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woman vs man kickboxing high cut leotard facebusting femdom fight

Update: 17.05.2019

F-572 "Knocked out"

Gallery size: 350 Full HD pictures

Mixed kickboxing, 350 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

About ten months ago I started kickboxing and I had done quite well at it.

About four months ago, pretty girl, Tina joined our gym. I had seen her before at the Gold’s gym that I also work out at. She is blonde and have very athletic builds, about 5’8” and weigh around 145 lbs. She is pretty solid but not too muscular, has good sized breasts and very nice ass. Most of us guys loved to watch her work out as it was a great turn-on. 

I thought about how I wanted to get in the ring with Tina. I thought about how I needed to prove myself and how I would overcome her. I knew I could do it and I was not going to be beaten by woman. She was smaller than me, she was younger than me and I had been kickboxing longer than her.

Tina was dressed in her red thong leotard, matching boxing boots, head gear, gloves, mouth piece and stepped into the ring. I did not like to wear body shields but I ALWAYS wore a cup. The bell rang and I went after her right away. I replayed my strategies on my head and performed them in the ring. I started with a pushing kick to her midsection followed by three left jabs and a right cross. The first two jabs caught her, but the third missed as she bobbed to avoid it. I also missed with the cross but the jabs had dazed her, or so I thought. I relaxed a little and thought that she wasn’t so bad! 

I thought too soon. Girl in red leotard came back with a quick roundhouse to my unprotected ribs, followed by a jab and a solid cross. They all hit me hard. How could she hit so hard. My ribs stung and my nose was numb. It took me a second to gather my wits. It didn’t help with her sister and another woman clapping and screeching next to the ring. Her blows hurt me and made me mad. We are taught not to react in anger, but fuck that, I went for blood. I chased her throwing jab, cross and hook. I missed most of the time and she always came back with at least a good jab or cross. I was getting tired chasing her and missing. I stopped kicking and used only punches. 

I could hear my instructor saying, “Keep your hands up! Don’t get so wild with your punches!” She seemed to be in control and I got more angry and flustered. She took her time and took advantage of my distress. It almost seemed like she was playing with me. Her hands were down, she was bobbing and weaving, and she was throwing roundhouses, pushing kicks and side kicks only. Every time I would advance, she would throw a quick side kick followed by a roundhouse right into my sore ribs.

I was tired and my will was growing weaker. I couldn’t let this girl in red leotard beat me. I needed to knock her out and erase everything that happened in that round. The thirty second bell rang and I went after her with everything I had. I missed her as she bobbed and weaved out of the way of my wild, off-balance punches. Seconds before the bell rang, she caught me with a hard right hook to the jaw. I saw stars and my legs got wobbly. I was saved by the bell, but my pride was hurt. She beat me. I took a few seconds to gather my senses. I was hurt, pissed and embarrassed.The girl in red leotard asked if I was alright. 

I said “Yes, I want another round.” She liked that idea and so did my instructor. He wanted to see a girl knock a guy out. He was so proud of this damned girl.

This is a fucking girl! I need to beat her. The bell sounded to start the second round. I was tired but determined to put an end to this nightmare. All of my life I have worried about losing a fight to a girl. It was happening. She was smaller than me, and she was only 21. What kind of man am I?

Girl in red leotard came at me before I could get to her. Thinking only about offense, I forgot to keep my gloves up. She caught me with a jab, jab, cross combo that I shook off. I reached out to jab and came up short. She caught me by accident in the groin but my cup fended off all but a sting. I did stop to make sure my balls were OK and she took advantage of that. A roundhouse followed by a jab, jab, cross. I bobbed out of a hook and came up with a cross to her body. It hurt her I could tell. I went after her again with a hook and caught her. I thought that I had shaken her a little so I stepped back to catch my wind. I thought that I was back in the game. I was wrong. 

Girl in red leotard came at me and surprised me with a spinning back kick that knocked the wind out of me. I tried to bob and weave out of the way of the series of punches that she landed. One after the other I was being beaten with hooks. I felt my legs getting weak and I began to see stars. I reached out with weak slaps trying to defend myself. She kept pounding me. I could hear the other girls screeching and clapping. After I received about ten hard blows to the head, the instructor yelled for Tina to stop. But it was too late. One final hook caught my jaw. My mouthpiece flew across the ring and a fell to my knees and flat on my face. 

This young, attractive, big-breasted girl in red leotard had just knocked me out. I was out for about thirty seconds and it took me fifteen minutes to regain most of my wits. I was ruined, but not as bad as I am right now. 

After I could walk without help I wanted to be alone. I was bleeding. I thought that everyone left the gym because my instructor told me to take my time and let myself out when I’m ready to go. I sat on the mats with my head between my knees for about a half hour. It was ten thirty at night, and I decided to take my bruised and beaten body to the locker room to shower off. 

I started down the hallway toward the locker room and I heard women’s voices coming from the girls’ locker room. I went into the men’s room and took off my sweaty clothes. I grabbed my balls and made sure Tina didn’t hurt them when she kicked them. They stung but not as bad as my head. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a bloody nose and a fat lip. Fuck, I thought. People are going to find out a chick did this to me. I grew angry. Next door in the ladies room I could hear laughing and thought that they were talking about me. I should have just left with my tail between my legs but my anger took control. I put on my boxer shorts, ran out and banged on the girl’s room door and yelled, “You fucking bitch! You got lucky! If we were fighting for real I would kill you!” There was silence, my anger went away. 

Girls came rushing out wearing only they leotards and boots. Tina yelled, “I kicked your ass and you can’t handle it. Go home and cry to your girlfriend.” 

