Clothed Female vs naked male fighting

The man is completely naked and blindfolded. Eventually, even his legs are spread wide with a medal spreader. The girl, clothed in white leotard and boots, has an extremely well built body and is very athletic. It is obvious she's been trained in some type of kick boxing.

He can't see her and becomes her human punching bag. She hits him wherever and whenever she pleases and there's nothing he can do about it. She punches him in the face, chest stomach. With his legs force-ably spread wide with the spreaders, his exposed penis and balls dangle there for her very easy access and to target at will and to her heart's delight. From time to time, she will give him a hard kick into his balls. Towards the end, she delights in targeting a rapid flurry of punches into his penis and balls making him yell with great pain.

This guy cannot do a damned thing. It gives us the chance to see what a sadistic, mean and very sexy woman will do to a naked blindfolded guy to do anything that pleases her whenever she wants, and it's very, very brutal!


It has been said that laughter is the best medicine.

Perhaps from the clothed woman-s viewpoint in a CFNM wrestling match that might be true. For the naked male it has to be the worst scenario of all..

The only thing that can be worse for a man forced to fight nude against a clothed woman is that she starts laughing for a myriad of reasons v a. she thinks your penis is too small, b. she has landed the perfect kick to your swollen nads, c. she has you by the balls in a death grip, d. she knees or stomps on your eggs, etc.

What could be more frustrating for a humiliated man who is losing a fight to a woman than for his feminine rival to be laughing at his hopeless predicament or vdare I say it v obvious shortcomings?

A number of images I have posted thus far featured clothed women laughing at their starkers male opponents. But the next few posts will focus specifically on the laughing gal as she methodically beats her opponent into submission v mentally as well as physically..

Picture yourself as having agreed to a match where you enter the ring in your birthday suit and across the way stands a woman in a leotard.

All of a sudden she starts laughing and pointing at you. You cannot figure what is wrong until she makes the one inch symbol with her thumb and forefinger.

You may have had the pre-match jitters, but now you break into a cold sweat and start to actually believe what you long had convinced yourself was untrue v that you are LESS OF A MAN.

How could the woman v or in some photos women v be so cruel?
Your face turns bright red, your stomach churns and you feel your maligned manhood start to shrink from the cold or total embarrassment -- whatever.

You look down and it has shrunk to the size of a small button mushroom lost amid what seems like a massive pair of balls v your nut sack drooping in abject defeat.

It may not seem possible, but you feel you are more naked now than when you stepped between the ropes. She continues to laugh at your pathetic, useless tool as the bell rings. You have lost the bout before it has even begun!

I don-t know about you guys, but I find it enjoyable to view images of a confident, clothed woman laughing uncontrollably v or even just giggling -- at an inadequate naked man.

One-sided male nudity arise when a male disrobes for the sexual pleasure of a woman. He lose the sexual pleasure of seeing her naked, and give her a position to dominate.

One-sided male nudity puts them in a vulnerable spot.  It is a way for men to express their submissiveness in adoration of women.
There are plenty of men experience arousal at the prospect of being naked and humiliated by active dominant girl.

Any girl will tell you that it is quite erotic for them to wear a leotard while seeing naked man.My sister was really cool and I had no problem being nude in front of her. My sister always said there was nothing wrong with my nudity around her. 
Of course I always wanted equality and to see my sister nude too but I only saw her in one piece bathing suit when we were both in the bathroom showering at the same time. I asked her to remove a bathing suit but she laughed and commanded me to lay on the floor, sat down on my face and told me 'lick and maybe I'll help you to cum". At that age with hormones raging, of course I was agree to lick her erected clit through thin fabric of her black one piece bathing suit and receive just a handjob.
It-s My personal belief that CFNM has an appeal for submissives seeking that level of vulnerability with their dominant. A person-s naked body before you reveals all those things he tries to hide. When I look at My nude sub it-s as if he is transparent to Me. I see his breathing, his blushing and of course his level of arousal. Nothing amuses Me more than seeing My naked submissive try to scramble internally to find shelter to hide from Me. Finally all that resistance fades when he comes to the stark realization that there is nowhere to hide and nothing to hold on to + There is only surrender in his nakedness and submission to Me.

