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B-462 "Boxing's world title fight"


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Tonight is one of those super huge nights in boxing. Tonight the world champion will defend his crown against the top contender. This won't be one of those off brand belt nights. This will be a real championship fight. I know this because I am the Champion. I am the undisputed champion and I have never been beaten. Tonight I will continue my unbeaten streak for one more fight. My name is Jason "The Duke" Dolan and I have been the Champion for over 3 years.

My opponent for this title fight is an Australian and holds the Aussie title. Her name is Molly Wellington and she is also undefeated. My people have told me she is big and very strong. She supposedly is a very hard puncher and has some boxing skills. She will need all that and more if she thinks she can beat me.

In my dressing room I sit with my long time girlfriend talking. After several minutes she gets up and heads to her front row seat. Alone I begin to get ready to fight. Off with my street cloths. First comes my jockstrap and plastic cup covering my manhood. The cup is in case of a low blow. Next are my shiny tan pantyhose. Wow, they make my legs look good. Over my pantyhose I pull on short and tight boy shorts. They just about cover my manhood and show off my perfect bulge. My shorts are an aqua blue, very light in color. Next comes my boots, they too are aqua colored and match my shorts. 


This is when my trainer enters. She has been with me since the very beginning.  She tapes my hands and helps me on with my gloves. My gloves match my boots and shorts in the aqua color. She wraps the world title belt around my waist and buckles it tight. 

The fans cheer wildly as I make my way to the ring. I climb the steps and step between the ropes. As I get my first look at my opponent I can see that everyone was correct about her. She is big, in fact she looks bigger than I am. Although she has a fantastic figure you can see that she is very well conditioned And as well as I fill out my jockstrap, she fills out her ring gear just as well. She is all in pink. She wears a very tight and high cut leotard. It leaves nothing to the imagination. The front is cut very low and reveals a lot of cleavage. It is covered in shiny stones and glitter. She has on pink boots, pink gloves and shiny pink pantyhose. The announcer begins:

"Fight fans, this is the main event!! It is for the World Middle-Weight Championship!! In this corner she is from Australia and is The undefeated Australian Champion MOLLY WELLINGTON!!! And in this corner her opponent he too is undefeated and is the undisputed Middle-weight Champion of the world JASON "The DUKE" DOLEN!!!"


With that over the ref calls us to the center of the ring for her instructions:

"Molly, Jason I want a clean fight. In the event of a knock down go to the neutral corner now shake hands and come out fighting!!"


Well that's it all the nonsense is over and it's time to fight. Standing in my corner I am listening to last minute instructions from my trainer. I nod as she talks. Seconds before the bell I tell her "Don't worry, I'm going to knock her out." At the bell we both come out fighting. Circling to my right I begin to flick out my jab. My jab is not like anyone else's it's stiff and it's hard.  I have the best jab in boxing. BANG!!! BANG!! I land two quick jabs to Molly's face. She is stunned for just a second. 


We continue to circle looking for an opening. Molly finds it first, She hits me with her jab and follows that up with a hard shot to my body. As she lands the punch I grunt from the hit OOOOOFFF" I quickly back off and take several deep breaths. 

"At the bell they come out of their corners. The Champion lands two very stiff jabs. The Australian challenger quickly backs off. There is a jab from Molly and she follows it up with a hard shot to the The Duke' body that body shot hurt the Champion." 


For the next 2 minutes we trade jabs and a few glancing punches. Neither of us is hurt as it gets close to the bell. With just under a minute left in the first round I am back against the ropes covering up. Molly is punching as hard as she can. Up till now nothing has gotten thru my defense?

With forty seconds left I throw a jab that misses Molly's face. She counters with a jab that connects with my chin and stuns me. Her jab is very strong and hurts when it lands. I cover up trying to get to the end of the round. KABAM!! Molly lands a body shot in the same place as before. Pain explodes on my side. My eyes flutter my elbow drops to cover my side. My knees instantly buckle and I drop to the mat. Unable to stay up-right I fall forward onto my hands and knees. "I'm down I'm down. She's knocked me down!!" For the very first time in my career I have been knocked down. The ref moves Molly back and begins to count over me. 

