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mixed wrestling red leotard femdom fighting

Update: 27.04.2018

W-515 "Battles of Adonis II"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 6 fights in 1 gallery, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s been almost two months since I lost to that 18 yr old girl. And to honest about it my career has been in a nosedive ever since. Over my last 5 matches I am 2 wins and three losses. My record now stands at 18 wins and 8 losses. I have fallen out of the top 10 and have even fallen out of the the top 15. I am currently ranked 17th in the league and falling. I must start winning again and soon. I am only two or at most three losses from falling into the the second tear of wrestlers.


Ok, I’m ready for the match. I’ve pulled on dark gray pantyhose, my silver trunks and shiny black boots. A knock at the door means it’s time to head to the ring. As I climb the steps I see my opponent for the first time. It is another young female, this time she is about 20 yrs old. She is also stunningly gorgeous. Blond hair, blue eyes, great body and fantastic legs. She is wearing a red thong cut leotard, black pantyhose and bright red boots. One look at her tells me that she is a promotional favorite. She has been sent out to showcase her skills and fantastic looks to the wrestling fans. It also tells me that I am in trouble. The promoter thinks that she can and will defeat me. I have already become a jobber in her eyes.


With the intros and instructions over we return to our corners to wait for the bell. I take a second to adjust my manhood, I then pull up and smooth my pantyhose and my trunks. BONG!!!! there’s the bell the fight is on. We lock up collar&elbow and struggle for dominance. OH, god no!!! Not this soon!!! OH PLEASE, NOT THIS SOON!!!! My opponent has slipped out of the C&L and has gotten a COBRA-CLUTCH on me. Pain shoots thru my neck and shoulders. It also shoots up my arm into my wrist. The COBRA CLUTCH is one of the most painful holds in wrestling.


I instantly begin to scream in pain, “OOOOOOWWWW!!, OOOOOOOUU!! It hurts, OMG it hurts!!! My arm, you’re breaking my arm.” After only a few seconds my knees begin to buckle. I can’t remain on my feet. If she takes me down to my knees it will increase her leverage on me and the pain will increase. I struggle with all my strength to stay on my feet. The harder I fight her, the more pressure she puts on me.


“NO-NO, I won’t go down. I won’t go down!!" With my free hand I try to push up on my arm to lessen the pain. She just keeps increasing the pressure on me. “OH god, it hurts. It hurts!!! I can’t take much more. You’re going to dislocate my shoulder!! OOOOOHH! It hurts!!"

I have almost no strength left. My knees once again buckle and I can’t stop from slowly sinking to the mat. As my knees touch the mat she asks me, “Had enough Adonis? Submit and I’ll let you go!! You can’t get free, I’ve got you locked up tight. You’re mine, I’ve beaten you. SUBMIT!!!"

I know she’s right, I’ve been defeat again. I look at the ring clock. She’s beaten me in only 23 seconds. Looking up at her I can only beg “OH it hurts, I’m finished. You win, you’ve beaten me!!!” She looks over at the ref, ASK HIM!! Go on ask him. Ask him if he submits?” The ref come over to me “How bout it Adonis, you had enough? You ready to submit to her?” everyone in the arena knows the answer.

“ENOUGH!!! I’ve had enough!! She wins, she’s beaten me! PLEASE PLEASE!! Get her off me I GIVE UP!! Make her stop!! PLEASE make her stop!! I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!!!"

She lets me go and I fall face first onto the mat. The fans in the first several rows can hear me crying. “My arm, she broke my arm. I can’t move my arm!! It hurts, OH, it hurts!!"


Fifteen minutes later I am back in my dressing room. The doctor has looked me over and assured me my arm is not broken just sprained. The pain will go away in a few days. I thank him and he leaves. Alone in the dressing room I reflect on my defeat and my career. I am now 18&9 still a winning record, but I haven’t won much lately.


Two weeks later I am back in the ring. I am again wearing my silver trunks, gray pantyhose and black boots. I am wrestling an older woman, she is almost 45yrs old. This is her fair well tour. I am totally confident that I can beat her. We have been at it for almost 14 minutes. So far it has been a good back and forth match. The fans are into it and are cheering me loudly.