CFNM represents the sexual tension of the unattainability of the woman being clothed and the utter vulnerability of the male. The submissive cannot hide his desire from the Mistress. She can take full advantage of his nakedness having free reign over her property to do what She pleases with him. This loss of control and exposure is intoxicating for the nude submissive and soon he finds that he craves only this openness and transparency around his Mistress. CFNM is one of My personal favorite fetishes because I think it-s one of those foundational practices for creating a D/s dynamic that I find very enjoyable and worthwhile to Me when I-m training a submissive.It-s bad enough when, during a no-holds barred CFNM fight a woman manages to land a solid punch, powerful kick, knee, karate chop, stomp, etc., to a man-s crotch.

The pain is excruciating and often expedites the poor naked guy-s humiliating defeat.

But that humiliation can be magnified at least tenfold when the woman stops her attack to take a moment or two laughing at or mocking the man-s horrible predicament before proceeding to finish him off.

Here are some photos that depict the thrill of the strike and the agony of not only the blow and pending defeat but also of the clothed woman-s gleeful response to the nude man-s obvious pain and suffering.

Then she peeled down to a black leotard and tightsWhen a clothed woman ¯beats up¦ a nude man in a fantasy fight v or even a semi-competitive match v it-s eroticism.

If the man is nude and the woman is clothed in fight, naked guy is liable to prevail because he will be extra careful to protect his groin from punches and grabs.

Ask your wife or girlfriend to wrestle or box v or even playfully ballbust -- you in a one-sided CFNM match and many will at least try it for kicks.  if you approach a girl and offer her to wear a leotard and wrestle with you and tell her you'll be naked and she will win you and dominate you, most women are more than willing to take that offer.

she was a cruel as any dominatrix, crushing his balls with her knee, and when he asked her to stop, she just ground her knee in deeper. He said her face was close to his as she did it as she enjoyed watching his agony.

I'm sure she'd love the idea of CFNM wrestling in the ring, but the difference would be it would be for real, and she would definitely want to go for his balls punching, kicking and squeezing them way beyond what most men could take - and then taking great delight laughing in her victory looking down at him as he laid there naked moaning and holding his balls.

It-s humiliating enough for a naked man to lose a wrestling match to a clothed woman.  

In most of these shots the woman cannot pass up a chance to give a parting shot to the man-s exposed groin. It-s a most fitting period v make that exclamation point v to a one-sided fight!

If you guys out there challenge a clothed woman to a match and you offer to negate much of your weight and strength advantage by agreeing to wrestle nude, it is a very good idea!

CFNM battles in which the clothed female takes advantage of her naked male opponent-s most vulnerable target. Ouch!


Hopefully, before he loses the match, he will lose his dress. Wearing clothes is a female prerogative, men have to be naked when they fight against women

The guy is totally nude, not even wearing sneakers, while the girl wearing a leotard with her hand on her hip seemingly enjoying her superiority over the vulnerable naked guy.How do I ride my boyfriend, without actually having sex?

Me and my boyfriend do this all the time. We both already agreed not to have sex at all until marriage, so I always keep my leotard clothes on. But anyway, when we are alone, he sits in a chair, and i climb ontop of him. Then we just makeout. My bf absolutely loves this, it drives him insane. Then he starts touching my boobs (over leotard).

I hope this helps, because sometimes, you don't need to have sex in order to both be satisfied. :)She who must be obeyed says that since males are a lower species we have no need of clothes. In a Female run society male nakedness demonstrating our inferiority would be more prevalent. The female members of our family are used to seeing men as the Goddesses choose to wear leotards as it demonstrates their rights and power as Women. Women invent and put on all sorts of leotard-like uniforms to control and dominate men and make obvious who is the superior gender. Women are so much more beautiful.
women can kick and hit men wherever they want, men absolutely can't!!

Girls have power over boys. The actual rule was that a Gentleman doesn't strike a Lady. Girls have them "under their spell". It makes feel girls like they are in power.When a clothed woman ¯beats up¦ a nude man in a fantasy fight v or even a semi-competitive match v it-s about eroticism.

I know from experience that if you approach a pay-for-play girl and offer her $40 to wrestle with you and tell her she will win and strip you and dominate you, such women are more than willing to take that date. (Several hookers have told me they prefer doing fantasies than just giving straight blow jobs or having intercourse.)

