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gymnast black bodysuit cfnm ballbusting sword play duel woman vs nude man fighting

Update: 24.01.2020

A-608 "Battle for the throne"

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Armed mixed fighting, 440 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

Naked yoga (Sanskrit nagna yoga or vivastra yoga) is the practice of yoga without clothes. It has existed since ancient times as a spiritual practice, and is mentioned in the 7th-10th century Bhagavata Purana and by the ancient Greek geographer Strabo.  According to the Bhagavata Purana:

A person in the renounced order of life may try to avoid even a dress to cover himself.  If he wears anything at all it should only be a loincloth, and when there is no necessity a sannyasi should not even accept a danda. A sannyasi should avoid carrying anything but a danda and kamandalu.

Damian, Prince of the North-West Kingdom, began his version of naked yoga a year ago.  The style combined elements of Ashtanga, Kundalini, and contact yoga with elements of Tantra.  Because of the success of his naked yoga practice, male-only naked yoga groups began to blossom all over the kingdom, often becoming associated with the gay community.  There were also specific naked yoga clubs for homosexuals that were not simple yoga classes, but a means of keeping fit, and sharing sexuality.  The Prince believed that his practice afforded men in cities a way to express closeness and intimacy without having sex.

Damian’s daily ritual was a tantric massage as well as male-only yoga. While he praised the positive result of a general feeling of wellbeing, he kept quiet about yoga being simultaneously “liberating and sexy”.

The usual place for Damian’s yoga meditations was the balcony of an abandoned mountain-top castle. Today he chose to meditate alone, feeling quite secure.  His guards were not too far away, at the castle’s gate.  No one else was there to disturb the strong, handsome young man, he was certain. Damian took his clothes off and put them on the floor, adding his sword to the pile of clothing. What a fine morning! He took his usual place near the semi-ruined balcony railing to survey his kingdom from one of the highest summits. He felt free, powerful, and ready to become King, because his old father was close to death. The old King knew about his son’s gay tendencies, and it was the only reason he didn’t abdicate, being old and sick. The line of succession must be maintained, but he had no other sons or even nephews. There was a young niece, but she was no rival to his son, the law of the Kingdom forbade it.

Damian just grinned contemptuously, remembering his younger female cousin.  The last time he saw her seven years ago, she was twelwe – a thin, shy girl, who dreamt of becoming a dancer. She learned ballet and gymnastics, always trying to transform her weak awkward body into one that could show off the luxury garments of noble ladies. How would she end up? The wife of an old count or baron abroad somewhere, or else ending up in a monastery. Stupid women – they have no future; certainly not when he becomes the first gay King and introduces a new law for everyone!

The sudden creak of an old door behind him made the Prince turn around to see the girl, who held her hands on her hips and stood confidently, looking down at him with a devious smile.

She had on a black long-sleeved leotard and long black see-through skirt, with over knee boots. The bottom of the leotard was cut high on her hips, leaving her sexy legs bare and displaying the lowest curves of her butt cheeks. The long sword in her right hand was a typical sword of the Prince’s guards. She looked over at the balcony, saw the unarmed Damian sitting naked on the floor in the Lotus position, and grinned triumphantly.

Damian instantly realised what had happened, but he couldn’t believe it. The pretty blonde dancer Constance was now a strong, skilled and aggressive fighter. His guards had been killed by this cheeky girl – obviously, because she was holding one of their swords. But what did she want?

Constance leapt forward and turned full-spin, allowing her chiffon ballet-skirt to billow above her black leotard, which clung to her body. Now she was much closer to him!


Constance was born to a wealthy aristocratic family. Her father was in charge of training the King's squires and decided to brought his daughter up in the same way. Constance dressed as a gymnast and learned how to ride, fight with a sword and her fists. By the time she was an adult, Constance had become the talk of society. She was known as a gymnast, a dancer, an equestrinne, a fighter and an expert swordswoman. “Beautiful, valiant, generous, and supremely unchaste,” Constance did not hesitate to squash conventions and ignore the rules. Unsurprisingly, she fought a number of duels.