At about 16 minutes into the match I am trying to set her up for a pin. I whip her into the ropes and she flies back at me. Just as I am about to drive my forearm into her. She lifts her boot and sidekicks me in the face. My vision goes gray and I can only see shadows. I feel her behind me, I feel her arms wrap around me. She picks me up and spins me upside down. Holding me tightly she drops to the mat. She has just give me a PILE-DRIVER. I lay stretched out on the mat. She gets to her feet and then drops across me in a BODY-SPLASH.


I am out cold, with her lying across me. She grabs my leg behind my knee and pulls it up. She rolls my shoulders onto the mat. The ref checks to see if my shoulders are down and then pounds the mat.


I’ve just been pinned. She drops my legs and gets to her feet. I remain stretched out on the canvas unconscious. It takes the staff almost 10 minutes to revive me. I am dazed and confused.


“Hay, hay what are you people doing to me? I ask as I slowly come around. “We’ve spent the last tem minutes try to wake you up!!” Now I’m really confused. “Did I win? Did I pin her? What happened?” With a sad smile the med-tec tells me. “No you did not win. No you did not pin her. She won, it was her that pinned you. She knocked you out with a pile driver and pinned you. You lost.”

Stunned by my loss I stagger back to my dressing room. “I’ve got to win match soon. I’ve fallen to 18 & 10. Still dazed and a little dizzy from the PILE-DRIVER I slowly remove my boots, then slid down my trunks and pull them off. I stand and begin to peel down my pantyhose, suddenly I must sit as I again feel dizzy. I finish removing my pantyhose and head to the shower.

Match # 34.


At this point I seem to be holding my own. I am 3 and 2 in my last 5 matches and my record now stands at 21 and 12. Although I am still unranked I have move closer to a ranking. I do however need to increase my winning percentage. I hope to start tonight. In my dressing room I change into my wrestling gear. Tonight I will be in my white gear, white trunks, dark tan pantyhose and shiny white boots. I am now ready for my match. This will be my 34 match and again it is a must win.


In the ring I see my opponent for the first time. So far I have never wrestled the same person twice. Everyone I face is a new and unknown challenge. This one looks very formidable. She is taller that I am and bigger all around. She looks to be very strong. I think I have one advantage over her. She looks older than I am. I’m hoping that will affect her stamina.


The announcer begins “This is a one fall to a finish match. Adonis vs. Lydia.” We both wave to the fans as you come to the center of the ring for instructions. Now it’s back to our corners to wait the bell. In the few seconds before the match starts both of us adjust our wrestling gear. I adjust my manhood in my trunks and pull up my pantyhose. Lydia does some of the same. Across the ring she stands waiting for the bell. She has on a light blue leotard that is very high cut. Black fishnet pantyhose and light blue boots. The time has come to wrestle.


BONG!!!! We leave our corners and lock up. We struggle for dominance and I am able to take her down to the mat. I’m a little surprised by that, it seems she has underestimated me. I have her in a head lock and I am squeezing as hard as I can. I can hear her whimpering as I apply the pressure to the hold.


I’ve had her in this head lock for some time now. I am reluctant to give it up as I have it locked on tight. As soon as this though crosses my mind I know I’ve made a mistake. She quickly jacks herself in half and gets her calves around my head. I am instantly in pain and lose my grip on her head. Now it’s me that is caught in a head crushing hold.


Slowly she works her way up, till she has my head between her thighs. My skull is being crushed between her fishnet covered legs. I kick my legs wildly as I try to escape. The moans the fans at ringside hear are now coming from me. “OH!!Oh!!, AAH!!AAHH!! I am struggling with the pain and having trouble breathing.


I begin to kick my legs together high in the air trying to break her hold. After several tries my head comes free and I am out of the head lock. Breathing deeply I get to my feet as we again face each other. This is where we find out how evenly matched we are. For the next 16 minutes we battle back and forth. Hold for hold, throw for throw. The momentum shifts between us several times. Glancing out into the arena I can see the fans are on their feet. There seems to be no favorite as they are cheering both of us. I’ve never seen this before.


17 minutes into the match I grab Lydia’s arm and whip her into the ropes. I am going to lock on a sleeper-hold as she flies back at me. Just as I am about to grab her with my arm she ducks under it and continues to the rope behind me. As she rebounds off them she grabs the back of my head with both hands and BULL-DOGS me to the mat. My forehead slams into the canvas and I am dazed by the impact.


