black leotard lace tutu ballerina trampling ballbusting fetish femdom fighting dance

Update: 18.10.2019

F-594 "Ballerina Beat-Down"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Most men would be charmed to see a beautiful young ballerina practising her dance steps, but not this young man. Wanting to intimidate and impress her, he tells her to leave the gym because he needs to work on his fight moves. Ignoring him at first, she continues her practice, before coolly replying, “I’ll give you a fight.”

Surprised and angered, the young man grabs her arm – and gets a nasty surprise. The girl who pirouettes so daintily can also fight like a seasoned pugilist.  She spins round and punches him in the kidney area, following up with a left cross into his cheek.  While he’s still reeling, she punishes him with a right hook, which has him clutching his jaw.

Humiliated, the young man is determined to counter-attack, and the lady is only too pleased to let him waste his energy. Using her dancing skills, she anticipates his moves, so that she is always about 10 seconds in front of him.  She deflects, evades and blocks his punches.  He lunges and thrashes about, all to no avail.  She knows he is tiring, and times her response perfectly.  He dangerously over-reaches with an attempted left cross; she crouches safely beneath it, smiling to herself, her fists clenched ominously…
A scorching left uppercut jerks his head backwards, surprise and pain on his face.  Still dazed, he receives a classic, text book straight right. Next she attacks his ribs and stomach, before bringing him down with a right hook.  He lies on his stomach for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts. They’re mainly panicky ones, about his mates and girlfriend finding out what has happened.  He glances up painfully – and the girl is only practising her bloody dance steps again, humming a tune to herself, for God’s sake! She notices him struggling to get up; she smiles and clenches her fists, ready for the next round.


“I was the youngest child in my family, and I had 4 brothers,” she tells him, while he carefully feels his ribs and face. “They were always fighting and getting into fights, and I asked them to teach me.  From an early age I learnt all the boxing moves, how to defend, and how to attack.  Then when I started to dance, I found the skills learnt doing that enhanced my ability to fight. I tried it out on one of my brothers, and beat him. I can still see the mortified look on his face! That’s right, feel your face. It doesn’t look too good now, but when I’ve finished with you, you will have to take a few days off work.  Will you tell your boss that you were beaten up by a ballerina wearing a tutu?  Now, put your fists up!”  

She punches him all over the gym now, totally dominating him. Using every punch in the boxer’s armoury, as well as kicks and her knee, she reduces him to a bruised mess.  He is helpless under her onslaught, as she assumes absolute mastery of the combat: a straight right followed by a straight left; body blows; left and right hooks; a superb uppercut.  She has the ability to look feminine while triumphing in this most masculine of fights.  

She brings him down with a savage straight left, but this time she follows him to the floor. He’s close to passing out now, but he’s aware of her sitting on his groin area, with her fists poised.  He hardly feels pain now, because he’s too dazed.  Even so, the feeling of her sitting where she is, with her breasts swinging slightly above him, and her fists clenched menacingly, sends a message to his brain. Despite all the beating she has given him, he is now struggling to contain an erection. Does she notice? Does it even matter?  Her fist comes crashing down, and he loses consciousness.  She celebrates with a victory dance, using his unconscious body as a dance mat.

An extraordinary lady!  But is she more a dancer who can fight, or a fighter who can dance? You decide.