She was undefeated fighter, thanks to their training. The secret training he had given her on moonlit nights. There was scarcely any man who could wield the sword better than her father. And if there was anyone who could match him, it was his daughter...

One year earlier, on her eighteenth birthday, old count had planned a special gift for his daughter. Constance had grown into a stunning beauty, and count who by now was matched by none in sword fighting, worried for her safety during the times that he was away. So on her birthday he had decided to spring a surprise.

"Where is my gift, beloved father?" she had asked playfully, expecting yet another diamond necklace or anklet but instead, he placed a long, gleaming sword in her hands.

"These are not safe times, Constance," he had said. "Girls should learn self defense and know they can defend themselves. I want you to be self-reliant."

"But it's not a woman's thing..."

"C'mon blondie", old count said, giving her a sword, "you need some exercise". He twisted his head to one side and grimaced, then drew his sword and gave it an experimental twirl; it whistled through the air.

Constance eyed him warily. "Are you kidding?" she asked after a moment, then pointed down at her plain but stout dress of brown wool. These are hardly clothes for swordplay, she complained.

He shot her a cunning grin. "So take it off", he quipped, "I don't mind."

"I must take my dress off? Are you kidding? Maybe you also want to say that you will remove your clothing too?"

"Oh, what a perfect idea, Constance! Yes, of course. Because I must teach you to attack the most vulnerable points of male body, it means I must make all those points visible for you"

"Oh god, are you sure, father? I can't take my clothes off in front of you, noble ladies must keep their body clothed!"

But old count already started to undress himself. "Don't waste a time, daughter! You must take your dress off because it doesn't allow you to move freely and fast. You need another clothing for our training, something like that suits you have wore for gymnastics routines".

"Allright, daddy - I have this outfit under my dress" Constance unfastened her dress and stepped out of that, wearing nothing but a black long sleeved bodysuit.

Constance was beautiful. Her gymnastic leotard molded every sensuous curve and highlighted the smooth, long torso from the swell of her breasts to the roundness of her hips.

She struck a pose, one foot flat on the floor, the other pointed with long sword. She was wearing the leotard and overknee boots and she looked great. Her makeup was immaculate, and her father could smell the perfume from where he stood.

"How do I look?" she asked, almost nervously.

"You look fabulous," he told. "But there's one more thing missing..."

Looking at Constance, old count was proud of her because she wasn't shy now, swiftly kicking her long legs and flexing her graceful body, resplendent in the black leotard.

"Good girl. First time we will do full contact sparring with training weapons, I'm absolutely naked and can just try to defend myself but not allowed to attack you, though you wearing a high cut long sleeved leotard with overknee boots and everything is allowed for you - eye gouging, groin kicking and throwing punches to my face and neck. Sure it aren't realistic, but unless I want to make your beautiful body damaged I gotta respect all those rules and provide you a real advantages".

And so her lessons had commenced. They practised in secret on the terrace of their home at night, so no one would discover them. Under the translucent light of the moon, Constance came alive, the spirit of her sword charging through her blood. Impressed by her enthusiasm and intelligence, her father didn’t treat her like a woman who was inferior, but rather as an equal. Nothing was too strenuous or too difficult for her. He taught her the finer points of fencing, defence, and parrying, even showing her how to read her opponent’s mind by his body language. He told her that alertness was everything in a duel. The mightiest had lost their duels and their lives due to a second of distraction. Constance drank everything in. While old count was a hard taskmaster, Constance was a persistent and a quick learner, so it wasn’t long before she actually struck down his sword in a duel. Just six months into her training, her father was spreadeagled on the ground and her sword playfully touched his chest.

‘What next, maybe wrestling? Or kickboxing?’ he had teasingly ribbed her.

The truth was that Constance loved sword fighting. She took to it as naturally as a bird takes to the sky. Shy in past, Constance had become very aggressive since taking sword trainings, and new training schemes had been implemented by her father to teach her to beat any man in any situation (for self-defense apparently) and… she loved to practice these skills.