Face down on the mat, Lydia is quickly on me. Hooking my arm she rolls me over onto my back. No longer dazed I realize what she is trying to do. She is now across my chest in a CROSSBODY PRESS. My shoulders are on the mat and she is pinning me down. The ref is very quickly down checking my shoulders. The sound explodes in my ears ONE-TWO-THRE!! I am just able to get one shoulder off the mat before being pinned.


I have no time to rest as I am still on my back and on the mat. Twice more the refs hand slaps the mat and twice more I am just able to beat the count. Still holding me tightly to the canvas Lydia is slowly moving her position on me. Turning slowly she now has hooked on of my legs and lifted it off the mat. This has decreased my mobility and made it harder to keep my shoulders up.


I have now been on the mat for almost two minutes. I have struggled to keep my should off the canvas for all that time. Three more times the ref has started the pin count and three times I have beaten it. Out in the arena the fans are still on their feet. Now however they cheer wildly each time I am able to get my shoulder up and beat the pin count.


Over this time Lydia has tightened her hold on my leg she now has it pulled up tight to my body being bent at the knee. Then she suddenly reaches down and grabs my other leg behind my knee. Pulling as hard as she can she pulls me into a SPADDLE. The fans gasp as my legs are pulled up tight. They know the end is near. All I can do is cry out in despair “NO-NO-NO!! OH PLEASE NO!!!  

Holding my legs tightly Lydia slowly rolls my shoulders onto the mat. I kick my legs wildly but it is no use. I’m trapped and she is going to pin me. Once again I scream out in anger and despair

“NO-NO, she’s got me!! SHE’S GOT ME!!!"

It is then I hear the sound that no wrestler wants to hear. The sound of the refs hand slapping the mat. Signaling for every one that you have been pinned.


The match is over, I’ve been pinned. In just over 20 minutes Lydia was able to pin me and win the match. The most amazing thing is that the fans have remained on their feet cheering both of us. That is something I have never seen before. The only sad part is that I have lost again and fallen to 21 & 13.

One week later I am in a dressing room getting ready to wrestle again. The league was very happy with my last match even though I did not win. So here I am wrestling again. I will go the ring in my regular white gear. A knock on the door tell me it’s fight time.


I enter the ring and see my opponent for the first time. She is young only 23 yrs old and a muscular beauty. WOW, she looks very strong. I hope her wrestling skills are not that good. Here comes the introductions.

"This is a one fall match. Adonis vs. Ronda"

Ronda is dressed in red a muscle posing thong leotard. It leaves nothing to the imagination. The bell sounds and we start the match. I exit my corner and Ronda does the same. As I am about to lock up with her, she bends down and jams her arm between my legs. She grabs the back of my head, picks me up and BODY-SLAMS to the canvas.


I am stunned. I have never been slammed like that before. All my nerves are alive. It feels as though electricity is flowing thru my body. OH no here she comes again. She grabs my hair and pulls me to my feet. Again her arm is between my legs. Up I go and them down as hard as before.


I am just barely conscious. I fell her pulling me to my feet again, there is nothing I can do to stop her. This time she does not slam me. She lifts me onto her shoulder and locks me into a BACK-BREAKER. Her shoulder digs into the small of my back my legs hang over her. She has locked her arms over mine and is pulling them down like a surf-board.


I minute and four seconds into the match, I’m done. My nerves still feel the electric charge flowing thru them. My back is screaming in pain. I can take no more. I cry out my surrender.


My submission has come so quickly the ref is not sure what has happened. He makes no mover to stop the match. Ronda knows she has defeated me but still holds me in the BACK-BREAKER. She calls to the ref, "Ask him ref, come on ask him. Does he give up? See if he wants to submit to me?"

Still unsure the ref asks me “Is that Adonis, are you ready to submit? Do you want to give up the match to Ronda?" The only answer I have is yes.

"Yes-yes, I want to submit!! She’s beaten me!! I GIVE UP!! PLEASE Ronda, let me go!! You win. I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!!"

At last Ronda lets me go and I fall to the mat. The announcer tell everyone the outcome. “In just 1 minute and 4 seconds the winner of the match with a BACK-BREAKER submission RONDA!!!

I lay there on the mat for over 5 minutes before I could get up, longer that the match lasted. I have now fallen to 21 & 14.