Forget prostitutes. Ask your wife or girlfriend to wrestle or box v or even playfully ballbust -- you in a one-sided CFNM match and many will at least try it for kicks.

I want to have an erotic wrestling match with my husband. He wants to be naked but I want to wrestle in a leotard, I think my body clad in gymnast outfit is attractive enough to make him slower and privoke him to have a defeat boner.

I'll bet the wrestling will make you feel like you're a beauty queen. And, once you two are wrestling, you won't give ONE thought to what you look like.
Following is a video of a beautiful dominatrix who has two absolute rules: First, she will be dressed in leotard, and it pisses her off to even ask for her to reveal anything. Second, all of the men must be completely naked as it shows her respect of her superior position. I firmly believe in this policy between dommes and their subs and think it is a great rule even when (or particularly when) other females are present.

In the following video, she ties up her naked sub with his hands stretched above his heads. She has on boxing gloves and uses him as a punching bag. Every few punches she surprises him with an upper cut punch into his balls causing him great pain. As she does she giggles and laughs, clearly enjoying her ability to randomly and without his having any ability to defend himself, punching him in his balls as hard as she wants whenever she wants.

she enjoyed punching him in his balls and seeing his pain - she's simply wonderful

A drop dead gorgeous brunette with a hot, tight body and beautiful ass is dressed in sexy leotard to prick tease. Her fool is a completely naked man has his feet and hands chained allowing her easy access to his entire body.

She then has a full aerobic workout using him as the punching ball-bag. Not holding back at all, she proceeds to punch, knee and kick him in his balls. Her sexy alluring attire assures his dick remains fully erect and pointing upwards (which she takes note of) thus prominently displaying to her his entire naked balls for easy access. For the entire workout she makes every punch, kick and knee land directly into those balls until she is breathing hard and is sweaty.

At the very end she leaves him, stops, turns and delivers one final hard kick into his balls making him scream, then she turns and walks off the screen laughing about that final humiliation.I have always loved the "clothed-female/naked-male", or "CFNM" rules. The guys are naked and vulnerably exposed and in a very embarrassing scenario - their manhood....penises and balls, are there on full display for these lovely and beautiful clothed girls to see. And these girls then exploit their nudity and vulnerability by punching and kicking these naked guys in their balls really enjoying do it. It's really fantastic!

I remember reading once about a "strip karate" match between a girl and a guy.

Some mediocre guy evidently believed he was superior to her and took on a female who was a black belt. The way the story went, he challenged her to a special set of rules thinking she wouldn't go for it...that is, after each point scored by the ref (who was female), the loser had to take off an article of clothing.

The conclusion was that she had lost the top (jacket) of her Keikogi (or "gi" which is the karate uniform) and belt, but still had on her leotard. He however, had lost everything and was fighting her only wearing a jock-strap with a cup in it. There was supposedly a bunch of folks watching, including some of her girlfriends.

Eventually, she scored again and the ref instructed him to either admit defeat, or, remove that last protective piece of clothing and continue to fight her completely naked.

Fearing ridicule, he did and continued the fight stark naked amidst cheers and laughter from the others watching the sparring match. As he fought her, the girls laughed watching his dick flop about as he danced around in a failed attempt to avoid her lethal knees and kicks into it. It was then that she really showed her speed and talent by placing hard kicks up into his balls. Each time the kick landed hard into his balls, he'd moan loudly as the female spectators exclaimed "OOOOH!", followed by their laughter. The spar ended with him laying there naked holding onto his balls and moaning while she put her foot on him raising her hands into the air in victory as everyone applauded her and laughed at him in his humilation and defeat.

The story goes on to talk about how much she said she had always wanted to try to fight a guy naked and without a cup so she could experience what it was like to truly kick, knee and punch a guy in his balls. Being able to actually see his balls bounce about gave her a great target to focus upon. She said she really enjoyed it, particularly given her female friends were there to watch it all and share in her victory and enjoyment.

I don't know if it actually happened. But I think it is a wonderful story and hope it actually did.

I think there are many girls that secretly like the concept of their possibly being able to bring down a big guy by punching on his magic button, and if ever given a chance, would definitely like to try it.

