underwater woman vs man mixed wrestling in swimming pool girl drowning man

Update: 25.11.2016

W-437 "Underwater battle"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, some blood shown.

Woman and man fighting each other underwater in swimming pool. Zoe, female swimmer, has a powerful muscle legs, she wearing black one piece bathing suit with T-back, covering her amazon body. Another benefit of this girl is a face mask with some oxygen supplies, allowing her to be underwater long time. Juan, her male opponent, attacks her first time unarmed but Zoe shows him a serious resistance, he has no long time to be underwater and must breathe sometimes, it's a real disadvantage in underwater grappling! He must go up and place his head over a water plane to take some oxygen from air but Zoe can recover her strength when his head is up. Both swimmers wrestle each other with mixed success before Juan will lose his swimming trunks. He's going too angry and next time he grabs a knife from poolside, trying to stab a girl and finish a fight, but Zoe's dexterity and fighting skills are more than piece of steel in Juan's hand. When Juan must place his head over a water to recover his breathing, Zoe attacks his naked vulnerable balls hanging without any protection, she drowns a poor man underwater, owning his knife then... Look yourself at end of this story!