Once Constance asked her father before their sparring if she could kick him in the groin because she had never done it before and was curious to see how it felt, for her to do it, and what he'd do. Her father just smiled, "Nice idea, my darling! Guys try to use their size/strength advantage to win a fight against a girl, so why shouldn't a girl be able to use their advantage that guys have two vulnerable nuts dangling between their legs and girls do not. ALL girls should know how to kick men in the balls! It's especially better if you wear pointy heels or something, adds to the pain.". With that he removed his pants and shirt and stood in front of his daughter, naked to allow his genitals to hang out. Young Lady liked it like that. It gave her easier access to the man’s stuff, and she enjoyed being able to see what part of the groin she was kicking… It ‘refined her technique’. Her father spreaded his feet apart about 3-4 feet and told her: "Kick me as hard as you can. Make sure the top of your foot lands inbetween my balls and butt. This will ensure proper kicking".

They approached each other and father threw a left punch at his daughter. He almost hit her square in the face, but his punch was stopped as he looked down to see Constance had landed a shin kick straight into his groin. The tip of her boot was perfectly placed to push through to his testicles. Old man dropped and grabbed his screaming balls as young girl slowly stood up triumphant. She was ready to defeat any male!


"Constance? What does it mean?" Damian screamed surprisingly

Constance's back muscles and triceps are bulging with the relatively minor exertion she's putting out now, but they're easily visible through the black gym leotard. The blond is clearly excited to be in total control and her smile is a mixture of childlike joy and pure female evil. Girls are way more competitive than most guys give them credit for and now Damian looking at first-hand demonstration of this competitiveness.

"How did you get here? where did you get my guard’s sword?"

Keeping a silence, Constance walked to the center of the balcony and Damian's eyes didn't leave her body for a single step. Young Lady realised that she was being watched, her body made very artistic movements while she unfastening her long skirt and gracefully placing it on the floor. Today she have been wearing a leotard with no knickers under it.

"Why are you wearing a leotard?" his question was stupid, but situation was much more stupid.

"Leotards make for very comfortable or practical clothing outside the dance studio. I love wearing my leotards because they really are comfortable".

Holding a sword in right hand, Constance stroked her left fingertips over her pussy mound, "Do you know... Girls get aroused from wearing a leotard. It makes it feel softer but when I let my hair grow down there it shows through my leotards and my dance teacher makes me wear black leotards so I end up dancing the baddies parts."

"Are you going to play a badding part today?"

"Of course. I love wearing this leotard, it is perfect to wear in the fighting - this time my opponent is naked but I still wearing it anyways!"

She saw Damian shiver and his cock suddenly enlarged as wetness spread out from the eye in his cock. Instinctively he tried to cover it with left hand.

"Do you masturbate, animal?" Constance deliberately humiliated Damian to turn him into furiously beast who has no mind, but only crazy malice and lust. "Looks like all women in the Kingdom denied you and you have no other ways to cum", she mocked openly.

Damian reached for his sword, raising himself on the one knee. Cocky bitch was right. His cock became erected when he looked at woman in provocative outfit - first time in his life. Damian hated all women and he was surprised when just a look at woman in leotard made him horny so much. He didn't understand - it was not only her outfit and pose, but her perfumery, voice and manipulative words too.

"You're wrong, little bitch. Women are not enough good for me. I prefer men. When I'll be a King, all women would be turned into slaves who may be used just for dirty work and childbearing because you're useless in all other things"

"Oh, what a news! You're gay and you're going to be a King? Gays are disallowed to became Kings. And you know it!"

"It doesn't mater. Becuase nobody can stop me". Damian stood on his feet and pointed on her: "You're criminal. You have killed my guardians, and I'm sure it was not a fair fight. Drop a sword and let's go to the prison. Court going to be fast and equitable. Death is waiting for you like all other killers"

"I have a better idea. I came here to kill you and become only one possible heiress of the crown. But you're just a dirty gay, it means you have no rights to get a crown - and I'm only one who may inherit a Kingdom. I'll be mercfiful Queen and your unuseful life will be saved if you'll admit my superiority and publicly deny inheritance in my favor"

"What did you say, slut???"

