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leotard mixed wrestling balls squeeze woman beats man fighting femdom pantyhose judo self defense

Latest update: 26.05.2023        W-782 "Wrestling night at the arena"

Mixed wrestling, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

It is by-monthly wrestling night at the town arena. The local promoter always tries to bring in the very best talent he can. Tonight is no different. The early card was fantastic. The first two matches were ladies matches. WOW! They both were great. Both ended in submission for the winner. 

After those two matches the Intergender matches began. After three matches, it was a grand night for the ladies. Jenny Truehart defeated Larry Canterbury via submission. Then Barbara Fitzgerald defeated Billy Nitro also by submission. In the last of the opening matches Billie Truehart, Jenny’s younger sister defeated Michel Livermore A local man that wrestled as a second job . Michel was extremely embarrassed by his loss to a young and inexperienced female wrestler. 

Michel was supposed be the second main attraction on the card. The fans were visibly upset when Billy trapped Michel in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH after whipping him into the ropes. Michel struggled to escape for almost two minutes. The effort however drained all the strength out of him And he still remained trapped. With a growing DEFEAT BONER inside his shiny Aqua colored jockstrap. Michel was forced to scream his surrender to Billy. 


That ended the match for the local hero. It took almost five minutes for Michel to get to his feet and out of the ring. The fans were very disappointed that the local man had been beaten. 

Then it was time for me to get ready for my match. This would be a contenders match. The winner would go on to have a title shot. The loser would drop in the rankings and have to start all over again. I don’t want to brag but I have been referred to a very handsome. At 24 yrs old I am in fantastic shape. My body is a master piece of well condition muscle. I also have a very noticeable manhood when I’m in my wrestling gear. 

In my dressing room, I reach into my gear bag and pull out a shiny silver metallic jockstrap. I step into it and pull it up my legs. I take several seconds to arrange my manhood inside the pouch. I then lace on my silver wrestling boots. 

Across the hall my opponent is also getting ready. She pulls up black pantyhose, then stretches on a light gray leotard. Then laces up shiny gray boots. She is now ready to wrestle me. Dressed and ready we both head to the ring. I quickly adjust my jockstrap and she pulls up her pantyhose. seconds later the bell ring to start the match.

We are both quickly out of our corners and moving to the center of the ring. The next thing I know is that she has my arm and I am down on one knee as she twists it hard. Oh wow is she strong!! She is really hurting me!!! 

I try to stand but she instantly has both my arms pull up behind me. Oh my god, she is so strong. I’m now on both my knees and she is pulling hard on my arms. Sweat has begun to form on my for-head. My breathing is also becoming labored. The ref kneels beside me. "I can see that you are in trouble. Do you want me to stop it? Tell me you submit and I’ll end the match!!" 

"NO-NO!!!! don’t stop it!!!! I’m Ok, I can still wrestle".

I say it, but I’m not sure how much longer I can wrestle. So far I haven’t wrestled at all, the match has been all her. Still on my knees she drops in behind me. Taking one of my arms she pulls it across my throat. Me other arm she bends up behind me into a HAMMER LOCK I am now locked into a COBRA CLUTCH & HAMMER LOCK.

I can’t believe this is happening to me. I’m the male, I should be doing this to her. Just so every one is sure that I’m the male wrestler I have begun to get a DEFEAT BONER inside my jockstrap. Beside the pain I am in from the hold, my swelling manhood has started to hurt. 

The ref comes close again. "How about it now? She’s got you locked up tight. You’re showing all the signs of losing the match. Do you want to submit?" The ref knows, my opponent knows and all the fans know. Now even I know. I’ve got a rock hard DEFEAT BONER in my jockstrap and I just can’t escape from her. 

"I submit I submit!!! She’s got me, I can’t get free!!! Oh dear god, I give up!!!! I give up!!!!!"

That brings an end to the match. My opponent will go on the wrestle for the title. As the beaten wrestler, I fall back to the bottom of the rankings. As I lie on the mat, I am filled with emotion. I’ve just suffered a huge defeat not only that it was the quickest defeat in league history. All I can do is cover my face with my hands as tears well up and run down my cheeks. I lie there sobbing for several minutes. Oh god, I’ve been beaten!! How could she do that to me so easily? I finally get to my feet and exit the ring. I stagger as I return to my dressing room. Back in my dressing room I stand next to the padded table, looking down. All I can see is a DEFEAT BONER that is a hard as steel. Slowly I pull my jockstrap out as far as I can, and carefully ease it past my boner. I drop it to the floor and step out. I slowly take my silver metallic boots off. The shower can not wash away the humiliation of this defeat. 

It’s been six months since I lost the match for the title shot. I took 3 months off to see if I wanted to continue to wrestle. Since that loss my record is 10 & 0 To night will tell the tail. If I win, I will continue to wrestle. If I lose my career will be over. 