WOW, there is a very hard body shot. The Duke looks stunned. OH!!! He's down!! The Champion is down. For the first time in his career Jason Dolen has been knocked down. I can hear the count but I can't seem to do anything about it.




I hear the ref counting. What am I going to do? I've got to get to my feet. Why can't I move? As I struggle I can hear the count



I managed to get to one knee.



I'm up, I'm finally up. The ref wipes my gloves and asks if I want to continue. "YES-YES, I WANT TO CONTINUE. I'll KEEP FIGHTING!!"


With only a minute and a half in the round I raise my gloves and try to cover up.  Molly is all over me. She drives my back against the ropes and begins to pound on me. I try to cover up but I can't stop all of her punches.  "ONE, TWO, THREE" hard shots land on me. Two big body shots and a big pinch to my head. I wobble and my knees start to buckle. I am on my way down for the second time. Before I drop to the canvas the bell rings and my corner people rush to me. 

Dazed by the second set of very hard punches my corner people have to almost carry me back to my corner and sit me on the stool. They work feverishly to revive me. Ice is placed on my head and down my front, between my pantyhose and my manhood. Smelling salts are held under my nose. The two minutes between rounds flies by. Too soon my corner people are lifting me off the stool. My trainer pulls up my shorts and exits the ring. Having been knocked down in round one I am behind on the score cards 8 to 10.

BONG!!! The bell for the start of round two sounds. I move out of my corner on unsteady legs. My hands are held high and my elbows are tucked in tight. I need to buy a little time to recover. I can't get hit again. A good punch will send me down to the mat. I need to be careful" I circle and back away from my opponent. For the time being Molly seems content to follow me and try to land a jab now and then. I am slowly regaining my strength and my timing. 

With just over a minute gone in the round I begin to punch. Two jabs land solidly on Molly's face. I throw another jab and follow it up with a hard left to Molly's body.  I continue to jab and land an occasional hard shot. For her part Molly seems to be covering up. I hurt her, one of my punches hurt her. Maybe I can knock her down. I begin to punch more. I am now throwing harder punches. 

At one minute and 40 seconds into the round I realize I have made a mistake. Molly has been letting me punch her hopping to tire me out. A crushing left explodes against my side. Pain shoots thru me like lighting. OH, she hurt me. I've got to cover up. However, bad for me my hand drops exposing my chin. CRSH!!!! Molly's right hand slams into my chin. My body goes stiff my arms drop and I collapse to the mat. I am down again. I am completely stiff. My legs are stiff and my arms out to my sides are also stiff. What happened, what happened. I'm down, she knocked me down again. 

My eyes flutter and I am in and out of consciousness. From somewhere outside of me I can hear people screaming at me. "Get up, get up!! You have to get up!! You're being counted out!"

I finally realize what they are saying. I can hear the ref count for the knock out. ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUE-FIVE. I roll onto my front and push myself to my hands and knees. SIX-SEVEN-EIGHT. I am back on my feet. 

The ref asks me if I want to continue. "How about it Champ, do you want to continue? I will stop it if you want me to." I am hurt and dazed but I have to keep fighting. "Yes-yes, I'm OK. I want to go on. I'll keep fighting!!" With only 40 seconds left in the round I feel like I can make it to the bell. 

I raise my gloves and the ref signals us to continue. I take one step toward Molly and she instantly begins to pound me. She drives me back against the ropes. I try to cover up as best as I can but I can't stop every punch she throws. 

Seven, eight, nine, ten hard punches land against my arms. Slowly they begin to drop. WHAM, THUMP!! Molly has landed a one two against my head. The punches daze me and I can't control my body very well. BANG!!! A powerful punch gets thru my cover and slams into my mid-section. With only 7 seconds left in the round My knees buckle and I fall to the mat on my knees. I now have been knocked down for the second time in this round.  The pain in my abdomen is very bad. My gloved hands grab at my belly and cover it. 

