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Update: 16.06.2017

B-466 "Nancy vs Rocky"

Gallery size: 300 Full HD pictures

Mixed boxing, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action.

Rocky finishes a boxing session inside a small, private location, with Nancy friendly sparring.

As Rocky changes, and is about to leave, he notices that Nancy has gotten a phone call that distresses her. When she hangs up the phone, he asks what's wrong. She says she is supposed to be part of a boxing event at a local venue this weekend, but her female opponent just cancelled, leaving her without an opponent. If Nancy doesn't have an opponent, she won't get paid.

Rocky thinks about it for a moment, then says "I'll do it." Nancy is shocked at the offer. She asks if he's serious. He says yes, if it will help her out. Nancy then says, you realize if we fight, it is for real. No friendly stuff. She'd be going for a knockout. He says that's ok. Then he says so, I'm supposed to go for a knockout, too? Nancy says, I guess. It will be different, since every other fight on the card is female vs. female. She calls the promoter with the fight proposal, and he accepts, so long as Rocky signs a contract and waiver. Rocky thinks about it one last second, then signs the contract and waiver. So, it's all set. Rocky and Nancy will be fighting it out in front of an audience. An appreciative Nancy hugs Rocky and tells him thanks... and that he'd better be ready. Oh, yeah... and that they are not to communicate with the other from now until the end of the fight.

Rocky spends the next few days training for the fight, still wondering what he got himself into for a friend. Nancy, meanwhile, was already training hard for the fight, but is now more determined knowing she has an opponent, a much bigger MALE opponent, too.

The night of the fight occurs. Rocky drives up to the warehouse and is told to head to the men's locker room and to suit up. It's fairly empty, as the majority of the fighters are female tonight. Rocky is the exception. He hears a little bit of a commotion at the end of the hall. He peeks out the door and sees Nancy, way out in the distance, heading for the women's locker room, ready to suit up. Though his view is from far away, he sees that she seems very businesslike, and wonders what may be going on in her mind. Rocky suits up and starts nailing the heavybag in the locker room. Nancy, meanwhile, arrives in her locker room area. She suits up. Flexes her muscles in front of a mirror, then starts nailing a heavybag. She proclaims: "HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S GOTTEN HIMSELF INTO."

A guy walks into the men's locker room and asks Rocky: "HEY, ROCKY! ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR FIGHT?" Rocky slams his gloves together and says "I GUESS SO. LET'S DO THIS." A guy walks into the women's locker room and asks Nancy: "HEY, NANCY! YOU READY FOR YOUR FIGHT?" Nancy slams her gloves together and answers: "OH HELL YEAH. TIME TO BRING THE PAIN."

Rocky is trying to psyche himself up in the darkened men's tunnel, and Nancy is getting really pumped up in darkened women's tunnel.



Rocky's music blares.


Rocky hears a lot of boos along the way. But he climbs in the ring, flexes his guns and shadow-boxes while his music is still playing. He can't help but feel a bit anxious, though, as he knows any moment his friend Nancy will appear... to a likely roaring ovation... and march to join him in the ring. Not as a friend, but as a foe. Hellbent on pummeling him around for her fans. Yep, this is what he signed on for.

Then, all of the sudden... the music stops... the lights go down... New music begins to blare... the crowd goes crazy.

The announcer goes on... "AND HIS OPPONENT..."

Nancy appears for the first time. She has her game-face on, and her body is amazing.


Nancy marches towards the ring. Rocky is almost in disbelief. He has sparred with Nancy a dozen times, but now it's the real thing. A huge fight in front of a big crowd.

Nancy climbs through the ropes. Rocky gets a huge high. They're finally together in the same ring. She wants to appease her fans. That means Rocky is going to have to lose. He watches as Nancy parades around the ring, shadow-boxing and flexing. As she passes by Rocky, she turns her head a little, as if to acknowledge Rocky's presence. The more and more real this feels to Rocky, the more he doesn't want to lose in front of this crowd... a crowd that (for the most part) WANTS him to lose.

The announcer says "BOTH FIGHTERS COME TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING." Rocky and Nancy come out of their corners and meet in the middle of the ring. Face-to-face. Nancy's face goes from serious, to sarcastic, like she knows who Rocky is, but doesn't impress her. Announcer says "OKAY, GUYS! LET'S HAVE A CLEAN FIGHT. NO BLOWS BELOW THE BELT. NOW TOUCH GLOVES."