In my dressing room, I remove my street cloths and dig into my gear bag. I pull out a pair of light gray tights. I pull them over my feet and slowly work them up my legs. They are very stretchy but also very tight. I stretch them over my butt and my manhood. They cling to me like a second skin. They show every muscle, curve and bulge they very clearly show the outline and shape of my manhood.. I lace on shiny white boots and I am ready to head to the ring. 

Across the hall my soon to be adversary is also getting ready to wrestle. She pulls on black pantyhose, then wiggles into a very light green leotard. She laces up matching light green boots. She is now ready to head to the ring. In the hall just before the area entrance, we meet up on our way to the ring. 

Looking at me , she tells me, "I would wish you good luck, but I expect to win this match. To do that I have to defeat you." In truth, I am a little taken back by that. So I answer her, Yes, as do I. I need to beat you to improve my record. Sorry, but you’re just my next victim." She looks at me angrily We will see just who the attacker and who’s the pray." 

With that we both enter the ring and get ready to wrestle. In my corner, I quickly pull up my tights and readjust my manhood in them. Just as I finish the bell rings to start the match. We each race out of our corners. Instantly we are face to face. She grabs my arm and twists it up behind my back. Still face to face, she bends my arm up as far as she can. She slides her hand inside my gray tights and grabs my manhood. 

She instantly begins to squeeze me as hard as she can. With my arm bent up behind me it is very hard to fight her off. The pain has begun to overcome me. "My manhood, dear god my manhood!!! She’s squeezing my manhood!!! I need help ref. Make her stop squeezing me!! The ref tells her to release my manhood and she reluctantly pull her hand out of my tights. 

Seconds into the match and I’m gasping for breath and in pain. Her attack on my manhood has weakened me!!! It has also left me with the beginnings of a BONER. She now attacks for the second time. Grabbing my arm she whips me into her corner. I slam into the turnbuckles hard. That stuns me and I grip the top rope to remain standing. Here she comes, her fists up and ready. Wham!! Bam!!! She lands two hard body shots. The first one slams into me just below the elastic waist band of my tights. The second one hits me on my side just above my tights. 

The breath is driven out of me and I am now gasping for air. My face is a sign of the pain I am in. Those punches hurt very badly. I’m not sure I can recover from them. A third punch slams into my jaw distorting my face. My head rocks back and I drop to the mat on my knees. 

I am beyond dazed, I am just barely conscious. I try to get back to my feet but it is no use, I’m down and can’t get up. By now I have a full blown DEFEAT BONER in my tights. Grabbing my hair she pulls me to my feet. I grab the top rope to steady myself. With my back pressed against the turnbuckle, She jams her hand inside my tights grabbing my manhood and squeezing it tightly. 

Instantly I begin to scream "Oh dear god, she’s squeezing my manhood!!!! Ref- Ref please help me!!! Make her stop, she’s squeezing me!!! Crushing my manhood!!!" I am now hurt badly. She still has her hand down my tights and is squeezing me. The ref moves in and tells her to release me. She does and my knees buckle for the second time in this match. For the second time I am on my knees unable to get to my feet. 

Unable to defend my self any longer She places her boot across my neck Choking me. That’s it I’m finished, I can’t continue any longer 

"Please, oh please, let me go!!! I can’t take any more!!! You win, you’ve beaten me!!! I submit I submit!!!! Oh please no more, you’re choking me!!! I can’t breath, Please let me go!!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!"

Having admitted my defeat my female opponent releases me and I just remain in the corner unable to get to my feet or exit the corner. My legs are spread wide apart and you can clearly see my large DEFEAT BONER Between my legs, stretching my tights. The ring people come to were I am leaning against the turnbuckle. They ask if I am ok Are you Ok? Do you need anything?" Not to be disrespectable but I think Do you have a match I can win in your pocket? I tell them no, that I am ok and could they help me back to my feet? 

Back in my dressing room I lie on the table still wearing my tights and boots. Soon in comes my female opponent "I stopped in to see if you were Ok. I didn’t hurt you to badly did I? I answer her. No just enough to defeat me? She wonders if I can get my wrestling gear off by myself. I tell her that no, I can’t. She then says Here, let me help you get out of your gear. 

She then unties my boots and pulls them off. Next she grabs the waist band of my tights and pulls them down my legs till just below my knees. What becomes obvious is that I still have a large DEFEAT BONER. WOW!!! Did I give you that? That thing is huge!!!" I acknowledge that she did indeed give me that. Yes, you did!! You gave me this DEFEAT BONER, when you defeated me!! It’s what happens to men in mixed matches when they lose to women and I lost to you!!! She then pulls my tights the rest of the way off. She helps me up and into the shower.

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