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Update: 22.04.2022        W-725 "The unsuccessful team"

Mixed wrestling, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

Match 86

After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of my daughter I truly believed my wrestling days were over. That is when she came to me and asked if I would be her tag-team partner. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. We got together and started training. After about a month we had our first match. We won that in two out of three falls. My daughter got pinned in the second fall. 

We continued training and winning our matches. So far we’ve wrestled in nine tag team matches and have won them all. We are now officially a ranked tag team. If we continue winning we could get a title match by the end of the year. 

It is time now to get ready for our match tonight, this will be our 10th tag team match. It will be against a team ranked just a little lower than we are. My daughter takes half of the dressing room and I take the other. Reaching into my gear bag I pull out my shiny white metallic thong and pull it on. I then lace up my shiny white boots and tie them tight. As for me I am ready to head to the ring. It takes Michelle longer to get ready that it does me. She seems to have more to put on. 

Finally we are both ready to wrestle. As always Michelle looks fantastic. She has on a shiny white metallic thong cut leotard, tan pantyhose and shiny white boots. We wish each other luck and head to the ring. As we enter our opponents are already in their corner. Both teams meet in the center of the ring for intro’s and instructions. With that done we return to our corners. We were introduced as the father and daughter team of George and Michelle Nelson, we never use our real last name. 

Our opponents are Allie Perkins and Brandy Renolds. They are known as the "killer blonds". In our corners we both make last minute adjustments of our wrestling gear. It’s agreed that I will start for our team. Michelle ducks our of the ring leaving me standing in our corner waiting for the bell. 

BONG!!!!! The bell starts the match. I move out of our corner and Allie does the same. We circle each other for only 2 or 3 seconds when Allie attacks me. With lighting speed she gets me in a HEAD LOCK. I instantly have trouble breathing as she squeezes my head. I pull at her arms but it’s no use, she has me tight . 

Using my head and neck she steers me into her corner. At this point she releases my head and backs up. I can’t believe my luck, I’m going to escape. Suddenly Brandy Renolds wraps her arm around my neck and pulls me back into the corner. I am trapped in the corner, I can’t pull Brandy’s arms away. 

Allie takes advantage of my predicament. Her fore-arm slams into my cheek almost snapping my head off. I slump back my head resting on the top turnbuckle. Then comes a torrent of punches from her. Her first punch hits me right on the waist band of my thong. Her next punch slams into the pouch of my thong hitting square in my manhood. That punch ends any ability I had to defend myself or to win this match. 

None of that stops my female opponent from continuing her assault on me. Punch after punch slams into me. Finally, battered and beaten I slump to the mat. Allie grabs my shiny white boots and drags me to the center of the ring. Holding tightly to my wrists she drops in front of me. I have no idea what she is going to do to me. 

I soon find out. She places her boots against my thighs. Then she begins to push my legs apart. My female opponent has me in a  SPLIT AND STRETCH. Inch by inch she is splitting me apart. "Oh god my legs!!!! My legs, my legs!!!! She’s splitting me apart. Oh jeeze it hurts!!!!She’s got me, Michelle, she’s got me Please help me!!!!!!

For the first time in the match my daughter enters the ring. She never see’s Brandy coming. Before she can get to me Michelle is knocked to the mat by Brandy. My beautiful daughter lies on the mat just barely conscious. Within seconds Allie and Brandy have both of us in a split & stretch.

Michelle and I are flat on the mat. Brandy has one of my boots and one of Michelle’s boots in her hands. Allie has the same one each of our boots. Slowly our two opponents split our legs apart. The pain is tremendous as we are pulled apart. As I have been trapped the longest, I am the first to scream. "My legs, oh dear god, my legs. You’re tearing me apart!!!!" I need this pain to stop. I feel as though I am being badly damaged. My manhood is rock hard and sticking straight up. 

Michelle is also in great pain I can hear her screams. "Help me Daddy, please help me. I’m being split in two!!!! Jeeze it hurts!!! They’ve got us Daddy, they’ve got us!!! They are going to make me submit." I’m just as hurt as my daughter. I too feel as though I want to submit. I just can’t take any more. I cry our to the ref. 

"Ref-Ref, I submit!!! I submit!!! I’m beaten, Can’t take any more!!! I give up, I give up!!"

With my surrender the ref moves to Michelle. How a bout it Michelle, your Father has submitted. Do you wish to submit also. A stunned Michelle responds, "He has??? My Dad has given up? He’s submitted to them? The ref quickly answers her "Yes, Michelle your Father has given up!!! Do you also want to give up?"Michelle waists no time surrendering to our opponents. 

"Yes ref, yes. I give up!!!! Please, get them off me!!!! I submit, I submit!!!!! Oh jeeze, they beaten us!!!! I give up!!! I give up!!!"

Michelle’s submission ends the match. We has suffered our first defeat. Instead of being 10 &0 we are now 9 &1. Both Michelle and I are stretched out on the mat. Michelle is breathing deeply and not moving. I too am stretched out, with my shiny white thong stretched tightly over my stiff and rock hard manhood. 

Michelle is the first to her feet. She comes to where I’m lying. "Let me help you up Daddy. We’ve got to get out of the ring!" I tell her "Slowly Michelle slowly!!" she helps me to my feet. Its then that she notices my swollen manhood. Looking straight at it very sadly she says, "Oh no, god no Daddy!! I tell her, It’s Ok Michelle, it’s what happens to men when they are defeated. That’s why it’s called a DEFEAT BONER." And we were both defeated. The only difference is I have visible proof of our defeat.  