Rocky holds out his gloves, and Nancy addresses him for the first time, almost condescendingly: "YOU SURRRRRE YOU WANT TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS?" Rocky mans up and responds: "I SHOULD BE ASKING YOU THE SAME THING. ALL WE EVER DID BEFORE WAS SPAR. NOW LET'S FINALLY FIGHT." Nancy is a little surprised, but just minimally impressed with his reaction. She slams his gloves into his and says "LET'S DO THIS."

As they go back to their corners, Nancy yells out: "YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF THIS NOW. YOU'RE ALL MINE." Rocky fires back: "IN YOUR DREAMS, NANCY. I'VE BEEN WAITING A LONNNG TIME FOR THIS."

The long wait is finally over.


Both fighters find their way to the middle of the ring. Rocky is pumped, but can't find it in him to strike the first blow against his female opponent. It's as if he'd rather her go on the offensive first, which might establish her as a legitimate threat and "wake" Rocky up. So, Nancy strikes the first blow, a right hook to Rocky's head, rattling him a little. Nancy pursues further and strikes another right hook, followed by a left hook, then several jabs at Rocky's gut. Rocky still isn't ready to punch, yet, amazingly. Nancy remains on the offensive, firing several shots at Rocky's head, kinda pushing him to one of the corners. Once in the corner, Nancy starts nailing him with a lot of right-left combos to the head and gut. The crowd is going nuts. Nancy, while pummeling him, asks: "C'MON! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FIGHT BACK?!" Rocky doesn't answer. Nancy says: "OKAY..." and decks him with a solid uppercut, which sends him straight up, then down on the canvas on his butt against the corner turnbuckles.

The referee counts... "1,2,3,4,5..." But just as Rocky gets back on his feet...


Maybe this was the wake-up call he'd been waiting for. He goes back to his corner and drinks a little water. Meanwhile, Nancy is in her corner, getting a little water, too... satisfied with the way the first round went. They then glance at each other, and get prepped for the 2nd round.


Round 2 begins. Only this time, Rocky is ready. Nancy comes in with a right hook to Rocky's head, then a left hook. But when she goes for a right hook again, Rocky ducks and nails her with a shot to her gut. She is stunned, and keels over a bit. Rocky then goes on the attack, firing multiple right-left hooks to her head and gut. He then backs off and gives her a chance to catch a breather. She regains her composure and says "SO, YOU REALLY DO WANT TO FIGHT. OK..." Nancy comes in with a punch to Rocky's head and a punch to his gut, but when he tries to punch his face again, he ducks again and nails her, again, with a shot into her gut. He now goes on the attack, firing multiple shots up into her gut, sending her into the air each time. Noticing her keeling over considerably, Rocky backs off.


Round 2 is over. Nancy staggers back to her corner. Rocky walks back to his. He's pretty fired up. Nancy is just trying to catch her breath. He really did a number on her tummy. Rocky yells over: "YOU STILL WANNA FIGHT NOW?" Nancy replies: "OH, YEAH. I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET."


Round 3 starts. Nancy and Rocky meet in the middle again. Nancy fires the first shot again this time, a right jab at his tummy. Rocky then follows with a right shot to her gut again. Nancy fires back with a left jab at his gut. Rocky returns with a left jab at hers. Then he fires a right jab at her gut. Rocky says "SEE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO..." and then nails her in the gut again while saying "...BETTER!" Nancy keels over, then gets pissed. "OH, HELL NO!" Nancy then nails him in the gut several times with right-left combos. Then aims for his head. The punches are sending him against the ropes. Nancy winds up and nails his chin with a hard right, sending Rocky up into the ropes, then crashing down on the mat. The referee counts: "1,2,3,4,5,6..." Rocky gets back on his feet. Nancy says: "YOU SURE YOU WANT MORE OF THIS?" Rocky replies: "BRING IT." Nancy obliges, then goes after Rocky with a few punches to his head and gut... sending him into the corner easily. But this time, Rocky turns the tables, spins her around, so her back is against the corner ropes... and just unloads on her. Firing off several shots to her head and gut. He fires a powerful shot to her gut, taking the wind out of her, sending her keeling over, then falling to the mat. Just as the referee starts counting: "1,2..." the bell rings.