"You have only one chance to save your life. Drop your sword, go down on your knees and lick my boots clean. It's a blood of your dead guardians, noble Lady must wear a clean footwear. Prove your submission to your Mistress and future Queen. I like obedient servants, if your tongue will make my stained boots clean, maybe I'll make you a Royal Castle Shoe Cleaner"

With horror Damian notived that her words made his erection very huge. His humiliation turned him on like never. Of course, Constance noticed it too. Her plan worked perfectly. Make him embarassed, turn him on and kill him with easy when all his mind would be concentrated in that ugly magenta sprout. It's too easy to manipulate an excited male, just beat him like a stuffed for fencing training and enjoy. It's one of the great things about being a girl!

It was too much for him. Growling with rage, the prince threw himself at the girl with strike which was able to pierce even the stone wall through.

Constance, in perfect balance blocked and countered with skill and reflexes honed from the year of hard training and swordplay. She fended off several thrusts with a series of circular parries and then, for a second, batted Damian's sword aside. She leaped to the attack, but he stepped out of the way of her lunge with impressive agility and spinning around, aimed a thrust back at her chest. She parried the stroke and sent a riposte that almost caught him under the ribs. She pressed forward, but to her frustration could not break through Damian's defences.

Damian took an odd stance, in a way that shown it was far more muscle memory and instinct then him puppeting himself in his movements. Something not normal, it would to most seem impractical. Yet he parried and riposted her advancing attack with relative ease. One hand placed behind his back he stood taking a few steps back. Before advancing on her nimbly attempting to prod at her. Damian's heels barely touched to floor he began to force her to take steps back now. "Do not take this so seriously, Mademoiselle," he teased her as their swords were locked. "You are how you say...feisty. I like it," he said, seeming to be enjoying himself far too much as he began to counter attack.

If she had a sabre, things might have been a very different story. Still, it was little consolation to her, and a very competitive person, she was determined to beat him and become a heiress of the crown. Surely she was faster than him, and more skilled. Looking at naked body of her opponent, Constance felt power and confidence because black bodysuit covered her body, emphasizing her superiority over exposed male. His erection still huge, revealing a pair of small balls. Just one successful lunge and this sdtuped gay will be castrated! Sexy gymnast attempted one of her better feints, however Damian seemed to see through the deception and almost disarmed her with a move she'd only seen practiced by her father she'd trained under. She used the move herself on several occasions when she wanted to really show off, but had not thought to do so in epee fighting.

Feeling the tip of her sword slide over his bare chest for a moment started Damian causing her to hop back again and reset into her stance. He looked at Constance. "That fire, I love it," he said as they started to go again. Though they were not swinging intentionally the speed at which they were attacking each other and the subsequent ripostes and parries caused it to seem that way. The blades looked like silvery arcs of light, the glint of the metal flashing now and again. The metallic clanking getting louder and more fierce as the match continued. Now neither seemed to gain any ground on the other. The fight was devolving quickly from a simple duel to a show of pride and to see who was the alpha blade user in the room. Damian tried to speak over the vicious clanging noises. "You are quite good. I may actually break a sweat." He was teasing her. Now it was more like two wild animals fighting to be pack leader. Something told Damian she had gone through the same hell as he did to win this fight. The fact she was alive was testament to her skills to be sure, but Damian was sure in his strength and skills.