After my last two defeats I am now a second tier wrestler. I have become an opponent for up and comers. It’s been 8 days since my last loss and I am back in the ring tonight. There is no joy in it for me now, it’s just a job, a way to make money. I am still very well paid, but it’s just a job. I enter the ring in my silver trunks, gray pantyhose and shiny black boots. In the ring I see my next opponent. He is wearing a bright red thong and red boots.


The announcer begins:

"This is a one fall match between Adonis and Hans"


One thing I did find out is that Hans is Ronda’s husband and is also a body builder. They have a bet to see which one can defeat me the quickest. BONG!!! the bell sounds and we exit our corners. I come out slowly not wanting to lock up with Hans is fast. He has other ideas. In a lighting fast move he grabs my arm and twists it up behind my back in a HAMMER-LOCK. Instantly the pain is excruciating. I cannot control myself and cry out “My arm, my arm. Oh god my!!!” at 2 seconds into the match I am close to defeat. Taking my arm with both of his, Hans lifts me off the mat in a FLYING-HAMMER LOCK. I am now in the air hanging by my arm. I did not think anybody was strong enough to use this hold.

With my arm bent up behind me and my boots off the mat I have no leverage. The pain is completely over whelming . I’m finished I need to surrender.

"My arm, please don’t break my arm!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!

I’m done, I give up!!! You’ve beaten me!! LET ME GO!!! PLEASE!! LET ME GO!!! OH god my arm, you’re breaking my arm!! YOU WIN, YOU WIN I SUBMIT!!"

After what seems like forever Hans lets me go and I drop to the mat on my knees at his feet. My face is a mask of pain and I am openly crying. Tears run down my cheeks and drop onto the canvas. The ref comes to where I am on the mat on my knees. She asks if I am ok? “My arm, I can’t move it. I think he broke it. OMG, it hurts so bad. I feel like I’m going to pass out from the pain. The ref is very sympatric. “The med staff is on they’re way. They’re going to take good care of you.” Before they arrive however I pass out from pain and fall to the mat on my back.


I am stretched out on the mat with my legs wide apart and my arms at my sides as the staff arrive. They manage to get me to come too and onto my feet. They help me to slowly make it back to my dressing room. I slump onto the bench and just sit there for several minutes. My arm hurts as bad as anything I have ever felt. “My arm, what did he do to my arm? I can hardly move it. I may never be able to wrestle again.”


One handed I untie my boots and get them off. I stand and pull down my silver trunks. With only one arm it is very difficult to get out of my pantyhose. I finally manage to peel them down and off my legs. I stand there holding my arm in terrible pain, naked and crying. I slowly head to the shower. Having just suffered another defeat my record now stands at 21 & 15. I hope I can turn this around soon.


It’s been over three weeks since I wrestled Hans. In that time I have been to the hospital and the Doctors several times. My arm was not broken by Hans but it sustained a very bad sprain and other damage. The Doctor tells me that it will another two weeks before I can wrestle again. At this point I not sure that I want to keep wrestling. I’ve been hurt before but not like this. This time it was very painful.


It has now been almost 7 weeks since I lost to Hans and had my arm severely sprained. Tonight I will be back in the ring trying to put my career back on track. I am very nervous about this match. It is truly a must win for me.


I quickly change into my wrestling gear. Light gray pantyhose, silver thong and shiny black lace up boots. Just as I finish I am called to the ring, I have no time to warm up. I step between the ropes and look across the ring at my opponent. She is quite young not yet 20 years old. She is also stunning. She wears a soft yellow thong leotard, shiny black pantyhose and shiny yellow lace up boots. To say the she is beautiful is not to do her justice. She is totally hot.


Here come the announcement:

"This is a one fall match pin or submission. In the yellow corner. She boasts an 11 wins and no loses record welcome to the ring Deidra Loomis! And her opponent he has a record of 21 wins and 15 loses please welcome Adonis!!!"

“Well you can really see how far I have fallen. I have more loses that she has matches.” I quickly stretch out a little then adjust my thong and pantyhose. BONG!!! “OK, here we go.” We lock up and struggle for dominance. I slip behind her and lock on a FULL-NELSON. She instantly cries out in pain. “OOOOUUU, my neck!! I’ve made a fast start and now need to keep the pressure on her.