It’s been quite a wile since Michelle and I have lost a match. Right now we stand at 23&1 an excellent record. Tonight we hope to improve on that record. Since our only defeat we have become fan favorites. I can understand that in the case of my daughter, she’s very beautiful and at just 20 yrs old she still attracts the teen fans. However, in my case I don’t understand it. I am super popular with women of the 45 to 60 yr olds Every time we wrestle the arena’s are packed to the roof. The promoter loves us. 

Michelle and I are just about ready to head to the ring. For tonight I’ve got on black pantyhose, and black boots. Michelle is wearing a very shiny charcoal gray leotard, black pantyhose and shiny black boots, it’s time for us to head to the ring. 

Our opponents for this match are the "DEVIL GIRLS" Greta and Helga Von Gearing. Their name and their reputation are just about the same. They are mean. With the intros and instructions over all four wrestlers return to their corners. I will start for us and Greta will start for the DEVIL GIRLS. 

As I wait for the bell I take a few seconds to tighten up my pantyhose and adjust my thong. Bong!!! The match has started. I exit the corner and move toward the center of the ring. Greta comes at me like a run away train. BAM!!!! Her shoulder explodes into my mid-section. The air races out of my lungs as she drives me into a corner. There is tremendous pain in my lower abdomen. Greta’s shoulder hit me very low. 

Being held in the corner by my opponent, I am gasping for air. With in just a few seconds the onslaught begins. Greta’s fist slams against my chin. I am instantly dazed and need to grab the ropes to stay on my feet. BAM!!! Her next punch slams into my abdomen. The two hard punches have gotten me wossey, my head is spinning.

Dazed and battered I am hit again with a very hard punch that lands against my chin. That punch sends me to my knees and toppling over on to my back. I am stretched out in the corner on my back. I flip back and forth from Consciousness to unconsciousness. Greta could very easily pin me and win the fall, but that is not in her pains for me. 

Unable to get to my feet, Greta grabs my shiny black boots and slowly drags me to the center of the ring. She stands back to show everybody her handiwork. Michelle screams to me "Get up Daddy, please get up. Don’t let her pin you. Come on Dad you have to get up"!! I hear her words but can’t understand them. 

As I’ve said Greta has no intention of pinning me. She grabs my boot and bends my leg around hers. Michelle instantly knows what is coming for me and again she screams out "No-No, don’t do that to him. You’ve got him down, pin him. Just pin him!!" Two seconds later Greta locks me into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. 

The pain of the hold snaps my awake. I grasp at my legs pulling on one trying to get it free. It’s no use Greta’s got me, I can’t get away. I scream in pain. "My legs-my legs!!! Ref make her stop!!! Please make her stop!!" The ref comes to were Greta has me trapped. "Is that it George, do you want to submit? Are you ready to give up?" Even though I do not want to lose the fall, the pain is just to great for me to endure any longer.

"REF-REF!!!! I’m beaten!!! I submit, make her stop I submit!!! PLEASE, I can’t take any more!!! I GIVE UP-I GIVE UP!!!!"

My surrender ends the first fall. Greta has beaten me and I have given up. She quickly releases my legs from the figure four. I lie on the mat, badly beaten. For the second time as tag-team partners Michelle sees me with a swollen and hard DEFEAT BONER. 

She kneels beside me. "Ok, Daddy you got beat!!! Lets get you up and back to our corner." she then almost lifts me back to my feet, by herself. "Come on Dad, we have to get you ready. You have to start the second fall. Ok, pull up your pantyhose Try to put that thing back into your pantyhose!!"In about two minutes Michelle has me just about ready. 

In the nick of time she has me on my feet and ready to go. The bell rings and I move out of our corner. Greta comes at me looking to finish me off. We, however have a plain. I allow her to get close to me, I them push her as hard as I can. She stumbles back a few steps and I race to our corner and tag Michelle. Greta seeing me tag out goes to her corner and does the same. For the first time Helga enters the ring. 

Helga is bigger, faster and stronger than her sister. In just seconds she has Michelle on the mat screaming in pain. Kneeling beside her Greta is pounding on Michelle’s back. Using a DOUBLE FISTED AX HANDLE, she slams her fists into Michelle’s back over and over. Michelle has been in the ring less than a minute and she is stretching out her arm trying to tag me. To say the least, I am in no condition to reenter the ring. 

Greta has gotten to her feet and is now stomping on Michelle’s back. Michelle is no longer trying to reach out to me. She seems dazed and only barely conscious. She steps on the back of Michelle’s thighs. She hooks her boots around hero own. Greta has Michelle’s legs locked up. 

In a "below the belt" move, Greta reaches forward an grabs the sides of Michelle’s breast. She screams in pain and her arms come back to free her breasts. Greta quickly grabs her arms and pull them back. Slowly Greta begins to rock back and forth. Building momentum she then lifts Michelle off the mat. Michelle goes up and over and is now trapped in a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. This is the most painful hold in wrestling. My beautiful daughter instantly begins to scream at the top of her lungs. "I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP!!!!! Michelle has only been in the ring for a minute and a half. The disbelieving ref ask Michelle, "Is that it Michelle, are you giving up already?" She answers immediately:

"YES-YES, I’M GIVING UP!! SHE’S GOT ME, I CAN’T GET FREE!!! SHE WINS, SHE’S BEATEN ME!!! I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!! Oh god ref please please get her off me!!! I GIVE UP!!!! I GIVE UP!!!!"

Greta drops her and now it’s Michelle lying stretched out on the mat. I move as fast as I can to me downed daughter. With tears in my eyes I ask Oh god Michelle, are you all right? Are you hurt sweetie?" After a few seconds she answers that she does not think that she is hurt, but the hold was very painful. "I’m sorry Daddy, I just could not stand the pain!!! I’m so sorry!!!" I tell her not to be sorry that we both forced to submit and we both lost the match. 

I try my best to help Michelle to her feet and we exit the ring. It’s been a very bad night for both of us.

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