But his lose was inevitably. Constance was going to use all benefits of her combat attire. Her long boots has stiletto heels with hidden steel stings, designed to use it as weapon. Just one stomp on bare foot of Damian and he will lose a mobility after hard injury. Her comfortable, form-fitting leotard was designed to grant her freedom of movement and allow her skin to breathe during periods of heavy exertion, protecting her virgin body from lascivious sights of her male opponent. Being cut high on hips, it made a girlish figure look slim and athletic, distracting her opponent. But this black leotard was not only a clothing thing, but a real weapon of the girl because it was saturated with pheromone perfume. In case of their close contact during the battle, Damian will be forced to deeply inhale the insidious aroma that will imperceptibly turn him into a male in love, exhausted from lust. It would force him lose an endurance, a concentration, and turn him into easy prey of the girl. She just need to get him closer. It's not difficult. Constance smiled as she looked at her naked enemy. His hanging balls are so vulnerable! She just needs to distract him.  

"Damian, I see your erection, it proves your attraction to the girls. Maybe you're not a gay? Ah, I'm understand - looks like you're a masochist and love feeling dirty and humiliated for pleasure of the person who delivers a pain to you?"

"What pain? Your sword even not touched me!"

"Because I'm just playing with you. Like cat with mouse. I can finish you at any time! But I'll be a merciful Queen. Admit my superiority and I'll allow you to kiss my legs, which you can see in my high cut leotard. You're so excited looking on my legs, I see that!"

"Dirty slut! You're just a weak woman, you have no power to defeat a real man like me!"

“I think you will feel my power soon,” Constance replied, a grin of respect on her face that was framed now by more soft hair that had come loose from her pins as, with great alacrity, she fought off his avalanche of flashing steel. It was nothing short of a stalemate in close as they circled each other on the balls of their feet, deflecting masterful attacks with astonishing ease. She was sure she could beat him in this fight. They were perhaps equally skilled with a sword, but she believed that she probably had the edge when it came to plain old meanness. She was often praised by her father for her ingrained viciousness and killer instinct. Damian was likely in contrast a peaceable man by nature, and clearly a romantic. That said, he was certainly one of the finest duellists she'd fought against. He teached her to make a distance shorter then attack a male groin, and she's going to apply those skills now. Both fighters traded with lunges and slashes, but Constance made all that she can to make them closer to each other. At length, their swords locked at the hilts, parted and locked again.

Suddenly Constance pressed her body to him, as close as she was able. He breathed hard, inhaling a perfumery with pheromones that caused a dizziness and made him weak in the knees. Constance looked in his eyes and realized - he is close to became unconscious. He have saw her triumphant smile and instinctively pushed her back, but it was too late, his reactions were too slow for looking at all her body.

He was distracted long enough for her to stomp on his foot lowering down a stiletto heel of her combat boots. When he bent over, she kicked him in the groin with all her strength, and with his grunt of pain, he is distracted enough as he doubled over, howling in pain, she jumped high with the intention of knocking the prince to the floor with a sharp heels of her boots from above. But he jumped aside with all his speed.

“You will pay,” furiously screamed Damian and lashed at her with his sword.

“Ah, where is your erection, prince? Just one light kick is enough to stop you. Men are so weak!”, mockingly said Constance and blocked him.

Damian attempted to strike Constance again, and they locked swords. Damian pushed her to the ground, but she took him with her. Their swords clattered away to the side, they rolled on the floor and when the girl finally straddled him, she took a hidden dagger from her boot. 

Damian grabbed her wrist holding the dagger, and Constance kneed him sharply in the groin, pressing her another knee down to his face at same time. With triumphant smile she swiftly stabbed him in the chest, trying to penetrate his heart, but he eluded from her dagger, throwing her to the side with force. Both fighters raised up at same time, but their swords were too far from them.

"Give up, Damian! Admit your defeat, or my dagger will drink your blood to last drip!", girl in black leotard declared belligerently with evil smile, playing with dagger as she moved closer to prince. "You're naked, weaponless and scared. Yes, you're scared, I see that! You can't defend yourself from the girl. You're so pathetic!". She knew it was wrong, but maybe this manipulation would make him unsure?

"There are other ways to defeat you," Damian said, leering at her. He stepped back, closer to his sword on the floor.