After about 30 seconds, I drop down grabbing her legs and drop her face first onto the mat. She tries to get away by crawling to the ropes. I quickly drag her back to the center of the ring. Taking her legs I fold one over the other and push them down as hard as I can. She again cries out, "OOOOOOUUU! OOOOOOOHH!!" It hurts!! This only makes me push harder.


I’ve now had her in the leg hold for almost two minutes. She has continued to cry and moan in pain. Unable to make her submit, I now switch holds. Keeping her legs locked, I move forward and grab her chin. Cupping my hands under her chin I pull up getting her in a COMBINATION LEG LOCK AND CHIN HOLD. At this point she is howling in pain. “My back, oh god my back!! He’s breaking my back!!!”


With less that 5 minutes gone in the match the ref asks her if she wants to submit. She shows courage as she tells him “NO-NO, won’t submit!!” At that I release her and pull her to her feet by her hair. Grabbing her arm I twist it into a WRINGER. Backing against the ropes I whip her toward the opposite side of the ring. She slams into the ropes and comes flying back toward me. Just as she is about to reach me I stick out my fore-arm and smash it into her middle. She instantly gasps for air, grabs her stomach and falls to her knees.


A quick kick to the back of her head sends her crashing face first on the mat. There she is stretched out at my feet. Her arms are out in front of her and her legs are spread apart. She is not moving. I think I could pin her now and the though races thru my mind. “I’ve got her, I should pin her now!!” For some reason I decide she is not yet ready to be pinned. I need to do more damage to her first.


I again pull her to her feet by her hair. Again I whip her into the ropes and then pound her stomach as she flies back. The result is the same. She grabs her middle, staggers a few feet and drops to her knees. This time I do not kick her, but instead pull her to her feet again. Same think, a wringer and a whip into the ropes. this time I will finish her off.


This time however there is a change. As she rushes back toward me, she manages to raise one of her legs and delivers an overpowering side kick to the point of my chin. I am stunned and disoriented. I stagger back falling against the ropes. I grab the top rope and hold on. My head slumps forward onto my chest. For just a second I am unconscious. As I wake up I see my opponent in the center of the ring bent over at her waist holding her middle.


See her like that makes me think I have a chance. I still have a chance, I can still defeat her. I move off the ropes very slowly. If I rush I’ll lose my balance and fall to the mat. I get close to her and try to grab her. She very quickly stands straight up and gets behind me. Instantly I feel her arm around my head. Then her other arm is under my chin and locked onto her other arm. Panic races thru my mind, OH NO!!! She’s got a SLEEPER on me. She’s going to knock me out!!! I’m going to lose the match!! I instantly begin to kick my legs and pound on her arms. I grab her arms and try to pull them free of my head. It’s no use, her hold is too tight.


Slowly one of my arms drops to my side. I continue to pull and grab with the other arm. Soon it loses all of its strength. My face is a picture of fear and pain. All I can do now is cry out for mercy.

“PLEASE-PLEASE!! DON’T KNOCK ME OUT!! I’M BEGGING YOU. PLEASE DON’T KNOCK ME OUT!!! I give up!! You win!! Let me go!!! PLEASE let me go!! OH please!! I SUBMIT!!!


Those are my last words. My other arm drops to my side uselessly. My knees buckle and I am hanging by my head in her sleeper hold. Slowly she lowers me to the mat and release my head. I am completely unconscious. My arms are at my sides, my legs are spread apart as I lie on the mat.   

The announcer stands over me as she begins:

“Wrestling fans, the winner of this match with a SLEEPER HOLD

Knock out. DEIDRA LOMAS!!"

It is almost ten minutes before I regain consciousness. I’m dazed and very disoriented and my memory is very vague. I manage to sit up with the ref kneeling next to me. “What happened? Is the match over? Who won?” I can see by the ref’s face that she does not want to tell me. “Yes, the match is over. Deidra knocked you out. She won the match!!” I hang my head onto my chest. “I’ve lost again.”

It takes a long time for me to get back to my dressing room as I staggered all the way. I enter and slump onto the bench. “Beaten again!! I had her, I should have won. I had her. How did she manage to defeat me?” I cross my leg and take off one of my boots. I reverse things and remove my other boots. Standing I slid down my silver thong. Suddenly I am dizzy again. Wearing only my gray pantyhose I stand there for a moment. Slowly carefully I slid down my pantyhose inch by inch. Naked I again have to stand still for a moment. “Defeat after defeat, my career comes crashing down.”

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