I would really like to see such a match between a female and a male. Because he is supposed to be bigger and stronger, I think it would be appropriate and correct if 1) he had to fight her totally naked, and 2) she would be encouraged to kick and punch him in his balls as hard as she can and as many times as possible. And if he was that much bigger, then perhaps two clothed girls could fight him at once. This way one could always try and stay behind him and bring her foot up between his legs into his balls when he is least expecting it.

I've always wanted to wrestle my sister in law. me being naked of course. she is much bigger than me and looks pretty mean. shes a biggg girl. she could wear a swim suit and high heels. I would be stark naked. I'd love it.

At home we mostly have an CFNM-Scenery. My sisters wearing their gym leotards, kick me in the balls very often when I'm naked. It's ok for me being naked and getting busted by young gymnasts in sexy leotards. For me leotard-clad Girls rule the world we nude boys should treat them like Goddesses. They have the right to control and punish guys and we have no rights to resist them.I think it is only fitting for males to be naked while women are wearing sexy leotards. It reinforces the fact that women are by far superior to us males and it allows us to offer our balls to ladies for control and correction. My leotard-clad wife likes to kick my naked balls from behind when I bend over.

I love my girlfriend to wear velvet during our wrestling action - she has a purple velvet leotard like the gymnasts wear - sleeves, high neck and cut very high on the hip - she says she likes to see my nudity and vulnerability when she feels herself protected in her leotard, it helps her to be sure in female advantage

It's entirely possible for a guy to lose to a teen girl like it's happened to me. I'm not a particularly big or strong guy, and against a tall, strong teen athlete I don't have any substantial advantages, especially if I wrestle naked against clothed girl. It also depends on how the match is set up too. In one of my matches against a teen gymnast girl, I was nude when she wore a gym leotard, we did a 45 minute long match with the winner being the one who gained the most submissions. While I had a small strength advantage and did well at the start, eventually she evened things out with her superior stamina and athleticism.

I would love to see mixed wrestling but to even things out, the males should be naked while the women have modest gym leotards on. We can add that the only holds that would be barred is any area that is covered with cloths. Of course, this would mean no holds are barred on the male, not even his balls but males could not touch the body on the women, just legs and hands.

A match between a clothed woman and naked man has been going on for
about 20 minutes and it has been all in favor of the woman.

Every move the man has tried to make, the woman has countered. The fight has turned into a one-sided pummeling. Every area of the man is in pain except for v surprisingly -- his groin.

The woman has deliberately avoided hitting or kicking the man between his legs because she did not want the spectators v especially the men in the audience v to claim that she won the fight only because she cheated by delivering low blows.

But after wrestling for so long, the question of who the better fighter is no longer is an issue. The eventual winner no longer is in doubt. It is only a matter of time until the female finishes off the male. Only she knows what humiliating maneuver she will use to earn the pinfall.

But first there is the matter of his manhood that is pressing to be properly addressed.

So why not have a little fun with his most vulnerable target? He is beaten anyway. Why not make him regret that he was born with balls between his legs. Before pinning him and ending his nightmare, why not scramble his eggs?

In 7th grade I was in an experimental gym class, we had co-ed wrestling and swimming. Very awkward because all girls wore one piece swimsuits when all guys was nude.
In 7th grade the girls usually whipped the boys. Girls usually mature faster, and a lot of middle school boys are small.
Wrestling matches dress code for girls are long sleeved gym leotards and high-top sneakers. No clothing allowed for boys. Body areas covered with clothing are not allowed to touch. It puts the boy at a disadvantage. He can't touch her body covered by leotard - he just can try to grab her hands below wrists and legs. The girl, by contrast, can push, kick, shove and grab the naked body of her opponent without impediment.
Additionally, when coming into physical contact with the opposite sex, a guy will spend a generous amount of time thinking about sex, not about wrestling.

"WHY DO YOU THINK BOYS ARE STRONGER, BROTHER?" Anya shouted, doing a dance stomp. All she saw was her naked opponent in front of her. All she felt was where her raven hair brushed against skin yet uncovered by her leotard. Anya rushed forward, and began her assault.