“Fuck you!” I screamed at her, “I could kill you in street fighting!” 

“Fuck you!” I yelled. I lost control thinking about how she beat me. A girl had beaten me. What happened next I could not control. I kicked her with a fast pushing kick that knocked her back into the girls’ room. She must have fallen down because it took her a second to come screaming out of the locker room charging me.

Girl in red leotard was on me within seconds hitting me with wild punches. I felt my nose crack as she landed a solid haymaker to my face. I fell down backward and she was right on top of me. She had me pinned down with her knees on my arms. I was dizzy and on the verge of being knocked out by the blow to the nose. I was still stronger than her and I managed to get her off me.

I stood up quickly and got dizzy. Blood was gushing down my face. The other girls were watching us fight. They were calling out to Tina, “Kick his ass!” 

Tina said, “I’m not going to kick his ass, I’m going to kick his balls!” 

The other girls egged her on. “We’ll say he tried to rape you! Break his balls Tina!” With that, Tina caught me square in the testicles with a front kick. I dropped my head and she got me with a knee to the face. My nose was already broken, the pain made me pass out. 

I was out for only a few seconds when I heard Tina say, “This is a battle of the sexes, get up and fight.” She pulled my boxers off and my big shaved sack bobbled around. I stood up naked while the other girls in their leotards hooted and applauded. 

“Smash his sack Tina!” one yelled. 

I couldn’t fight, I was finished. I begged her to stop and let me go home. I told her that I was sorry. Girl in red leotard looked at me and said, “You tried to rape me, now you will pay!” She hit me with a side kick and I fell down to avoid further pain. My legs were spread and she took advantage of it. She kicked me twice in the balls so hard I thought they would break. I closed my knees and curled into a ball. She began to kick my ribs. I saw her breasts bouncing and flopping around wildly. I also saw her pink pussy as I looked up. I guess I still couldn’t believe a chick could do this to me. 

By now the other girls and were standing in their leotards above me, and they motioned for Tina to continue. They cheered Tina on and one told her that she wanted to see her break my balls. I begged for her to stop. I think it turned her on. She kept stomping on my groin trying to smash my balls. I had them well protected. As I was on the ground, face up, she jumped on top of me and sat right on my face with her ass facing me in a 69 position and her knees pinning my arms. Her wet, swollen pussy lips under wet crotch of her leotard wiggled against my mouth as she pushed my legs apart with her hands. I tried to keep my legs closed, knowing that my heavy ball sack was her intended target. She wriggled her pussy and ass so that I could hardly breathe. Her hard leotard covered ass was against my broken nose.

I lost my will to fight and she was able to spread my legs. I knew that I was not going to make it out of the gym with my balls. I started to cry and whimper. I should have left well enough alone. She raised her ass and pussy off my face about three inches as she grabbed my sweaty sack with her left hand. She squeezed my testicles to the bottom of my scrotum. It felt like my balls were going to pop out of my scrotum. I could smell her sweet pussy and I could see that it was wet and swollen. She was getting off on this. 

She pulled aside a wet crotch of her leotard. Once in a while she would set her pussy back on my face and yell, “Lick it or I’ll break your balls now!” I didn’t lick her pussy and she slammed her right fist into my balls that were forced to the bottom of my sack. The pain shot through my body. I licked her pussy and she did not punch my balls again. Not until one of the women told her to crush my testicles. I was hoping that Tina was finished, but she wasn’t. She raised her pussy off my face so that it was in perfect view. She reminded me that this was a “battle of the sexes” and that I was going to lose bad. She told me that she was now going to crush my testicles and that she wanted me to see her pussy as she did it. 

“Whenever you think of how you lost your balls, you will see my pussy!” With that she started to squeeze my balls with her left hand, and punch them with her right.

The other girls were chanting, “Break his balls, break his balls!” I could hear the sickening smack each time her fist hit my testicles. I made sounds that I have never made before. I screamed and moaned and cried as girl in red leotard beat my testicles into liquid. With each blow I felt my life leaving me. I felt as if I were going to die. I was naked and being beaten to death by my testicles by a young pretty girl in red leotard. She would say that I tried to rape her after our fight and she killed me in self defense. The other women were going to back her up. This girl would be portrayed as a hero. What a disgrace to my family and friends.

As girl in red leotard continued beating my sack, the pain in my balls grew. I felt a sharp pain on my scrotum as she beat my balls over and over, each time with a smack. I began to twitch and convulse uncontrollably. My body was going into shock. 

Suddenly I heard all of the women yell in unison, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I didn’t know what happened, but Tina stopped beating my balls. I couldn’t feel anything; my body tingled. Tina jumped up off from me and held her hands away from her like they were wet. All I could see was Tina’s ass and pussy. The other girls screamed and screeched a little. I was ready to pass out. Tina turned around and I saw the horror that the other girls had witnessed. My scrotum had exploded! 

Tina’s hands, face and breasts were covered in what was left of my scrotum and its contents. The diamond ring on her finger had punctured my sack. Girl in red leotard had crushed my testicles into a mushy substance and they were splattered all over her breasts. She was covered in blood, clear fluid and pieces of my testicles. She bent over me and held her breasts to my face. 

Just before I passed out she said to me, “I am a girl and I broke your fucking balls, you will remember this for the rest of your life, if I let you live.” With that she smeared the liquid that was once my balls onto my face as she rubbed her large breasts over my face. 

I passed out and woke up in the hospital. I no longer have testicles. She almost killed me and she told me that she could have and she claims that I tried to rape her but she stopped me. The other girls agree. My girlfriend, of course, left me.

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