit males with bodyscissors. As a matter of fact, if a male cannot let any 2 (two) women put thier legs around his chest and midsection at the same time and do nothing to fight back except lay there and tighten his midsection and let them wear out, he needs to get out of our genepool. Maybe I am wrong....but I doubt it. I simple can't imagine a female with legs that strong. I bet that I could get out of your headscissors and bodyscissor! So, I've told about it to Helen during our routine. Oh, it was a great mistake! She was so fast, she attacked me suddenly and finally I was caught in a scissors by an ordinary looking woman in our paired gymnastic routine. I'm a big enough guy (5'10" and 227lbs, can bench 340 and leg press in the 900s for reps), and usually have a low center of gravity. Once we were on the mat her legs almost cut me in half. She is a gymnast and swimmer, and once I saw stars I gave up. She was a lot smaller, but size and strength doesn't matter as much as technique. I've never successfully used a headscissor on anyone. I've tried it on several females and they just laughed at me as they pried my legs apart with their arms. On the other hand, the figure 4 is the most painful and dangerous scissor hold to be in. When girls have the calf / knee against my neck with no chance of escape, it's awful. Finally I'm starting to understand. It's fun for you girls. You really enjoy it. I could never figure out why girls wouldn't release me from a scissors hold, even when I'm submitting, begging, gasping for air, pleading for mercy. You really do enjoy it. I've been in headscissors for so long, with tears running down my face and the girl still won't release me. I don't get it. My head is ready to explode, but you girls are merciless!"