By about 12:40 PM, she was there. As she stripped off her street clothes, she was so bubbly! She had her one-piece swimsuit on underneath her clothes.
The girl liked about the rules - it put her totally in control; she could see every part of guy and there was nothing the guy could do about it. And being put on display like that, he feel very vulnerable.
The proximity of the girl, along with some ¯strategic¦ adjusting that she was making to her swimsuit, made him horny.

Thomas felt suddenly uncomfortable, weak and vulnerable in his nudity
Adam couldn't help but notice how nice Rachel looked in her leotard.
A black leotard highlighted her jaw-dropping proportions.
One day me and my brother were wrestling and I incidentally landed on his balls. He was rolling on the floor crying while I was standing laughing at him.

Her first game was a three-set submissions match against a guy. He was nude, and totally embarrassed. Nancy was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, she noticed that the guy kept getting distracted by erections, and she defeated him easily.

Competitive sports from puberty onward are divided by sex. It is generally argued that males hold a distinct physical advantage in that they are bigger, stronger, and faster than their female counterparts, so the competive sports are seperated by sex to ensure fairness. In my opinion, making all competitive sports from puberty forward cfnm (clothed female nude male) would create a more even starting point for athletes and make co-ed participation possible and fun.

Any contact sport such as wrestling, boxing would create a distinct weakness on a nude male which he would constantly have to use effort and time to protect. In general a cfnm environment would cause embarrassment and unease in the male participants who would be aware of the eyes on their nude bodies and feel the need to be more careful of the bumping, flicking, pinching, slapping, and tugging that they would be exposed to. This would take away the aggressiveness and create submissive, defeatable foes.

The concept of an erotic situation created by clothed female/naked male activities goes back to ancient Greece, maybe even before.  All males that competed in ancient Olympic Games had to be completely nude whereas the female athletes were not. 

 The male-s nudity places him in a position of being defeated and exploited by women subject to their whims and desires. 

When outside the context of sex in the bedroom, man dated nudity often places one in a vulnerable and exposed state.  This is why prisoners are often stripped naked - to humiliate them and break their will.   In any confrontation, vulnerability defines a position of inferiority against superiority.   Hence, the mandated CFNM rules of our fights establish a priori, female power, control and superiority.

Women enjoy the protection and control created in their elevated standing over the men at these fights. All women understand the female superiority component of CFNM fights, and like them for that reason.

Women enjoy the voyeuristic and playful opportunities of overpowering naked men while maintaining the comfort and security of staying clothed.

They enjoyed the power and control afforded them over the naked men, most of whom were many years older.

As at other pools in the the 1950s- those at YMCAs, for example- the boys swam in the nude. As the note to parents specified, "swimming for boys is conducted unencumbered by swimming costumes."

Girls, of course, swam with one piece swim suits, secure and superior. And fantasised and dreamt and gossiped about the possibility of entering those sacred precincts when a class of boys was there, in the buff, their every secret on display. Trapped in their birthday suits. Girls in sexy swim suits, boys naked as jays. Oh, sweet thought. Sweet, sweet thought.

And that day was come! It was a mixed wrestling lesson.

They were all hypnotised - the whole watching party of lubricious females in swim suits and naked boys with hands behind backs sporting erections.

So it was logical for girls to stroll the ranks and to choose the boys they most wanted to wrestle, even if some boys, still half-stiff and dribbling, were shy and reluctant.

My favorite hold in CFNM wrestling is something I call the groin grinder.

It is effective, can be real painful and is damn near impossible to escape from without the man hurting himself in an area he definitely does not want to be seriously injured.

The hold is pretty much limited to either nude wrestling or CFNM wrestling because it requires at least the man to be naked to be effectively applied.
The hold is applied by the female getting the male down and on his stomach by whatever means necessary.

Then the woman uses her foot to scoop the man-s privates from underneath his lower abdomen to an exposed state between his thighs, pressed to the ground v that is, if his junque was not already in that position when the man landed on his stomach from the takedown.

Then, the woman simply plants the toes and ball of her foot on his penis and testicles and grinds her foot back and forth as though she was grinding out a cigarette.
I'm a boy and at home we mostly have an CFNM-Scenery. My sisters kick me in the balls very often when I'm naked. Its ok for me being naked and getting busted. For me Girls rule the world we boys should treat them like Goddesses.

