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Update: 01.04.2022        W-722 "Continuing adventures of Steve"

Mixed wrestling, 170 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

This was a low point for Steve.

It started when he lost to Carrie, with the assistance of her manager/mom a couple of years ago.

A rematch with her younger sister Julie was even worse. His wife/manager left him after that humiliating defeat.

When this new WXL wrestling League reached out to him he thought he could make a comeback.

He was humiliated again by his male opponent and then the woman recruiter.

Still, the new company wanted to give him another chance.

This next match wouldn't be in a ring. There was no prize money or crowd of spectators.

It would be in the same high school gym they rented on Saturdays where he had his last 2 defeats.

He was being paid an hourly minimum wage and they had to share the gym with students training and practicing for their sports or just doing fitness. Some of their rides or friends and family were sitting in the stands or stretching their legs by walking around the perimeter.

Steve's job was to provide a sparring partner for tryouts for hopefuls trying to get on with the WXL.

These people were motivated. Steve was not.

If he could redeem himself, he could advance to the pro level again and the money that came with it.

His opponent was a young blonde girl named Nancy. She was dressed in a black leotard and tall black boots.

The referee was a blond woman about his age. Her name was Linda and she just got out of a relationship with his former opponent Brad. Every time he looked at her, she was looking at him. Like she was sizing him up.

She must have a certain type, Steve thought. Maybe he'll ask her out after work.

Linda walked to the middle of the wrestling mats. She was still in her skirt and blouse. She couldn't be bothered to change into a ref's uninform.

She motioned Nancy and Steve onto the match.

Nancy looked attractive in her leotard and boots. Steve looked frumpy and overweight in his trunks and no shoes.

Still Linda seemed attracted to him as she was all hands when she introduced herself to him.

She went over the rules. There were no rules. She would watch for pins and submissions and end the match then.

Okay Nancy, Steve. Good luck. Now wrestle!

Linda barely stepped back when Nancy charged straight into Steve.

She knocked the wind out of him and knocked him to the mat.

She straddled him and started clawing at his face. Smothering actually. She was restricting his ability to breathe.

Steve was hardly out of it this early. He arched his back and bucked the girl off.

She was instantly on her feet and reached down for Steve's trucks before he could get up.

With one violent yank they were off and went flying out onto the floor.

Steve was mortified and embarrassed in front of Linda.

He tried to get up but she was kicking and stomping his vulnerable naked body with her boots.

He got on his hands and knees but she pounced on his back and laced her fingers over his face, It was brutal. Thumbs over his eyes, fingers actually in his mouth pulling at his cheeks like fish hooks.

Suddenly she just released him and his face just banged down on the mat.

He was face own on the mat with Julie straddling his back.

Keeping her weight on his back, she spun around and pulled his legs up into a Boston crab.

She arched his back as she pulled his legs up.

Suddenly she released one leg and used that hand to grab his genitals.

Then she released the other leg and used that hand to grab his balls as well.

Now Steve was face down on the mat with this girl straddling his back yanking up on his balls with both hands.

Linda knelt down by his head to study his face to see if there were any signs of submission. He was just struggling to try to breathe with his face mashed into the mat.

Some people noticed what was going on a began to gather around. Others were embarrassed by what they saw and left the gym.

Nancy released his balls with one hand but maintained her grip with the other.

She took her weight of his back by standing up and while still crouched over, maneuvered herself behind Steve.

Now standing between his legs and keeping her grip on his balls from behind, she began to stand up more erect.

Steve had no choice but to follow by raising his rear end up in the air.

Nancy then took Steve for a little stroll, towing him backwards around the mats. He was on his hands and knees trying his best to keep up. Linda walking beside him waiting to hear a submission.

Nancy finally stopped. She pulled Steve's balls up higher to the point where he had to get off his knees and balance on his toes.

His head down on the mat but with his elbows down on the mat to relieve some of the pressure.

Nancy looked at Linda and ask "How much time left?" Linda answered 10 minutes.

Nancy to Linda "This is called a stress position hold. I don't think he can last 10 minutes. Let's just wait."

Nancy just changed hands on the grip and raised Steve up to the point where she was at a comfortable height for holding him in position.

Linda was studying Steve. Sweat was pouring off of him. He was trembling with the strain.

Despite his elbows trying to hold him up, his face had lowered down into the mat and he was struggling to breathe.

Several moments passed but Steve held on. Nancy began to worry. Time to step it up a little more.

She began to kneed his balls. Finding the actually individual balls and roll them around between her thumb and forefinger.

She began to squeeze harder and harder.

Finally, Steve screamed "Stop. I submit!"

Nancy immediately released the pressure but maintained the hold. She wanted to show total dominance.

She cradled his balls and lowered him back down to the mat on his knees.

With her other hand, she grabbed Steve's hair and pulled him up. She switched her grip on his balls from behind to the front.

Once he was standing erect in front of Linda, Nancy offered to shake Steve's hand. He resisted so she squeezed his balls.

He got the message and stuck out his hand. "Good match Steve!" Nancy said.

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