"I don't think so," Constance declared, she quickly flicked up her leg, and kicked him in the chin. He doubled, covering his face and moaning. His groin was defenseless now, and long legged girl in black leotard laughed triumphantly. Time to use her boots again! 

"Now feel a real power of the girl, stupid animal!"

With that Constance gracefully raised her long leg and kicked prince right in the balls forcefully with pointed tip of her boot, bringing him down on his knees before her. It was her favorite blow, the direction of which was worked out to absolute infallibility - thanks to her father, who kindly provided his naked body for training her beloved daughter and taught her to attack the most painful parts of the male body with inevitable speed and strength. 

The incredible pain almost paralysed him, this big muscle male under her feet was now naked and defenceless, completely at her mercy. Girl now felt a full power over this pathetic worm, and she loved it. Her sword was far from her, but now she can simply crush Damian's throat, or his eyes, or his balls with her stiletto heels. "But it's too fast", she decided. "My boots are stained by the blood of guardians, let this gay admit my victory and my power over him then lick it clean before I'll choose a way to execute him". 

Gracefully like a gymnast on competitions, girl in black leotard moved to position behind him while he tried to raise humself from the floor. But his attempt to rise was too late. Constance kicked him in the back of the knee, knelt on his chest, and shoved the dagger up under his throat. She was going to show him he couldn’t resist her.

"Who is the Queen now?" she asked. "Do you feel my power?"

Damian was silent. He realised he was defeated, feeling Constance's dagger so close to his throat. Blonde girl straddled him, his arms were immobilized under her long legs. No chances. Or... He must try!

"OK, I submit. You win."

"Good boy. Are you ready to be my obedient servant? It's only one way to keep you alive"

"Yes, Milady"

"Now you must prove your obedience. Any my wish is a law for you, understrand?"

"Yes, Milady"

"Fine. You must know - girls get aroused from wearing a leotard. I don't think I've ever heard of a girl honestly having an orgasm just from doing normal gymnastics in a leotard, but stimulant rubbing is  something that every girl feels in a leotard, especially during combat movements. My victory turned me on. And now you must use your tongue and make me satisfied. Your life depends of that!"

"Yes, Milady"

Constance smiled at his quick obedience and then straddled his face and lowered her pussy to just a few inches above his mouth.

Damian was ready to serve. He looked at her black pubic hairs and noticed the enticing scent coming from the opening there with the pinkish flesh and he reached out with his tongue. She shivered at the first ministration and he continued licking at the opening and the flesh that was there. She began to shiver like she were cold and then managed to say. "You are doing it sooo good… YES THERE! THAT'S THE SPOT!"

Constance straddled his face, smothering it so that he had no option but to breathe in her sex and lick her clit through a leotard on her which he was very good at.

It was most terrible humiliation for any gay. But Damian had no other chance to get up and make his revenge to this bitch. As his tongue caress her clit thru leotard, he has a hope to save his life. And turn the tables soon! He hated her, but obediently drove his tongue into her virgin pussy as far as he could. His tongue darted into her hot wet pussy pressing the leotard inside her, in and out, up and down ,spending quite a bit of time at her sensitive clit which soon had her having an orgasm. Her cunt juices, leaking out into the gusset of the leotard, seemed to arouse him, even more.

Cunnilingus is one of the greatest pleasures that can be bestowed upon any woman — but especially so when male allows her to ride his face like her favorite horse. Constance was experienced horserider. Being forced to be virgin before marriage, Facesitting was her favorite pastime in the bedroom, but finding someone who was good at it was difficult. Damian's tongue was driving her crazy, it was something powerful about receiving oral sex that's almost as powerful as defeating a male and forcing him to it. She'd been the aggressor, straddling his face and riding him, enjoying her power over him when he'd groaned and grasped her hips, forced to kiss her crotch.

He could hear Constance say out loud, "All of you boys, you must do what any girl tells you to do." When I become a Queen, I'll give my power over men to the other girls as well!