Nancy staggers back to her corner. Rocky walks back to his. Both get water refueling. it appears this fight is pretty even now. Rocky is still a little torn over whether he has it in him to pummel her further. He feels a little sorry for her.


Round 4 starts and both fighters meet in the middle of the ring again. Both a little tired. But they keep punching each other around. Head, gut, you name it. Nancy senses Rocky is holding back a bit, and is annoyed. "COME ON! FIGHT! WE'RE NOT FRIENDS IN THIS RING." Rocky obliges and nails her in the head. He knocks her into the ropes, where he unleashes several head punches, including an uppercut that sends her into the ropes, then crashing back on the canvas. The referee counts... "1,2,3,4,5..." Rocky actually wonders if he might win this fight. Nancy gets back up and charges after him, swinging wildly, connecting on his shoulders, gut and head. She gets him in the corner again, but an errant swing sends her into the corner, and Rocky pummels her again. Head, gut, etc. But then really focuses on her head, firing several right punches straight to her head. Now, blood starts spewing out. On the last punch, Nancy falls down on the mat. The referee counts.... "1,2,3,4,5,6,7... "


Saved by the bell. Nancy climbs up slowly, using the ropes, then staggers back to her corner.

Rocky walks back to his corner. Nancy is bleeding. Rocky wonders what good would it do to knock her out in front of all her fans. They came to see her. He can easily go the 5 rounds, but doesn't think she honestly can.


Round 5 begins, and Nancy staggers to the center of the ring. Rocky meets her in the middle of the ring fires a couple of punches to her head... blood spewing from her face. Rocky then says: "YOU WANNA GET KNOCKED OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR FANS?" Then winks at her. She realizes what he's doing. He's gonna let her win. She charges after him with a relentless flurry of right and left punches, sending him into the corner. Only this time, he's staying there. She nails him all over with punches, then decks him in the head, blood spewing out... sending him onto the canvas. The crowd goes crazy. The referee counts: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7..." but Rocky gets back up. A re-energized Nancy then goes after him again, with a flurry of punches, blood spewing out, then fires a shot at his gut that knocks the wind out of him. He keels over at a 90-degree angle. Nancy looks out at the crowd as if to ask them if they're ready for the knockout punch, and they cheer in the affirmative. She winds up her right arm and completely decks Rocky in the chin with a massive uppercut, sending him flying up into the air several feet, then crashing down onto the canvas. The referee counts: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... 10!!!"


A victorious Nancy celebrates.

The announcer grabs the mic... "THE WINNER OF THE BOUT, BY A FIFTH ROUND KNOCKOUT... NANCY!!!"

While the announcer speaks, Nancy stomps her foot on Rocky's stomach, while flexing her muscles for the whole crowd to marvel at.

When they're both in regular clothes in the hallway on the way out the door...

Nancy yells over to Rocky: "HEY ROCKY! GREAT FIGHT! NO HARD FEELINGS?" and gives him a hug.

Rocky says: "NO. I'LL BE OK."

Nancy says: "SPAR AGAIN SOON?"

Rocky says: "SURE!"





Round 5 starts and Nancy staggers to the center of the ring. Rocky meets her in the middle and continues what he started, just slamming his gloves into her head and gut. Blood spewing out. He punches her into the ropes, nailing her with rights and lefts, then pins her in the corner and unloads on her... blood spewing everywhere. He decides it's about time to end it, so he nails her in the gut, sending her keeling over... then winds up his right arm and decks her in the chin with a mighty uppercut, sending her several feet into the air, crashing onto the mat. The referee counts: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... 10"


The announcer grabs the mic... "THE WINNER OF THE BOUT, BY A FIFTH ROUND KNOCKOUT... ROCKY!!!"

The fans boo, but Nancy got the fight she wanted.

Rocky plants his boot on Nancy's chest. Nancy's spewing blood from her face. Rocky flexes his muscles in several poses for all to see.

When they're both in regular clothes in the hallway on the way out the door...

Rocky yells over to Nancy: "HEY NANCY! GREAT FIGHT! NO HARD FEELINGS?"

Nancy gives him a hug and says: "NO HARD FEELINGS, ROCKY. SPAR AGAIN SOON?"

Rocky says: "SURE!"


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