The ref has cone to were I'm on my knees and has picked up the count. "ONE-TWO-THREE"

I've got to get up. I can't let her beat me. I must win this fight!! FOUR-FIVE I grab at the ropes and begin to pull myself up. SIX-SEVEN the bell rings ending the round but I still must get all the way to my feet. EIGHT at last I'm on my feet. As I hold my belly my corner people come to my aid and help me back to my corner. I am in serious trouble both physically and in the fight. Having been down twice in this round I have lost it 7 to 10. In just two rounds I am behind in the scoring 15 to 20. I am behind by 5 points. 

Back in my corner my people work feverishly on me. I have taken a horrendous beating. My eye has begun to swell and my entire mid-section is red with welts. My trainer rubs my arms and my legs trying to bring some life back into them. The seconds fly by and soon it is time for the bell. My trainer exits the ring and I slowly get to my feet. As I wait for the bell I think "I've got to stay on my feet. I can't go down again." 

BONG!! The bell starts round three. This is the round that most experts predicted that I would knock Molly out. No one thought that it me facing a possible knock out. I move out of my corner but my legs are shaky. My movement is almost a stumble. Molly is on me quickly. She lands a hard body punch that doubles me over. Instead of covering up my gloved hand goes to my middle to protect it. A explosion happens to the side of my face. Molly has landed and big punch to my cheek. The punch straightens me up and I stagger back a few steps. She then lands a hard jab square on my face. My arms fly out wide and I fall onto my back. Less than 10 seconds into the third round and I'm down again. Molly has now knocked me down for the 4th time.  

The sad picture of a battered champion is this. I am on my back in the center of the ring. My arms are spread out from my shoulders. My legs spread wide apart. I down again, she's knocked me down again. Got to get up. Having moved Molly to a neutral corner the ref begins to count over me again. 



I am up on all fours, my hands and knees. I take a few very deep breaths.




I am back on my feet. Although I have no idea how I did it. I guess it is the hart of a champion. The ref comes to me and asks Do you want me to stop the fight? Can you continue? I assure the ref that I want to continue. Molly come toward me and I back into a corner. She begins throwing power punches at me. I raise my gloves to protect my face and tuck my elbows in to cover my body.   


It is a hopeless effort. Her punches are easily getting thru my defense. Two body shots double me over again. A hard right hand slams into my chin. I wobble and my arms drop to my sides. A second punch just grazes my chin. I reach out and grab the ropes to hold myself up. I am wide open to a punch. Molly drives a punch into my middle and I drop to my knees in the corner. Holding my stomach with one gloved hand I reach for the top rope with the other.  

Molly again goes to a neutral corner. The ref come to where I am down I am down and begins to count. I struggle to pull myself up. As the count reaches nine I am again on my feet. The ref takes a close look at me then asks "How about it champ want to keep going? With the end of the round near, but having been down 5 times I'm done, I can't take any more punishment. I shake my head no and tell the ref "NO-no, I'm finished. I can't take any more. She's beaten me!!

My trainer swiftly enters the ring and almost carries me back to my corner. I sit on my stool with my head in my hands. Looking up at my trainer I tell her "I'm sorry I lost. I just could not take any more. She was too strong and too fast for me. Oh god she beat me bad!!" 
The announcer enters and begins: "Fight fans, the winner of this fight via TKO in the third round and now the new MIDDLE-WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD MOLLY WELLINGTON!"


Sitting on my stool I see the ref wrap the title belt around Molly's waist and buckle it on. Molly raises her arms high in the air accepting the cheers of the crowd. She comes to my corner and shakes my hand. 

My trainer helps me back to my dressing room. She pulls my gloves off as I sit on the stool. Holding my head in my hands she tells me "We'll get a rematch. Next time we'll get her. You'll get your title back." I look up at her and shake my head no. There's not going to be a rematch. I don't want to fight her again. She too tuff. I can't beat her. Next time she may kill me. PLEASE just leave me alone." ?


My trainer leaves, with me all alone in the dressing room. I peel off my shorts. I take a look at myself in the mirror standing there in just my pantyhose. How was I beaten so badly? She could have knocked me out at any time. I was no match for her. I pull my pantyhose down to my knees then sit on the stool. I finish pulling then down my legs and off. Standing I head toward the shower and badly beaten man. Knocked down and defeated by a very tuff woman.