The Academy is of the opinion that the naked boys should get as used to their new surroundings as quickly as possible and we figure the boys might as well get used to the idea of being naked around girls. They will train in the nude at all times. I hope that the female trainers knew how to keep the boys under control by using push-ups or squats or ducks walk and I presume that the boys would have to stand naked in line like at attention during the roll call, just to see if they are enough obedient. They will wrestle in the nude in front of all the fans when their female opponents will wear their leotards.

Before long Mike was standing in ballet gym where all the girls were wearing leotards and only he was naked. Worse yet, the idea of being naked in a class of females kept him erect. As he stood there naked the girls giggled and joked about his erection.

The males thought it was unfair that the females got to wear leotards but the lack of male modesty was a piece of the training of males to think nothing of their bodies so they'd be willing to sacrifice them for females.

Males behave better when naked in front of clothed females. Guys, who are naturally more aggressive and rowdy, are less apt to act up or speak out of turn when totally exposed. The vulnerability to potential bumping, flicking, pinching, slapping, grabbing, and tugging in addition to the embarrassing nature of having female eyes on their fully nude bodies would create more submissive males. Females, even younger females, would keep their obedient. 

And as for those young boys, I'm sure they would feel tormented if the leotard clad girls pulled by genitals taking away the boys self control and making them used, abused, sexually dominated, and emotionally pummelled. Women have the same urges and men, and are more agressive.
CFNM rule has to pleasure a woman, shy virgins would want to begin their first mixed wrestling experience on top. She feels more comfortable being dressed in leotard with her male opponent naked before her.

The woman can straddle his face and let him eat her out, which is fun and worth doing now and then. Sitting on a guy s face is a dominant position and is best used to tease his cock and make a male weaker and force him to give a girl an orgasm through cunnilingus.
She was wearing a lime green leotard with a wrap around skirt and a pair of pink tights. After dinner she asked me to let her dress me. Happily I disrobed and I almost lost my balance. She pulled me back to balance by my tighted cock.

I looked up at MRS and smiled, She removed her skirt and straddled my face, pulled her leotard to the side and I licked at her cunt through her pink tights. I was able to get her clitorises through the tights. I sucked and nibbled her until she came with shuddering orgasm. 22 boys and 24 girls, ranging from ages five to sixteen, also occupied the compound. The boys and girls were teached much differently. The boys were all found naked and were chained down in cribs and housed in a series of shacks within the compound. The boys had reportedly been spanked repeatedly and were fed foods treated with additives that caused them to urinate and defecate more frequently. Other unspecified forms of abuse were also reported.

The girls were dressed in black leotards and were free to move about the compound. The girls were taught by their mothers to subject the boys to the abusive treatment.
The 12 year old boy stood before her, naked and erect.
Anna hugged him against herself and felt his hard boner pressed against her leotard.

My wife wrestles me in leotards and tights. She finds her wearing a leotard and me naked sooo sexy. Wrestling naked against her, I love my wife to wear velvet - she has a purple velvet leotard like the gymnasts wear - sleeves, high neck and cut very high on the hip.

One of the most effective blows in CFNM fighting is the devastating knee to the groin.

 Here are some images of effective knee shots that helped secure victory for the clothed women over the nude men.

My current girlfriend is gymnast, she wearing her gym leotard, I'm removing all my clothes and we wrestle as foreplay. If I don't overpower her right away, she'll get me in a leg lock, then try to work behind be and get an arm around my throat while controlling my legs with hers. When she does this, it's all over. she'll let me struggle for a while, then run her hand down my belly and begin to stroke my erection. For some reason being completely helpless is a huge turn on.

The sexiest thing I can think of is CFNM wrestling against woman! Her sexy smooth leotard-clad body straining against mine! And I know who wins because I'm confused before her in my nudity. Her leotard is much dangerous weapon than my muscles because I can just dream about her wonderful, unaccessible body, I'm ready to be obedient to this deadly beauty and I'm forget about resistance when she know about power of her sexy outfit, intend dressed to kill, has no mercy, seeing all my vulnerable points and wants only victory!