By then, Damian was already driving Constance crazy and she was moaning with pleasure. He used her pussy juices and his saliva to get her really wet, as he slowly licked her everywhere, including her clit. Damian plunged his tongue into her love hole, and she pushed her pussy even harder against his mouth. He languidly tongue fucked her for the longest time. She was a captive of Damian’s tongue, needing to come quickly. An orgasm had built so fast that she was gasping and moaning, “OH GOD, OH GOD” out loud! Without ever having to lick her clit, Damian slowly ran his tongue all over the inside of her pussy, and resumed tongue fucking her, until she came with an electrifying orgasm. Constance screamed from the sudden intensity of the spasms that convulsed throughout her body.

Constance rode his face for over half an hour, while he bringing her to a couple of orgasms. The girl was aroused and becoming more and more turned on with the current situation. She turned a heir of the crown into her obedient servant. She may kill him with easy, but his tongue drives her crazy! This gay is really good in cunnilingus, much better than other males who have pleasured her. She can order him to marry her and being his Mistress, become a real proprietress of the kingdom. Of course, they will not have a sex, but she will sit on his face each night and while his tongue working inside her. His will is broken, he will do all that she wants!

"Mhhm, suck my clitty now. That's it, pussy eater. You're my personal pussy eater now aren't you?" she said full of lust.

"Yes Mistress" he intoned between licks and alternated between tongue fucking her and sucking her clit.

"Yes, that's it, fuck don't stop I'm cuming. I'm cuming on your face, you pussy sucking slut! Aah!" she exclaimed, cumming harder than she had the previous one.

When it was over, Constance got to her feet, adjusting her leotard, and laughed happily.

"OK, Damian, your tongue saved your life. Each time you must lick me with full diligence like todays, it's a purpose of your life!"

"Yes, Milady!"

Constance ordered him to his knees, and immediately soccer kicked him in the nuts to take him down even lower, bringing him eye level with her gorgeous feet and stilettos. She ordered him to KISS AND LICK her boots. And Damian did it obediently. Constance very sexual and seductive, while she humiliates her victim. She is aggressive, hyper sexual, and her mood shifts uncontrollably. "Enough, slave! I see you like to lick my boots, maybe I'll allow you to do it again in front of the King to prove your love to me!", with that she pushed his head away with her boot and went to abandoned window.

"Yes, Milady!" 

Slowly getting up to his knees, Damian looked from behind at long legged girl in black leotard, who raised his sword from the floor and thoughtfully examined the gems on the handle.

"Call me Queen! Now you have to clean up the mess here. Then get dressed, don't forget to attach a sword to your waist. We're going to King's palace to announce our engagement. Of course, you'll be just a fake King who have no sex with his Queen, and have no real power. You will be always obedient to all my orders and lick my pussy - nothing more. But it's looking better than be killed here, right?"


Constance turned back. "What did you say, slave???"

"Die, bitch!" Damian with sword in his hand rushed to Constance from behind.

She turned back and jumped aside with incredible speed, blocking his attack with her sword. Her next movement was a quick decreasing a distance between them. Moving both swords lower, she placed her pointed elbow into solar plexus of naked male, forcing him to lose a breathing and concentration. Wasting no second, Constance delivered a swift kick to Damian's right hand, disarming him. Her kick was strong enough to send his sword flying away and turn his body clockwise, opening his groin for her attack. Girl in black leotard made a quick thrust instantly, and her sword pierced a cock and balls of unhappy Prince. Damian ruined down like a sack full of shit.

"Game over, stupid gay. I gave you a chance to serve me, but you've prefered to choose a way of the traitor", Constance said, placing her stiletto heel into opened mouth of the Prince. "Die now, dirty pervert!" With that her sword pierced the neck, removing this obstacle to her future reign.

Long legged girl placed her foot on the face of killed male. "You're dead, Damian. It's a pity, your tongue was so sweet inside me. But I'm sure that's no problem to find a male who will be happy to serve his Queen orally at any time!" With short laugh, Constance took her long skirt from the floor and went up stairs to exit. The heir is dead - long live the heiress!

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