Clothed female, naked male is a common theme in female domination fights. Being completely naked in front of a clothed dominant female helps emphasize the male's vulnerability and submission as well as the female's control. While the male is naked, the female is free to do any sexual acts, including erotic humiliation, erotic teasing.

I once had wrestling with a guy, I wore a gym leotard but he was completely naked. I find it really hot though.

Women, does a naked male body turn you on? Do you want to humiliate and/or control a man? Do you enjoy making decisions for your man as he on the floor on his hands and knees?

When you re naked and I m not I have more of the power.

Still one of my favourite fetishes. He s vulnerable. I m powerful. There is an inequality.

CFNM (clothed female/naked male) humiliation places the man in an erotically vulnerable position. Men who enjoy such encounters become increasingly aroused when they are naked, exposed and unguarded in the presence of a fully clothed, confident and dominant woman.


 "What you were doing is dangerous. You can't trust boys like that. You have to have them under control."

"Boys are different than us girls. They are totally wrapped up with their penises. Boys get a physical reaction. It's like an itch that they can't scratch."

Both girls looked at Caroline so she continued. "And us girls can make them itch. And when they have the itch, they will do anything to scratch it. That's the power we have over boys."

She was their whole universe at this moment and she enjoyed being worshipped as the goddess of this universe.

"Mmmm," Caroline mewed, "That's what I like to see; men who appreciate a woman and know how to show it." She hardly thought of these little boys as men, but she knew the male ego and that blowing a little sunshine up their asses make them very pliable to a girl's wishes.

"Now that you know the power you have, you won't have to resort to putting yourself below or even equal to boys."


Wearing a leotard for wrestling is female empowerment of being the centre of attention and a fantasy figure actually makes us dominant. I know I have the power to defeat a nude guy and that guys are fantasizing over me, i believe the nudity of male wrestler is quite submissive.

when he liked me to press my heel against his throat. He obviously liked the danger.

I had a guy who wanted me to chlorophorm him... I had to sneak up on him and pretend to gag and muffle him with my white leg warmer!

year later he asked me to kick him in the balls really hard with my boots.

I feel like the clothed person is freer. Clothes are protection - the naked person is vulnerable.

I love a man being naked and me being dressed in a sexy outfit it is such a turn on.

The balance of power is reversed: the man feels he is naked and vulnerable, dictated to by the woman.

The girls will strip a guy naked while keeping their leotards on themselves and then dominate him.

I like girls to be wearing clothes when they facesit. I think for similar reasons as why I quite like the guy naked. It makes the girls look much stronger, in my opinion.

A naked man is vulnerable and defenceless against a woman - it's so much easier for her to break him.

I think if a lady or a girl is clothed while she is doing facesitting on a naked male, this is underlining her natural and actual superiority.

Well clothed ladies or girls, in tight leotards look lovely.

Clothed women doing facesitting on a nude male is for me extremely tasty and underlining the superiority of women and girls.
A logical person would argue that if a woman defeats a man in a match that had some sexual overtones   i.e. male nudity especially with an erection hard enough to cut diamonds    he satisfies her with his lips and tongue and be forced to suffer from aching, congested blue balls

It explores and promotes those heterosexual situations in which men are presented to women naked and vulnerable, without the women themselves being nude.    Allow women the opportunity to observe men naked and vulnerable, without affording the men the same.

Swim class wherein all male students were required to swim nude. The practice was that females always wore full bathing suits when using the same pool facilities; however, it was mandatory that all males remain completely naked while in the pool area.

 The high school I attended in the 1970s had one of the few remaining swimming programs in which the boys still swam nude. Unlike the boys, the girls wore a one-piece bathing suit. I don't know why this was but what I remembered most fondly about my gym classes were the wonderful opportunities the girls had to spy on the boys during their swimming class.

this is the corner of the site where men must disrobe completely before answering in obeyance to the women. In here we explore the sexual tension created when a woman has complete control, and the man is naked and vulnerable to her whims and desire.  Part of the thrill experienced in such dominance may be more than just stripping the man of his clothes and dignity, including having an audience of other women present such that they too may watch and laugh at his naked humiliation

For many men, granting ultimate control to women is an emotional and erotic nirvana.

I've had a fetish for dominance over men I think almost all my life. I particularly enjoy exposing and humiliating men. In my life it is a repetitive theme with guys, with the right manipulation, you can get them to do a lot of things. This was my first experience and it worked beautifully.

I've always wanted to wrestle my sister in law. me being naked of course. she is much bigger than me and looks pretty mean. she's a tall girl. she could wear a leotard and high heels. I would be stark naked. I'd love it.

A drop dead gorgeous brunette with a hot, tight body and beautiful ass is dressed in sexy black leotard to prick tease. Her fool is a completely naked man has his feet and hands chained allowing her easy access to his entire body.

She then has a full aerobic workout using him as the punching ball-bag. Not holding back at all, she proceeds to punch, knee and kick him in his balls. Her sexy alluring leotard assures his dick remains fully erect and pointing upwards (which she takes note of) thus prominently displaying to her his entire naked balls for easy access. For the entire workout she makes every punch, kick and knee land directly into those balls until she is breathing hard and is sweaty.

At the very end she leaves him, stops, turns and delivers one final hard kick into his balls making him scream, then she turns and walks off the screen laughing about that final humiliation.

They kissed and passionately caressed each other, he removed his clothes while she did a striptease down to a tight white leotard. He was embarrassed when he obediently submitted to her order and climaxed rapidly onto her leotard as she straddled him. Being on top in superior position, she noticed his embarassment and used it to take a control over him. Rubbing her lycra covered crotch against his erected cock and whispering "cum for me!", cunning girl forced him to cum, lose a sexual energy, be weak and pay for his surrogate orgasm by pleasuring her with oral sex.I'm 23 and my leotard-clad girlfriend is 21, she sit on my nude body and pins me down all the time, and she's been known to stay sitting on me for nearly two hours, she really pins me down ans stares into my eyes the whole time, and commands me to say "girls are stronger than guys"

Here are some CFNM wrestling matches and fights where the knee to the nuts is used to bring down a male

One of the most effective blows in CFNM fighting is the devastating knee to the groin.

Here are some images of effective knee shots that helped secure victory for the clothed women over the nude men.

You have signed a contract to wrestle nude. You enter a dressing room to get naked for your match after being told only that your opponent will be a woman. Excited, you quickly disrobe and walk through the door as instructed.

Upon entering the room, you freeze momentarily, noticing that there are a bunch of women v all clothed. There are no other male spectators. Several of the ladies greet you with smiles and polite hellos as you stand in one corner of the room awaiting the appearance of your opponent.

You are a little uneasy, wondering what the ladies are chatting about. Do they think you are attractive? Are they turned on by your nudity? All of a sudden your eyes are drawn to two young ladies talking to each other and breaking out in laughter.

What are they laughing about? Oh gawd, are they giggling because they think my penis is too small?

Then your opponent enters the room, wearing a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit. She kicks off her high heels and is ready to go. What-s going on? The woman who is hosting the match tells you that you should have read
the fine print of your contract which described your match as a CFNM encounter.

You ask "What is CFNM?" You are told ¯clothed female naked male!¦ You have no choice but to go through with the fight or be sued for breach of contract.

Remembering the laughter of the young women, you begin to pull nervously on your penis to chub up a little. Your opponent notices you doing that.

When you are called to the center of the ring by the referee v another clothed woman, of course v your opponent leans toward you and whispers in your ear: ¯If you get an erection during our match and I-ll snap it off at the base!¦

You start to blush from the top of your forehead to the soles of your bare feet. Terrified over the thought that she actually would emasculate you if you got hard, your dick shrivels to the size of a button mushroom and the room is filled with cruel feminine laughter as the referee orders the two of you to wrestle. +

And, although there is no wrestling, the women get a little handsy, a little aggressive and quite dominant with their naked male targets.

The CFNM swimming fantasy is based on part to letters and emails that have appeared on chat sites starting in the early 1990s. The writers claim that in the 1940s, -50s and well into the -60s it was quite popular for YMCA swimming classes to require that the females dress in modest one-piece black swimsuits and for the males to swim nude v in the same class!

And I fantasize that, instead of swimming, the clothed women have ambushed the nude man in the locker room and both are prepared for some physical encounter like a wrestling match. There, I fantasize that the CFs soundly defeat the NMs.
Most women I know have had an amused reaction to the idea of kicking men in the balls....